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Skype Support for Skype for iPad. How to Hack SKYPE; Easy And Fast way. STEP 6: Enter your new password and. Password reset using https: //account.live.com/acsr is.

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Additionally, Skype for Business permits users to make cellphone calls, video convention, on the spot message, and proportion screens. This application will show you all available wifi networks and will click on it, a real like processing will start and at the end a password will be shown. This thread is locked. If you have the email, username, or phone number of the target.

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Once a Skype account is hacked, you can view all conversations within the last three months, see how long each video call was, and even access files that were shared through. This is the wifi hacking application for fun. Skype - Free Calls To Friends & Family Ha Rajpoot 9: 01 PM. Ha Rajpoot. It offers free, 40-minute conference calls with up to 100 attendees, and lots of people are using this tool to stay in touch and have fun with features like swapping out Zoom backgrounds.

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Evaer Video Recorder For Skype Crack With Full. For all bandwidth tables, sites with fewer than 100 users should always use the maximum figures in network planning because, statistically, the network peaks for Skype for Business occur more frequently. Mitel recommends changing the password every 90 days. With usage exploding due to COVID-19 and working from home policies, the company has been eager to talk up Skype along with Microsoft Teams, its fastest-growing business app ever.

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The issue has since been fixed, after network engineers traced the problem to a broken network card. Please select the product to view its Frequently Asked Questions. How to Hack Any Email Account Password with 100% Working Proof of Password Recovery r/ HackEmailAccount. Hacked skype I recently reset my skype password and now it is not working, when I went to reset it, was directed to get security code for an email I don't have.

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Upload of the document works and I confirmed that file lands in the Skype for Business file share. The Office 2020 Product Key is one of the latest updates of Microsoft. Skype Hacker No Survey. Skype password hack 100 working.

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Usually, Skype will request for an additional email address they can send the recovery details. Skype Password Hack Tool Intro of Skype Password Hack Tool free paypal money add no cost and % working Money Generator, Free Gift. Of course account hacking is listed.

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Just because of this Skype password hacker pro working tool. Fix Skype has stopped working most effectively. Using spy apps is the only way through which a phone can be hacked and today you can find plenty of text message hacking apps on the market. By. Stereo Maxine - January 16, 2020.

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By Admin on May 19, Ultimate Skype Password Hacker is a great hack tool that can hack any skype password. As we insist on using MFA, we have an App password generated for the user. All that you need to hack password is to download and install my program "Skype Password Hack" and install it. This Skype Password Hack program works on Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows Vista and. Then, when she reenter the password it still incorrect, when redo the forgotten password, the password used earlier cannot be used anymore, indicate the password is correct beforehand.

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You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Yes, with this app, you can effortlessly share your documents immediately and additionally, you can save in the instances of storage shortage. Hacked skype - Microsoft Community try this web-site. Zoom, Skype, FaceTime: 11 video chat app tricks to use during social distancing.

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With Skype Meet, users also get the option to blur their. Tagged hack skype, how to hack skype, new skype hacking, skype % hack, skype hack, skype account hack, skype hack, skype hacked, skype leaked hack H4ck0 Step by step hacking tutorials about wireless cracking, kali linux, metasploit, ethical hacking, seo tips and tricks, malware analysis and scanning. If the phone does not automatically scan, select Scan to manually initiate a Wi-Fi network scan. AudioCodes High Definition IP Phones Series.

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We look at how to secure your account and ensure that your privacy is maintained when using the popular VOIP service. Skype vs. Zoom: Features. How to update Skype in Windows 10? - Microsoft Community. Get Skype Account Hacker completely free of charge as part of our campaign to raise awareness about hacking Skype passwords for legitimate ends and hack Skype for free.

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fn6i835 in galaxys10 on 12 Apr 20 (1pts):
You can't unroot a Samsung phone for what i know. Once Knox is tripped you cannot reverse it back to its legit state.
fm7onw1 in galaxys10 on 02 Apr 20 (1pts):
Salut. Eu am facut flash cu Odin la 2.1 in 5 min maxim.
Ce am observat pana acum, FP sensor se misca mult mai repede, dar animatia are lag. De acum incolo nu mai cumpar Exynos, doar SD.
fcyl622 in PlayStationNow on 03 Jan 20 (1pts):
Hi. Can u pm me please ,how to do it aswell ? Thank you
f87nu93 in galaxys10 on 21 Nov 19 (1pts):
This guy know stuff. Nice 👌
f5ejy7a in galaxys10 on 27 Oct 19 (1pts):
You can use a package disabler and disable Bixby for good 🤔
euknhv7 in googleplay on 23 Jul 19 (1pts):
I have it too. Strange
ery5zy2 in galaxys10 on 24 Jun 19 (1pts):
What's the font name ,sir ?
d8lofse in pcgaming on 10 Oct 16 (1pts):
I think you re bottlenecked by the CPU
d7gy8pf in CrackStatus on 10 Sep 16 (1pts):
Mine freeze at 95,but after 2 min the games full loads.
d5ggmdv in razer on 18 Jul 16 (1pts):
Try to do binds for weapon buy :
d32jrmk in denuvotrading on 12 May 16 (1pts):
Hey,can you PM your skype ? Thank You
d2r819h in CrackStatus on 03 May 16 (1pts):
What are u talking about? What games from Activsion are still good nowadays?
d1ye71w in denuvotrading on 11 Apr 16 (1pts):
You are not allowed to bid for prices.
d1nc6yr in CrackStatus on 02 Apr 16 (1pts):
What does amaze me is the fact that they find this reddit,but they ask for a crack for an online only game.
cyii6xx in CrackStatus on 01 Jan 16 (1pts):
CPY version works perfectly with the manifest.
cyfy3s0 in CrackStatus on 30 Dec 15 (1pts):
Yep,me too.I dont know why Steam is so fuckin retarded.
cyew7b3 in CrackStatus on 29 Dec 15 (1pts):
Try download without using Steam in Sandbox mode.
cyevc8t in CrackStatus on 29 Dec 15 (1pts):
So you made it work properly,is that what you re saying with this tutorial?
cy7zyh4 in CrackStatus on 22 Dec 15 (1pts):
There wont be any crack for AK,until all the DLC's and all the content is out,there is no point making a crack with new content being released every month,and even after that is not sure that will...
cy3xr0i in CrackStatus on 18 Dec 15 (1pts):
This a subreddit for CrackStatus......why you post nonsense like windows 10 is good for gaming or not ,there are other sections for that,or you just lazy to search?
cxo66c7 in steelseries on 05 Dec 15 (1pts):
You should 100% buy a mouse pad,i have a wood table and its slide pretty bad,but i will buy a qck mini soon for csgo,so yea buy a mouse pad is pretty cheap.
cxj9gil in CrackStatus on 01 Dec 15 (1pts):
Ofc they are not,each game has a different steam_api.ini file.
cxj2dqe in CrackStatus on 01 Dec 15 (1pts):
You wont probably see any CPY cracks ever,due to the Denuvo DRM protection which gets updated with every game that has this kind of protection.Like you ve read CPY discovered the exploit in 10...
cx9dus2 in CrackStatus on 22 Nov 15 (1pts):
Gimme the save and i will complete it.
cx3kegh in CrackStatus on 17 Nov 15 (1pts):
It wont be a crack coz the game is online only.
cx0xr12 in CrackStatus on 15 Nov 15 (1pts):
The game is only online from what i know,there is no campaign,so no crack.
cwzsihm in CrackStatus on 14 Nov 15 (1pts):
They wont make any new cracks for those game,because the current cracks works for most of people.
cwu1aer in CrackStatus on 09 Nov 15 (1pts):
Codex already cracked it !
cwtcp4z in CrackStatus on 08 Nov 15 (1pts):
The unlockers are usually small files about 1mb-1gb.
cwswyad in CrackStatus on 08 Nov 15 (1pts):
I had the same problem problem as you have,but i fix it downloading a repack from GMT-MAX.ORG.Or you just download this/copy it to FIFA 15 folder and press replace.It should work now work with any...
cwpw7hk in CrackStatus on 05 Nov 15 (1pts):
If it s online only that means it s gonna need to connect to the EA Servers like The Crew.Or if anyones host the servers which cost money,so i doubt it s gonna be cracked,the game sucks anyway.
cwpw4xp in CrackStatus on 05 Nov 15 (1pts):
The game has been propered by RELOADED.
cwnuqq9 in CrackStatus on 04 Nov 15 (1pts):
To pay 110 dollars for 1 single game is mental,you can buy 3 games or even 4 with that money.
cwft1pu in CrackStatus on 28 Oct 15 (1pts):
cwex8be in CrackStatus on 27 Oct 15 (1pts):
The crack file is protected by a password,so dont bother is you dont know the password.
cw1orsv in CrackStatus on 16 Oct 15 (1pts):
cvsljbe in CrackStatus on 08 Oct 15 (1pts):
Try to reload a earlier savegame,if you still get this bug,try a Clean Install of the game without any mods.I did break a savegame in new game + with the Lore Friend Silver Swords Mod.
cvser1z in CrackStatus on 08 Oct 15 (1pts):
There you go....
cvsdibt in CrackStatus on 08 Oct 15 (1pts):
It s not the new version,it s the same version of Denuovo DRM as Mad Max,but you know money.(if you know what that mean,dont espect a crack soon).
cvqk0ud in CrackStatus on 06 Oct 15 (1pts):
No,the old one.
cvq3tay in CrackStatus on 06 Oct 15 (1pts):
The scene is dead for some time now.
cvpx5oq in CrackStatus on 06 Oct 15 (1pts):
You do realize that Denuovo version from the DI,is the old one right?
cvorlgk in witcher on 05 Oct 15 (1pts):
I ve got a response to my ticket from CPR.They requested my savegame so i send it.I did sent the link to this thread too.Now i m waiting their response.
cvo4sk1 in witcher on 04 Oct 15 (1pts):
I did that too 2 days ago.....i got no answer....maybe coz is weekend idk....but definitly is a game bug....:((
cvnop6z in witcher on 04 Oct 15 (1pts):
Why save him....better save the kids....
cvn2ozq in witcher on 03 Oct 15 (1pts):
I did speak with King of MilfGard and still no health on boss.....i didnt tried without speaking with that guy .
cvmyxvt in CrackStatus on 03 Oct 15 (1pts):
It s pointless atm to crack Batman Arkham Knight,WB are gonna release the finished game on steam at the end of November i think,with all the DLC s.And i am pretty sure that CPY wont crack it,because...
cvmmiph in witcher on 03 Oct 15 (1pts):
Yep,i can confirm on New Game+,when i go fight with Fugas,he has no health.I try to load a manual save,15 times and no luck.First i though maybe it s from the mods i ve installed,but no,it s from...
cvkttb4 in CrackStatus on 01 Oct 15 (1pts):
Can you upload a screenshot of the error and what game crack ?
cvkiu3c in CrackStatus on 01 Oct 15 (1pts):
I dont know if 3DM cracks game by the demanding of people or just Origin Denuovo DRM,it's harder to crack than Steam Denuovo DRM,but anyway FIFA 16 it s just a reskin of 16.Sorry4English.
cve3nzv in CrackStatus on 25 Sep 15 (1pts):
Yea, i think it s possible,but in any case i will never do that.
cvdjfk8 in CrackStatus on 25 Sep 15 (1pts):
It s very unlikely that Skidrow and Reloaded are gonna crack any Denuovo games,mainly because the scene is dead.I mean Denuovo is up for like ,what 1 year and something,and i ve never seen Skidrow...
cvcsj2w in CrackStatus on 24 Sep 15 (1pts):
Can someone translate this please,in a legible phrase.Thank You .
cvalma3 in CrackStatus on 22 Sep 15 (1pts):
Even when the game comes fully patched,dont expect a crack real soon or maybe never,because CPY Denuovo Emulation or whatever is called has been patched with the new updated Denuovo,and atm only 3DM...
cv6bvew in CrackStatus on 18 Sep 15 (1pts):
I dont have a crack only,i will post if someone wants it.Skidrow website if you want to download the entire torrent.
cv699gp in CrackStatus on 18 Sep 15 (1pts):
CPY cracked FIFA 15 so fast because it was using a older version of Denuovo DRM,but for sure FIFA 16 has the new updated Denuovo,plus i think its a bit harder to trick origin than steam.


4j0a1u in denuvotrading on 12 May 16 (1pts):
[H] $2 [W] offline activation for Unravel
45sn5x in CrackStatus on 14 Feb 16 (1pts):
ROTR-app manifest ,please
3z1p5r in CrackStatus on 01 Jan 16 (1pts):
Batman Arkham Knight wont update via Steam after manifest
3t7dqn in CrackStatus on 17 Nov 15 (1pts):
Assassins Syndicate-CODEX
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I'm a 26 year old who works in publishing in NYC and makes approx. $40K/year

Hello, this is my first MD ever but I’ve been writing them in my head for a long time (complete with references to sexy times with my SO, humblebragging about my egg white and quinoa breakfasts, and skipping my $100 spin classes--jk I don’t do any of that) so I figured I might as well get roasted for my finances for real.
Basic Info:
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Location: New York City
Industry: Publishing
Occupation: Assistant
Section 1 - Debts and Assets
Retirement balance: $3841.31 (My work set up automatic contributions to an SEP-IRA. I have no idea what the fuck I am doing here and I need to ask. I didn’t go to fucking school for math.)
Savings: $2,120.14 (Regular savings account; I’m going to open a HYSA for 2020 when I get my Christmas bonus)
Credit Card Debt: $9,924.55, combined total across 2 credit cards (What makes me sad is that I paid off both of credit cards in full this time last year but I had an expensive year [moving out, going on family vacation twice, and buying Broadway tickets for the holidays] and now spend more of my income on rent, so it’s harder to pay it off as quickly.)
Student Loan Balance: $0 (I had a scholarship that covered room and board and we used credit cards to cover the rest. My mother is undocumented and at the time I was in college, my sister was a DACA recipient so I didn’t have anyone to co-sign a loan. The college expenses were part of the credit card balance I paid off in 2018.)
Other debt: $0
Section 2 - Income
Monthly take home after taxes, etc: $2,500 (I am an assistant who works in publishing; would rather not get specific in exactly which area. But if you have questions about the industry, I can answer what I know in the comments or via PMs.)
Section 3 - Monthly Expenses
Rent: $1,600 (I am subletting a 1-bedroom apartment in upper upper Manhattan. When it ends, I hope to join the lease. My boyfriend Pierre* and I are getting serious and while we’re not ready to live together, we did want more privacy to test the waters. Also, I love living alone.)
Health insurance: $0 (Covered by work)
MTA: $127/month for a monthly pass
Internet: $59.99/month (introductory rate for the first year)
Utilities: Between $60-90 per month, varies (I pay for gas and electric, water is paid by landlord)
  • Hulu/Disney+: $12.99/month (I share the password with my sister Lily* and ex-roommates and don’t charge them)
  • Amazon Prime: $0 (Lily shares her password w/ me)
  • AMC Pass: $23.95/month
  • Renters insurance: $14.67/month
  • Phone: $0 (Still on the family plan and they don’t charge me)
  • Gym membership: $43.95/year
  • Netflix: $15.99/month (I share the password with Lily and her friend, who gave me $100 at the beginning of the year to cover her share for 2 years)
  • Other: $0.99/month donation to the Texas Monthly Observer, $10/month donation to The Guardian, $30/month to ex-roommates in exchange for the cable/HBO password (It’s cheaper than me getting my own cable), $25/year for Barnes & Noble membership (I just signed up for this since I run a book club and members get discounts on purchases)
*=Fake name. I hate the "My friends A, B, C," thing.
Day 1: 11/25
8:00am - Wake up and hit the snooze. I was up until 12:30 am baking keto chocolate zucchini bread that would just not bake all the way through.
8:15am - Finally get out of bed and start my morning routine. Skincare: Rhoto Hada Labo Gokyujyun foaming facial wash, Dr. Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner, followed by Herbivore Prism Glow Potion, Cetaphil Pro Oily Skin with SPF 30. No make up. Cocoa butter lotion for the body.
With a non-stick frying pan, I fry up turkey bologna and scrambled eggs. I also eat a soggy banana that’s on the verge of turning completely black. I pack a lunch (tomato soup) and head out the door. I was hoping to get to work early, which will happen, but not as early as I would have liked. I was out of the office on Friday attending a local conference so I need to catch up on things.
9:30am - On the train to work and I text with Lily to discuss my mom's recent decision to move to Mexico. She lives in a pro-Trump state and as an undocumented person, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for her to fly under the radar. She’s fearful of being detained by ICE and so she’s going back on her own terms. I tell Lily that I feel like Trump won. He succeeded in building a culture of fear and intimidation. Lily tells me that with or without Trump in office, it is likely that Mom would have had to return to Mexico while we applied for her residency anyway (Lily is now married to a US citizen and has a green card). This doesn’t make me feel better and I want to cry.
9:46am - Arrive at the office 15 minutes early and get a head start on answering emails. Lily once asked me what I do all day and honestly, it’s a bunch of emailing. Emailing publishers to ask about status updates about deals, emailing clients to let them know about said status updates, emailing to chase after information I need on behalf of publishers or clients, responding to submissions, etc. Just emails, emails, emails.
1:21pm - Lily texts me a screenshot from an article about cheap living costs in Cancun. She jokes, “Why aren’t we moving with Mom too?” I text back that when Mom moves to Mexico, we should go with her to look at potential properties for her to buy so she isn’t renting indefinitely. I feel like crying again. I type up my expense report from the conference to distract myself. I don’t have a company card so I get reimbursed for using my personal card when I travel. The conference paid for my hotel and train so I just get reimbursed for my meals.
1:35pm - Lily texts me that we should set up a savings account that we can contribute to for Mom’s living expenses in Mexico. I admire my sister’s practicality in all of this, but I am not emotionally equipped to deal with this stuff when I am at work!!!!!!!!!!
1:54pm - I heat up my tomato soup while my boss writes my reimbursement check. I take my lunch to eat outside and I buy a bag of salt and vinegar chips from Pret a Manger to go with my soup ($1.69). After I eat, I go check out the holiday shops at Bryant Park and treat myself to a “giant s’more” ($8.17). The s’more is the size of my hand which makes me feel slightly better about the expense. I text Pierre about how sad I feel and go back to the office. I take the stairs instead of the elevator so I burn off some of the empty calories I just consumed. - $9.86
3:48pm - Pierre texts me his sympathies and sends me a Baby Yoda meme to cheer me up. Goddamn, I love him so much. And Pierre’s great too.
6:06pm - Finally done with work! I’m halfway to the train station when I realize I forgot my gym bag at work. I double back and while on the train, I eat a pre-workout snack of string mozzarella cheese and a baggie of roasted peanuts that I packed from home.
7:15pm - I do a 1 hour workout on the treadmill--30 mins of interval running and then 30 min incline workout, plus a cool down--but I feel sluggish and slow. Must be the s’more. Or maybe I’m still thinking about my mom.
8:40pm- Back at home! I shower and then eat some of the zucchini bread and a Greek yogurt for dinner. Too tired to cook a real meal. I call my mom and we talk more about moving plans. She plans to buy a home in a touristy area and rent part of it out. When I go home for Christmas, we’ll have to start cleaning the house out. Luckily, Lily lives near our Mom and will be able to store important family mementos.
Our plans sound cheerful but the way we talk reminds me of that same dejected feeling we had in 2016 when she came to visit me, post-Trump election. “Paciencia, fey, y fuerza,” is what we agreed to carry through the next four years. But it feels like we’ve run out.
While I’m on gloomy matters, I pay my bills. $1600 for rent, $65.03 for the electric bill, and $150 payment for each credit card. I deposit my reimbursement check and a $10 check I received from the Pew Research Center. I’ve recently been selected to be part of the Pew Research surveys and this is this first survey that I have been paid for, but I don’t know how often I will receive them. - $1,965.03, +$40.
I spend the rest of my evening setting up this Money Diary and watching 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. The Jenny/Sumit drama is insane.
11:41pm - Finally got my MD set up and turn in. Nighttime skin routine: Vitamin C serum on neck and face; Estee Lauder Night Repair Creme on my eyes. I don't think it's really working but I want to finish the bottle before I try a new eye cream.
Day 2: 11/26
8:00am - Wake up and hit the snooze. Not as tired as yesterday but still want to stay in bed. Pierre texts me to wish him luck on his annual review. I text him back and then get distracted checking Reddit on my phone.
8:30am - Whoops. How did a half hour go by so quickly? I get out of bed, do my skincare routine, get dressed, etc. I eat a bowl of Special K for breakfast and pack my lunch (turkey bologna sandwich on a plain bagel, Ruffle chips, mozzarella cheese stick, 3 clementines, and a half-empty Coke zero that I bought over the weekend). I am an elementary school child.
9:10am - Catch the train and listen to Slate’s Dear Prudence podcast. In this episode, a LW complains about her friend, who whipped out her Macbook to finish writing a term paper in the middle of the LW’s wedding ceremony. The LW claims you can hear the click-clacking of typing in the wedding video and the friend even took a Skype call in the middle of the ceremony to chat with a study buddy (which you can also hear in the wedding video!). I am horrified.
9:42am - Arrive at the office and I’m the first one here. Half of our office, including my boss, took vacation days to get a head start on the holiday. This means I can listen to podcasts while I work since no one will really need me throughout the day.
I check my personal email before I look at work stuff and find an email from my bank, announcing that there was a “recent merchant data breach” and while my account wasn’t compromised, they’re going to send a new credit card which means I will have to update the information for my recurring payments. Great.
Okay, back to work. I grab a fun-size Snickers bar from the communal candy bowl for a mid-morning snack and get to work.
12:22pm - Ugh, Special K was not that filling. I drink hot water to help my stomach feel full but I am so hungry. I decided to eat my lunch at my desk even though it’s earlier than I usually eat.
6:45pm - Finally leave work! I stayed late to check my mom into her flight but check-in is based in her time zone, not mine so I could have left earlier. Grr. I text Lily and she promises to check Mom in.
8pm - Pierre and I get home at the same time! We make dinner together: spaghetti with truffle oil along with sauteed onions and kale, plus Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs. I pull out mini bottles of prosecco that I bought for Lily’s visit that went unused. While we cook, I pour out my feelings to Pierre.
I know that we are in a very privileged position: Lily and I can support my mother to have a very comfortable life in Mexico. We can afford to fly out to see her 3, maybe even 4 times a year. My mom will be able to stop living in fear. But there’s just something wrong about us not being in the same country.
Pierre knows a little of what I’m feeling because his mother is back in France and he misses her terribly, especially since she's been sick. (Nothing serious, but he feels bad that he can't be there for her.)
After dinner, we watch The Mandalorian. God, I would die for Baby Yoda. Pierre just got into Dragula so we watch an episode but I hate the format. It just feels so disorganized, especially compared to Rupaul’s Drag Race. Pierre gets squicked out by an elimination challenge featuring needles so we watch Call the Midwife so he can calm down. Poor guy.
Day 3: 11/27
12 am - Finally, we turn off Call the Midwife. I clean up the kitchen while Pierre gets dressed for his overnight shift. (He’s a security guard.) We kiss goodbye and he promises everything is set for him to come to Thanksgiving.
12:40 am - I stay up to finish the Call the Midwife episode and then go to bed. I call my mom even though it’s late because I just want to hear her voice. We talk through the airport pick up plans and say good night. I have the day off so I can stay up late.
10 am - Wake up and lay in bed. I text Pierre to ask for good thoughts. I’m super anxious about my mom flying even though she uses her Mexican passport and hasn’t had issues before. After a half hour, I get up to go to the gym and burn off some of my nervous energy. I only eat a mandarin for breakfast.
11:30 am - At the gym. Since I didn’t have a good breakfast, I do a low-intensity incline work out.
12:30 pm - Back at home. I shower and eat the keto zucchini bread for my brunch. I know I should eat more but I’m too anxious. I go to the train station, buy 2 weekly metro cards. One is for my mom and the other is a refill for me. Normally I would get the monthly but since I’m going home for the holidays in 2 weeks, it makes more sense to buy weekly passes. - $67.00
1:45 pm - First stop on my errands: Michael’s. I buy supplies to convert an arrowhead earring into necklace for Lily. I use a 40% off coupon so my total is $5.55
1:59pm - I buy two rotisserie chickens at Whole Foods for Thanksgiving. I’m not fucking with turkey with my tiny ass oven. - $16.69
2:38pm - Buy a half dozen plain bagels at Zabar’s for breakfast. - $5.60
3:00pm - I walk to the train station and pass the Macy’s parade balloons being inflated. So cool! Maybe next year I’ll come down to get a better look, but for now I need to get home.
3:35pm - At the farmer’s market near my train stop, I buy 3 lbs of grapes and a stalk of celery. I don't know how long this market is going to stick around but I hope it stays all year round. It's where I can get super cheap produce. I stop at the local grocery store and pick up sparkling cider. - $12.42
4:00pm - Finally home! I put away my groceries, prep the Thanksgiving sides, and clean up while I wait for my mom’s flight to land. I finish 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days and then pick up where I left off on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. I love the 90DF franchise but they’re releasing so many seasons at once that I can’t keep up.
6:08pm - My mom calls that she’s about to board her flight. Hurray! I can finally relax and eat leftover spaghetti before I go to meet her at the airport.
10:33pm - Take public transport to LaGuardia. I find my mom, who made friends with her seat partner on the flight and they exchange numbers so they can get in touch. We pick up her suitcase and I lead her to the rideshare pick up area. We pass a lost-looking couple in their 60s who are trying to figure out where to call an Uber so my mom adopts them. She helps the wife with her suitcase and tells them that I’ll show them where to go. They chatter about Thanksgiving plans on the way. I don’t know how, but my mom always makes friends wherever she goes. When we get to the pick up area, a parking lot attendant helps the couple call an Uber while I call a Lyft for us. - $41.00, including tip.
11:46pm - Finally home! I give my mom a quick tour of my apartment. She says it’s nice but I need to clean better. Moms. I’m ready for bed, but she asks me to put on her telenovela so she can unwind. I set her up (she’s watching Apocalipse, btw) and leave her on the couch while I go to bed.
Day 4: 11/28
8:30am - I wake up but my mom isn’t in bed with me. Evidently, she fell asleep on the couch. She’s an early bird so she has NBC playing, ready for the parade to start. We shower, get dressed, etc.
9:14am - Pierre arrives, having come straight from his overnight shift. He is, understandably, exhausted. He takes a nap in my room while my mom and I watch the parade and prep everything to warm up in the oven. We FaceTime with Lily, who is spending Thanksgiving with her neighbors.
12:28pm - Food is ready just as Pierre’s sister, Colette*, arrives. I'm serving rotisserie chicken, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, and cornbread dressing. I wake up Pierre and I put on the Fleetwood Mac radio station on Spotify to listen to as we eat. It’s a nice time just eating our fill and talking. Pierre and I are discussing marriage and it’s nice to imagine that this will be what holidays will be like when our families combine. My mom says she likes Pierre but she seems lukewarm. Lily tells me that's exactly how she was like with her husband and now adores him as a son in law. I hope we'll have other opportunities for her to get to know Pierre.
3:00pm - We are done eating and put away the leftovers. I give some to Colette to take with her while Pierre gets ready to go back to work. Yep, he has to work again. I think Pierre’s job takes advantage of his eager to please nature and I tell him so, but he says he can handle it. Plus, he gets holiday pay. Colette also leaves and my mom and I take a short food coma nap.
4:48pm - We bundle up and head out to see the window displays at Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s. My mom is annoyed that so many shops are open. She complains that back home, Thanksgiving plans revolve around the football games and here, everything revolves around shopping. Still, we go into Macy’s to look for my birthday gift and take advantage of their “pre-Black Friday” sale. We find a BCBG genuine leather jacket for 50% off. The sales clerk says it’s the last one and it just so happens to fit me perfectly. My mom uses her Macy’s card to pay for it. I thank her for the birthday gift.
7:50pm - We stop to buy Palmolive dish soap at CVS. I’m running low at soap at home and my mom says my Trader Joe’s branded soap is not up to the task of handling Thanksgiving dishes. - $2.49
8:59pm - I take my mom to The View, the revolving restaurant within the Times Square Marriott. I get a margarita and she gets a non-alcoholic Apple Pie. We talk more about her upcoming move and I tell my mom my complicated feelings about it. She tells me that this is a good thing and Trump isn’t winning here. “I raised two daughters who are both great successes and now I’m going to retire and live my life. We won, not him,” she says. - $56.98
10:00pm - Back home! I shower and go to bed. My mom stays up to watch her telenovela.
Day 5: 11/29
10:00 am - Wake up and get ready to go. Mom fell asleep on the couch again. At this rate, I might as well just make her a bed out there. She insists that she’s fine. Anyway, today is all about my mom. I take her shoe shopping at a mom and pop store on the Upper East Side store that carries SAS shoes, her favorite brand. My mom is very picky and only finds one pair that she likes in her size. And it's on sale! - $20.00
12:49pm - I take my mom to El Museo del Barrio. El Museo is in partnership with The City Museum of New York next door so once we’re done with El Museo, we go next door and don’t have to pay a second admission fee. - $18.00
2:40pm - I take my mom to Grand Central Station to admire the main hall and we eat lunch in the food court. I order ramen and chicken dumplings for the both of us. - $33.57
3:30pm - I take my mom to oo35mm, my favorite beauty supply shop in Chinatown. I buy a bottle of facial wash for myself and convince my mom let me buy her an anti-wrinkle cream, a hair mask, and a pair of sheet masks for us. My mom is skeptical (she’s an Estée Lauder and Clinique gal) but I swear to her that the sales clerks know what they’re talking about in their recommendations. She does admit that my skin has cleared up a lot this past year so she agrees to let me buy the products for her. - $60.92
5:40pm - We walk to Little Italy and have a light dinner at a touristy restaurant that has a really good Napoleon. Maybe there still is good Italian food in Little Italy. - $35.06
8:00pm - We go see Ain’t Too Proud to Beg, the Broadway musical based on lives of The Temptations. (I bought tickets last week on Today Tix). My mom likes the show but while I agree that the singing and dancing is spectacular, the acting was bland. Also, no one said “Ain’t nobody coming to see you, Otis!” so that was disappointing.
11:00pm - Back at home and we gotta go to bed because we’re going to Philadelphia in the morning!
Day 6: 11/30
7:00 am - Wake up! This time, I waited until I heard my mom snoring on the couch and then gently roused her to get a night’s rest on an actual bed. We eat a light breakfast and head to Penn station.
11:30am - Arrive in Philly! I bought Amtrak tickets a week ago to return at 10pm but my mom thinks that’s too late so she asks me to change them for an earlier time. - $44.00
11:46 am - We leave the station by walking and head towards City Hall and Dilworth Park. I need caffeine so we stop at Starbucks. - $4.67
12:00pm - The holiday shops at Dilworth Park and Love Park are amazing! I find an artist who has this adorable cat print that would be the perfect Christmas present for Colette. I find the artist's Etsy page and see that she's going to be at the holiday markets in NYC. I vow to check out her booth there too even though my mom tells me to stop spending my money. Well, Mom, tell the lady to stop making cute stuff! - $36.47
1:30pm - We are both hungry so we go to Reading Terminal Market and get lunch. Mom orders a Philly cheesesteak and I get a tortellini pasta salad and kale juice. - $25.34
2:30pm - We take the PHLASH bus to do a loop around the sights. We see the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, go up the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Art Museum, and then head to Old City to see the Betsy Ross House. Mom pays admission for the Betsy Ross House and I pay for our PHLASH fare. - $10.00
6:00pm - We are both tired and are ready to head home but still have a couple of hours at the station until our train. We still have leftovers from lunch so we finish those off and my mom buys herself a coffee and donut from Dunkin’. (She won't let me pay for it.) She lets me have a bite of the donut. While we wait, I pull up the Hulu documentary Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie on my phone for the both of us to watch.
10:30pm - Finally back home! Shower, get ready for bed, wait until I hear my mom fall asleep watching TV and then wake her up to come to bed.
Day 7: 12/1
9:30 am - Wake up! It’s my mom’s last day in NYC. I ask her what she wants to do. She says that she wants to do my laundry and scrub my bathtub. Moms.
We get dressed and eat a light breakfast. Then we attend Sunday service at my church. The sermon topic uses the recent climate change disasters as a jumping off point to discuss how climate change detrimentally affects the poor and marginalized and what our Christian duty is to help each other and the planet. My mom likes my church’s liberal, social justice oriented focus. She tells me that I should be a more active member and I am trying, but socializing with new people doesn’t come as easily to me as it does to her. Still, when one of the deacons asks me to read a passage from the Bible next week, I agree. Also, I donate $10 to the offering plate. - $10.00
2:00pm - After church, I take my mom to the Staten Island ferry so she can see the Statue of Liberty. My mom is impressed that we can get such a good view for free. Pierre texts me that he can meet us when he gets off at work at 4pm so I suggest we have an early dinner at my place before my mom goes to the airport.
2:34pm - After we get back to Manhattan, we take a bus to visit a church that was featured in The Devil’s Advocate (the 1997 movie with Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino) but the doors are locked. They must have locked up after morning mass. I feel bad because my mom loves old churches and she was really hoping to see what the interior looked like. The rain is starting to come down so I check my mom’s flight and see it’s been pushed back to 10pm.
3:00pm - On the way home, we stop by Trader Joe’s and pick up fixings to help transform the Thanksgiving leftovers into a new meal. We get milk, sandwich bread, almonds, grape tomatoes, mandarin oranges, green grapes, and cereal bars. The plan is to make grilled cheese sandwiches and kale chicken salad. - $25.73
5:00pm - We’re back at home but Pierre has bad news. Towards the end of his shift, he noticed something suspicious on the CCTV and when they went to investigate, they found someone died in the building. He’s still stuck at work answering questions from the NYPD and his company and doesn’t know when he’ll get out. He sends his regards to my mom and tells her “Bon voyage!” Mom and I make dinner for ourselves and when I check her flight again, it’s back to its original departure time of 8pm. Shit! We rush to get everything ready and then I call the Lyft. In the car, I check the flight again and it’s been pushed back to 10pm. What the hell? - $30.86, including tip.
6:30pm - Mom and I are at the airport and are super confused. The boards still say her flight leaves at 8pm but my flight tracker says it’s been pushed. My mom doesn’t want to miss it so she decides to go ahead and go through security. We say goodbye and I wait until she passes through before taking public transport home.
8:30pm - Finally back home! I’m super exhausted and clean up a little. My mom calls and reports that her flight got moved to 9pm. The winter storm is coming in so I think flights are trying to figure out who is going to get out tonight and who’s not. I tell my mom to call me if her flight ends up being cancelled so I can send a car to pick her up. If you really care, my mom’s flight ended up leaving at 11:30pm and she landed back home around 2:30am. I called her a Lyft and stayed up tracking it until she called me to report she was in the house. - $23.10, my mom tipped in cash.
Food/drink: $227.62
Entertainment: $18.00
Transport: $215.96
Other: $2100.46
Total: $2562.04
This wasn’t a typical week since it was Thanksgiving and I was hosting my mom, but my Day 1 is a typical spending day. I think I would have spent more if I had a different travel partner than my mother. She is extremely frugal and kept turning down stuff for us to do or buy even though I insisted it was my treat. In my defense, it’s my mom and I want to treat her. However, she did teach me good spending habits and it’s what gave me the push to find deals like the El Museo/City Museum partnership, the PHLASH fare, and ideas for things that we could experience for free or at a low-cost. I think I would say that I am better at spending money wisely but I want to get better at saving and building investments.
Okay, go ahead and roast me for still being on the family phone plan.
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