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ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 5: First Impressions of a Lenovo virgin

Received it today, 29 June 2020, so these are no more than quick first impressions.

Where I’m coming from

Used Macs mostly for many decades but left Apple couple of years ago. Since then have mostly been using Dells (a Precision tower) and most of Microsoft’s Surface line of products (Pro 6, Book 2 and Studio 2). Recently tried the new XPS laptops but had problems. Have never used Lenovo before.
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 5 was just delivered five hours ago, but I think I'm in love.

The physical device

My ThinkPad X1 Yoga has 16GB of RAM + 1TB of storage + Core i7 10610U CPU + 14” 3840x2160 display.
  1. The design is not as fashionable as that of the XPS 15 9500 or 17 9700, and it’s not beautiful like the Microsoft Surface Book 3, but it’s got its own classic appeal. I like it. I didn’t buy it as a fashion accessory.
  2. I don’t mind the “ThinkPad” logo stamped in the lower right corner of the wrist rest area but I hate the stupid “intel Core i7 vPro 10th gen” processor sticker on the left side, just as I hated the similar sticker on the XPS machines. Charge me $10 more please next time and offer the option to get a device without this ugly birthmark.
  3. Otherwise, as soon as I pulled it out of its plastic wrapping I was struck by the solid build quality.
  4. It’s really portable. Lightweight and very compact. If travel or carry your laptop around with you a lot, this would be a great choice.

The display

  1. I got the highest res display (3840 x 2160). Color, brightness, contrast and detail are, to my eyes, all fantastic. One of the first things I do with a new computer is look at some of my best photos. I think they look really good on this display—as good as they looked on the Dell XPS 15 9500 or 17 9700.
  2. The 14” screen is bigger than the screen on my Surface Pro 6, but smaller than the 15” screen on my Surface Book 2. Not sure what I feel about the screen size but suspect I can learn to like it, maybe even to love it. It’s a nice compromise. And I plan to use this device often with a second display.
  3. The default scaling for the display is 300%. That seems high. This no doubt reflects the fact that they’ve crammed all these pixels into a 14” display. But that’s the advantage of a really high-res screen: everything still looks sharp when you change the scaling. At 300%, everything is not just legible but, to be honest, nice and big. But if I want more desktop content, I can reduce scaling to 250% and everything is still perfectly clear and I don’t need to squint. I can even go down to 200%, but that’s probably the limit for me; at 200% text starts to look teeny. After five hours of working with this thing, I’m at 250% and may stay there.

The keyboard

  1. The farthest left key on the bottom row of the keyboard is the Fn key on this keyboard; the Cntl key is the next key in towards the spacebar. This is the reverse of every PC keyboard I’ve used for years and it’s going to take a little getting used to. For a bit I thought there was something wrong with the keyboard because windows weren’t closing. Then I realized I was typing Fn-W. The Lenovo placement of these keys might actually make more sense than the “standard” (and nearly universal) placement and I expect I can get used to it, although it might cause me some small problems when I switch between devices or keyboards.
  2. I think I like the way the arrow keys are positioned a little below the “base line” of the bottom row of keys, but this too will take getting used to.
  3. In every other respect the keyboard is awesome, fabulous, wonderful, amazing. Without question the best laptop keyboard I’ve ever used—more than that, one of the best keyboards plain and simple. I don't know whether I’m a keyboard “connoisseur” but I am definitely an enthusiast. I thought the keyboard on the Dell XPS 17 9700 was acceptable. Keyboard on Surface Book 2 and 3 is better than the Dell. The X1 Yoga’s keyboard is easily better than both of them. If you are a writer, you should try this keyboard out.
  4. I miss the inch or so of “margin” on both sides of the Surface Book’s keyboard, but I understand that the X1 Yoga doesn’t have that free space because the screen is smaller and the device is more portable over all. Fair trade-off.

Clicking and pointing

  1. Hours ago when I started writing these notes, my first comment about the Trackpoint was that it “is going to take some getting used to.” Hours later, I’m already starting to feel comfortable with it. And I now realize why Lenovo laptops include mechanical left-and-right click buttons above the touch pad: If you’re moving the cursor with the nubbin, the left-click mechanical button is right there under your thumb and much easier to use than tapping on the middle of the trackpad.
  2. My impression is that Lenovo expects you to get used to the Trackpoint and the mechanical buttons, and if you do, then the otherwise diminutive trackpad isn't a liability.
  3. [There’s one thing about using the Trackpoint that I don’t quite understand. The trackpad can be used for positioning the cursor, tapping, and also scrolling; but the Trackpoint is good only for moving the cursor. Using the mechanical left and right trackpad buttons is easy, but scrolling is not so easy: I have to move my hand either to the trackpad or the PgUp/PgDn buttons (or the arrow keys).] Figured this one out, thanks!
  4. If I were an artist, I might prefer the beefier Microsoft pens to the twig-like stylus that comes with the X1 Yoga. On the plus side, though, the Yoga’s pen comes with the computer! And it's got a little garage you can park it (and charge it) in when you’re not using it.

“Yoga”? Oh, right, yoga!

  1. I finally understand the name “Yoga”. It’s so named because you can bend it around like a person doing yoga.
  2. The flexibility is not so extraordinary in itself; what’s really impressive is the combination of this flexibility with the way that it firmly holds any position you put it into. I mean, it’s not so impressive that it can (say) put its legs behind its neck; the Surface Pro devices can do that too and in fact they can even detach their legs! But the ability of the Yoga to fold back into a tent so you can turn it around and view the screen (say, if you’re in the kitchen reading a recipe) or to fold backwards completely into a tablet—that’s pretty impressive.
  3. And now that I've played with the 2-in-1 capability of the Yoga, I really like it. This is surely a personal thing, and I will always remember the Surface Book 2 as a beautiful computer. But to be honest, the Yoga’s modus operandi suits me better. To mark up a screenshot, for example (something I do almost daily), with the Surface Book, I had to disconnect the display to convert it to a tablet; and then I had this temporarily unnecessary keyboard part that had to be pushed out of the way. With the Yoga, I just folded the screen around and started inking.

Et cetera

  1. I don't like to wait for things, but I don’t edit video, don’t play games and I don’t run tests, so I judge performance by how a machine feels to me as I’m actually using it. And the X1 Yoga seems plenty zippy to me.
  2. I wish it were possible to plug the machine in on both sides. But it’s not a big deal. My Surface devices (Pro and Book) only accept connections on the right side; the X1 Yoga only connects on the left. Guess that’s a wash.
  3. Otherwise, very good selection of ports for my needs, although I'd have preferred another USB-C port to the HDMI port.
  4. The front-facing web camera is not as good as the one on the Surface Book 2 or 3 (almost nothing is), but it’s not bad.
  5. The speakers are not bad, not great. Don’t care that much as I don’t listen to music much using the computer’s speakers.
  6. I like logging in with the fingerprint reader and its placement on the X1 Yoga (to the right of the trackpad) is way better than its placement on the XPS 15 and 17 (far right side of top row of keys, where the delete key is supposed to be).
  7. Placing the powerkey on the right side of the device makes it a little harder to press, but I guess that’s the point.
The last of my first impressions (before I start actually using this tool): the keyboard is wonderful. Did I mention that above? I mean, wow. I don’t want to hype it, lest someone read this, buy one, and then be disappointed because the keyboard doesn’t, oh, make them wiser or more handsome. But I guess I do feel, if not wiser, at least a little smarter than I was last week, for having found and purchased this very good computer.

Random thoughts about platforms

The ThinkPad’s extraordinary keyboard is its incomparable superpower and makes me think about one of the biggest differences between the experience of using a Mac and the experience of using a PC. From birth, the Mac has always been a point-and-click device. PCs on the other hand, were originally controlled entirely from the keyboard, and even after Windows replaced DOS, the ability to control a PC almost entirely from the keyboard was retained. In this sense, between the phenomenal keyboard and the brilliant Trackpoint, the device control offered by the ThinkPad (Yoga or non-Yoga) seems almost ideal for a Windows 10 PC.
submitted by RucksackTech to thinkpad

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