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Some senior advice to all the upcoming webdev freelancers

I've been in this industry for almost 10 years now and I'd like to share some of my concerns - this post is not meant to discourage anyone, but to maybe shed some light on long-term perspectives vs. the quick money-grab.
Recently, the number of upcoming freelancers in this sub seems to have exploded and lots of people want to get into webdev.. which I fully understand. Working in this industry is just very appealing for lots of reasons and wouldn't want to do anything else.
That being said, there's an awful lot of posts lately where freelancers ask very simple, almost shockingly basic questions. I really love to help people in here and give advice.. but in some cases, my only advice would be you're not ready for the job.. at all. I usually don't post this because again, I'm not here to discourage people.
Doing your first freelance-job without any (or just very basic) knowledge is a bad idea for various reasons:
  • Without experience, there's no way to really estimate your hours. You might end up working double the time without any payment for it, simply because you didn't know how long it all takes and went with a fixed contract.
  • Freelancers don't just code - there's a lot of customer-relation stuff involved that can be more exhausting than the actual work. Always keep that in mind (actually that's the reason I quit freelancing long ago).
  • Get a lawyer or at least someone with knowledge about contract law.. I've seen this too many times, young freelancers being fucked over by shady clients.
  • You might end up in legal troubles and a ruined reputation if you upload something insecure. Security is big deal, especially in e-commerce. Again, don't just focus on coding and take some time to get familiar with basic web-security (XSS, solid validation, etc.).
  • Reputation is key as a freelancer - getting new clients is way easier if you get recommended by former clients! For that reason alone, I can't emphasize enough how important it is to deliver a good, solid, professional project. Your projects are what you (as a freelancer) are being rated on in the real world - not Udemy certificates or any of that stuff. Taking a bit more time to become better before your first gig might pay off later on - don't gamble your career for a quick buck.
That's about it.. as a final conclusion: getting into webdev as a career is not as easy as some people seem to think, but it's 100% worth the effort. Keep going and don't look at the time you spend learning as wasting potential income, but as an investment in yourself!
I might have missed a lot, so other experienced dev's are very welcome to add to my list of advice.
Edit: Pretty busy right now, but I'll get back to all of your questions later!
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Took my last class this semester. Here's my course-by-course review

I started OMSCS in Spring 2019 and just wrapped up this semester. My academic background was chemical engineering from a large state school, and my professional background was/is in consulting for a cloud provider.
I took this program for the credentials, and for a deeper understanding of some of the "why" concepts that I deal with at work.
Here are the classes I took and my personal review and stack ranking of each class.
Graduate Intro to Operating Systems (Spring 2019)
This was a fantastic course. This course forces you to dive deep into some fundamental computing topics: threading, memory, processes, communication, etc.. These are all hugely important topics that can be difficult to learn through on-the-job experience. If you don't have a strong background in fundamentals, I would recommend to take this course as early as possible.
Difficulty: 8/10.
Time Commitment: 8/10.
Quality of Instruction: 9/10.
Industry Relevancy: 9/10.
Software Architecture and Design (Spring 2019)
This class was "meh." In my opinion, it's kind of old school and detached from how software architecture is actually practiced. This class focuses a lot on low-level implementation details of things like class diagrams and OOP principles, but I would like to see the class take a dive into how to piece components of software together to build more complex distributed systems (e.g., queues? pub/sub? asynchronous processing? event buses? security models?). Granted, I feel like that topic could be a class of its own.
Difficulty: 2/10.
Time Commitment: 1/10.
Quality of Instruction: 3/10.
Industry Relevancy: 3/10.
High Performance Computer Architecture (Summer 2019)
This is another great class that forces you to get into low-level computing concepts that are important to know, but hard to get experience with. This class takes you through how instructions are executed and tackles concepts like caching and pipelineing. Of all classes in OMSCS, I feel like this class did the best job of blending exams and projects. The exams and projects were closely linked to reinforce the concepts in the lectures (something that cannot be said for all classes).
Difficulty: 10/10.
Time Commitment: 9/10.
Quality of Instruction: 7/10.
Industry Relevancy: 4/10.
Network Security (Fall 2019)
Pretty good class with intense projects. This class attempted to cover a ton of material, and I thought the projects were representative of actual network security practices. Through the projects, you will learn about practical security items like firewall configurations, packet analysis, and common exploits. I would have liked to see more of a focus in this class around security protocols like OAuth or something, but I suspect that is out of scope by design.
Difficulty: 7/10.
Time Commitment: 6/10.
Quality of Instruction: 6/10.
Industry Relevancy: 6/10.
Computer Networks (Fall 2019)
A strong foundation in networking is very important, especially with the amount of organizations running in cloud environments. I think this class did a good job delivering the basics of networking. Lots of project work in this class, which is nice. While this class is not particularly hard, I would say that this is a "must-have" class.
Difficulty: 5/10.
Time Commitment: 5/10.
Quality of Instruction: 5/10.
Industry Relevancy: 8/10.
Introduction to Information Security (Spring 2020)
If I had to do it again, I don't think I would take Network Security *and* this class. I would pick one or the other, and if I had to pick one, I would pick Network Security. This class goes over a lot of the same material, although this class hits on some things that are not included in Network Security like cryptography. This is a good class, but unless you are deeply interested in security, I would pick one or the other.
Difficulty: 4/10.
Time Commitment: 3/10.
Quality of Instruction: 4/10.
Industry Relevancy: 5/10.
Database System Concepts and Design (Spring 2020)
This was my least favorite class. I believe a database class is critically important to the program, but this class needs a rewrite. A lot of (too much) discussion around data modeling, and no discussion around how databases and database engines actually work. I realize that database engines are all different, but a conceptual overview would have been great. This also is a class focusing exclusively on "relational databases" because there is no acknowledgement of NoSQL, key-value, graph, time-series, or other types of databases. Finally and most importantly, the project component of this class is a joke. It's a group project where you have to develop a web app that fronts a database that you design and create. I spent most of my time building a Vue SPA instead of doing anything related to databases. This is a bad class.
Difficulty: 3/10.
Time Commitment: 4/10.
Quality of Instruction: 1/10.
Industry Relevancy: 2/10.
Knowledge-Based AI (Summer 2020)
I liked this class a lot. It's an accessible entry point into the world of AI and ML. It's a little light on the theory, but I suspect that is by design. Do not expect to walk away from this class an AI/ML expert, but do expect to walk away from this class with some of these concepts "demystified." The project component of this class is great, and is the only project of the whole program that I would consider "fun."
Difficulty: 6/10.
Time Commitment: 7/10.
Quality of Instruction: 8/10.
Industry Relevancy: 7/10.
Introduction to Graduate Algorithms (Fall 2020)
The best class in the program. The quality of the lectures and other instructional material is very high, and the weekly homework assignments do a good job reinforcing these topics. The concepts in this class are critical to understand if you want to advance in software engineering. The exams are tough, but fair. If you do the practice problems, you will be fine.
Difficulty: 9/10.
Time Commitment: 10/10.
Quality of Instruction: 10/10.
Industry Relevancy: 10/10.
Introduction to Cyber Physical Systems Security (Fall 2020)
I'll be honest, I picked this class because I heard it was easy and I wanted an easy class to pair with GA during my final semester. It's largely a project oriented class, with the first 2 projects requiring you to write Programmable Logic Controllers. if you can get through these first 2 projects, then this class is easy. I wouldn't take this class if you're a software professional. Although it was interesting to get some hands-on experience with something a little different, I felt it was just too irrelevant.
Difficulty: 1/10.
Time Commitment: 2/10.
Quality of Instruction: 2/10.
Industry Relevancy: 1/10.
Edit: fixing typo.
submitted by dbbost to OMSCS

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