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Finally after the packing is done, at the Work center = Confirm, the operation 70 is confirmed when the MTO item is receipted in the. On Solaris 10 cluster install how much disk space is required in /var where the backout patch data resides and also how much additional disk space is needed on the filesystem where you actually put. In the "Patches & Updates" tab, go to the "Patch search" window, select the "Recommended Patch Advisor" tab and enter your product ("Oracle Solaris") and release ("10 1/13 (Update 11)").

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ZFS, the Network File System (NFS), and SPARC. Oracle recommends that some patches, including cluster and kernel patches, be applied with the computer in Single User mode. Please see the Activation Support page for information on contacting tech support for priority assistance with any serial number or activation question.

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Stellaris Console Commands List. Solaris 10 installation guide creating solaris flash archives Sep 16, 2020. Solaris Cluster 3.2 1/09: RAC in Zones & Quorum Monitoring # Solaris Summit at USENIX LISA 2020: 2020-11-10: IPS Part 3 # Bart Smaalders 0: 23: 02: Solaris Summit at USENIX LISA 2020: 2020-11-10: IPS Part 2 # Bart Smaalders 0: 30: 15: Solaris Summit at USENIX LISA 2020: 2020-11-10: New Security Features in Oracle Solaris 11 Express.

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1 Million Serial Numbers of Different Softwares. Hyster has a proud heritage. Solaris 10 U9 x64 Solaris Cluster 3.3 Vmware ESX 4.1 HP DL 380 G7 HP P2000 Fibre Channel Storage When I try to setup cluster, just next next next, it completes successfully.

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Toxic Rain 3.11 Build

So, after seeing a lot posts asking about Toxic Rain (TR), I decided I'd do a big writeup about it & how to build it properly in my opinion. I played TR to 97 & 99 in DHC so I have a lot of experience with it. Since I play HC my build is focused on having quite strong defenses, this is not a 5K HP build. This is going to be a pretty long wall of text, i'll try to formatt as much as possible, also english is not my native language, bear with me on any spelling or grammar issues.
Why TR?
TR is an excellent league starter, it's a super fast build in a fresh league scenario. It's very SSF friendly, does not require any gear at all to get started with and can grow into quite a strong build if you invest into it properly lategame. Cluster jewels added so much power for TR and it's currently stronger than it has ever been before imo.
Build overview (Endgame setup)
  • 9.9K Life+ES pool
  • Elemental ailment immune
  • 5.4M TR DPS vs Shaper (Could get to around 6.5-7M with better gear)
  • Chaos res capped
  • Exposions from a crusader's sadist garb for improved map clear speed/corpse destruction
  • 17,000 Evasion, 53 % Spell Dodge (Evasion is realiant on flasks, Dodge goes to 43 without flasks)
  • Flesh of stone + some chance to blind (Everythings blinded basicly)
  • All the trickster goodies such as recoveries on kill for mapping, ghost shroud ES recovery & stun immunity
  • Long lasting vaal grace & Immortal Call due to all the skill effect duration our build scales
  • Anything that's not an endgame boss get's slowed down to a crawl due to TR+Ensnaring arrow + a cluster notable that applies hinder
Path of Building/Skill tree
https://pastebin.com/6vQSdQyL Pastebin import for PoB. That's my exact build at the point I died. Didn't make any changes post death. Make sure you have the community fork for PoB. Google how to install it if you don't have that, it makes PoB so much better and specificly for TR. There is trees for lvling if you are unsure how to allocate points early game, and also a early map/mid mapping tree that you can use before you get cluster jewels etc.
I will just go over some specifics to this build, if you want a super detailed breakdown i'd suggest looking at tytykiller or any good racer. You will use a combination of Caustic Arrow (CA) + TR. CA is your bread and butter for lvling while you use TR for extra single target damage versus bosses etc. I would prioritize links on CA over TR but you could swap it around if you lack dmg versus bosses.
Pick up skitterbots & Herald of agony at lvl 16 and use those until you can get malevolence at 24. If you don't have anyone that can buy you a flesh and stone you can just wait until A6 and do coast for it, I didn't feel it was needed before then anyways. As for supports gems both TR+CA use the same gems pretty much. Void manipulation->vicious projectiles->swift affliction is a solid 4L setup. You can use mirage archer on TR, I dont like it on CA at all though. I'd rather have more damage since you arn't spamming CA as much. Get a wither totem setup asap, it helps versus bosses. A 3 link is fine (totem-multitotem-wither). You also want to pick up the pierce jewel from A5, it's very good when using CA. Just socket it anywhere.
Gear breakdown
This is where most of your damage comes from. Getting a +3 bow should be your first priority once you hit maps. I would recommend to setup a gardens farming strategy to farm the porcupine card if it's a fresh league. The only crux with porcupine cards is that it gives a ilvl 50 bow so you can't naturally roll +2 bow gems. To circumvent this you need to use a shrieking essence of dread and after that you craft "cannot roll attack mods" and slam it to guarantee +1 gems as long as you have the open suffix+prefix left. If you use an essence and get to many mods you can try to annul or prefix to suffix beastcrafting.
In SSF it can be a bit of a pain to find essences so it might be worth doing an imperial legacy set instead. To craft that bow you would use metallic+corroded+jagged. It blocks all other prefixes except the + gem mods. It can still fail but it's roughly a 25 % chance to hit +3 with that combination.
Crafting your endgame bow is rather simple but can be expensive. First you need to get an ilvl 82 1.5 APS bow. 6 link it before you start crafting (perfect fossils + quality craft for easier linking).
Once that's done the crafting can start; there's 2 methods you can use.
First is alt/regal spamming it until you hit attack speed + dot multi of sufficient tiers. When you hit those 2 mods, if you have a garbage prefixe you need to do a "suffixes cannot be changed" and scour it. After that you craft cannot roll attacks, slam it for +1 gems. Then you finish with multimod and +2 support/chaos mult.
The other method is essence of zeal spamming. I did that due to simulacrum pumping out so many essences I could reliably buy bulk zeals for not crazy prices. Just spam zeal essences until you hit dot multi and then you need to get rid of all the other mods. Basicly you need to annul/suffixes cannot be changed and scour until the only 2 mods that are left are the attack speed/dot multi and then repeat the same process described in the above method.
I use maloney's mechanism, I think it's almost impossible to beat. Frenzy charges gives so much dps and there's no other way to get realiable frenzies on bosses. It has good life also and 12 % ias. Until you can afford/find one a rare quiver is fine. Try to get high life, dot multi and maybe some resists or attack speed. The base doesn't matter, there's no base that's good for TR.
To fit Discipline + Flesh n stone + Malevolence we need a helmet with the uber lab reduced mana reservation on either of those auras. Doesn't matter which one it is, they are all the same overall value. Preferably you get a hubris or mind cage. Anything that gives ES really. On helmet you are looking for high life + resists and 1 open suffix to craft "% chance to avoid elemental ailments". For earlygame just use whatever helmet you find with okay life/resists.
Super endgame the best would be to get an i85 hunter helmet with the above enchants. You can also buy any i85 helm with those enchants and hunter slam it. The reason for this is the -9 to chaos res on nearby is very strong. The only source of - chaos res we have is despair and versus bosses it's not that effective so reducing chaos res is a strong damage multiplier. It's pretty hard to roll the helmt though, the mod is rare and you still need high life, probably 1 high resist, the hunter mod and a open suffix for ailment avoidance.
Hunter gloves with high life, chaos mult, a good resist or attack speed and one open suffix for ailments avoidance craft. Preferably ES base.
Before you want to craft your hunter gloves just use any gloves with life/resist/ias and open suffix.
Optimal base is shaper two-toned boots of an ilvl of 81 atleast. The stat we are looking for is ailment avoidance, since it can't be bench crafted on boots we need to roll it ourselves. It doesn't matter what tier you hit but if you get ilvl 81s you can hit all 3 tiers increasing your odds greatly of hitting it. I alt rolled my boots, just aug/regal whenever you hit ailment avoidance until you get something you are happy with and multimod the rest. I'ts fine multimodding ms since you can do the ms+onslaught on kill and not need to worry about that on a abyss jewel.
Until you can get that just use whatever 30 ms/hp + resist boots you can get. The temple mods with ms+dodge is also very nice.
You definetly want to use a stygian vise as soon as you can. There are no specific stats we need on a belt, we use it to fill out resists and perhaps strength requirments.
Endgame you'd want to look for a good stygian vise with 1 open prefix that you can hunter slam. There's 2 really good hunter mods that you'd want to hit and it's either increased chaos damage or increased maximum life. Luckily for us the odds of hitting either of those two with a hunter slam is very good. If your belt is 84 or higher you have a 75 % chance to hit those 2 mods, there's multiple tiers to each though but still, odds are good.
Endgame i recommend a crusader's sadist garb with explodey mod + other good stats. It's important that you can craft "10 % of Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield". This mod is insane for us and gives us a lot of ES.
Before this however there's a lot of options and budget/medium budget options. You can use a normal sadist garb and just try to roll it with as much ES+EV as possible and an open prefix to craft the mod mentioned above.
Another option is a temple mod (Max life + Inc % life) sadist or carnal or similar decent ES/EV base if it has other okay stats and you can craft prefix on it. Both these are good defensive options.
Carcass jack is a good damage option if you don't care about defenses. AoE gives us more overlapping from pods and is a good stat and it gives some life/resists aswell. I do not ever recommend a carcass jack lategame, but it's perfectly fine to use for early/mid mapping etc.
One ring slot is for a hunter's ring with despair on hit mod. You can abberant fossil craft or alt spam it. The other ring slot should fill out whatever stats you need, just make sure to get a decent life roll also. Remember that we need atleast 1 open prefix on each ring to craft - mana cost to skills. TR has an insane mana cost with how fast we attack so it's not sustainanable without these crafts. Until you can get a decent hunters ring you can put Frenzy-CoH-Despair in your maloney's quiver if you opted to buy that before the hunter ring (unlikely).
For amulet you'd want a hunter amulet with +1 to chaos or dexterity gems. If you can get chaos mult aswell that's really big but it's very hard to craft. You need an open prefix here also to craft - mana cost to skills.
Before you get a hunter amulet just use anything with life/resist/attributes you need.
You want a dying sun, it's super good for our build. Other than that you want a jade flask, a quartz flask, a quicksilver and a life flask. You will need to use an enduring mana flask before you get your rings/amu crafted with - mana cost, not much to do about it. Get whatever immunity rolls you need. Priority is Bleed->Freeze->Curse->shock. Once you get ailment immunity from gear it opens up the flasks a lot, you only need curse+bleed immunity on them at that point. You should get an evasion roll on your jade flask at that point.
Cluster jewels
Large: you want an 8 passive i75 chaos dmg one. I wouldn't bother before you can get that honestly. My preferred setup is Wicked Pall/Unholy Grace/Touch of Cruelty + 2 jewel sockets. To roll these you need to chaos spam or alch/scour etc. If you have leo slams available you could alt roll and try to slam the last mod.
Medium: you want 4 or 5 passive chaos mult ones. Ilvl doesn't matter. You want Wicked pall + Eternal suffering and a jewel socket. 4th mod doesn't matter. You can exalt it way later to see if you hit anything decent.
Small: One has to be a dodge one rolled with Elegant form. This gives us the last ailment avoidance we need to make us immune while also giving some dodge/spell dodge. It's super easy to roll, later on you can try to roll one with good extra stats like ele res or chaos res.
The second small should be a life one, I use a 3 point one because it has pretty decent stats (3 all res, 3 chaos res), so I felt spending 1 extra point was worth it. You'd want either fettle or sublime sensation. The difference is very small between those 2 notables.
Cluster jewels gives us so much dmg/duration, it's crazy. It's also the reason we can skip the duration nodes on the tree. It gives us a way more efficient tree overall and you'd definetly want to look to get these asap, probably after your bow is done.
Glorious Vanity: This jewel is insanely strong for our build, it gives us 20 % of life as extra max ES and can come with quite a few other neat bonuses. I have 31% chaos dmg/25 % chance to wither on hit aswell on the Nimbleness notable. On top of that it gives some resistances/skill duration on my travel points. The dream is to get that notable but on arcane visions so you don't have to spend 2 extra points. I wasted too many divines trying though.
Watcher's eye: There's 2 good damage mods. Dot multi with malevolence, and attack speed with precision. For my setup they are almost the same, the precision gives like 1 % less dmg than the malev one but is probably waaay cheaper. Other good mods is immune to bleed from malev, - mana cost from clarity.
Thread of Hope: Very strong for this build at the socket above acrobatics. It let's us grab phase acro without taking acro and the 30 % less ES penalty it comes with, also gives us Hunter's gambit without the travel points and the blind node which makes us take 5 % reduced dmg since we blind everything. Very good value in this jewel. You need one that affects passives in small ring, try to get as low ele res penalty as you can afford.
Rare jewels: Just get anything that has Life + any damage stats that relevant or resistance if you need to some extra to cap etc. Attack speed with bows is a very efficient stat on normal jewels, it goes up to 7 % and is way better than any other damage stats that can roll, even dot multi.
Gem Links
Auras: Enlighten - Discipline - Flesh and Stone - Malevolence
Wither: Wither- Spell Totem - Multiple Totems - Faster Casting
Movement: Dash - Second Wind (You can use Flame dash if you prefer, you can also add in blink arrow)
Defensive: Vaal Grace - CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration
Your endgame links for TR is a bit dependant on what bow you have. If you have a bow that has +2 to bow gems instead of +2 to support gems the links would be TR->Vicious proj->Void manip->Swift affliction -> mirage archer->efficacy. Swap either efficacy or mirage archer for empower once you get a bow with +2 to support gems. I swapped out mirage archer, it's the worst gem dps wise but the QoL can be nice. Mirage also pulls ahead of efficacy if you can't stand still and spam TR as much.
Ascendancy & Bandits
Ascendancy: I rushed prolonged pain for the extra damage while lvling, and then took the ghost dance/escape artist route in merc/uber. You can definetly go whatever way you feel like, one gives more damage while the other gives more speed/defenses.
Bandits: You want to kill all, however you could help alira for lvling as the mana regen/all res is quite good and just respecc it later.
Major: I used solaris mainly. It's pretty strong once upgraded. You could use lunaris also for mapping, it's fine aswell.
Minor: I used upgraded shakari permanently pretty much once I had it upgraded, except for some cases like uber elder where I used the cold dmg reduction one.
Sadly the only recording I have is a random hydra map with like no mods. https://streamable.com/gzabd7 It doesn't really showcase much but it's something I guess. The main thing it shows is how good the hinder aspect of the build is, you can see hydra barely moves when she tries to run around.
submitted by ballong to PathOfExileBuilds

Eddie - High availability clustering tool written in Erlang - Solaris, Linux and *BSD

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