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Top 6 Patch Management Software Compared (2020 Updated)

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Tell us which software you want to replace and we give you incredible alternatives, based on user recommendations. According to a 2020 report, the $108.9 billion global game industry now attracts about 2.2 billion active gamers around the world. Top 10 Best 11 Plus Websites, Resources and Blogs.

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Hacked 20 Best Help Desk Software Solutions of 2020

That is with the use of proxy software. The Patch Manager provides a unified interface for updates to all servers and endpoints on your system that run Windows versions. The software is shortlisted on the site as per their features and customer reviews that help the potential buyers to understand what product works well for.

Best patch management software of 2020: free and paid

Please consider ArcGIS Server. The website helps in shortlisting and selecting features, compare them with multiple software, ask and receive a quotation from software vendors, and present the perfect reports. TechnologyAdvice is dedicated to educating, advising, and connecting sellers and buyers through its advanced technology.

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You can use these software to help you in your projects and even in starting to design your. Top 6 Free Serial Keys Sites for Any Software in 2020 If you are urgently looking for the serial key of a paid software, then here might be the last stop before you give up. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to handle any task in work or study without the help of software, such as image processing, document editor, and speech-to-text. Top Best Alternatives is a crowdsourced software recommendation and discovery engine.

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Best Patch Management Software 2020. Freshservice, Ninite Pro, CloudHealth, VMware vRealize Suite, PDQ Deploy Enterprise, SolarWinds Patch Manager, BMC Truesight. Filter by popular features, pricing options, number of users, and read reviews from real users and find a tool that fits your needs.

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A How-To Guide go from Zero to Finding a Job at a FAANG Company as a Bootcamp Grad

If you have a CS degree, you can skip all the bootcamp related stuff. I'll be as transparent as possible about my background (willing to verify with mods). Essentially I took a bootcamp about 3 years ago, coming out of a top UC school with a biology degree. I found out like 2 weeks after graduation that I enjoyed coding, so I embarked on the journey to becoming a software engineer. I enrolled in a top coding bootcamp in SF and haven't turned back. I've currently work at a FAANG company, I've developed my own app that hit the iOS store, and before that a top tech company before leaving.
The key in my opinion is setting small goals and benchmarks. DO NOT THINK ABOUT THE BIGGER PICTURE TOO OFTEN. It'll confuse your priorities. You need to focus what is immediately in front of you and accomplish that. Yard-by-Yard.
Here is my learnings:

  1. Pre-Pre-Bootcamp: Pre-bootcamp concerns should just be learning the basics. Do the pre-bootcamp programs that a lot of these top bootcamps have. It's a great way to see if you enjoy coding. Don't get bogged down with any "Hello World" tutorials in XYZ language. Forget about any language or concept that is not Javascript . Don't even think about it. All bootcamps take Javascript (even the ones written in Ruby) , so really it makes no sense to learn anything that is not related to the bootcamp languages. The primary goal here is to gain knowledge of the fundamentals of javascript.
  2. Pre-Bootcamp: Now you can start doing things like easy level problems on sites like codefights, codewars, leetcode. Don't even attempt anything else. Don't even venture into data structures, or conceptual understandings of algorithms. The primary goal at this stage is to learn how to use if-statements and for-loops to solve basic problems. That's it. When it comes to data structures, just learn the built-in javascript ones: arrays and objects. Don't mess around with Maps, Sets, or any of that stuff just yet. Just focus on the extreme basics. Don't venture into async, any of that stuff. Do tutorials up to the point of learning for-loops, if-statements, objects, and arrays. After you feel comfortable apply to a bootcamp and take the top one you get into.
  3. During Bootcamp: I did a full time program and I'm not gonna bullshit you here. I lived and breathed code for that 3 months. I worked 14 hours a day. If you're not willing to do this, you are going to be at a massive disadvantage. YOU HAVE TO FIND A WAY to dedicate this much time. AT LEAST 8 hours a day at minimum. Do the advanced sections of all the projects, stay late, start extracurricular study hours. Your primary goal at this stage is not to graduate but to learn as much as humanly possible. If you have a wife and kids, you're going to have to talk to them and come to an agreement about how these next three months is going to be. It's not going to be easy from a time perspective, but learning at a pace of 2-4 hours a day is not worth it. Might as well, stick at your old job to be honest.
  4. Towards the End of Bootcamp/Post-Bootcamp: Start applying, Don't wait until the bootcamp ends! And because you have no CS degree, no one is gonna give a hoot about you. You WILL be filtered out by algorithms, you WILL be ignored, so you NEED to be efficient. This is going to be a lot easier too if you are in the bay area. A little basic sales will go a long way here:
    1. Use an email scraper + LinkedIn Premium to find emails of hiring managers , and recruiters at companies you'd love to work for. Collect these for reference in an excel file/CSV and group them by company
    2. Go one-by-one, and personalize a cold email for each particular person, ask for a way to be connected with a recruiter or if their team is currently hiring. Talk about who you are, what your skills are, but keep it short and sweet. A lot of my friends had success by scheduling a quick phone chat to learn more about being a software engineer at XYZ company.
  5. During Job Search: Leetcode, Leetcode, then more Leetcode. Your time is going to be divided between doing an aggressive personalized cold email campaign + Leetcode. 4 hours each ideally. It would be worth it if you set a "chop wood, carry water" goal of sending 100 emails a day and doing 10 high-frequency problems a day.
  6. With Recruiters: Emphasize the technologies that you know. Do not lie about this, but recruiters will be on your side (they want commission). So stick to the things you learned during the bootcamp, and talk extensively about those skills. I recommend building a basic React app on the side so you can talk about this during your interviews.
  7. With Technical Interviews: Definitely you need a personal project that you created during the bootcamp or on your free time to talk about when it comes to technical challenges. Most the problems will be using skills you pick up in your Leetcode studying.
  8. After your Final Interviews: Interviewing does not stop until you step foot in the door of your first job ( or in our case, have your onboarding skype call) . Don't set expectations too high (you can always join FAANG much easier after a year or two somewhere more mid-tier) but also don't settle for somewhere that's giving you a bad vibe. After all, SWE is a job, so if you join with a shit boss you might end up blaming the job rather than the situation.
I hope this helps a few people looking to learn coding for the sake of getting a job. It's a long but rewarding journey and I wish there was more content like this when I was going through the process.
Feel free to message me with any questions, I'd love to answer them.
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CleanSpark sells software to Tesla and upcoming conference hype

Hey everyone, straight to the point today since I'm sure everyone is high off the Tesla S&P hype and I think CLSK will be a great sympathy play by the time the TSLA/CLSK connection is publicly announced.
What am I talking about?
Cleanspark (CLSK) is a software company focusing on microgrid controls, energy modeling, energy management and communication. Their software product line is as follows (SaaS):
mVSO Platform: Energy modeling software that can be used as a sales and design tool
mPulse Platform: Patented, proprietary platform that enables integration and optimization of multiple energy sources: Solar, Batteries, Generators
Canvas: Middleware used by Grid Operators and Aggregators to administrate load shifting programs.
Plaid: Middleware used by Controls and IoT Product Companies to participate in load shifting programs.
CLSK has had patents for it's software controls since 2018, and is a true leader in the field. Labeled 'cutting edge,' by IBM.
CEO Zach Bradford on numerous occasions referred to future growth through partnerships, and through 'key market participants.'(slide 20) This is meant towards the EV industry as that is where the majority of market attention is. Tesla is quite a big fish in the EV sphere, and there is an EV connection by way of CLSK's subsidiary scoring two unnamed EV contracts, and by two separate tesla-powered microgrids in costa rica. [The second one.]
While at first glance, it's a strange move to not name the EV companies you're working with, but if you can hold on to that announcement, knowing it'll raise the price, why not wait until you have more skin in the game? CLSK's SEC filings point super bullish as on October 28th, share payouts/incentives were approved and ALL officers loaded up.
Executive Charman Matt Schultz
Chief Revenue Officer Amer Tadayon
Chief Financial Officer Lori Love
Chief Technology Officer Amanda Kabak
CEO and President Zachary Bradford
Now this is excellent timing considering the biggest microgrid conference of the year-of which CLSK is a platinum sponsor-is this week, and facing an incoming progressive/green administration this conference is a big chance to get some much needed exposure to investors in this potentially MASSIVE upcoming industry. CLSK is in a phenomenal spot going into the microgrid conference this week, tons of cash on hand, nearly no debt, and acquisitions and employee growth (20-45) means this is a big send off point if everything goes well. That being said, Cleanspark can at any time announce it has everyone's favorite EV company (Sorry Nio) as it's primary SaaS client. The PR would be tremendous, and piggybacking off the S&P news might be what happens on thursday.
How does this connect to Tesla?
The Tesla-Cleanspark connection comes from Cleanspark's registered patents, and Tesla's employment of it's software features over the past year or so. Clsk has a hold on specific proprietary microgrid software, and I argue Tesla is a huge client.
Upon further examination of the uses of CLSK's SaaS programs, we find parallels in multiple "Tesla Energy Software," programs. According to them, Tesla 'devloped an advanced ecosystem of software,' which is a vague way to say they didn't make everything from the ground up. From Tesla's energy software support page:
A common software platform powers the entire Tesla product ecosystem from Tesla’s largest storage product, Megapack, to virtual power plants made up of thousands of Powerwalls. **Beyond energy storage, Tesla software also supports solar, vehicle charging and non-Tesla assets required for operating microgrids and utility-scale power plants.**1 **Tesla’s suite of optimization software solutions, Autonomous Control, is composed of machine learning, forecasting, optimization and real-time control algorithms used for utility bill reduction, demand response participation, microgrid control and wholesale energy market bidding.**2 Tesla Autonomous Control algorithms automate the dispatch of energy assets to maximize economic value. Autonomous Control products driving value to customers today include: Autobidder, Opticaster and Microgrid Controller. Tesla has also developed software to enable more renewable generation on the grid with features such as Virtual Machine Mode.
All of these things mpulse, plaid and canvas can do. EV charging, vendor agnostic approach, etc.
Then they list "Benefits of Tesla Software:"
Tesla is the world’s only major vertically integrated energy storage provider. Unique seamless integration of hardware, firmware and software means industry-leading performance, reliability and over-the-air updates to deliver continued improvements and new features over time. Tesla software maximizes the value of our energy products and helps us effectively address a diverse customer base including: C&I Fleet Managers Project Developers (Commercial Solar, Microgrids) Aggregators Power Plant Operators Utilities Independent Power Producers Energy Market Traders
This parallels Cleanspark's November 2020 IR presentation (refer to figures on slides 13&14), and it's explanation of both SaaS programs canvas and plaid fall directly in line with the fundamental goals of Tesla's 'software ecosystem.'
From the IR Presentation:
[Canvas OpenADR VTN]:
● Used by Grid Operators and Aggregators to administrate load shifting programs
● Implements a Virtual Top Node (VTN) on the server side of the OpenADR protocol
[Plaid OpenADR VEN]:
● Client or product side of the OpenADR protocol
● Used by controls and IoT product companies to participate in load shifting programs by providing a Virtual End Node (VEN)
Once again fairly vague, but all applicable to Tesla's software ecosystem goals.
Beyond this, Tesla's main Powerhub software specifically, is described as:
Powerhub is an advanced monitoring and control platform for managing distributed energy resources, renewable power plants and microgrids. Powerhub is deployed and in use across Tesla’s fleet of over one gigawatt-hour of operating commercial sites. Customers ranging from facility managers to power plant operators use Powerhub to maximize operational efficiency, uptime and asset value. Powerhub covers all common elements of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and offers standard customizations to meet the operational needs of small, large and virtual power plants.
Paralleling CLSK's primary purposes as per weekly PR:
"CleanSpark offers software and intelligent controls for microgrid and distributed energy resource management systems and innovative strategy and design services. The Company provides advanced energy software and control technology that allows energy users to obtain resiliency and economic optimization. Our software is uniquely capable of enabling a microgrid to be scaled to the user's specific needs and can be widely implemented across commercial, industrial, military, agricultural and municipal deployment. Our product and services consist of intelligent energy controls, microgrid modeling software, and innovation consulting services in design, technology, and business process methodologies to help transform and grow businesses.
With Powerhub Tesla customers can manage many different energy assets including solar, storage and select non-Tesla assets (generators, breakers, transformers) on a single interface.
This is a bit abnormal for Tesla, to have a software that is VENDOR AGNOSTIC, CLSK's wheelhouse in terms of it's limited competitive advantages over larger established competitors. (slide 10):
"mPulse Competitive Advantages: Vendor and Hardware Agnostic. We can connect and communicate with all energy products.
Patented Forecasting: Changes in renewable energy generation and facility power demands require nimble and responsive control, which mPulse provides "
On top of providing data, Tesla says that customers can also use Powerhub to control their assets and perform tasks like: Setting quiet hours for microgrid operation Configuring preferred set points for frequency/watt control Scheduling future dispatch for providing aggregate demand response
Which are other features prominent in Cleansparks proprietary energy software technology.
There's much more to be said about CLSK in general, but this is my take on the information out there about tesla and clsk tech. I think this is a great time for CLSK and if the right news/partnership announcement this thing will take off. There's a green storm coming, and the people who can supply the industry leaders with the right tools are going to profit well, CLSK is leading the pack when supplying microgrid controls.
In 1.8k @ 9.40 LTH
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