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The popular and efficient tool of Steve, DirectX 10 Scenery Fixer has an update version 2.0. I still have issues in a few places, such as Orbx KJAC, where lights disappear as I approach them throughout the scenery. All this leads me to believe that Steve's DX10 fixer did not completely uninstall itself. Nothing's perfect on a 10 years old FSX. However, after you purchase, there is no link to actually download the fixer.

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FSX SteveFX - DX10 Scenery Fixer V1.1 Build 26 RePackl hop over to this site. I amusing the DX10 fixer and I have to say that my Sim has never looked or performed better. Registration key after purchase, see order details page in customer account. Keep in mind, though, that if you choose to go that route, you will have to run in Windowed mode, as the Concorde-X loses the ADI in DX10 full screen mode (2d panel). And the same goes with Minecraft as a poorly built update can start causing crashes in Windows 10.

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I run FSX: SE with DirectX 10 Preview enabled along with Steve's improved DX10 shaders. SearchTerm=DX10+shader&CatID=root also, how do I download and. Now I have the Steve's DX Fixer and have set up FSX properly to run with DX10. Education Development Center additional hints. Your Windows 7 / 8 OS comes with these all built-in, so that, if you want to use FSX in the DX10 mode - it will do so without any intervention from you.

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Tricks to Fix DirectX Errors on Windows Don't Miss The BEST TOOL To FIX PC Errors & Issues updates can also affect the DirectX file, so try to uninstall. A2A Simulations aircraft are designed to use DirectX 9 in FSX. Steves directx 10 fixer crack. This is version 2.0 and its available. SteveFX – FSX DirectX 10 Scenery fixer.

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FTX Global runs beautifully with Steve's Fixer. Tickets to the "i am not tourist" Job Fair for Internationals are available at the discounted price of EUR 12.50 on line and EUR 17.50 at the door. Minimum settings allow the aircraft to load and operate but you'll need to make certain compromises in scenery settings to get adequate performance. March 19, 2020; dx10 scenery fixer By ebo77, September 27. 1 reply; 258 views; SteveFx; September 27; DX10 Fixer, no CSAA modes By Luis Hernandez, August 21. 4 replies; 296 views; Luis Hernandez. SimMarket: AEROSOFT - MEGA AIRPORT MADRID EVOLUTION FSX https://osteo-clinic.ru/download/?file=1023.

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I am one of the many satisfied customers. Most recent production work with other artists includes Barbra Streisand, outlet online Dion, Keri Hilson, Ledisi and Ariana Grande. DX10 Scenery Fixer enables the safe and stable use of FSX in DirectX 10 mode Beta. The issue seems to be that, with such a unique piece of kit, it’s very hard to find something that is “smooth” and easy to use; there are no universal solutions. And, in my case, yes DX10 preview give me better fps but it seems depending of PC rigs.

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Since it was my plan to re-load Steve's fixer and apply the recommendations also provided in. Although even the shadows are nice candy (who doesn't like candy: )) it does hit fps by around 5-10fps in my experiences. DX10 Scenery Fixer Forum for official support for this product. Enter Steve and his DX10 fixer, Steve was an FSX fan, he could program, he liked the improvements DX 10 could provide and he went about building an application to make DX 10 usable which he sells and I assume makes a living out of it. Windows has tons of backwards compatibility, including old versions of DirectX.

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SteveFX DX10 Scenery Fixer

May Version of DX10 Scenery Fixer is available. Note: If you follow this process then DX10 Scenery Fixer will fully restore your Flight Simulator Installation to its original state. Steve s DX10 Fixer Review, Mutley's Hangar. FSDG LITE - WINDHOEK FSX P3D4-5. Although DX10 Scenery Fixer works if installed over a previous installation of my freeware DX10 shader patches, you should not install the freeware shader patches after DX10 Scenery Fixer has been installed as this may cause issues.

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Steve's DX10 Fixer - Page 3 - DX-10 Discussions, Hints and https://osteo-clinic.ru/download/?file=1026. FSX (and P3D v1.x) Software and Hardware Guide click here. Fun Flights (Group Flights) CCVA Tours. Also, and most importantly, are you running the payware Steve's DX10 Fixer? Everyone would be coming here and reporting the CTD if that were the case and many members who have DX10 Preview and Steve's DX10 Fixer running are not reporting problems.

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Every damn time, Steam.

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Table of Questions and Responses from Digital Extremes AMA

Digital Extremes AMA 2
Verified 28 Aug 2015
Question Response
1. Any comment as to why information such as drop rates, drop locations, invasion/synthesis progress are not more readily quantifiable? 1. There is and always will be an area where players can just make stuff better and faster than we can - there are numerous apps, there's the Wikia, there's Warframe Builders and more. However, there is a recognizable grey area when some of these tools directly violate our TOS. Also typically it spoils.. everything.
2. In the past (and even more recently), some changes get through the patch notes that are undocumented and generally harmful to enjoyment of the game. Can we get a bit more detail on patch notes in the future (or reasoning for not)? 2. You'll always get the best we can do in the time we have to do it. As always, if things get missed in patch notes it's never intentional. If you or anyone has already made up their minds that it is intentional, then we will move onto the next question instead of trying to convince you otherwise :D
3. For Conclave in particular, the Sigil system to receive reputation feels absolutely pointless — there are no other opposing factions and there is no indication or warning to players to equip the sigil in order to receive Conclave reputation. For every other syndicate, you have essentially created 9 sigils which have no purpose after unlocking the highest tier. 3. General: They had a purpose as you were progressing and offer choice at various phases of said progression. Maybe you want a way to sell them off?
3.1. Will Digital Extremes make any changes to these systems? Perhaps a system where you can unlock a new bonus for wearing a sigil and wear whichever one you want instead. 3.1: Maybe, nothing planned for this.
3.2. Will there be changes to being required to wear the Conclave Sigil to earn reputation? And weashow off Conclave sigils in standard? Or is there something else in the works regarding Syndicates x Sigils? 3.2: Same as above.
4.1. Are there any plans to adjust the research requirements of the Knux and/or set a more steady resource cost creep in the future? 4.1: Nothing planned for this.
4.2. Are there any plans to allow clans to downsize their research requirements once they drop tiers? 4.2: This is one of the longest burning QoL things that's needed resolution for a long time, and it is disappointing for us we haven't addressed it (and Clans overall). Clan down sizing (as well as some other Clan goodies, we need to freshen this up) is planned for update U18 timeframe. Downsizing is nearly done so it might drop sooner in 17.5. says SS!
7. Can we get Nightmare and Syndicate missions added to the World State tracker? Related question: With the upcoming Star Chart changes in consideration, will Syndicate missions be reworked at all (in the sense that each syndicate has a total of 15 different missions each day across the varying tiers)? 7: Nightmare probably sooner than Syndicates yes, we'll see what's involved.
9. What are the current plans to update the AFK detection and penalty system, if any? 9: None with enough details to share, sorry! There are requests in line with exceptions if missions are Private and buddies are off for a few mins and teammates don't mind, so while we have nothing planned we are talking about it.
10. What are the current plans to update (or otherwise improve) the Reconnect function, if any? 10: This feature only really came about late one night with a conversation I was having with our Lead Programmer, it was experimental then, works in specific cases, but could use love. What do you want to see?
11. What are the current plans, if any, to update Warframe animation packs causing issues with clipping, displaced attachments, or otherwise unseemly animations when used with other warframes? 11: Not really - if we said yes more important things you've asked about in this thread would be competing for attention with this, so it's a balancing act of what fire to put out first :P
3. With Primed Pistol Gambit a new precedent was set for Primed mods acting as an extension of Damaged mods rather than the standard version of a mod (thought it was eventually changed to be halfway between). The two questions I would like to pose in regard to this: 3.1. Should we expect to see a change for Primed Pistol Gambit to match Pistol Gambit when at equal ranks (0-5) and then hit diminishing returns per rank (6+) to maintain the current Rank 10 value of 187%? 3.2. Are there plans for more Primed Semi-Damaged mods in the future or was this a special case? 3: Primed Mods: they are really evaluated on a case by case basis. Primed Pistol Gambit isn't a new precedent but just another way of adding a primed mod without being game breaking. - SC
Loot collection in Warframe without the Carrier breaks the flow of gameplay and detracts from the fun more often than not. Does the development team agree that this is an issue, and what are their plans to resolve it, if so? Ah Carrier oh Carrier - the amount of internal debates on this issue have risen dramatically recently. It is very much on the radar because you are very much right - in the last two months of stats Carrier's utility makes him the most popular Companion by a wide margin. -RF
For Rebecca: What is the exact number of noggles you have in your liset? And how many are volts? I only have One Volt. My hasty counting yielded 91 Noggles that are placed. I have 16 that are unplaced until I figure out a new way to go over the limit.
For all, what is factored in when giving or not giving buffs to certain stats on primes? Variety is the spice of life, change it up and see what sticks - SM.
Can you give sugatras PBR next? Honestly they aren't a priority, but everything will get it in time - GC.
Do you hire graduate Software Engineers? and if so, what do you like to see in a portfolio? Yep, we hire graduate software engineers. The best portfolios show interest in making games - I did not have degree so it was completely up to my portfolio at the time (which was pure crappy tank games I had made) - SS
Will you ever be releasing the Boar as a market weapon again? With shotguns buffed by Scott (too much - pls nerf)... Everyone wants a Boar now. So, yeah we want to pull that out of its semi vault status. That'll happen very very soon. - SC
Are there any plans to add a dedicated shield bash attack to the game? That'd be awesome, and we can incorporate an attack like this for sure with existing shield weapons. - GC
1. Any ETA on Frost/Volt/Oberon/Limbo cloth physics update? 1: Our tech animators are going through characters, and they are currently updating Trinity and her skirt finally - GC
2. Will Tempo Royale and Astral twilight be added back into the drop table? 2: Yes, either by rerunning tac alerts or something else - RF
3. Are there any future improvements to melee in the works? 3: Yes! Longswords are neglected and we will expand them. We are doing a new melee stance to be released with the next WF. AND a whole new Stance category for Rapiers is coming - GC.
4. Any plans on AI improvement? 4: Gradual but always.
5. Are there any plans to bring (back) a free floating archwing control scheme as an option? 5: We talked about it for sure I don't know where we left off but 'YES' - SS
@ Steve/Scott: About a year ago, I made a fanconcept to rework the invasion system. I was wondering if anything ever came of it? Regarding your concept, the bunkedefense concept is awesome and fits the mode better, thanks for bringing it up again. And streamlining ideas are great as well. Because map/missions are getting a bit of a rethink I'll make sure to steal liberally from your ideas -SS
@ Steve: Is Natah's parent gendered? Or they don't have this "gender" concept in their society? Regarding Gender... no gender in a traditional sense we they do use pronouns based on form... (in this case 'he') -SS
Can you give us more insight about how are you going to implement steam workshop or in any case, user submitted content? What are the curation methods going to be like? Are you going to pay the content creators in any way? Steam workshop: We are nearly done a custom windows application for previewing/submitting Warframe assets (starting with skins). There will be curated by us initially and creators will share revenue for sure! - SS
Lately there have been a few instances of redtext, shall we say, overselling a few things creating a (possibly unrealistic) expectation from the playerbase. Is this on you guys' radar at all? Yeah, RedText has been "spoken to" about their impulse control problems and admitted they went too far in some cases. They agreed to stick to horrible puns and innuendos in the future. - SS
Will we get a stalker related quest? More insight into the Stalker will be coming ... - Stalker. He will be a part of U18 Cinematic Quest - Steve & Geoff
@Steve, a while ago you shared with us the solar map manifesto. Can you say anything about how these values translated into specific design decisions? Solarmap Manifesto - I hope I can share more as we get it working. The scope continues to shrink and grow as we look at how much we want to do (a lot) vs. the risk and time of biting too much off. Its manifesto is still a decent summary of the goals of reworking missions and rewards... - SS
When are you going to get around to hiring people? Keep trying, we are hiring right now as far as I know, www.digitalextremes.com/careers - RF
Will we ever see more expansion with the Syndicates? Yes, this is part of what is making the solar map rethink challenging, I share your feelings on how their potential to add character and identity to player choices has not been met yet. I'm hoping to give them homes within the solar system and areas of influence as well. - SS
For Rebecca: we of course all know about your work at DE, but what did you do before this? I started interning at DE in my third year of University and never left. 2016 will be my fifth year here. - RF
For Geoff: what are some of the most important things to have in my repertoire when looking to get into the animation industry? Are there any major programs besides Maya that are crucial to learn for 3D animation? What are some things that a professional video game animator does that aren't immediately obvious that would be good to practice? A demo reel is key- showing a strong understanding of movement, timing and posing in animation. A good plus is some work showing a traditional background of life drawing study to demonstrate good knowledge of how the human body moves- but the reel is the most important. Not really, understanding how to animate in 3D translates to any program, it's just learning the tools. A few of the animators who've come into games from film are always having to remember you don't animate to a specific camera shot, but have to animate to a world view meaning your animation needs to hold up from every angle. Rigging is an art unto itself, we actually have a team of technical animators dedicated to building rigs for us.
In regards to the macro vs. micro decisions players make, which do you feel has progressed more positively in the last 6 months? What are your favorite changes to that particular system? What changes are you excited to make to the 'weaker' system in the future? Considering parkour in u17, I'd have to say that micro has... But then I see the frames and weapons of the past 6 months and think macro.. And then I search for a term that says we've struck a nice balance.. Because I think we have - SC
What's the next step in Stealth gameplay? Are there any plans to expand on systems that further reward stealth as an alternative to run&gun gameplay? Glad you like the Stealth improvements, we hope to apply this to more of the game in future, charge attacks coming back will feed into this and stuff like Covert Lethality hopefully show we like rewarding stealth. - SS
What's your favorite frame? SC: Valkyr, GC: Excalibur, SS: Equinox, RF: Nyx/Prime, SM: Rhino
Can we expect an update to the incubator that allows us to see the type / stats of Kubrows in stasis? Yup - incubator upgrades are definitely in the cue. Agree that it would be great to have more info before you name. We'll get that in before end of the year for sure. -SC
Do you have any idea of when the sniper rework will happen? Update 18 it is - this is commitment! -SM
What direction are you leaning towards with Saryn's rework? Will you add some more complexity to her skills? Added complexity and synergy between powers. - SM
Anything in the works for Hydroid right now? Nothing currently being worked on.
Any plans for a new Archwing or new Archwing mission types? New missions are being worked on, hopefully some will ship in 17.5.
What's the status on updating older Prime weapons with PBR? In progress, everything in time.
Is there any chance that Excavation could be updated so that the excavators' health and shields scale like what's happened with Defense and Mobile Defense? Always a chance. This is something we can discuss with the design team.
Any thoughts on how to update the reward structure for other mission types in the vein of Spy 2.0? The design team is currently working through all the mission types giving them a rework with improved reward structures. Everything takes time.
Do you guys leave snarky comments in your code? Yes, maybe not snarky but funny for sure.
1. Will you add Crowbar melee weapon anytime soon so i can feel myself as Gordon Freeman? 1: crowbar, hmm what stance could that share... - GC. 1. We're still negotiating rights with Valve to make HL3 -SS
2. You have some thoughts about buffs\Quality of Life changes for Limbo warframe? 2. I expect so, Valkyr is first up for this -SS
3. What about the old Dark Sector concept? Is there anything more left of that old version of the game or not? 3: think we have shared the majority of work we put into the old demo, but we can dig around and maybe share on a future dev stream of we find something - GC. 3. Never say never, but I hope we can explore some of this 'tone' in some areas of Warframe as well... -SS
It sounds like there's always tons of projects on the back burner, when these projects finally do get into development how big of a team is devoted to them? Also a less serious question that's probably asked a lot, when are we coming out of Beta? There are indeed a lot of things on the backburner! As a past example, we always wanted to overhaul PvP (now officially Conclave), so when that started generating steam about 3-4 people became devoted to it. Out of Beta? One day, one day. -RF
1) Is there any ETA on the void rework? And what do you have in store for us in terms of both finding prime parts, and getting to the void after you mercilessly "blow it up"? 1: The starchart rework will be the death of the void, or at least the void that you currently know. -SM
2)Is it possible for us to have a better system for customizing our clan dojos? 2: This is something we can look at improving, clan system is on the radar for upgrades. -SM
3) Will there ever be a finished game? in 5 years time will the game be finished and ready to be sold on shelves? Will you even be satisfied with the game to the point where you decide it is finished? or will the game remain in development the way it is now? 3: A = Always B = Be C = Changing. I think as long as we have an audience we will continue to change and expand the game. -SM
What items do you have in the pipe right now that are actually started, concept art and everything? Mios - GC
Now that Survival and Defence 5min/wave rewards are cumulative, why can't the mission credit rewards be too? "+1 because 5 wave and out is common and lame but we'll need to surface it so that people understand the incentive" - guest answer from Glen Miner.
Are there any plans to rework the matchmaking system? This has been a community and personal hot topic for as long as I can remember and improvements have been gradual. When I think of my matchmaking attempts at launch, then one year ago, and then now, it's always getting better but it's still not perfect. - RF
I've wondered if there will ever be a local get together and/or meet and greet. Hi Loco :) I know we've met before (twice now) and we are hoping to do some kind of local day eventually. One of those 'Oh yes let's do it' but never get anything solid in motion... soon.. soon. - RF
What is the possible next 2.0 that you guys are excited about? Do you guys have any plans on adding more to Parkour 2.0? or do you think it is perfect where it is right now? Star Chart is the next big revamp, I guess it's a 3.0 We're really happy with how parkour 2.0 came out, I think we'd like to let it marinate with the players for longer before we go back to it. - GC
Do you guys have any more plans in the works for Mastery Rank rewards? What is your general feeling on weapon balance overall? We do need to work mastery more into the game, agreed, including potent rewards for achieving them vs. rank restrictions. Weapon balance is definitely a big and ongoing task and we're committed to diversity there.
Will Excalibur Prime, Lato Prime and Skana Prime ever be made available again in some form or other? Those are exclusive to the founders of the game that we are forever indebted to. No plans for them to be released again. Permavaulted! - SC
All: how do you cope with the seemingly endless vitriol directed towards you on a daily basis? Vitriol? https://twitter.com/rebbford/status/637331729716527108
Scott: Would DE consider making an "existing content team," a small group that focuses only on improving existing content? This currently is already happening with gamemodes, pets, pvp, bosses, trials and enemies. We have small dedicated teams that tackle specific tasks or problems. As the game grows in complexity and size we have been dedicating people to maintain and grow parts of the game.- SM
Rebecca: how would you feel about lotus helmet kubrow/kavat armor? I want this so badly! - RF
Are there any numbers on the amount of Tenno running Windows 10 and are we getting DirectX 12? Win10/Dx12: the adoption is great. Dx12 is something we're be working on in the future but will require some 'code smashes' to actually be beneficial (dev friends are saying direct dx12 ports tend to be slower than dx11). Looking forward to getting my hands on the API. - SS
How do you feel about Archwing (+Sharkwing) currently? Scott: I don't feel great about it, feel it still needs more love and variety. Hoping to make some big improvements with 17.5
Is there any plan to get a second pass on the cost of some Archwing mods relative to their effects? Along those lines, are there plans to do another pass on the Archguns? There are no plans for a second pass on mod costs/effects in Archwing. No comment on the weapons just now. -SM
Aside from your own, what are your favorite videogames and why? RF: The Witcher 3 might as well start paying me Rent at this point. SC: Splatoon. All time: ffx, bg2, Simons quest. SS: Fav games all time: Ico, Wind waker, RE4, UT, Beyond Good and Evil, Elite, FTL, Space Invaders, Pool of Radiance, Ori and the Blind Forest, Child of Light, omg... need to clone self. GC: My current favourite game will be metal gear 5. Devil may cry committed me to want to get into games
After all she's done for us, and everything she's suffered, will we be able to offer the Lotus a hug during the Second Dream quest? Lotus hugs? Hmmm I worry she's so awesome you might burst into flames by touching her? - SS
Be they lore or technical, what would you say are your greatest successes in the game - and similarly, which do you feel most disappointed with? Latest successes I worked on with the team are reworked cloth system and parkour. Right now I'm most disappointed with the state of Dark Sectors - need more time in the day! - SS
1. Are their any plans on making an overhaul of the procedural generation or will you guys remove the quasi-randomly generated system for a more hand-crafted map design that will cater to the game's mechanics like stealth, parkour, and any other upcoming or current game mechanics? 1: Good point, procedural generation definitely is a double edged sword. We're looking to hand craft larger tiles for game modes and try to make loop-backs more interesting. Procedural Generation is still big for us though. -SS
2. How do you guys feel on making the next few major updates more cater to expanding old content of the game and addressing issues that been plague the game since the beginning rather than adding new content? 2: Yes, though we find players need new things to pull them back so we're walking a tightrope there. Archwing HUD and enemies are under the microscope for update though. -SS
3. Do you guys often playtest your own game without resorting to using developer console to look for any issues with the game and also to experience the game that normal players would? Do you guys also have a testing team to play the game and give feedback? Do you take that feedback seriously and implement it to the game? 3: For sure, Parkour rework had serious changes based on our Tenno Testers for example. The map/mission overhaul is all born of our own experiences. -SS
4. Any plans on adding dedicated servers to the game? 4:Never say never but at the moment the only dedicated servers we have are used for Relays since since they're light on hardware vs. full game. -SS
1. Would you perhaps consider a quest that fills in the gaps between the end of Vor’s Prize and the Captain’s death and his sudden reappearance in Tower 4 missions? 1:Bridging quests would be awesome, need to do it. -SS
2. Are there any plans to make planetary variations for Corpus units? 2:The upcoming Corpus units should make you very happy. -SS
3. What would you want to be the next Corpus planet to be updated and what would you turn it into? 3:The set focus is on the Orokin Moon though we are doing a PBR and lighting pass to freshen up the existing Corpus sets! -SS
1) Will the new cloth physics system be applied to old syndanas as well? 1)Yes we will for sure go through the old Syandanas and update them! - GC
2) Are there plans to add a blurb to the 20-year-ban dialogue saying why you were banned? 2)Currently the best thing to do is go through support- no promises but we could look into including the reason with these unfortunate situations. -GC
What's your stance on reworking some of the melee aspects? Also polish to parkour 2.0 on something like 17.5? It's definitely tricky but we are working on getting charge attacks in and still function in the current system. Aiming to have charge attacks back in for U18. Will for sure continue to look at ways to add polish and broaden it with animations. - GC
1. Are synergies between warframes actively on the list of things to work on, or do they just sort of form organically after the fact? 1:Some are intentional, most I think form from very clever Tenno looking at whats available and trying new things. When designing powers we try very hard to leave them open ended so that the possibility space exists for synergy between powers. Some of the combos have even surprised me. -SM
2. Are there any plans to alter abilities that make you less mobile by making them more mobile or giving them sufficient pay off to counter the lack of mobility? 2: Agreed some of those powers probably need bigger pay-off for the limits that have been put on them. -SM
5. Have any of you ever read the How Would You Change weekly thread, and has it been helpful? Is there any specific topic you'd like to see fielded? 5: I do my best to read them every week. I have pulled ideas and changes from them in the past. Thanks for doing this! I would rather you guys direct the conversation and just fly on the wall listen. -SM
6. Will there be any systemic improvements to Archwing, or will it all be content focused? 6: Yep. Some improvements will be made. -SM
7. How long do you think a player should have to play on average to be rewarded with a given piece of gear? 7: We don't have a specific formula for this, you can see from past releases we are all over the board and continue to try new things. We really watch and react to player feedback. -SM
Are there any plans in the works to implement two-factor authentication to warframe to help protect our accounts? Sorry you had that happen. We are working on 2FA for this, this is the top of our CSR manager's list of needs! - SS
Is there any plans to go back to previous features like Archwing or Melee and attempt another iteration? I don't think it's as drastic as a new iteration but having said that we are looking at ways to improve and polish for sure - GC.
Are there any plans to bring mastery from map to nice, round number? Haha yes, I hope to resolve some of this with map changes we're working on. - SS
You'll have to release an unrealistic number of new frames/weapons to reach MR30. Do you have any ideas or plans in mind on how to address this problem? Good point! We're exploring mastery rewards for other major milestones in the game beyond equipment/map. - SS
Has there been any progress on disabling menu effects? This fell off the pile sadly but I will look at this again to see what options we have. - SS
Any clue when the sword and grappling hook combo will be available? Working on the last winner, Mios, right NOW! - GC
Are you guys going to take another look at Covert Lethality? For Covert Lethality, original intent was and still is Stealth Focused - SM.
Any idea when the Void Trader will sell Primed Streamline? Nope.. That was just trolling the data miners ;) don't believe everything they find.. - SC
If one were interested in becoming a community manager in the gaming industry, how would one start? I kind of lucked out 'right place, right time' style regarding being pushy for an internship back in my third-year of University. I think having a degree in something that demonstrates strong communication is pretty important. If you're interested in my education I went this path: http://www.fims.uwo.ca/acad_programs/undergrad/mit.htm and did electives in Computer Sciences, Public Speaking, Creative Writing, etc.
1. Are the new Saryn, Rhino, Trinity and Valkyr skins the only skins you are currently working on ? Is there any priority for skin development ? 1: Saryn, Rhino, Trin, and Valkyr have been out much longer than Mesa, but every Warframe is going to get a skin.
3. Are you ok with Peacemaker and Bladestorm's current states ? 3: On their own they are fun but there are definitely situations where you can see things getting a little autoplay
4. Do you agree with players complaining about the grind and RNG ? 4: Torn and split. I farm for every Prime thing, every Mod, etc. I know how it is. I also know the game is free and for content it's either grind for it a-la Syndicate Rep style gear or RNG to aid in keeping people playing. Moments of frustration are always noted but at the end of the day you can still earn everything that contributed to gameplay. I've had my moments of booting up that T4 Survival and just closing it, but I always come back when I'm in the mood (which I always end up getting in). I am looking forward to how Starchart 3.0 speaks to this. - RF
Which subject is the most debated internally regarding the future of warframe ? We never stop mass debating - SS Right now it's the Star Chart stuff - SC
2.How long do you plan on focusing on Warframe ? We're dedicated to this as long as you guys keep playing. - SC
1. Is the focus system still being worked on ? GC: Focus system is still high in our minds. We want it soon.. Like u18 soon. RF: I certainly don't think this can be answered based on our track record with committing to it :(
2. Is the next prime already decided ? 2: Next prime is decided but no spoilers ;) - GC
2. Will the "MonkeyKing" warframe be released soon or is he the upcoming brawler frame? Will he have a summonable weapon similar to excal? 2. Monkey King is different from brawler.. No comment on powers ;) -SC
3. Will syndicates offer more items to buy or have their own unique quests in the future? 3. Lots of new stuff coming to syndicates: watch last Dev stream :) -SC
4. Can you say anything about the next event? 4. Nope -SC
Are you guys going to have a big Pax East showing again? Can't wait to come back to another fan event.. We haven't figured out which one tho. Personally would love to come back to PAX.. That was a ton of fun! :) - SC
Valkyr skin when? Soon! - SC
Will there be a way to replay quests implemented in the future? We've said so for a while but nothing implemented yet which stinks, but better under-the-hood stability is needed before we get this workin'. -RF
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