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Activation key solaris 10 patch set folder

Crack setting Up FTP Server Logins - System Administration Guide

But if you want to add this user to the group associated with "myfolder", you can run. Solaris 10 patch set folder. What I need is when the user aftp's to the server, they are automatically redirected to the folders that I set up. I would prefer not to set their home. The basic approach to setting and interpreting relative file permissions is using a set of symbolic codes to represent users and permission types. Linux, Solaris, Unix, IRIX or other operating systems.

SolutionBase: Installing Solaris 10

ReefNet Inc, Step 1, Select Product s. Parallel ports are a more recent invention and are much faster than serial ports. Solaris 10 has new features to manage non-login accounts and locked accounts which is no longer dainbread. A strange folder virus. There are several different ways to check the link status(up/down) in solaris. I am currently setting up rdiff-backup to use ssh to connect and remotely backup and retrieve data.

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Key cutePDF - Convert to PDF for free, Free PDF Utilities

Scooter Software: Home of Beyond Compare https://osteo-clinic.ru/download/?file=1042. Usb to serial virtual free download. Post-update packages: (SunOS libproject patch, needs reboot) automountd patch 7 patches need to be done before Live Upgrading the server with lucreate, luupgrade and luuactivate. The first number is 0 and the end number is 100. JDK 5.0 is no longer supported on the Solaris 10 operating systems.

Maven profile file activation fails - Stack Overflow

The files and folders will be extracted from the zip to the Java GUI program folder as follows: should be read fr, ja and zh. If I use ndd command to change it, it will only last until the next reboot but I need to set it permanently. High level steps are. Set the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the directories containing libraries used by the basic system tools. Frequently asked questions hop over to here.

Key generator manage Solaris with Spacewalk und Red Hat Satellite

Review Folder Approve Folder History Folder Q Contractor DODAAC Lookup rslon: Build Date DODAAC Purpose Codes Contract Administration Services Directory (CASD) Welcome to Purpose Code Management! Parameter rlim_fd_cur in /etc/system 2. method 2: Resource. Dec 16 10: 57 mflm-history-r-xr-xr-x 1 root root 264 Jan 21 2020 mflmman. In this tutorial i am going to use C language to program the Serial port, compiler used is GCC. I have created a set of folders for the users to use.

Add serial from second file

Unfortunately nesting groups does not cut down on this number since the system will still see the user as a member of each nested group. The Homebrew version appends a 'G' (for GNU Tools) in front of the command name - so the equivalents become greadlink -f FILE and. How to Setup and Configure TFTP Server on Windows 10.

Oops! - Epilogue / Postgame

You’re at the tavern again. It’s morning already and all your fatigue and wounds have vanished.
The entire place is festively decorated… Even if it looks more like a birthday party than a victory celebration! Nonetheless, Chloe looks really proud of her work, hopping down a stool after hanging one last colorful streamer on the wall.
A big banner is hanging from the ceiling, as wide as the room.


As you appear, everyone bursts into cheers and applauses. A shower of confetti fills the air, specifically aimed at the boy that now random people are hugging and patting on the back.
Iris enters the tavern and yawns, stretching and sitting in her usual spot near the far wall. She waits for everyone to finish celebrating him before speaking. “Very well, not exactly the night I expected but you were satisfying enough. Now… Um… Brendan has won, so he will become the God of Mortal Matters. You don’t need to ascend right away though…” She turns towards him as she talks. “Take your time if you want. Live your old boring mortal life. You still have a wish to ask as well, you could use it to make it more interesting.”
Her attention shifts to the two other survivors. “As for you two… I have no problems dropping you off to other worlds, so consider that free. Wish for whatever you’d like, as long as it’s less than becoming a god. And no resurrections.”
Falling silent, she patiently awaits for the three to state their desires.


Once again, the cute girl appears on your screen. She stretches and leans against the edge of it with a satisfied expression. “Ah, what a nice little game! Short, but full of emotions, don’t you think? I had some decent fun observing their antics while trying to survive.”
As you scroll down this reddit thread, she starts commenting on every character. “Um… All the people you suggested to me were pretty... interesting. Let’s see… I’ll start with the winner.”
“Ah, good normal Brendan. A completely normal guy pitted against… Um... Extremely smart opponents, powerful world-ending creatures and even gods! And what did he do? He won! Sure, not without help.”
“Initially allied with all three of our beautiful girls, he then had a… Clash of opinions with them, hehe~. Nonetheless, he managed to reach his points objective a day earlier than needed. He only had to survive… but engaging in a full blown tavern fight is apparently not very healthy.”
“His run would have ended on the third day. Fighting against a colossal mech, a god and a celestial entity he put up quite a nice fight. Um… Unfortunately, it was a little too much for him, even with the help yours truly gave him. Eating a black hole from Penumbra at point-blank range he vanished without a trace…”
“But Yurei had different plans for him. Come the fourth day, he generously decided he should be revived. Probably as an ally to put down Ash. He made a miscalculation though… With his objectives completed and enough points, he just sat out of their fight and emerged a winner. A shame, he could have just decapitated the demon… But I got a nice private spectacle for myself, I can’t complain too much~”
“Our Goddess of Comfy Things and her relics! She never got to realize she was actually a goddess, but she crafted a nice little story for herself. Having lived almost in solitude her entire life, she suddenly found herself surrounded by new friends… Including a very special one that she would get very close to during the course of the game. I’m talking about the peng— cough Penumbra.”
“Along with her lover, she was initially set on the course for a splendid victory. But things rarely go as planned when the life of multiple people is at risk. Making a crucial mistake on their second day, the two of them lost a precious ally and got badly wounded.”
“On the third day, they tried to fix it by killing… Well, that ex-ally, Brendan. But our chosen one was waiting for them. Continuing what she had started a day earlier, she finished them off and sent them to a very touching reunion in my belly~. Poor Allie, her precious garden is safe but she won’t have a chance to visit it again. Hopefully she’ll find her happiness in paradise together with her little star…”
“A weak, malnourished girl or the Chosen One? Our insane little Ash caused all sorts of troubles both during the day and during the night. Her animalistic instinct and her hallucinations guided her through the game… accompanied by a fair amount of luck!”
“Um… She was especially trusting of Yurei. The evil demon used her to cause as much damage as possible, and he certainly succeeded. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t realize she was way too nimble and determined and couldn’t finish her off on the last day. And so, our little girl survived with plenty of energy to spare.”
“Aaah, poor Cherry… Her songs weren’t liked much apparently, but instead of rotten tomatoes she was met with several tons of mech foot and an untimely death. What a shame, she was so happy and joyous…”
“Unfortunately, someone has to die first. She was seen as weak, and despite being the sturdiest person in the village she was… Um… Popped in a rather gruesome way regardless. I would’ve enjoyed her concerts very much, while she waited for her soul to be carried away... But she never said sorry.”
“Note to self: Showmen aren’t appreciated in this kind of games, even if they’re actually zombie assassins! Well, I think his performance was stellar for the two days we had him with us. Without even taking in private with most people, he managed to collect a pretty nice group of friends… But an even scarier group of enemies!”
“As everyone knows, cats and zombies are sworn enemies. They immediately started fighting, and the gentleman zombie never backed down. Tormenting Doc two nights in a row, he was left for dead after he unloaded his best weapon on him… but not before giving him the fight of his life! Unfortunately, Brendan came and ended his misery… Oh, by the way, rotten flesh is not that tasty, would not recommend.”
Collective 419
“Well well, my favorite snack! These bloodthirsty penguins were way nicer than I thought! They failed to reap even a single victim… But not for lack of trying. Well, despite their results, I must admit I had… Um… Fun watching their antics in the village. And I’m sure all of you had fun too!”
“They would’ve won with flying colors if we measured their performance just by that… But the objective was killing, and by following the directions of their kind allies they managed to dodge almost every fight not once, not twice but three times! Even if they killed Doc on the fourth day, it wouldn’t have been enough to avoid getting turned into a midnight snack… Sorry Gunther, that salmon was delicious, and so were you.”
“This scientist turned cat never backed down in front of anything! Armed with his crazy contraptions, he powered through plenty of fights and reached the third day. Clyde, Yurei, Brendan, he shrugged off all of their attacks and got back at them with twice the strength! Too bad that on the third day there were just too many penguins for him to kill, and his meager two points turned him into the perfect dessert to wash down bird meat…”
“Well, what to say… Um… Despite not surviving to the end and antagonizing everyone, he formed a surprising bond with Sunworker due to their shared interest in technology. They would’ve been such a nice couple if one wasn’t… A cat.”
“Hmmm… I wonder if God would let me turn him into a gift for Chloe… She wanted to pet him so much!”
“Aw, him and Cherry were such a nice couple… It would have been fun if it lasted, but after the mermaid’s death he soon followed suit. He was a good cop, but his good soul led him to believe one lie too much…”
“Almost dead after that first day of fighting, he decided to throw some heavy accusations against Cherry’s killers. He wasn’t in the shape to take on all of them at the same time though… Or not even one of them, really. Even after deflecting some of the heat against Doc he was still reduced to ash by Sunworker’s powerful weapons. Maybe he’ll find some cute girl to wear him in heaven…”
“Little sweet Penumbra… I ripped you from your solitary, innocent life and what did you become? An aggressive and determined protector for your friends and allies! Of all the futures I saw for you, this was definitely one of the most entertaining.”
“I’m sure I have to thank Allie for it. Without her, she would’ve probably never realized how precious her friends were and how scary it would have been to lose them. I had fun watching you fight with Brendan, both on the battlefield and outside… Your blooming love with Allie was a nice little touch of color and emotion among all this bloodshed, and I also got to teach you a thing or two!”
“Maybe you and Allie would have been able to give me some years of happiness after this game… But you tried too much, made your mistakes, and will now disappear in heaven forever. A shame.”
“A deadly mech, powerful drones and incredible determination! Hey Alina, your number one fan almost won by a landslide! For a good part of the first three days I thought she would have succeeded without problem. But…”
“She wanted a lot of things. She wanted knowledge out of her reach. She wanted a deeper relationship with her friends. She wanted to surprise, impress, and most of all protect her allies. And when you’re set to do so many things, they all turn out badly, don’t they? Um… You should have just left your friends to die on day three, you could’ve brought them back anyway!”
“But she couldn’t just do that. So she decided to selflessly help them. What a nice, foolish gesture. One step away from victory’s path is all it takes for a sudden defeat.”
“What does a demon do? He hides. Schemes in the shadow. Turns people against each other. And in the end, he strikes viciously and takes the victory. Well, the first part worked like a charm! He avoided most of the fights, only taking a few shots from Doc on the first night. Pretended to be a scary masked clown, then the reincarnation of a dead man, only revealing his true shape after all the cards were dealt. He used Ash to wound Allie and Penumbra. And ultimately sealed their defeat by finishing off Sunworker.”
“Maybe with some more luck we’d be now celebrating him, but… Um... He decided to resurrect Brendan, who refused to help him scheme further. Without enough power, he failed to deliver the final blow against Ash and was almost vanquished instead! Who knew a little girl could be so powerful, ahah~”
“Well Yurei. In the end a demon gave life to a god. Are you happy about it?”
“And well, that’s all of them!” Standing up, she slowly starts vanishing in a shower of pixels. “I hope you had fun as well! Thank you for participating in my little game and giving your best to make it unforgettable. The show is now over, but the memories we created will remain. Um… And maybe… One day we will meet again. Can’t wait to take another bite out of your creations… Goodbye~”
Iris is gone. Oops! has come to a close.

The Characters

You can find the character public bios here.
Reddit Player Character Name Status Points Player Cards
OOPS_Allie Kowz Allie Comfee Dead 3 Card
OOPS_Ash Fappuccino Ash Alive 8 Card
OOPS_Brendan Terpsichore Brendan Lehman Alive 8 Card
OOPS_Cherry DT64 Cherry Lilypad Dead 0 Card
OOPS_Clyde TekTiteToe Clyde Monroe Dead 0 Card
OOPS_Collective419 DJ Sato Collective 419 Dead 0 Card
OOPS_Doc Heck you Doc Dead 2 Card
OOPS_Levi Lynxiax Levi Archerson Dead 0 Card
OOPS_Penumbra Soup Penumbra Dead 3 Card
OOPS_Sunworker Oxfy The Sunworker Dead 8 Card
OOPS_Yurei Imperial Yurei Alive 6 Card
OOPS_Iris Shadran Iris NPC Card
OOPS_Brick Celes Brick NPC Card
OOPS_Chloe Nuclear Chloe NPC Card
OOPS_Alina Aya Alina Solaris NPC Card
OOPS_Rowenoak EndlessEden Rowenoak NPC Card
OOPS_Andy Mat Andy Kep NPC Card

Character Stats

Thanks Terp
HEIGHT: Iris (monster): ??? Rowenoak: "massive" Clyde: 6' 2" (188 cm) Brendan: 5' 10" (178 cm) Yurei: 5' 9" (175 cm) Andy: 5' 8" (173 cm) Chloe: 5' 4.1" (163 cm) Allie: 5' 4" (163 cm) Cherry: 5' 4" (163 cm) Iris (girl): 5' 4" (163 cm) The Sunworker: 162 cm (5' 4") Penumbra: 5' 2" (157 cm) Alina: "VERY TALL" (maybe 5’ on a good day) Ash: 4' 7" (139 cm) Collective 419: 120 cm (3' 11") is the tallest. Many are shorter, but I'm going to measure by the tallest since there aren't other measurements. Doc: 2' 11" (89 cm) while standing Levi: ~2' 9" (83 cm, margin of error of 4" or 10 cm I'd reckon) Brick: Unknown
AGE: Iris (monster): ??? Brick: Unknown, but possibly as old as that universe. Allie: "As old as the Unborn Plane." Estimated later to be about 70 years old. Rowenoak: There is no listed age. I'm going to put him here because it may take a while for him to grow that large. Clyde: "hard to gauge." Youngest is 20s, oldest is 100s, so I'll call him 60 to average between the two. Andy: There is no listed age, however he's a veteran with "decades of service" and is retired. I'll call him late 50s. Levi: Late 20s Yurei: Somewhere in his 20s Chloe: Seems mortal, acts as Iris' "big sister." I assume she's slightly older than human Iris. The Sunworker: 24 Iris (girl): 23 Penumbra: "young woman" has a moderate range, so I'm going to say between 24 and 18. Call it 21. Cherry: 20 Alina: "young" Brendan: 18 Ash: 16 Collective 419: There is no information here. I will assume most are younger than 15 (due to reasons to be posted below), but the oldest could be 18 or more. Doc: 5

Post Stats

Note: Day 1 stats are a bit borked because stats machine broke
Posts Count Words Count Characters Count Characters Count (No Spaces) Words/Post
Day 1 999 63761 355483 293456
Day 2 696 46160 262016 217231
Day 3 454 35954 206395 171215
Day 4 119 9207 51364 42393
---- ---- ---- ---- ----
TOTAL: 2268 155082 875258 724295
Average: 567 38770.5 218814.5 181073.75
Full stats of all days: LINK

Private Messages

Suggested Reading:
This should give a full understanding of what went down each day. PMs without fights were omitted, but they’re very very good and should be read too!
Day 1: Cherry, Levi, Doc
Day 2: Allie, Sunworker, Brendan
Day 3: Collective 419, Penumbra, Ash
Day 4: Brendan, Ash

Combats Sheet

submitted by OOPS_Iris to KowzHOF

MechCommander Gold - Vehicle Rebalance v0.3

To install, extract the files from the zipped folder and paste the contents into your DATA folder. It will ask to overwrite OBJECTS (make a copy first) and then it should run just fine since I've already handled the folder hierarchy.
  • NEW VEHICLE (Maxim)
  • Complete armor overhaul
  • Major speed corrections
  • Internal Structure now modeled
  • Minor ammo corrections
  • Updated descriptions for all vehicles
  • Unique pilots for all vehicles
Okay so first things first. This update was supposed to take a day or two. Ended up taking longer than the first two releases combined. Probably spent around 12+ hours doing this over the past week
IMPORTANT: Asking the game to load desc.fit from anywhere other than MISSION.FST increases the MechBay load time from around two seconds to six seconds. This is totally unavoidable if I want to edit that file. If you don't like this minor inconvenience then simply delete desc.fit (or move it somewhere else). You'll only ever notice this when you go back to the MechBay at the end of a mission, otherwise everything runs as usual.
I discovered the fantastic Solaris Skunkwerks (and Solaris Armor Werks too) which has a complete list of every 'Mech/Vehicle that has ever had a record sheet printed about it. This program has every bit of information you could ever wish to know about a vehicle, including the distribution of armor points.
Whereas before I was guesstimating what the armor points for a vehicle would be based on what I could find on sarna.net, now I have 100% accurate figures for every vehicle*. Took quite a while to update them all.
Couple of exceptions on the armor front (jesus christ, I've gone full american, I don't even think about spelling it 'armor' now). First of all, in MechCommander all vehicles have a turret. In BattleTech that is not true. To resolve this issue I've set turret armor to match side armor where relevant. This gives those vehicles without turrets a minor (almost insignificant) armor bonus over what they should have but it is the most fair way to go about things. Interestingly, their damage display on the HUD for vehicles without turrets doesn't have a seperate area to display the damage to this region but I've tested it and it is there.
Vehicle speeds have got a complete overhaul. Sarna.net had a mix of cruise speeds and flank speeds listed on the pages. Now I have set every vehicle to travel at its cruise speed. This restores some sense of realism, hovercraft accelerating to stupid speeds in an instant always looked goofy.
The only exception is the Mobile Artillery. It has a cruise speed of 6m/s but the game exe defines "walk speed" as 9m/s. Therefore you can get the vehicle to move faster by doing a regular move order rather than a sprint order. Honestly I think the 6m/s was too slow so I'm not too fussed.
Internal Structure stats has been added to every vehicle. This increases survivability of all vehicles over 10 tons. In the vanilla game the vehicles all had an internal structure of 1, far below what they should have.
You'll see a better descriptions for each vehicle you can buy that more accurately reflect their new canon loadouts. There's also a little fluff squeezed in there where I can.
The player vehicle pilots have all been rebalanced. By default light vehicles have skills of 35, medium 50, heavy 60 and assault 75. Vehicles with sensors have a sensor skill relevant to their purpose. For example an Alacorn has a sensor skill of 35 because it's purpose is not to scout. A Pegasus, even though it is a light vehicle, has a sensor skill of 75 because that is the entire purpose of that vehicle.
NEW VEHICLE: I repurposed some unused assets for an Elemental Carrier to create a new vehicle, the Maxim. The assets bear many similarities with the Maxim. Even better, there was a 3050s redesign for which there is no picture so I'm claiming my Maxim is the new model. Even, even better, the new model has a variant designed to carry Battle Armor (an Elemental Carrier if you will), so that's what I'm using for the stats. It won't appear anywhere in game yet but in the future I have plans to do a campaign reworking which will include the vehicle. Alternatively change things yourself, it is PV20400.
Hope you enjoy the changes. You'll find below a comparison table that shows the differences between the vanilla game and my mod.
Vehicle Tons Armor Internal Speed
Armored Car Before 7.5 20 1 21
Armored Car After 5 10 0.5 15
Ambulance Before 10 15 1 27
Ambulance After 5 20 0.5 21
Savannah Master Before 5 15 1 21
Savannah Master After 5 30 0.5 39
Swiftwind Before 5 25 1 21
Swiftwind After 8 30 1 30
APC Before 10 50 1 18
APC After 10 48 1 18
Ammo Truck Before 10 58 1 18
Ammo Truck After 20 10 2 15
Centipede Before 15 61 1 21
Centipede After 20 70 2 24
Harasser Before 25 50 1 18
Harasser After 25 24 2.5 30
Mobile HQ Before 25 75 1 15
Mobile HQ After 25 80 2.5 18
J. Edgar Before 25 50 1 18
J. Edgar After 25 104 2.5 33
Fuel Truck Before 30 10 1 18
Fuel Truck After 30 112 3 12
LRM Carrier Before 60 50 1 15
LRM Carrier After 35 50 3.5 15
Pegasus Before 15 50 1 21
Pegasus After 35 80 3.5 27
Striker Before 35 75 1 15
Striker After 35 104 3.5 15
Saracen Before 35 50 1 18
Saracen After 35 112 3.5 24
Minesweeper Before 40 100 1 18
Minesweeper After 40 20 4 15
Minelayer Before 40 75 1 18
Minelayer After 40 116 4 15
Regulator Before 45 72 1 21
Regulator After 45 107 4.5 27
Condor Before 50 75 1 15
Condor After 50 96 5 24
Elemental Carrier Before 65 100 1 15
Maxim After 50 107 5 24
Refit Truck Before 35 85 1 18
Refit Truck After 55 10 5.5 18
SRM Carrier Before 60 25 1 18
SRM Carrier After 60 60 6 9
Bulldog Before 60 100 1 12
Bulldog After 60 104 6 12
AeroSpace Spotter Before 45 75 1 15
AeroSpace Spotter After 60 130 6 9
Manticore Before 60 110 1 15
Manticore After 60 176 6 12
Rommel Before 65 100 1 12
Rommel After 65 176 6.5 12
Pilum Before 70 155 1 18
Pilum After 70 179 7 12
Von Luckner Before 75 100 1 12
Von Luckner After 75 176 7.5 9
Schrek Before 80 125 1 9
Schrek After 80 112 8 9
Mobile Artillery Before 95 125 1 15
Mobile Artillery After 80 130 8 9
Alacorn Before 95 178 1 12
Alacorn After 95 208 9.5 9
This is the last update for the vehicle balance for now. v1.0 will launch after I've reworked the weapons, which is my next project. I'll then correct the weapons loadouts where needed and launch the final version.
submitted by Confused_Shelf to MechCommander

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