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You should aim as much as you can as long as it's multiple by 10. Be sure to always use Improve Concentration to get easy DEX bonus. Ragnarok 10 sure refine hack. Refine above +10 - Ragnarok Online Community Chat https://osteo-clinic.ru/download/?file=1076. Source Editor Windows Shabbat Search Engine JewJewJew.com. Weapon and Armor Refine Success Rates - Ragnarok Online. Which is used to refine Level 3 weapons, as well as a forging ingredient.

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You need to go into the house 2. You need to go into the room to the right 3. You need to talk with NPC. Eon skull hacking tools activation key Jobs, Employment. Command aire service manual https://osteo-clinic.ru/download/?file=1085. Next he will tell you to find Thor to learn the skill. But it weakens the wizard in general. You should at least get total 140 DEX to help other caster achieved Insta-cast.

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Database terminology and definitions 19. Click the activation link to verify your account or put the verification code that was sent to you through SMS in its designated box in the website to. REFINE_COST_ENRICHED - For refining with enriched ores: REFINE_COST_OVER10_HD - For refining over +10 with HD ores: REFINE_COST_HOLINK - For refining at Holink in Malangdo: REFINE_COST_WAGJAK - For refining at Refining Machine Wagjak in the Novice Academy: This function will return required cost for refining based on argument. And filter or refine the programe. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday this week, Ragnarok Online will be performing maintenance on all servers on Tuesday, November 21 from 10: 30AM to 5: 00 PM PST. Ragnarok Mobile: 5 Secret Tricks you should know by now!

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1 Ragnarok's Home Function System: The Complete Guide 5%
2 Zimbabwe Stock Shabbat Search Engine JewJewJew.com 92%
3 Refine trick/tip and basic refining, slotting, cards 99%
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5 RO1 Kachua Key Feedback Thread. - Page 2 - Ragnarok Online 37%
6 HD Refiner using HD items (Oridecon, Elunium, Bradium 74%
7 Xiuang! WWX.Net SWS: //www.cityofdenver.website/Blount 47%
8 Ragnarok refine trick +10 Sarah Server - Action.News ABC 16%
9 +10 refinement system. - Page 3 - Nova Ragnarok Online 78%

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Create your website today. I already spent quite a bit of time with the Yggdrasil, but I just had to give it one more listen. Its a '87 model I believe as the serial number starts with a 87. Its 3 phase but not sure on the HP. I'm hoping to purchase a Unisaw with serial number: 95B93631. Tickets to the "i am not tourist" Job Fair for Internationals are available at the discounted price of EUR 12.50 on line and EUR 17.50 at the door. Install / Uninstall / Verify A Game in Uplay? . A place to chat about game mechanics and systems of RO2.

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Equipment (armors & weapons) refine safety level is +4. (Refiner NPC). Monday, July 6, 2009Upgrading guides. All Activity - MetaRO Forum. Upgrades beyond + As of the Renewal update, it is possible to upgrade equipment beyond +10, as high as +. Generate random real. Safe Refine Guide - Ragnarok Mobile get more info.

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The fastest straight-key operators can send at 35 words per minute, and decode in their head at up to 40 words per minute. A good-luck hat worn by farmers to make sure they collect an exceptionally good harvest. Syracuse New Times 11-22-17. Forums - TalonRO - Impossible is nothing. Encourage your children's creativity and imagination with Educational Science and STEM. Right now we have 3 Cheats, 75 Walkthroughs and etc for this game and every day we increase our collection with new Ragnarok Online cheats If you can not find the needed cheat in our list, check this page periodically or subscribe for this game's updates.

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Increases Severe Rainstorm damage by 10%. That's why I suggest certificate, because it doesn't guarantee a refine, just prevents it from breaking. 10 Tips to Help Guide You Through Oracle Dungeon Raid https://osteo-clinic.ru/download/?file=1067. The game's focus is squarely on community, having players interact with. These are top 10 Strange Military Vehicles that used 10 Strange Military Vehicles of World War II. List of ItemsBy Value List of Items. Ragnarok Project Z by Gravity for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad) Mobile Game These are the tips on how to beat a boss in Ragnarok Project Z Ragnarok Project Z Tip #1: Buffs.

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Ragnarok refine trick +10 Sarah Server Tricks on how to refine weapon. Go back to Morris (izlude_in 69, 116) and speak to him. Sure, it seems easy, but doing it without impacting server stability and the general. There is a charge of Please make sure the ship-to address is current and accurate. So Cherche's +6 damage brave axe with panic ploy is obviously great. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for PC. Ragnarok Online.

HiRez quality over the past year

Howdy. After playing SMITE since season 1 and getting fed up with HiRez's lack of quality control, I decided to start making a little personal list starting about a year ago of all the in-excusable issues that HiRez lets arise as well as embarrassing events that scare new players away and situations where HiRez & it's employees behave unprofessionally. I figured, what better time to post it than on the day of the very first patch in which HiRez promised to improve patch quality. This way we could all see for ourselves how this delayed patch compares to a year of previous patches under the strict 2 week schedule. I would like to preface this by saying I love smite. It's the only game that has ever held my attention for so long and I genuinely enjoy playing it, which makes it all the more frustrating to see how HiRez has treated it so poorly. This list isn't perfect. There are lots of issues I've missed, lot's of issues that have since been patched that I didn't add an edit to, and even some of my personal issues in there, some of which are based off opinion (Like grind in adventures). This list also doesn't cover all the good that HiRez has done. Project Olympus, although it didn't actually deliver all of what was promised, was still a hugely positive step for smite and I'm looking forward to Project Olympus to show up again this season. Season 5 has, in my opinion, been one of the smoothest season launches so far. I don't cover anything related to balance in here as that's far too subjective, but for what it's worth I think season 5 is the funnest, most balanced state smite has been since I started playing. The full list is over 75k characters, so rather than fill the entire post and then having to continue into five comments, I've gone ahead and made a condensed version for this post (30k character limit). If you want to see the full list with all 350 entries, you can do so here: pastebin.com/Q4TFhhXz Do note, it was originally formatted for reddit, so it won't be very pleasant to look at. I tried to clean it up abit, but all of the links will be in reddit's format. I recommend taking this original version, copying all the text, then pasting it on a reddit format previewing site such as redditpreview.com if you want the links and formatting to be nice and pretty.
May 05/16 - New matches added to the season ticket are not only late (You can't vote on several of the matches as they've already happened) but also totally broken, as you can't vote on any matches, even ones that HAVEN'T happened yet. 05/27 - Today's MOTD (omnipotence) on Xbox is unplayable. Players are booted to the menu once they reach the load screen. This was apparently present the last time omnipotence was MOTD but was never fixed.
June 06/01 - Music themes are currently about 50% broken. They only start playing at the beginning of a match about 50% of the time, and it seems like 50% of the time that they successfully start playing, they end up cutting out before finishing. The towerkill music rarely plays, I've never heard the backing, death, or enemy kill music successfully play. EDIT: Towerkill/player kill/backing/death tracks all now play properly. The intro music still doesn't play in Arena (Never has) and is also currently broken in Assault as of this post (5/15) 06/01 - There's a bug where the in-game store page will randomly change from the relic's upgrade page to the page showing all the relics. (When you go to upgrade a relic you click the relic, mouse up to the upgraded relic, then click purchase. At any random moment during this process the page may change to the store page that display's all the relics in the game, forcing you to restart the process.) As far as I can recall this has been present since at least the beginning of season 4. EDIT: Still present as of this post (5/15) 06/06 - LOTS of things broken today. An avatar is missing, a global emote is missing, 7 skins missing, 2 skins that shouldn't be present are present, gem store is broken, clan store is broken, bundles which shouldn't be available are, while a bundle (Loki charms) that should be isn't. Apparently this was all present on PTS. iKinley made a nice list of issues here 06/06 - Redeeming a Ruby in the new adventure only gives 1 gold instead of 3000. 06/20 - New update breaks the item store in assault. Players can't buy items when alive, and sometimes even when dead.
July 07/06 - It appears the update broke Poseidon's 2. If it is at rank 1 the middle shot will heal enemies, minions, and even towers. 07/18 - Today's patch makes sovereignty, heartward, and witchblade only purchasable by physical gods. 07/18 - Freya's 2 when used with her new skin uses the tennis skin sound effect. (This was on PTS as well as on the actual patch stream, to which someone on stream commented saying it would be fixed before live) 07/18 - The "Don't forget to start an event quest" reminder is present on every queue, even after you've selected an event quest. (This was present in PTS) 07/18 - Evolved items sell for double the price of their unevolved state (Lono's mask is now worth a net gain of 566 gold after being stacked) EDIT: If it worked. Lono's is actually broken. It doesn't do the one thing it's supposed to do, give you 400 gold on completion. So, even with a bug where it sells at double the regular sell price, you are still losing gold if you buy it 07/18 - Hastened Fatalis was removed, but it still shows up in the store. 07/18 - An item called "S4 shaman's ring" shows up under attack speed in the store, but cannot be purchased. Same for T2 of Hastened Fatalis. 07/23 - Console players who roll the holiday chest receive a coupon for the warlord chest, which is not available and immediately lose the coupon. 07/24 - Today's steam news post "Presting Weekend | July 28 - 30" Has 3 sentences, one of which is a link. The link is improperly formatted, and users in the comments have to provide the correct link. 07/30 - Celtic recall effect (Unlocked normally during the Celtic event at the Morrigan's release) can be obtained out of the hero's chest, EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE IT. 07/30 - Players can get the DEFAULT ANNOUNCER PACK from the hero's chest.
August 08/01 - All players have lost all of their personal honor with today's update. EDIT: Fixed in 8/3 hotfix 08/03 - Today's MOTD was broken for everyone for several hours (never goes beyond god pedestal) 08/14 - Just gonna point out that the triumphant chest reset timer has been off by 24 hours since the patch they were introduced in (July 18th, 2017). EDIT: Still present as of this post (5/15) 08/16 - So Stone of Gaia was banned from the new adventure because they wanted people pushed off ledges as often as possible. Except they also changed stone of gaia's passive completely in this update, so it doesn't do the thing they said they banned it for on the patch notes anymore. Yet it's still banned... "Communication issues" EDIT: It was banned for the entirety of the adventure. 08/16 - Players can no longer reroll gods in assault. 08/16 - The remaining time to tip countdown is now broken. It's always stuck at 0:00 08/29 - Weekly chests can no longer be opened. The game says you have ever item inside and won't let you open. 08/29 - Shortly after today's patch came out, after winning a match players would receive a large, random amount of gems/favor (Once example was 900 gems and 400 THOUSAND favor) players would shortly after lose MORE gems and favor than the wrongly received amount, some losing all of their gems/favor.
September 09/02 - Dropkick bundle (A bundle for a child cancer charity) went up 50 gems over night with no warning. 09/03 - Solid hornet, a LIMITED SEASON 2 ranked skin, is still available, in season 4. Some on Reddit are saying it's meant to be exclusive now, in which case, I dunno, maybe make an announcement or something. EDIT: Skin is still available and also still labeled limited as of this post (5/15) 09/06 - Just tried out the confetti fountain skin. It's not only incredibly stupid, but it's a client side only cosmetic. Good lord HiRez. That entirely defeats the purpose of cosmetics. EDIT: Fountain skins are still clientside only as of this post (5/15) 09/12 - Today for a short period of time, all players who bought the odyssey chest would get every single voicepack in the game out of a single chest. 09/30 - Here's one I missed. On the 21st, a Reddit user made a post on the smite subreddit asking why SPL was no longer being streamed on YouTube. An official HiRez employee with username notthetvshowjag responds saying "SPL will be on Twitch only." To which the original poster asks, "When/where was that said?" to which the HiRez employee responds "I said it. Just now." Kind of incredibly unprofessional and dickish if you ask me. The employee later explains they were only sarcastic because they were originally anonymous before being tagged a HiRez employee, but that still leaves the fact that the stream was removed from YouTube for over a week with ZERO communication to the community of why or if it will ever come back.
October 10/09 - I've been really bad about keeping track of season ticket not updating in a reasonable time, and about 70% of this list would solely be the season ticket not updating in a reasonable time if I logged every single one. Anyways here's a quick rundown on today's current Season Ticket: - The last 4 games of the Week Ten CSL are still live (Occurred on 10/5 and 10/6) - There are 2 matches visible on the ticket for week eleven CSL. There is no week 11 CSL (According to the smitegame esports website). - All 9 matches of the week 1 Brazil league are currently live. According to the smitegame website we are currently still in the summer split for Brazil SPL with week 1 being 5/09 & 5/10. (I believe the matches for week 1 of this split occurred on 10/3) 10/10 - Today's update broke in game lobby text chat both before and after matches. 10/10 - Today's update makes boosters unusable. 10/23 - Today is the first day of "The Reaping" event. As such today's MOTD is called cooldowns spooketh over. With the description "Fire abilities at will, in this haunting MOTD where all your abilities have a greatly reduced cooldown!". The thing that makes this mode different from regular cooldowns runeth over should be the fact that it takes place in the Halloween arena map and has the spooky potions, but HiRez failed to do that. Instead it's on the default arena map, no spooky potion available. This is at 10:30 pm EST, so it's not like they haven't had time to correct it. They genuinely just don't care.
November 11/03 - Today when we listened in to NRG's comms we could hear NRG agreeing that there was noticeable lag... at a LAN... 11/06 - Today's update made all the end of match text all caps, causing some things to be cutoff. (e.g. "PLAYER DAMA"). EDIT: Fixed in 11/20 patch 11/06 - Today's update broke announcer packs. They just don't play at all, it's silent. 11/06 - Discordia's K screen for abilities doesn't have any ability art. 11/12 - In the new adventures you're supposed to get 100 gems if you complete the Hercules statue and already own Hercules' tier 2. It doesn't work. Players just don't receive the gems. 11/20 - In today's update that added nothing new to the UI, the following UI issues were introduced: - Bacchus, Freya, and Arachne all have their old model portraits back as their default portraits. - The history screen has all it's match entries squished to about half their height with open gaps between them. - In-game kill notifications now have the god portraits they use so dark that it's difficult to tell which god even died. - All instances of god portraits have a delay were they're just a black square for a second before loading. (In the god pick screen, when scrolling through the god pick screen, in the skin selection screen, etc). - All shadow skin portraits in the clan store have solid black portraits. - The Morrigan's ult doesn't load god portraits, it's just 9 black hexagons. - Viewing emotes in the god screen now says you own every emote. 11/22 - Today's MOTD, Joust the two of us, puts 5 players into the lobby, then kicks everyone and gives them deserter. Apparently it did this exact same thing 2 weeks ago when joust the two of us was last MOTD. 11/26 - It's possible to equip the unreleased Fire & Ice HUD skin once you have enough odyssey points. It causes all elements aside from numbers, abilities, passive displays and portraits to become invisible. 11/28 - Anubis has been temporarily disabled due to a crashing issue. Today's MOTD remains "Battleground of the gods" which has 5 playable gods with one being Anubis. This results in every single match of MOTD giving deserter to the last player per team to pick a god (As they can't pick Anubis). EDIT: MOTD has now been entirely disabled, not replaced with something else like usual
December 12/15 - Me and my friends all took the "kill 4 towers" odyssey quest. We played clash and killed both towers, each phoenix twice, then won. The quest progress went up to 1/4. The tower quests have been bugged out like this since they were introduced in season 2. EDIT: Next day we killed 2 towers in siege, progress is still at 1/4. EDIT: Next match was clash, we killed both towers, then both phoenixes once then won. Progress is now at 2/4. EDIT: Clash, killed 2 towers. Progress is now 3/4. EDIT: Clash, 2 towers, 1 phoenix, victory. Progress 3/4. EDIT: Siege, 2 towers, quest complete. Final tower count: 12. Final Phoenix Count: 7. 12/19 - Hachiman's 1 is bugged and now acts like a line ability. It will pass through the whole minion wave now giving him insane clear. 12/28 - Both 3 day boosters in the Shadows over Hercropolis adventure only last 24 hours. EDIT: Never fixed or refunded as of the adventure's end
January 01/01 - Someone pointed out today that the map in the clash preview (When you click clash in the queue list it shows a mini-map preview over the the right) is still the old version of clash, with space for firegiant and gold fury and no route from jungle to red buff. (Clash was changed on January 25th, 2017. Only 3 more weeks until a year without being fixed!) EDIT: Still present as of this post (5/15) 01/03 - The very first match of the Smite World Championship is currently being delayed due to "Technical Difficulties". EDIT: Now half an hour past the start time. EDIT: 1 hour. Still delayed. Off to a great start HiRez. This will really get people to take you seriously. EDIT: 83 minutes. 83 minutes of technical difficulties. For the first match. Of the world championship. 01/03 - I bookmarked the HRX schedule page yesterday so I could easily keep track of game times. Today I check and the page has been removed. It now is just a giant pink screen that says PAGE NOT FOUND. Looking on the news tab there are no other schedules. Googling HRX 2018 schedule gives the first result as the giant pink "PAGE NOT FOUND PAGE. This is really great way to get people to watch your world championships HiRez. Hiding the schedule to anyone curious about watching it. 01/24 - In a huge shock to absolutely no one, HiRez has once again failed to pay players of less popular leagues in a reasonable amount of time. Also, SalsaSquad & Spacestation gaming were told they were for sure in the S5 challenger cup and now HiRez just kind of changed their mind. Plus 5th and 6th Seed SPL teams were not given a spot in the minor league, 7th and 8th did of course because reasons? And finally "The top 2 S5 Challenger Cup teams will make more than the bottom two S4 SPL teams!" - But then they didn't. The end. Here's an Incon vid. EDIT: HiRez response. 01/30 - A 5th type of booster was added with Season 5. The UI was not updated to support this. This means you can't redeem XP boosters if you have at least 1 of each booster. 01/30 - Specialists blessings are unavailable in the game. Two reddit users swear they were removed intentionally as they saw a post somewhere saying so. They can't provide a source however and lots of people are confused. Glad that we have active community managers on the launch day of the new season to clear simple stuff like this up! /s (Post is 6 hours old right now) EDIT: It's now 02/11. People are still confused and we are still without answer. But hey, MLC_St3alth has made silly comments on several gameplay clip threads. So we at least have that going for us. EDIT: Specialist blessings have been added to the game with 5.2. For the whole 2 weeks of 5.1 we never once got clarification on whether they were intentionally absent or not. EDIT: Not in clash for some reason. In every other non-conquest mode though. 01/30 - The Ragnarok Metal Theme is non-existent. If you purchase and equip it it's just the celestial theme. This was present on PTS. 01/30 - There's a big "Practice" button in the FP store that's available when you select a god skin. It does nothing. EDIT: Fixed in 5.2. Now takes you straight to jungle practice with selected skin 01/30 - The conquest tutorial is still the season 4 map. Gods Dammit HiRez. We have an influx of players from Paragon shutting down, and they're all being told "Wait just a few days until season 5 so you don't have to relearn everything". Then a new player waits until season 5, boots up the game, goes in the tutorial, and is playing on an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT MAP AND BEING TOLD TO PURCHASE ITEMS THAT NO LONGER EXIST. I WONDER WHY SMITE HAS TROUBLE RETAINING NEW PLAYERS, HMM, WHAT A MYSTERY.
February 02/13 - Patch day! Known Issues. Noteworthy issue: New adventure has a small bug. You can't win. If you successfully defend the fox and do everything you need to do to win, you get the defeat cutscene and only 1 star as well as the lower amount of fox points that come with getting 1 star. This of course will all be patched in tomorrow's EDIT: The day after tomorrow's hotfix. Somehow they've managed to top the Apollo racer rumble placement bug for most inexcusable adventure release bug. 02/13 - The map shown on the adventure queue tab is the adventures map pasted on top of the conquest map and off centered. EDIT: Present for the entire duration of the adventure. 02/13 - The play-maker announcer pack is just the default announcer pack. 02/13 - The 700 FP, loading frames, and hud skins from badges that were all promised to be rewarded in 5.2 were not. But hey, the ward skin reward works now! Baby steps HiRez, Baby steps. EDIT: The 700 FP was correctly distributed on 2/20 02/15 - Today's hotfix removed normal wards and chalice of the oracle from conquest. 02/27 - You can't see the enemy gods in the god pick lobby anymore. It makes 2 sound effects like it's revealing them, then immediately un-revealing them.
March 03/03 - SPL Schedule got released today! We still don't know all the rosters of course. Also, let's see how long it takes before we can vote on them in the in-game client. The first match is on the 20th so my money's on us being able to vote on the 19th. EDIT: Impressive HiRez! We could vote as early as the 18th! 03/05 - Oh hey, the Smite Console Series started today! Cool. Glad we couldn't vote on it in the season ticket. Off to another great season ticket start that surprises absolutely no one. 03/06 - Console patch day. It took two weeks, but the issue where the new FP counter covered up god stats in the loading screen is finally not fixed. I guess it's a really tough one to crack. "Two more weeks console bois, suck it up - HiRez p.s. Achilles is disabled lmao" 03/06 - That issue where people who purchased Ragnarok bundles on PC then didn't get their awesome chest when the event ended was thankfully also not fixed for console users. 03/06 - Oh and announcer packs don't work. 03/06 - And fox chests can't be purchased. 03/07 - They broke leveling up abilities too. Holy shit this is embarassing. 03/25 - Just saw on the Smite Minor League stream that the issue where midlane archer minions stop outside of the titan's leash range is still present. That's been an issue since day 1 of PTS. EDIT: Still present as of making this post (5/15) 03/25 - Wonder how long it'll be before scrolling works again... Can't scroll in SPL page, can't scroll in achievements page, and 50% of the time can't scroll in god screen. 03/27 - The reroll button in assault is gone! Get on outta here rerolls! Hey, on the bright side, no more teammates rerolling healers! 03/27 - Tired of people using lobby chat to BM? Well fear no more, HiRez has you covered! Lobby chat no longer works. 03/27 - Arena Practice and Joust Practice in the training map don't spawn friendly or enemy gods. Hope you like farming minions for 10 minutes new players! Also please don't leave. 03/27 - 944 days of Xing Tian's leap being broken. 03/29 - Looks like the old temporary zeus reworked kit from back at the beginning of season 3 is being given out in motd's with random selection from all gods.
April 04/01 - HiRez finally updated MOTD modes to support the conquest map... APRIL FOOLS! There hasn't been a MOTD on conquest since S5 started. EDIT: Still no conquest MOTD as of making this post (5/15) 04/04 - Death Stamps. 04/10 - "Earn 30 FP per correct pick!" Says the season ticket about page. "You've earned 40 FP!" Says the voting page. "You've actually only earned 20 FP" says HiRez programming. 04/11 - Another patch, another MOTD with Zeus Redesign... At least Stealth finally acknowledged it and has said it'll be fixed. 04/11 - "Guys, should we test out this ability we changed?" "Lol no, just ship the patch, we have Paladins Royale to test" - HiRez Erez (Thoth dash was changed in today's update and now has a bug where you can use it repeatedly without it going on cooldown) 04/17 - Last weeks update made the "Hide god stats" feature for loading frames no longer work. EDIT: Still present as of this post (5/15) 04/17 - Consoles updates today. Coupons are still broken lmao. Two more weeks bois. 04/19 - Friendly reminder that since DJ Ohm became available (Feb 19th), anytime any of the new DJ skins use their custom emote, all background music for all players across the entire map is immediately silenced until the custom emote is canceled. EDIT: Still present as of this post (5/15) 04/24 - So the spring split isn't over yet, but HiRez released the summer split's ticket with today's update. Now, if you didn't vote on all the matches on your season ticket for the spring split before this update, then you actually can't vote anymore. You can't even change your vote if you've already voted. You're essentially locked out of voting for matches in the split you already paid for unless you also pay for the next split that isn't even out yet. Players will also miss out on the FP from picking teams for Smite Masters and SML Spring Finals. 04/24 - All level 10 clans have been reset to level 0 and as such can't accept any new members.
May 05/01 - Well, I guess that's that. Hopefully I won't have to keep adding stuff to this list, but knowing HiRez's past promises I'm not getting my hopes up just yet. 05/02 - Voicepack coupons are either still broken on console (Today was a patch day) or have expired and are unusable. No word from HiRez. EDIT: They're fixed. It just took so long to fix that if you redeemed them when they first came out they've now expired. EDIT: Still no word from HiRez on reimbursing players whose coupons have expired as of this post (5/15) 05/02 - There's a new potion on Console. The "Multi Multi Position"... Unfortunately you can't buy it. 05/03 - Actual proof that certain HiRez employees WILL abuse their power to ban players who they get upset with. EDIT: Hinduman apologizing. 05/08 - At some point in the past weekish HiRez silently changed the season ticket voting from the "Pick two teams" system to the standard "Vote on each set" system. No warning to players, so hope you check the thing you already voted on to see if it changed. This also introduces the issue of many matches being unable to be voted on until only a short time before they are played. 05/11 - OCE is officially dead. "Shortly the news got worse with a radical re-think of how the international leagues were going to be run. A significantly poorer structure, complete abandonment of all locally available stream content, reduction in financial support, and the removal of all LAN events, made AU Smite a pale insubstantial shadow of what it once was. We managed to bring HiRez management to the table one last time, and received a very reluctant confirmation that international smite was very much not their priority anymore. We couldn’t do any more. Despite being one of the mainstays of AU Smite, and having done everything we could to build the AU scene, we had to finally throw in the towel, and accept the publisher did not want us to partner with them in any way, or even to exist at all. And so Legacy’s journey in AU Smite comes to an end. Sadly, with a whimper, some fond memories, and mostly just a sense of disappointment in the Publisher." 05/12 - Here's Wlfy lagging out at a LAN during today's masters set. Damn those ISP's for making smite so laggy! 05/12 - Not only was today's second set updated so late that no one could vote on it, it was also incorrect. The actual matchup is Rival vs SSG. 05/15 - Alright, it's patch day. HiRez waited an entire extra week to "improve patch quality" as they said they would on the first of this month. Let's see if it was worth the wait... 05/15 - Loading frame stats are still broken. 05/15 - HiRez failed to add the five new free gods (Kukulkan, Nemesis, Bellona, Ares, Artemis) to all players accounts as they said they would in the patch notes. 05/15 - Chernoborg's about page has the Chinese pantheon as his pantheon icon. The Slavic recall and the Voodoo recall both use Celtic pantheon avatars. Ranked god leaderboards don't show any player names. The new box behind the triumphant chests partially covers up party members. 05/15 - Currently active account boosters appear to have been lost with today's update. 05/15 - The Slavic quests only give 50 gems instead of the 100 it was supposed to be increased to. EDIT: Fixed after a few hours.
So, what do you think? Is the "Delay patches until we feel they're ready" approach worth the extra wait? Today's update is definitely one of the less bugged updates, but at the same time there are still some big issues like the missing account boosters and failure to add free gods, as well as smaller issues like music theme not being distributed, gem quest being smaller than planned, and those loading frame stats still not being able to be hidden.
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Starring U.S.S. Average-R as T5 ship that could ;)

Hello, captains! I present to you this free/cheap ~ish build/guide. The idea behind this build is to create a solid enough foundation for your basic space and ground adventures. Using only mission reward gear for the most part.
So, what will you find in this build/guide?
  • Acronyms
  • You captain career
  • Skill tree, Traits and Specializations
  • Your ship
  • Space equipmemnt
  • Bridge Officer setup
  • Away Team setup
  • Ground gear
  • Crafting system
  • Where to get all of the stuff
Now, be prepared and warned, as getting all of the stuff will take some time. And sometimes it will get grindy. Very. And a lot of skipping missions to get to ones you need. Oh, and ocasional "suffering through" as well, not much, tho. Also, before we begin, let's lay down some rules, shall we?
  • No reputation/event/reclaim/crafting/fleet gear (with one exception)
  • No upgrade or re-engineering. All gear comes and stays "as is"
  • No C-Store/Lobi
  • No exchange (for the most part)
  • Non-reliance on RNG drops as much as possible
  • Everything that costs over 8000 Dilithium or 200-300k EC is considered expensive, thus not an option
With that out of the way, let's begin!
PART 1. Acronyms and some terms
Acronym/Term Full name Note/Description
k kilo 1000. Basically, 1k = 1000, 2,5k = 2500, 10k = 10000 and so on.
EC Energy Credit In-game currency
PADD Personal Access Display Device Used in crafting Training Manuals for your BOFFs to teach them some new tricks ;) It costs 500 refined Dilithium (You can refine only 8000 per day per character). Don't worry, we'll be making just a few
ESD Earth Space Dock Your typical hub location with different vendors, access to bank, mail, exchange e.t.c.
BOFF Bridge Officer Your best friends, they are your Away Team and your "space abilities"
DOFF Duty Officer Your crew, that you can send on missions, such as "go spy on somebody" e.t.c.
FAW Beam: Fire at Will This is going to be your main firing mode
B:O Beam: Overload Slower firing, but harder hitting
CDR Cooldown Reduction Well, it doeas what is says, reduces cooldown of your skills
Tac Tactical Type of BOFFs, skills, console
Engi Engineering Same here
Sci Science Same here
HP Health Pionts A number you want to keep as close to 100% as possible. Because when it's 0 - you are dead
HullHP Hull Health Points Your space HP
EPS Flow Electro-Plasma System Flow Basically, the higher this stat is, the better your ship can manage firing multiple weapons at once
DPS Damage per Second Basically means how fast you kill your enemies
CritH Critical Hit Percentage of your chance to do critical damage
CritD Critical Damage A number in percentage how much more damage will you deal when you cretically hit your target
CritX Critcal Expertise ? Gives you both CritH and CritD. At lower values, yes, but with one mod
CtrlX Control Expertise Do not confuse with CritX! This is a space stat, that makes you better at resisting movement impairment such as Tractor Beam
DrainX Drain Expertise Basically, your resistance to enemy power debuffs and how good you are with debuffing enemies power levels. i.e. affects how good is your Quantum Phase Array with it's proc
HoT Heal over Time These can be passive and active, such as Hazard Emitters sci space ability that heals you over time; and Damage Control Skill, that increases your passive Hull regeneration both in and out of combat
DoT Damage over Time Same as HoT, but in reverse! Brilliant explanation, I like it. Done.
Mod Modifier A suffix in equipment, showing/explaining what additional bonuses equipment have
[X->Y] Bonus power modifier Adds a 7,5% of X power subsystem to Y power subsystem as a bonus power
EPtX Emergency Power to Weapons/Shields/Engines/Auxiliary Engi BOFF space ability that temporarily adds bonus power to one of the subsystems
Kit Kit Module Your ground abilities in form of a slotable items. You can have up to 5 equipped at the same time
Spec Specialization An additional skill trees, dedicated to different playstyles. Technically, you can fully lvlup all of them, but it will take A LOT of time
VUR Very Rare/Ultra Rare Rarity of and item. Better quality = better stats.
PART 2. Your career choice
There are 3 career options in STO for Your captain. Tactical officer, Engineering officer and Science officer. Career choice doesn't restrict you from different playstyles, how you play is defined by you skills traits and ship. And, by You, ofcourse. But different careers have access to their uniqe traits and captain abilities. For example, Science Career have a pretty good trait for space wizardry builds.
We are going to be an Engineer. And a Human Engineer at that!
Why? Simple. We are restricted to a T5 ship, which have less initial Hull, we want Engi for his Miraculous Repairs space trait. The same reason to be a Human - survival. Leadership innate trait helps with that. And you can't kill if you're dead.
As a Human you will get Teamwork innate ground trait, which is good help for ground combat.
Also, you can as well create not just Federation captain, but a TOS or Disco era character. They have some differences in starting BOFFs and farmable euipment . i.e. TOS will have access to Single Phaser Beam Array Mk XI [Acc] [CritH], which is slightly better than what we will use in this build. Disco character will have a good starting BOFFs in terms of traits. i.e. Coroline Fletcher, she's got Leadership for space, as well as Creative and Teamwork for ground. That's a pretty good for a Tactical officer!
Just for a reference, here's link to a wiki page on so called special BOFFs: https://sto.gamepedia.com/Special_bridge_officer
PART 3. Skill Tree, Traits and Specializations
Subsection 1.A Space Skill Tree
Rank Engineering Science Tactical
Lieutenant Hull Restoration Improved Hull Capacity Shield Restoration Improved Shield Caapcity Advanced Energy Weapon Training
Lt. Commander Iproved EPS Flow Improved Impulse Expertise Control Expertise Drain Expertise Advanced Targeting Expertise Advanced Defensive Maneuvering
Commander Energized Hull Plating Improved Damage Control Improved Shield Regeneration Improved Shield Hardness Improved Weapon Amplification Improved Weapon Specialization
Ablative Hull Plating
Captain Defensive Subsystem Tuning Offensive Subsystem Tuning Advanced Long-Range Targeting Sensors Improved Hull Penetration Improved Shield Penetration
Admiral Improved Warp Core Potential
Warp Core Efficiency
After spending certain amout of skill points in an appropriate school, you will get a choice of unlocks as a bonus. The unlocks you need/want are as follows:
  • Engi - Battery Expertise/Maximum Hull Capacity/Shield Subsystem Power
  • Sci - Sector Space Travel Spee/Maximum Shield Cpacity
  • Tac - Thereat Control/Projectile Critical Chance/Energy Critical Chance
Subsection 1.B Ground Skill Tree
This one going to pretty short. Take all 6 in weapons category and all 4 in kit category.
As for choices.
  • Mine Barrier III vs Turret Fabrication III - both useless
  • Willpower vs Device Expertise - take Willpower, as it will provides a very good resistance to most if not all movement impairment effects
  • Quick Fix III vs Shield Recharge III - take Shield Recharge III, we will be utilizing this in our build
  • Improved Aim vs Improved Crouch - take Improved Aim. Crouching provids a decend enough defensive buff on it's own and in comparison Improves Aim gives better improvement
  • Shield Generator Fabrication III vs Medical Generator Fabrication III - both useless
  • Furious Footwork vs Fatal Fists - both useless
  • Cover Shield III vs Equipment Diagnostic III - both useless
  • Improved Flank Damage vs Improved Flank Resistance - Take resistance, because you'll be flanked way more often then you will flank anyone
  • Combat Supply vs Support Drone Fabrication III - both useless
  • Offensive Mastery vs Defensive Mastery - take Offensive Mastery
Subsection 2. Traits
Space/Ground Trait Short description Note/Reason
Space Grace Under Fire If you take more than 20% of your max hull as damage within 5 seconds of using this Miraculous Repairs, said skill will momentarily be available for use again Makes your "safe buttom" better. 90 sec CD. Engi Unique Trait
Space EPS Manifold Efficiency Upon usage of EPtX you gain +10 power level in all 4 subsystems for 30 seconds Basically, the more power you have - the better. Engi Unique Trait
Space Warp Theorist Buffs your power levels across the board and gives small EPS Transfer Rate bonus Again more power = good
Space Techie +20 to Hull Restoration and Hull Regeneration Helps with both passive and active hull healing
Space Shield Technician +10% to maxumum Shield Capacity More shields = stay alive longer
Space Bulkhead Technician +10% to maximum Hull Cpacity More hull = saty alive longer
Space Accurate +10 to accuracy rating If you can't hit you target, you can't kill
Space Fleet Coordinator +2% to All Damage per player (inculding you!) up to +10% bonus 2% might not sound like much, but every little bit helps
Space Innocuous +5% CritD and -25% Thereat generation You are a little less likely to be targeted by NPCs and a slight bonus to CritD
Ground Stubborn Moderate resistance to variuos movement impairment effects Some movement impairment are not just prevent you from walking, but and/or can prevent you from doing anything at all
Ground Soldier +5% Energy Weapons damage and +10% CritD Pretty good damage increasing trait
Ground Sure Footed +40 Root Resist and +20 Knockback resist While aiming and crouched, makes you immune to root and knockback effects
Ground Lucky +3% CritH and +10% chance to Expose There is not that much sources of CritH for ground combat, so yeah, we'll take that, thanks
Ground Field Technician -10% to Kit Recharge time CDR is always good
Ground Creative +30 Kit Performance Depending on a kit, more damage or heal
Ground Shield Harmonic Resonance +5% to shield resistnace of incoming energy type attack Stacks 3 times. Engi Unique Trait
Ground Peak Health +10 Toxin Resist and +10% MaxHP A middle ground trait. I don't think you can ever go wrong with more HP
Ground Resilient +5 Physical Damage Resist and +5 All Energy Damage Resist More resist = saty alive longer = outliving and killing your enemies
In ground gombat you are usually with one or more away team members, so you don't really have to rely on your own resistance and heals. Thus, Peak Health and Resilient can be swapped for something that increases your damage. Such as Pistol Training or Rifle Training, depending on what weapon you are using.
To sum up, all of these traits are aimed at keeping you alive long enough for you to kill your targets. Switch Resilient for Pistol Training or Rifle Training if you feel that you'd like a little more damage output. When you do get to lvl 15 in Ground Weapons R&D School, replace Peak Health with Penetration Round.
There are also Starship Traits, Space and Ground Reputation Traits and Active Reputation Traits. We will not include them in this build.
Also, there is a Superior version of some traits. I didn't know about that, when i started out on this build. Live and learn, eh? Mind you, they require a Fleet and a lot of Fleet Credits and Dilithium.
Subsection 3. Specialization
You can have only 2 active specs at the same time. Primary and Secondary. Spec trees are devided into 4 tiers. Primary Spec will give you all of it's bonuses (once purchased with spec points that is), whilst Secondary Spec will grant you bonuses from only 1st and 2nd Tiers of that tree.
We will take Miracle Worker as our Primary Spec and Command as Secondary. MW is very cool spec, helpms with both survival and damage, Command = +HullHP.
After lvl 50 you stop gettig Skill Points at a lvlup, but instead you get Specialization Points. Spend your first 5 into Command ground-related skills, and 1 more into Superfluous Emitters. All the rest Spec points are to be used for Miracle Worker Spec. And after 15 point into MW spec, you'll get yor first free Starship Trait.
PART 4. Your ship and her equipment:
At lvl 61 you will get your last Starship Requisition Token. Take Assault Cruiser. It has the most HullHP, compared to Escorts and Science Vessels. Also we will be utilizing it's Engi BOFF seatings for dealing damage and survivability. Also it's a (!) Sovereign (!) class (he's the vanguard of your destruction... uh... wait, somethings not right...)
Farming and grinding for all of the space equip (and ground gear as well) is gonna be after lvl 50 or so. Basically, when you see that the rewards are now at Mk XI, strat on getting the items. Keep in mind, some rewards will stay at Mk XI and some are eventually will be Mk XII.
Slot Gear Note/Reason Where to get?
Fore Weapon 1 Phaser Beam Array Mk XI [Dmg] Uncommon This is the best Phaser array you can get your hands on through mission reward/replay in terms of time spent and damage output Age of Discovery story arc, Mission - Downfall
Fore Weapon 2 Phaser Beam Array Mk XI [Dmg] Uncommon same here
Fore Weapon 3 Phaser Beam Array Mk XI [Dmg] Uncommon same here
Fore Weapon 4 Phaser Beam Array Mk XI [Dmg] Uncommon same here
Aft Weapon 1 Phaser Beam Array Mk XI [Dmg] Uncommon same here
Aft Weapon 2 Phaser Beam Array Mk XI [Dmg] Uncommon same here
Aft Weapon 3 Quantum Phase Beam Array Mk XII [CritD] [CritH] [Proc] VR A very neat beam array with good damage, 2pice gives +15 acuracy Future Proof story arc, mission - Sunrise
Aft Weapon 4 Trilithium-Enhanced Omni-Directional Phaser Beam Array Mk XII [Acc] [Arc] [Dmg] VR Omni is always good. 2piece gives +5% Firing Cycle Haste and +15 Flying Speed New Frontiers story arc, mission - Beyond the Nexus
Deflector Quantum Phase Deflector Mk XII VR Oh, so nicely boosts our shields. Also gives a nice Drain boost, which goes in conjunction with our Quntum Phase Beam Array! 2piece gives more bomuses to our shields Future Proof story src, mission - Stormbound
Impulse Engines Quantum Phase Combat Impulse Engines Mk XII VR 2nd set piece with our Deflector. Also, Combat Engines are a natural choice, as they perform better at low power levels Future Proof story src, mission - Stormbound
Warp Core Preeminent Warp Core Mk XII [A->E] [S->W] [SCap] VR It is a good warp core overall, but it is a placeholder. We really want a Deuterium-Stabilized Warp Core for it's -15% Weapon Power Cost. Pray to all RNG Gods you know. Mods to look for on this warp core are: [Eff] or [EPS] New Frontiers story arc, mission - Melting Pot (Preeminent Warp Core). As for Deuterium-Stabilized Warp Core, if it doesn't drop anywhere you can keep the one above or try your luck on the exchange
Shields Regenerative Crystal Shield Matrix Mk XII [Cap]x2 [Reg] VR Less base shield capacity value, but a very high regeneration rate, redistributes shield periodically by itself J'Ula's Discovery story arc, mission - Para Pacem
Engi Console 1 Reinforced Armaments Mk XII VR +EPS Flow, +HullHP, +HullHeal; 2nd piece with out Omni-Beam New Frontiers story arc, mission - Beyond the Nexus
Engi Console 2 Quantum Phase Converter Mk XII VR 2nd piece with our Quantum Phase Beam Array +Dmg Future Proof story arc, mission - Sunrise
Engi Console 3 House Martok Defensive Configuration Mk XII VR A overall good survival console New Frontiers story arc, mission - Brushfire
Engi Console 4 Polaric Modulator Mk XII VR A very good mobility console, especially for our Cruiser. Cruisers don't really turn so well Iconian War story arc, Mission - Delta Flight
Sci Console 1 Temporal Disentanglement Suite Mk XII VR +4 Aux power, +20% Max Shield Capacity, +CritX basen on your Aux power level. Basically, a superior version of Field Generator Iconian War story arc, mission - Butterfly
Sci Console 2 Field Generator Mk XIII VR +21.3% Max Shield Capacity. Mk XIII is awarded only for the first time run of the mission. Keep in mind, that what really want is Shield Emitter Amplifier. So, pray to RNG Gods once again Delta Quadrant story arc, mission - Reunion
Tac Console 1 Phaser Relay Mk XII VR +30% Phaser Damage New Frontiers story arc, mission - Of Signs and Portents
Tac Console 2 Phaser Relay Mk XII VR +30% Phaser Damage New Frontiers story arc, mission - Of Signs and Portents
Tac Console 3 Phaser Relay Mk XII VR +30% Phaser Damage New Frontiers story arc, mission - Of Signs and Portents
PART 5.a Space BOFF Setup:
In this section we look into what skills and trait you want your BOFFs to have, where to put them and where to get them as well.
Also, we will use PADDs. You'll need 4 PADDs in total. 3 to make engi training manuals and 1 to make a Spec Qualification manual to train Zarva into Miracle Worker for one specific skill.
Seating BOFF race/traits Skills Note/Reasons Obtaining
Tac Lieutenant Elisa Flores, Leadership Tactical Team I, Beams: Fire at Will II Leadership is gonna help you stay alive longer Tutorial
Tac Ensign Human, Leadership Beams: Overload Same reason lvlin-up choice reward
Engi Commander Human, Leadership EPtA I, Engineering Team II, EPtW III, Directed Energy Modulation III Same reason If all else fails, you can buy white (common) BOFFs at ESD from Bridge Officers Requisitions Officer, whom is located right next to BOFF Trainer Vendor). It'll cost 240 refined Dilithium
Engi Lt. Commander Elachi, Elusive EPtE I, EPtS II, Reverse Shield Polarity II Elusive gives +10 Defense Rating. Somewhat helps with survival J'Ula's Discovery story arc, mission - Beneath the Skin
Sci Lieutenant Hierarchy, Pirate and Efficient Hazard Emitters I, Transfer Shield Strength II Pirate gives +1,5% Bonus All Damage and Efficient gives +7,5 War Core Efficiency. Both are pretty good Delta Quadrant story arc, mission - Alliances
They are obviously don't come with these skills, so you'll have to teach them. To do that visit Bridge Officer Training Vendor) at ESD. 2 of skills above will require PADDs, namely EPtW III and Directed Energy Modulation III.
This is not ideal setup, yes, but we're not aiming at that, are we?
PART 5.b Away Team Setup:
Now, gathering your Away Team is somewhat different. I'll be honest, this is not entirely my idea of this ground build, but it is different in a lot of ways. But, to be fair here's the link to build i've drawn inseration from: https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/startrekonline#/discussion/1235781/away-team-builds
At lvl 62 you will get Spec Qualification choice-box. Take Temporal Operative.
What are we looking for in out Away Team setup? Creative trait. Our "teammates" don't really shot that much, their main usefulness is from skills. And Creative trait makes those skills perform better. Also, keep in mind that we'll be using 2sci/1engi/1tac. With two expose weapons and two exploit weapons, thus we are also looking for traits such as Teamwork, Luck and Covert.
Race/Traits Skills Note/Resons Obtaining
Bolian Sci Male. Creative, Basic Luck, Basic Teamwork. Electro-Gravitic Field I, Medical Tricoder II, Vascular Regenerator II, Hyperonic Radiation II I wasn't lucky and didn't get a second sci officer with Creative, so i had to buy one. EGF I is an iterrupt ability, so it's good to have it ESD BOFF Vendor. Or pray to RNG for that lvling-up BOFF reward
Zarva (Bolian Engi). Creative + Lucky. Recharge Shield I, Weapons Malfunction II, Recharge Shield III, Quantum Mortar II As soon as you spend your 10th point into MW Spec, Make her a Miracle Worker and replace Shield Recharge I with Harmonized Shields I Tutorial
Bajoran Sci. Creative and Spiritual. Medical Tricoder I, Tachyon Harmonic II, Tricoder Scan II, Hyperonic Radiation II Spiritual helps this BOFF to stay alive, by getting more HP heal. And that is important as she do a lot of AoE damage You can get a Bajoran Male from ESD BOFF Vendor with Creative, Spiritual, Basic Peak Health and Basic Luck
Elisa Flores. Superior Teamwork, Superior Soldier, Superior Peak Health! Chronoplasty I, Uncertainty Burst II, Chronometric Diffusion II, Paradox Bomb II Honestly, whenever you get your hands on a Tac BOFF with Creative trait, it's time for Flores to stay on the ship. You'll need another PADD to train another BOFF into Temporal Operative tho Tutorial
Now, keep in mind, that the basic rule is: if the BOFF have Luck - give him auto rifle, if the BOFF have Covert or at least Teamwork - give him Split Beam. BUT! There are 3 versions of those traits. Basic, Normal and Superior. So, depending on which BOFF have which traits, you'll move around those weapons.
PART 6. Ground Gear
Now, when it comes to ground gear, there are a lot of options actually, but a few main ideas here are to use different types of energy for your weapons. It helps against borg. And, since you are the one who actually do the most shooting, i'd advice to use disruptor-based werpons as they have a good proc of debuffing enemy resistance. So, another table then!
Gear Obtainig Usage
Polyalloy Weave Armor Mk XII [PhaDis] [RegHP] [RegSH] Cardassian Struggle story arc in mission Jabberwocky For your BOFFs
Personal Shield Mk XII [Cap] [Reg]x2 Cardassian Struggle story arc in mission Jabberwocky For your BOFFs
Chroniton Split Beam Rifle Mk XII [CritD] [CritH] [Dmg] Iconian War story arc in mission Time in a Bottle BOFF with best Covert and/or Teamwork Traits
Phaser Full Auto Rifle) Mk XII [CrtD] [CritH]x2 [Dmg] Age of Discovery story arc in The Plausibility of the Possible mission as an in-mission scripted drop at UR rarity for first time run BOFF with best Luck Trait
Antichroniton Infused Tetryon Full Auto Rifle Mk XII [CritD]x2 [CritH] Iconian War story arc in mission Broken Circle Zarva. Because she's an Engi who restores your shield, it would be logical to give her a gun that is designed to be anti-shields.
Kobali Split Beam Rifle Mk XIII [CritD] [KB3] Delta Quadrant story arc in The Son mission, which is inside of a Kobali Front mission BOFF with best Covert and/or Teamwork Traits
As for your ground equipment, go for 2pice of Romulan Imperial Navy (Kit Frame + Armor) from Uneasy Allies mission in Iconian War story arc, 2piece Na'kuhl set (Shield + gun in an offhand) from The Temporal Front mission in Future Proof story arc. As for your gun - Romulan Disruptor Split Beam Rifle from Frozen mission in Romulan Mystery story arc.
Part 7. Crafting System
Well, here i'll be very brief. For the purpuses of this build all you really need to know is how to make PADDs. And that is simple, you open your R&D tab, ther you look for Officer Training tab. To access any of these simply click on a small button just below your minimap, that right in the middle with 3 people on it.
And keep in mind that to craft PADDs you will need refined Dilithium and some crafting materials. If you just keep on scaning at least every other so called anomaly during your gameplay, you should have more than enough.
PART 8. Some Extra gooddies ;)
Story arc Mission Reward Description
Klingon War Stranded in Space Azura Personal Comm Code Summons a NPC in Sector Space that gices access to bank, mail, exchange and a goods vendor. Useful sometimes
The Doomsday Device choice of BOFFs There is a Human tac, which is useful for this particular build. As for BOFF perks are randomized or not after every complition... I don't know
Romulan Mystery Desperate Measures Combat Hyper-Impulse Engines Initially these engines were suppose to be part of that build. I actually wanted to make a build around these engines, but it didn't weorked out
Taris Numiri Regenerative Shield Array Again, initial part of this build. But the shields we are using are superior
Mine Enemy (a) Horta Hatchling/ (b) Horta Mineralogy Research/ (c) Rai DOFF (a) first time complition, (b) every next complition, gives you one-time doff assignment for a ground combat pet, (c) a rare Biochemist doff. She appears behind the your initial spawn location, when you beam down to the planet. But, she will join you only on two conditions - if you are a romulan or you have t4 in Diplomacy Commendation
Cardassian Struggle Jabberwocky Defeated Changeling After you defeat the final boss in this mission, don't run off, look down at where he was and "collect" what's left. Can be turned in to Starfleet Security for dilithium ore reward. Character bound
Delta Quadrant All That Glitters EMH Mk I Epic doff. Nurse. Technically, THE EMH from Voyager
Iconian War House Pegh Free three traits, including one Starship Trait Well, free traits is always good, right?
Broken Circle Delta Alliance Reinforcements Beacon A space device, that summons friendly NPC to fight on your side
Midnight Space Trait: Nanite Repair Matrix A somewhat safe trait. Restores some part of your Hull when it drops below 50%. Have cooldown
Future Proof Time and Tide U.S.S. Pastak Epic admiralty card
Ragnarok Trellium-D engi consol Actually a good survival console, but the mission is... Well, good luck. A lot of luck
New Frontiers The Renegade's Regret Watch Your Back and Redirected Armor Plating Two pretty good survival traits
Gamma Quadrant The Search Personal Karemma Comm Code Same as Azura above, but instead of sector space, this one works in ground missions
Quark's Lucky Seven 7,5k Gold-pressed latinum Just play it. Actually one the best missions ever!
Home Phased-Waveform Beacon The best space NPC summon (as of yet anyways)
J'Ula's Discovery Illusion of Communication Pahvan Healing Crystal Ground device that grants HoT to you and your teammates (i.e. other players OR your away team)
The Measure of Morality (Part2) Presidential Hand Axe Epic Melee weapon. That is a thing, yes
Also, U.S.S. Sally Ride. It's another epic admiralty card. Located in Beta Quadrant (that's the one where Sol System is), near Narendra System's star in Narendra Sector (4th down from top right corner). Open a dialoge and ask for help. That's it, you got it ;)
PART 9. What's Next?
Next step is improvemt, really. Upgrading your reputations, joining a fleet, participating in events and such. All of it will give you access to better space and ground gear. And at Tier6 every reputation "gives" you a Fleet Ship Module, so, eventually, you can get yourself the best ship possible for free!
I hope you managed to find something interesting in here! Have fun and stay safe!
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