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Tips for New Miners: A Semi-Guide

I started playing this game last week on Thursday, and so far have earned over half a billion from mining. I'm curious if I've missed any tips to make my mining more efficient. Here's what I know below; feel free to comment or slap me silly if I've gotten anything wrong or have forgotten something (which I probably have). Hopefully this will be useful for other new players who have also started out recently.
Mining Weapons
In my experience, if your ship has the hardpoints, bring all of the mining equipment below (but you can drop subsurface missiles if you want to). Python is a great mid tier ship that can stock all of these. If you can't take them all, stick with simple mining lasers.
Mining Laser
For mining the outer part of an asteroid. Once your prospector limpet has detected the percentage of minerals in an asteroid, use a laser on the asteroid until it's depleted. Watch the chunks of money flying out of the asteroid. 1X is okay, but 2X lasers are much faster for extracting material. Make sure to upgrade your power distributor to keep the lasers running longer and put all pips on weaponry while mining.
Subsurface Missiles (Optional)
Shoot missiles at subsurface deposits and play a small mini game to extract very small amounts of resources from subsurface deposits on an asteroid. Usually you can get 2-3 chunks out of each deposit. Pretty much not worth the effort.
Abrasion Blaster
Blasts surface deposits off an asteroid. Also needed to blast surface deposits off the interior of a 'deep core' asteroid once you blow it up.
Seismic Launcher
Used to blow up 'deep core' asteroids. See section below on deep core mining.
Required Mining Equipment
To turn your asteroid fragments into cargo, you need a refinery. The best ones have a higher bin count but you don't need that many if you follow my advice in the mining procedure below. When resources are mined, once they reach 100% they turn into cargo. You can keep gathering material if your cargo is full as long as you have bin space. You can vent unwanted resources from bins in the inventory tab of your ship.
Limpets are multipurpose robots that can be programmed to do useful tasks based on the controllers you have installed. I advise restocking your cargo hold with as many as you can carry in the advanced ship UI (same place you repair hull integrity). Limpets are cheap and it's easy to abandon extras you have in your hold if you need the space.
Prospector Limpet Controller
Launched at an asteroid, this detects what percentage of minerals it contains, and surface or subsurface deposits on that asteroid (as well as whether that asteroid has a core). A prospector on an asteroid significantly increases it's yield. I have heard that 'A' variants have a higher yield but I'm not certain - just get the best you can afford! Getting 2 active at a time is fine, but I like 4 much better.
Collector Limpet Controller
Launched from your ship's cargo hatch, these pick up and return asteroid fragments to your ship. Get control for as many as you can comfortably fit on your ship's slots. 4 is so-so, but 6 is better. The longer they last the better.
Power Distribution
Install the best you can on your ship for your budget. The better your distributor, the longer you can fire your mining lasers. You may also need to upgrade your power.
Detailed Surface Scanner
Necessary for finding AND seeing hot spots in planetary rings (you MUST bring this in your ship to see the hot spots). To use this your first time, get close to the planet's rings in supercruise, drop throttle to zero, aim at the rings, and fire the scanner (watch out for gravity when firing your probe, it can get sucked into the planet if you don't aim right!) Depending on the ship, you may want to ditch the docking computer or supercruise assist to install this. It's up to you... if you're a confident commander, go for it! Otherwise, you're going to lose cargo space.
Pulse Wave Analyzer
An expensive tool that fits in a utility slot - required for detecting 'special' asteroids that contain surface, subsurface, or core deposits of minerals. 'Deep Core' asteroids may have some black boxes on your display when you scan them, but in my experience it's a bit hard to tell until you're right on top of the asteroid. Asteroids you have prospector limpets on get a different sheen when you scan them, which can be useful to avoid sending more than one prospector to the same asteroid.
Cargo Space
Required for storing both your mined goods and limpets. Max this out once you have installed the rest of the necessary gear. Remember that the more cargo you have, the longer you can stay out... which may or may not be your preferred playing style. Anything more than 200 and the grind starts to get to me but your mileage may vary.
Get the best thrusters you can put on your ship; it will make it much easier to navigate in the asteroid field!
Mining Procedure
Find Your Hotspot
Use the miner's tool to find where you want to mine and where you want to sell ( http://edtools.ddns.net/miner). Whoever came up with this tool is a genius, but do keep in mind that sell prices fluctuate all the time so you'll want to choose a destination that has updated recently to get a reliable price.
Aim for the Triple Hot Spot
Borann A2 ring B is the most popular place to mine right now due to its location in the bubble and the fact that it possesses a triple hotspot for low temperature diamonds. Get in position on top of the planetary ring, cut supercruise throttle, and use the detailed surface scanner to find hot spots on the ring. Look for several hot spots clustered close to each other. Aim your ship between the overlapping circles (for triple hot spots, find the triangle they form and aim for the center of it). If you don't slow down in supercruise, you'll hit an emergency stop when you hit the ring and lose 1-2% hull integrity, no biggie. If you want to avoid that, slow down when you approach.
When you first arrive, there is a chance NPC pirates will spawn. Let them scan you and find you have nothing. They should leave you alone after that, unless you log out and back in. I have heard you can log out and back in as many times as you like to reroll who shows up. If it's local authority ships, you're good to go, otherwise, you may need to bug out.
The Setup
Fly into the belt and line up with a point of interest. This could be the gas giant, or a lock on one of the hot spots in the ring. Your goal is to slowly fly towards that point while you're mining. This will allow you to avoid checking the same asteroid more than once... plenty of asteroids to look at!
Open your hardpoints, swap to analysis mode, and use your pulse wave analyzer to find 'special asteroids.' You can go straight for them, or work your way there. Either way works.
Open your cargo scoop. Now you're ready to start prospecting.
I like to send off my max number of prospecting limpets and wait for them to connect with asteroids. You can check their state in the contacts tab on the left. This makes it quick and easy to target them, especially if your asteroids are spinning. It's a lot faster to check for mineral content this way as well.
I usually don't bother with anything lower than 10% of my mineral of choice, but some people only mine 15% and above.
Watch out for spinning asteroids, as collector limpets aren't particularly smart and can get caught on a crevice and get killed.
Or No Limpets?
I have heard of a different method - someone just lasers an asteroid, checks the fragments that come off, then shoots a prospector if the asteroid has something good. I'm not convinced that this is faster than firing off all your prospectors first, but you can give it a shot.
Start Mining
Set all pips to weapons and laser the asteroid until depleted. Deploy your collector limpets. As fragments come off, the collectors will take them to your cargo scoop, usually on the bottom of the ship. You can speed this process up by positioning your ship closer to the fragments. Getting close to the asteroid can help, but watch out for hull damage from spinning asteroids!
You can pick up fragments with your cargo scoop without using collector limpets, but I don't advise it. There's simply too many fragments to pick up.
Exclude Unusable Minerals
Check the contacts pane on your left and look at the fragments being generated. Exclude any mineral you don't want to collect. The game will remember and not pick up that mineral from all future mining for you. Additionally, your refinery will just ignore that mineral and discard it. Convenient!
Get Setup for More
Finish off by getting all surface, subsurface deposits, and the core if it has one (see deep core mining below). Mine out any other asteroids you have prospectors on that have good mineral percentages.
Fire the pulse wave analyzer to look for more asteroids to mine. Fire prospectors at the interesting asteroids and begin the process again, looking at your contacts.
It takes 4 seconds to fire a prospector, and it comes out of your cargo hatch. If you nose down your ship before the prospector has finished launching, you can kill it, so be careful!
Night vision
Night vision can make it easier to avoid crashing into asteroids. You can also turn on your ship's lights, but that may make it difficult to look at asteroids you're mining.
Speed (200 km/s)
If you're going faster than 200 km/s, a prospector limpet will instantly die if you launch it. Collector limpets can't keep up and will start self destructing too. Fortunately, if you keep your cargo scoop open while mining, you generally can't go faster than 100 km/s, so I recommend you do that to keep yourself from accidentally losing limpets.
Deep Core Mining
'Deep core' asteroids have asteroid fissures on them, which are low, average, or high strength. The longer you hold down the trigger before releasing a seismic missile, the more power you give it (low, average, high). Putting a 'high strength' missile into a 'low strength' fissure will have the most effect, while putting a 'high strength' missile into a 'high strength' fissure will have the least effect.
The goal is to add missiles to fissures until you get a blue check mark 'optimum yield' in the box in the upper right corner of the screen, but you only have two minutes to do it before all of your charges explode.
If you add too much power and get an unoptimum yield, you can cancel a charge in the contacts screen, but you WILL lose the fissure you put the charge into. It also takes 10 seconds to cancel so make sure you have enough time before the charges explode.
You need to back out at least 1 KM to avoid taking shield/hull damage from an asteroid explosion. 1-2 KM and you will get a sensor disruption, but no damage.
The asteroid will rupture and you will get fragments from the interior based on how well you setup your charges. There are usually 8-10 surface deposits on the interior you can clean up with your abrasion blaster.
Goodbye Borann
My understanding is that all hotspots could be reshuffled on Tuesday the 9th, which means the 3x Low Temperature Diamond hotspot on Borann could go away as Tritium is integrated into the game. There are already efforts I have seen from enterprising miners gearing up to find lucrative 3x hotspots after the shuffle, so stay alert! Good luck to all miners looking for their next score!
submitted by Dash-o-Salt to EliteMiners

[刺猬][Hip Hop集中贴][更新The Notorious B.I.G 4张!][全贴共35CD(不断更新)!] by thug46 on 2007-08-10

要什么Hippa碟?来这里说吧!能找到的,刺猬就发!要East Coast?要Wild Wild West?要Dirty South?要Detroit 313?要Old Skool?还是Nu Skool?刺猬不知道大家要什么~,但是,大家要的,刺猬就发!资源是用来共享的,音乐无疆界。未特别注明的,资源均来自海海。Share!第一弹!黑眼豆豆!Behind the Front [1998]

从洛杉矶初出茅庐的黑眼豆豆合唱团,是一支深受灵魂乐、爵士乐与拉丁节奏与现场演唱精神所启发的放克/嘻哈队伍,由will.i.am、apl.de.ap、Taboo 三位团员所组成,在2000年发行了第二张获音乐评论网站All Music Guide四颗星喝采的专辑「Bridging The Gap」,他们跨越类型音乐,并多元採撷拉丁、印地安、亚洲民族旋律的音乐地球村创作态度深获音乐人肯定,第2张专辑「Bridging The Gap」就吸引了难民营合唱团(The Fugees)创作主将怀克里夫金(Wyclef Jean)与DJ Premiere携手掌舵制作大任,葛莱美奖最佳女歌手得主梅西葛蕾(Macy Gray)、嘻哈名团De La Soul、Mos Def、Jurassic 5、法国节奏蓝调/爵士女子乐团Les Nubian也来助阵,其中与梅西葛蕾合唱的"Request Line"攀登饶舌单曲榜亚军 Fallin' Up Clap Your Hands Joints & Jam The Way You Make Me Feel Movement Karma Be Free Say Goodbye Duet Communication What Is It Que Dices? A8 Love Won't Wait Head Bobs Positivityftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/hiphop/Black_Eyed_Peas/Black_Eyed_Peas_Behind_The_Front.rarBridging the Gap [2000]

在2000年发行了第二张获音乐评论网站All Music Guide四颗星喝采的专辑「Bridging The Gap」,他们跨越类型音乐,并多元採撷拉丁、印地安、亚洲民族旋律的音乐地球村创作态度深获音乐人肯定,第2张专辑「Bridging The Gap」就吸引了难民营合唱团(The Fugees)创作主将怀克里夫金(Wyclef Jean)与DJ Premiere携手掌舵制作大任,葛莱美奖最佳女歌手得主梅西葛蕾(Macy Gray)、嘻哈名团De La Soul、Mos Def、Jurassic 5、法国节奏蓝调/爵士女子乐团Les Nubian也来助阵,其中与梅西葛蕾合唱的"Request Line"攀登饶舌单曲榜亚军。 BEP Empire Weekends Get original Hot Cali To New York Lil' Lil' On My Own Release Bridging The Gaps Go Go Rap Song Bringing It Back Tell Your Mama Come Request + Lineftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/hiphop/Black_Eyed_Peas/Black_Eyed_Peas_Bridging_The_Gap.rarElephunk [2003]

Hands Up Labor Day (It's A Holiday) Let's Get Retarded Hey Mama Shut Up[推荐] Smells Like Funk Latin Girls Sexy Fly Away The Boogie That Be The Apl Song[推荐] Anxiety Where Is The Love[推荐]ftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/hiphop/Black_Eyed_Peas/Black_Eyed_Peas_Elephunk.rarMonkey Business [2005]

Pump It [推荐] Don't Phunk With My Heart[推荐] My Style Don't Lie My Humps[推荐] Like That Dum Diddly Feel It Gone Going[推荐] They Don't Want Music Disco Club Bebot Ba Bump Audio Delite At Low Fidelity Unionftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/hiphop/Black_Eyed_Peas/Black_Eyed_Peas_Monkey_Business.rarChris Brown...

专辑介绍:Chris Brown's Run It with Juelz: is hot. He just got in the game and he's doin' things with the diplomats. He will set the vibe going with his next hit, "Yo" and he will be sure to impress. Remember this name: Chris Brown. He'll hit number 1 on the charts. I'll holla at dis sexy 16 year old from Va.This young artsist Chris Brown really top tthe charts with his first song "Run it". I was really impressed how people reacted so greatly to a newcomers reach toward the top of the charts. Me... I'm feeling the album and the single with juelz santana is very upbeat and it makes me wanna dance every time i hear it..This kid has the look and the moves.His video for his first single is off... 专辑曲目:01. Intro02. Run It! (Feat. Juelz Santana)03. Yo (Excuse Me Miss)04. Young Love05. Gimme That06. Ya Man Ain't Me07. Winner08. Ain't No Way (You Won't Love Me)09. What's My Name (Feat. Noah)10. Is This Love?11. Poppin཈. Just Fine13. Say Goodbye14. Run It! (Remix) (Feat. Bow Wow & Jermaine Dupri)15. Thank Youhttp://www.mediafire.com/?1gjzujynuyq第二弹!Tupac!西岸神的10张专辑,13张CD

歌手名称:2Pac专辑名称:《Loyal to the Game》发行时间:2004年12月14日1. Soldier Like Me (aka Return of the Soulja)2. Uppercut3. Out On Bail 4. Ghetto Gospel5. Black Cotton6. Loyal to the Game7. Thugs Get Lonely Too8. N.I.G.G.A. (Never Ignorant About Getting Goals Accomplished)9. Who Do You Love? 10. Crooked Nigga Too 11. Don't You Trust Me 12. Hennessey13. Thug 4 Life 14. Po Nigga Blues 15. Hennessey 16. Crooked Nigga Too 17. Loyal to the Game ftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/2Pac/2Pac_Loyal_to_the_Game.rar2Pac - 《Pac's Life》

专辑曲目:1. Untouchable (Swiss Beatz Remix)2. Pac's Life 3. DumpinƊ. Playa Cardz Right (Female)5. Whatz Next 6. Sleep 7. International 8. Don't Sleep 9. Soon As I Get Home10. Playa Cardz Right (Male) 11. Don't Stop Listen 12. Pac's Life (Remix) 13. Untouchable ftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/200612/2Pac_Pac's.Life.rar

2pacalypsenow -- Released November 12, 1991 TrappedSoulja's StoryI Don't Give A F-ckViolentWords Of WisdomSomething WickedCrooked Ass NiggaIf My Homie CallsBrenda's Got A BabyTha' LunaticRebel Of The UndergroundPart Time Mutha 下载地址:ftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/2Pac/cd_2Pacalypse_Now.rar

Strictly for My N.I.G.G.A.Z -- Released February 1, 1993Holla If Ya Hear MePac's Theme (Interlude)Point The FingaSomething 2 Die 4 (Interlude)Last WordzSouljah's RevengePeep GameStrugglin'Guess Who's BackRepresentin' 93Keep Ya Head UpStrictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.The Streetz R DeathrowI Get AroundPapa'z Song5 Deadly Venomz下载地址:ftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/2Pac/2Pac-Strictly.4.my.N.I.G.G.A.Z.rar

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R U Still Down? (Remember Me) -- Released December 16 1997 Disc OneRedemptionOpen FireR U Still Down? (Remember Me)HellrazorThug StyleWhere Do We Go From Here (interlude)I Wonder If Heaven Got A GhettoNothing To LoseI'm Gettin' MoneyLife To Kick ItF*ck All Y'allLet Them Thangs GoDefinition Of A Thug NiggaDisc TwoReady 4 WhateverWhen I Get FreeHold On Be StrongI'm Losin ItFake Ass BitchesDo For LoveEnemies With MeNothin But Love16 On Death RowI Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto (hip-hop version)When I Get Free IIBlack Starry Night (interlude)Only Fear Of Death 下载地址:ftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/2Pac/2Pac-R.U.Still.Down-1997.rar

Greatest Hits ---------- Released November 24, 1998 Disc 1Keep Ya Head Up2 Of Amerikaz Most WantedTemptationsGod Bless The DeadHail MaryMe Against The WorldHow Do U Want ItSo Many TearsUnconditional LoveTrappedLife Goes OnHit 'em UpDisc 2Troublesome 96'Brenda's Got A BabyI Ain't Mad At ChaI Get AroundChangesCalifornia Love (Original Version)Picture Me Rollin'How Long Will They Mourn MeToss It UpDear MamaAll About UTo Live & Die In L.A.Heartz Of Men下载地址:ftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/2Pac/2Pac_Greatest_Hits.rar

Still I Rise -- Released December 21, 1999Letter to the PresidentStill I RiseSecretz of WarBaby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II)As the World TurnsBlack JesuzHomeboyzHell 4 a HustlerHigh SpeedThe Good Die YoungKilluminatiTear Drops and Closed CasketsTattoo TearsU Can Be TouchedY'all Don't Know Us下载地址:ftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/2Pac/2Pac-Still.I.Rise-1999.rar

歌手名称:2Pac专辑名称:《All Eyez On Me》发行时间: 1996.2.13专辑曲目:Book One01. Ambitionz Az A Ridah02. All Bout U03. Skandalouz04. Got My Mind Made Up05. How Do U Want It06. 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted07. No More Pain08. Heartz Of Men09. Life Goes On10. Only God Can Judge Me11. Tradin War Stories12. California Love (remix)13. I Ain't Mad At Cha14. What'z Ya Phone #Book Two15. Can't C Me16. Shorty Wanna Be A Thug17. Holla At Me18. Wonda Why They Call U Bytch19. When We Ride20. Thug Passion21. Picture Me Rollinདྷ. Check Out Time23. Ratha Be Ya Nigga24. All Eyez On Me25. Run Tha Streetz26. Ain't Hard 2 Find27. Heaven Ain't Hard 2 Findftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/2Pac/2Pac-All.Eyez.On.Me.rarNo Way Out

专辑介绍: 吹牛老爹对于每一个对Hiphop音乐有过一些了解的人来说都不陌生。作为一个公司老板和制作人,Puff Daddy(现在改名为P.Diddy)在Hiphop界早就是大名鼎鼎,但是1997年发行的这张No Way Out向世人证明了Puff Daddy不仅仅是一个成功的商人和音乐制作人,更是一个成功的歌手. 这张于97年发行的No Way Out是Puff Daddy的首张专辑,Puff Daddy旗下唱片公司的签约歌手都在这张专辑中献声。其中根据Police经典名曲Every Breath You Take所改编的I'll Be Missing You是向Puff Daddy的良师益友---死去的Notorious B.I.G致敬的作品,这首歌几乎在全球同时拿下冠军宝座.另一首单曲Been Around The World也在稍后攻下美国榜冠军次席.这张专辑让全球乐迷见到Puff Daddy在制作之外的演唱方面的才华. 专辑曲目: 1.No Way Out (Intro) 2.Victory 3.Been Around The World 4.What You Gonna Do? 5.Don't Stop What You're Doing 6.Don't Stop What You're Doing 7.Do You Know? 8.Young G's9.I Love You Baby 10.It's All About The Benjamins (Remix) 11.Pain12.Is This The End?13.I Got The Power 14.Friend15.Senorita16.I'll Be Missing You17.Can't Nobody Hold Me Down ftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/Puff.Daddy-No.Way.Out.rar第三弹!Jay-Z!

Jay-Z-专辑曲目:01. Intro/A Million And One Questions/Rhyme No More 02. The City Is Mine 03. I Know What Girls Like 04. Imaginary Player 05. Streets Is Watching 06. Friend or Foe 98 07. Lucky Me 08. (Always Be My) Sunshine 09. Who You Wit II 10. Face Off 11. Real Niggaz 12. Rap Game/Crack Game 13. Where I'm From 14. You Must Love Me http://www.mediafire.com/?3zztvldaroy

专辑名称:Vol. 2, Hard Knock Life发行时间:1998年9月29日专辑曲目:01. Intro - Hand It Down 02. Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) 03. If I Should Die 04. Ride or Die 05. Nigga What, Nigga Who (Originator 99) 06. Money, Cash, Hoes 07. A Week Ago 08. Coming Of Age (Da Sequel) 09. Can I Get A... 10. Paper Chase 11. Reservoir Dogs 12. It's Like That 13. It's Alright 14. Money Ain't A Thang ftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/Jay-Z/Jay-Z_Vol.2.Hard.Knock.Life.rar

专辑名称:Vol. 3... Life & Times Of S. Carter发行时间:1999年12月28日专辑曲目:01. Hova Song - (intro) 02. So Ghetto 03. Do It Again (Put Ya Hands Up) - (featuring Beanie Sigel/Amil) 04. Dope Man 05. Things That U Do - (featuring Mariah Carey) 06. It's Hot (Some Like It Hot) 07. Snoopy Track - (featuring Juvenile) 08. S. Carter - (featuring Amil) 09. Pop 4 Roc - (featuring Beanie Sigel/Memphis Bleek/Amil) 10. Watch Me - (featuring Dr. Dre) 11. Big Pimpin' - (featuring UGK) 12. There's Been A Murder 13. Come And Get Me 14. Nymp 15. Hova Song - (outro) ftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/Jay-Z/Jay-Z_Vol.3.Life.and.Times.of.S.Carter.rarJay-Z.-.

专辑曲目:1. H To The Izzo 2. Take Over 3. Girls, Girls, Girls 4. Jigga What 5. Big Pimpin 6. Ain't No Love 7. Can I Get A/Hard Knock Life/Ain't No... (Medley) 8. Can't Knock The Hustle (Medley) 9. Song Cry 10. Give It To Me 11. Jigga, Jigga http://www.mediafire.com/?5vbjimdnz3h

专辑介绍: 1996年,Jay-Z录制并发行了自己的第一张个人专辑,同时也是Roc-A-Fella唱片公司的第一张专辑《Reasonable Doubt》,这张发行自东西海岸说唱音乐争斗最残酷时期的帮匪说唱专辑非常令人惊奇,多首单曲成为排行榜主打,到了如今他也被公认是Jay-Z在上个世纪最杰出的专辑,同时也成为了帮匪说唱专辑的经典作品。《Reasonable Doubt》的初获成功也为Jay-Z的下一张专辑以及Roc-A-Fella唱片公司的发展开了一个好头。1997年,Jay-Z的第二张专辑《In My Lifetime, Vol. 1》发行,富有商业头脑的Jay-Z在这张专辑中为了吸引更多的听众以及扩大他的知名度和唱片公司的影响力,把专辑的音乐风格从偏激的帮匪说唱转变为了更加易于各方面听众接受的流行说唱,同时在专辑中邀请了包括吹牛老爹Sean "Puffy" Combs在内的多位大牌歌星助阵,而这些措施效果显着,不仅拥有多首单曲打榜,而且这张专辑的销量也迅速超过了《Reasonable Doubt》,杀进了Billboard 200排行榜的前三名,Jay-Z已经成为了一名一流的说唱歌星。 ftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/Jay-z/Jay-Z-Reasonable_Doubt.rar

专辑名称:The Blueprint发行时间:2001年9月11日专辑曲目:01. Ruler's Back, The 02. Takeover 03. Izzo (H.O.V.A) 04. Girls, Girls, Girls 05. Jigga That N***a 06. U Don't Know 07. Hola Hovito 08. Heart Of The City (Ain't No Love) 09. Never Change 10. Song Cry 11. All I Need 12. Renegade - (featuring Eminem) 13. Blueprint (Momma Loves Me) ftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/Jay-z/Jay-Z_The.Blueprint.rar

专辑名称:The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse发行时间:2002年11月12日专辑曲目:CD1:01. A Dream (featuring Faith Evans and Notorious B.I.G.) 02. Hovi Baby 03. The Watcher 2 (featuring Dr. Dre, Rakim & Truth Hurts) 04. ༿ Bonnie & Clyde (featuring Beyonce Knowles) 05. Excuse Me Miss 06. What They Gonna Do (featuring Sean Paul) 07. All Around the World (featuring LaToiya Williams) 08. Poppin' Tags (featuring Big Boi, Killer Mike & Twista) 09. F**k All Nite 10. The Bounce 11. I Did It My Way CD2:01. Diamonds Is Forever 02. Guns & Roses (featuring Lenny Kravitz) 03. U Don't Know (remix, featuring M.O.P.) 04. Meet the Parents Listen Listen Listen 05. Some How Some Way (featuring Beanie Sigel and Scarface) 06. Some People Hate 07. Blueprint 2 08. N***a Please (featuring Young Chris) 09. 2 Many Hoes 10. As One (featuring Memphis Bleek, Freeway, Young Guns, Peedi Crakk, Sparks & Rell) 11. A Ballad for the Fallen Soldier 12. Show You How (bonus track) 13. B****s & Sisters (bonus track) 14. What They Gonna Do Part II (bonus track) www.hihicd.com/Hiphop/Jay-z/Jay-Z\_The.Blueprint.2-The.Gif"/>t.And.The.Curse.rar

专辑名称:Blueprint 2.1发行时间:2003年8月8日专辑曲目:01. Dream, A - (featuring Faith Evans/The Notorious B.I.G.) 02. Hovi Baby 03. Watcher, The - (featuring Dr. Dre/Truth Hurts/Rakim) 04. ༿ Bonnie & Clyde - (featuring Beyonce Knowles) 05. Excuse Me Miss 06. All Around The World - (featuring LaToiya Williams) 07. Guns & Roses - (featuring Lenny Kravitz) 08. U Don't Know - (remix, featuring M.O.P.) 09. Meet The Parents 10. Some How Some Way - (featuring Beanie Sigel/Scarface) 11. Bounce, The - (featuring Kanye West) 12. What They Gonna Do Part II / Excuse Me Miss Again / Stop - (hidden, hidden, bonus track)ftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/Jay-z/Jay-Z_The.Blueprint.2.1.rarJay-Z——《The Black Album》

[唱片点评] 说这张专辑是Jay-Z音乐生涯的最后一张个人专辑你信么?可是唱片宣传的时候确实是这么说的,但是不论怎样,这样的噱头让这张专辑在发行短短四天之后就卖出了46万3千张,成为了Jay-Z的第六张冠军专辑,这一销量甚至比他的经典专辑《The Blueprint》在2001年9月份的成绩还要高出一点,不过对于Jay-Z这样的说唱歌手来说,即便没有这样的宣传也照样会卖出这样的成绩出来。 假如这真是Jay-Z的最后一张专辑的话,那么对于歌迷来说也完全没有什么遗憾了,因为这的确是一张非常出色的专辑。在这张专辑中,Jay-Z没有邀请任何其他歌手与他合作,所以,从专辑的制作角度来讲,这张专辑比《The Blueprint》甚至还要能体现出Jay-Z的个人风格。虽然没有大牌歌星合唱,但是却拥有超豪华的制作阵容,单曲的几名制作人分别是Timbaland,Eminem,The Neptunes,Kanye West,Just Blaze这些声名显赫的金牌制作人。 音乐方面,整张专辑都营造出了告别的氛围,《December 4th》是Jay-Z献给他的母亲的歌曲,把这首深情的单曲作为专辑的第一支单曲,不免会让人有所联想,这可能的确是Jay-Z的告别专辑了,而更让人体会深刻的则是在《Moment of Clarity》中,Jay-Z居然回忆了他的父亲,并且在单曲最后还表示出了原谅已经去世的父亲的想法,这足以让人深陷到这张专辑的告别氛围中去,值得一提的是《Moment of Clarity》的制作人和混音是和Jay-Z有着相似经历的Eminem。整张专辑的最后一首歌名字是“My 1st Song(我的第一首歌)”,看到他就会让人莫名的产生出一中离别时的伤感。这张专辑也许不是Jay-Z最经典的专辑,但也绝对是前三位的,以这张专辑作为Jay-Z的谢幕大作也足以答谢歌迷了,不过可能绝大多数的歌迷都在等待Jay-Z的加演曲目。 [曲目介绍]1.Interlude2.December 4th3.What More Can I Say4.Encore5.Change Clothes6.Dirt Off Your Shoulder7.Threat8.Moment Of Clarity9.99 Problems10.Public Service Announcement (Interlude)11.Justify My Thug12.Lucifer13.Allure14.My 1st Song ftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/Jay-z/Jay-Z_The.Black.Album.rar

中文名称:Kingdom Come (王者再臨)发行时间:2006年11月21日专辑歌手: Jay-Z (傑斯)地区:美国语言:英语简介:专辑简介:嘻哈教皇宣布要复出 新专辑【Kingdom Come/王者再临】 西洋乐坛大腕们纷纷表态,争相合作包括肯伊威斯特Kanye West、提姆巴兰Timbaland 菲董Pharrell Williams和德瑞博士Dr. Dre 甚至连Coldplay主唱Chris Martin也在专辑中跨刀,不可错过 !专辑曲目:1. The Prelude2. Oh My God3. Kingdom Come4. Show Me What You Got5. Lost Ones (Ft. Chrissette Michelle)6. Do U Wanna Ride (Ft. John Legend) 7. 30 Something8. I Made It9. Anything (Ft. Usher & Pharrell)10. Hollywood (Ft. Beyonce)11. Trouble 12. Dig A Hole (Ft. Sterling Simms)13. Minority Report (Ft. Ne-Yo)14. Beach Chair (Ft. Chris Martin) ftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/Jay-z/Jay-Z-Kingdom.Come.rar

专辑名称:Greatest Hits专辑歌手:Jay-Z发行时间:2006年09月28日专辑风格:Hip-hop、Rap专辑介绍:Jay-Z自从1996年出道以来迅速的就成为了整个东海岸说唱的统帅级人物,他不仅是一位最顶尖的说唱歌手同时还是最出色的音乐制作人之一,在流行音乐界拥有很高的地位。除此以外,Jay-Z所经营的Roc-A-Fella唱片公司,在整个黑人音乐市场中也是商业成绩最突出的厂牌之一,对于整个说唱音乐的市场有着非常重要的影响力。Jay-Z的每一张专辑销量都超过白金,而在进入新世纪以后,随着音乐上不断的取得新成就,以及音乐影响力的增强,Jay-Z的触角也从说唱音乐本身渐渐移向其他音乐上,比如加大与东海岸以外的南方说唱和西海岸说唱之间的合作以及在R&B音乐的制作等方面,为推动说唱音乐以及整个流行音乐都做出了不小的贡献。 Jay-Z原名Shawn Carter,又名Sean Carter,于1970年12月4日出生在美国纽约的布鲁克林区,和在这里出生的其他说唱歌星一样,Shawn Carter的父亲在他很小的时候就离开了他和他的母亲Gloria Carter,这段艰苦的岁月是Shawn Carter印象最为深刻的。少年的Shawn Carter独自撑起了他和母亲的生活,不久他就成了街头一名普通的黑人说唱歌手,最初的时候他为自己取了一个源自爵士乐的名字“Jazzy”,不久之后简化为Jay-Z。当一名说唱歌手并不能挣足够的钱,为了生存,Jay-Z还必须和那里其他的年轻人一样从事一些并不光明的行为,不过更多的时候Jay-Z还是靠在一些小录音室自己录制一些磁带然后拿出去卖来赚钱糊口。在Jay-Z的说唱才华渐渐被附近的人所了解之后,Jay-Z开始在当地一些小的说唱组合和一些歌手那里打短工,在这里他有机会接触到说唱音乐的制作等工作,而这些唱片录制工业也激起了Jay-Z的野心,Jay-Z并没有像其他歌手一样和大的唱片公司签约,而是和两个朋友Damon Dash和Kareem "Biggs" Burke一起创办了Roc-A-Fella唱片公司,他把自己的唱片公司依附于Def Jam公司(当时还叫做Priority Records)的旗下,并且开始制作和发行音乐专辑。 这张是Jay-Z最近刚刚发行的Greatest Hits,专辑中收录了他的一些精典曲目专辑曲目:1. Can I Get A 2. Hard Knock Life 3. Wishing On A Star 4. Can't Knock The Hustle (Ft Mary J. Blige) 5. Ain't No Nigga (Ft Foxy Brown) 6. Ride or Die 7. Brooklyn's Finest (Ft Notorious Big) 8. Imaginary Player 9. Friend or Foe 10. Friend or Foe 98 11. More Money More Cash More Hoes 12. City Is Mine (Ft Blackstreet) 13. Reservoir Dogs (Ft Blackstreet) 14. I Know What Girls Like (Ft Puff Daddy & Lil' Kim) 15. 22 Twos 16. Money Ain't A Thang (Ft Jermaine Dupri) 17. Dead Presidents Ii 18. Regrets ftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/Jay-z/Jay-Z_Greatest.Hits.rarBIGGIE

专辑名称:Ready To Die 发行时间:1994年09月13日专辑介绍:由于本体的死亡而产生的替身,依据运动的速度而展开攻击。因为没有本体,所以无法用消灭本体的办法来消灭替身,也可一所Notorious B.I.G.是不灭的,无论如何都没有办法将其杀死,它还会通过吞食能量的途径来长大。 是一个不寻常的巧合吧,The Notorious B.I.G.在1994年发行的第一张专辑名字就叫《Ready to Die》,像是暗示了Biggie三年后遭枪击身亡的悲剧。然而,《Ready to Die》着实是这位早逝英才震撼说唱乐界的超级武器,在将Biggie自己半辈子的帮派生活缩影在80年代Funk节奏中的《Ready to Die》里,毒品,谋杀样样都真实地穿插在Biggie比帮匪说唱更黑暗的音乐笔记里,The Notorious B.I.G.拥有将幽默感发挥在人生最黑暗一面上的功力,能以生命历练来左右创作的态度,实在难得。但是专辑中两首歌重混音后的Top 10单曲《Big Poppa》和《One More Chance》却区别于整体上深沉的专辑走向,带来了慵懒的Funk风情。专辑曲目:1.Intro 2.Things Done Changed 3.Gimme The Loot 4.Machine Gun Funk 5.Warning 6.Ready To Die 7.One More Chance 8.[内容被过滤,请注意论坛文明] Me(Interlude)9.Juicy 10.Everyday Stuggle 11.Me & My Bitch 12.Big Poppa 13.Respect 14.Friend Of Mine 15.Unbelievable 16.Suicidal Thoughtsftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/The_Notorious_B.I.G/The.Notorious.B.I.G_Ready.to.Die.rar

专辑歌手:The Notorious B.I.G专辑名称:Life After Death发行时间:1996年专辑风格:Gangsta Rap专辑介绍: 1996注定是值得铭记的一年。曾挑衅声称与Faith Evans有染的BIG的彼岸死敌2pac在9月遭枪击身亡,人们纷纷猜测Tupac的死是否与由来已久的东西海岸说唱帮派之间的斗争有关。“果不其然”,在1997年3月9日早上,the Notorious B.I.G.在参加过“灵魂列车奖”晚会之后回酒店的路上也遭到不明身份枪手的袭击,在被保镖送往医院的途中身亡,而此时距Tupac的死仅有半年。这次的枪杀事件再次震惊了整个美国音乐界。在the Notorious B.I.G.死后,他生前已经录制好的第二张专辑按原计划在3月底发行。这张名为《Life After Death》的双CD专辑似乎专门就是用来对抗生前死敌Tupac的双CD专辑《All Eyez on Me》的。不出所料,《Life After Death》在发行第一周已近70万张的销量登顶Billboard专辑榜,并连续四周蝉联冠军。首支单曲《Hypnotize》很快成为Pop单曲榜中的冠军单曲,而随着另一支单曲《Mo Money Mo Problems》的再度折桂,the Notorious B.I.G.成为首位在离世之后还能两夺单曲榜冠军的歌手。随后,另一支单曲《Sky's the Limit》也顺利破金。《Life After Death》在发行不到两年内销量就达到了1000万张。专辑曲目:Disc 101 - Life After Death Intro02 - Somebody's Gotta Die03 - Hypnotize04 - Kick In The Door05 - #! @ You Tonight (featuring R. Kelly)06 - Last Day (featuring The Lox)07 - I Love The Dough (featuring Jay-Z & Angela Winbush)08 - What's Beef09 - B.I.G. Interlude10 - Mo Money Mo Problems (featuring Mase & Puff Daddy)11 - Niggas Bleed12 - I Got A Story To TellDisc 201 - Notorious Thugs02 - Miss U03 - Another04 - Going Back To Cali05 - Ten Crack Commandments06 - Playa Hater07 - Nasty Boy08 - Sky's The Limit (featuring 112)09 - The World Is Filled...(featuring Too Short & Puff Daddy)10 - My Downfall (featuring DMC)11 - Long Kiss Goodnight12 - You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)ftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/The_Notorious_B.I.G/The.Notorious.B.I.G_Life.After.Death.rar

藝人名稱:The Notorious B.I.G. 專輯名稱:Born Again 發行公司:BMG樂評:歌手在去世後仍有唱片推出的事例在歐美歌壇並不鮮見,借助其生前的名望,唱片公司往往可以再大賺一筆。最近這方面的例子出在已死了近3年的B.I.G.身上,這位當年無論身材還是地位都屬於巨無霸級的人物的第3張專輯《Born Again》日前在Bad Boy Entertainment旗下推出,聲勢依然浩大。原名Christopher Wallace的B.I.G.是美國Hip-Hop界的一個傳奇,也是Gangster Rap的代表人物。他的一生簡直就是這種倍受爭議的音樂流派的精彩縮影。生長於紐約Brooklyn區的B.I.G.從小目睹了黑人貧民區的種種混亂景象,也深受同樣脫胎於街頭的Hip-Hop音樂的薰染。販賣毒品和唱Rap是他從窮街陋巷間自學來的生存本領,但這也為他的悲劇埋下了禍根。 在現在已大名鼎鼎的Puffy Daddy的賞識與幫助下,B.I.G.得以成為一名Rap巨星,1994年,他的首張專輯《Ready To Die》以其出色的音樂表現震動了紐約音樂圈,銷量逾八白金。B.I.G.的成名鞏固了以Puffy Daddy為首的東岸Rap流派的勢力,卻也加深了這一集團與西岸流派間的矛盾。95年開始愈演愈烈,逐漸受到美國全國上下注意的所謂Rap War最終以兩岸的兩位代表人物Tupac及B.I.G.的神秘遇刺而告終。B.I.G.死時年僅24歲。痛失好友的Puffy Daddy曾在他那首著名的“I'll Be Missing U”中寄託了深切的哀思,而這張由他再次操刀製作的《Born Again》仍可被視為Hip-hop界老大對B.I.G.的致敬。除了重新整理B.I.G.遺留下來的錄音素材外,Puffy Daddy還召集了諸多Rap/Hip-Hop/Soul明星如Snoop Dogg, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, Black Rob等?這張唱片添磚加瓦,這些助陣者中,有的在B.I.G.身亡時還是無名小卒,可見他對黑人兄弟姐妹們的影響之深。《Born Again》仍舊保持了B.I.G.生前著稱的低沈Hip-Hop節奏底線與不同尋常、毫不造作的敏銳歌詞,也不乏很有水準的好歌如“Dead Wrong”,但畢竟這是一部遺腹之作,與B.I.G.唱對手戲的藝人們無緣與他在錄音室中面對面的合作,也就使得某些作品缺少真正的交流感,免不了有湊數之嫌。但如果你是B.I.G.的歌迷,這張唱片仍舊會讓你大呼過癮的。B.I.G.的光輝沒有人能遮掩得住,即使在他死後。想來也很有趣,B.I.G.共出過三張唱片:生前的《Ready To Die》及死後的《Life After Death》、《Born Again》,其主題均與生死有關,好像B.I.G.早已料定並參透了這一切。有傳聞說:B.I.G.其實根本沒死,他、不過是借死亡耍了個花招,開了個玩笑而已,現在他還躲在不知哪個角落裏做音樂,享受生活?!真相到底如何,恐怕沒人知曉,反正關於B.I.G.的所有事情都為Rap這一種族色彩極強音樂塗抹上了神秘的一筆。說不定,不久以後,我們又會在唱片店裏發現B.I.G.的第四、第五張專輯呢,不過,他可能已換了另一個奇怪的名字。 專輯曲目:1. Biggie 2. Big Booty Hoes 3. Born Again (Intro) 4. Can I Get Witcha 5. Come On 6. Dangerous Mc's 7. Dead Wrong (Remix) 8. Hope You Niggas Sleep 9. If I Should Die Before I Wake 10. I Really Want To Show You 11. Let Me Get Down 12. Ms. Wallace (Outro) 13. Niggas 14. Notorious B.I.G. 15. Rap Phenomenon 16. Tonight 17. Who Shot Ya 18. Would You Die For Meftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/The_Notorious_B.I.G/The.Notorious.B.I.G_Born.Again.rar

中文名称:Greatest Hits资源类型:MP3!发行时间:2007年03月06日专辑歌手:The Notorious B.I.G.地区:美国语言:英语专辑介绍:2007年03月09日,是Biggie逝世10周年。为了纪念Biggie,Bad Boy发行了Greatest Hits。这是Biggie第一张精选集,包含了各张专辑的主打歌,当然还有2首以前未收入的新歌。当然还有几首我特别喜欢的歌没有收入,真是太可惜了。What's Beef, Playa Hater...大家把最喜欢的BIG的一首或几首歌写下来好吗Christopher Wallace (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997), 人们熟知的另一个名字是Biggie Smalls (after a stylish gangster in 1975's ''Let's Do it Again'')和Frank White (from ''King of New York''),但最为人熟知的是The Notorious B.I.G. (Business Instead of Game and, since his death, Books Instead of Guns)。 出生于Bedstuy, Brooklyn, New York。流行音乐史上最著名的死人之一,可以说是大胖子(有对“可以说是”持质疑态度的,请参照同样已故Rapper Big Punisher)。生前只发表了一张专辑,死后成为不朽的传奇。大概因为形象问题,人缘远逊宿敌2Pac。(别看人家胖,他老婆可是非洲裔伊能静Faith Evans,还有一个黑芭比Lil’Kim终日缠他不放)尽管人生短短,Biggie在Rap领域有着令人惊叹的地位("Rakim is Father,Biggie is Son"),死后更是释放出无尽的怨恨……不对,是影响力。P Diddy的精神向导,Bad Boy的不朽篇章,让我们伴随这令人陶醉的旋律,追逐浪花……(转自verycd)专辑曲目:01. Juicy02. Big Poppa 03. Hypnotize 04. One More Chance/Stay with Me 05. Get Money 06. Warning 07. Dead Wrong 08. Who Shot Ya 09. Ten Crack Commandments 10. Notorious Thugs 11. Notorious B.I.G. 12. Nasty Girl13. Unbelievable 14. Niggas Bleed 15. Running Your Mouth16. Want That Old Thing Back17. [内容被过滤,请注意论坛文明] You Tonightftp://hihicdup:[email protected]/Hiphop/The_Notorious_B.I.G/Greatest+Hits+(2007).rar

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