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Hack wizard101 level up fast?

Star by quest name I've noticed that some quests have stars next to them and some don't and i can't figure out why. I have played Wizard 101 for years, but it always end, s up the same. The guide was written for a Balance wizard who couldn't manage it, so keep that in mind. It continues to receive updates, and there's a decent sized community. Even though I am a level 70 balance wizard, I have not done so much pvp before–only a couple times.

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How to level up fast in wizard 101 – Wizard 101 Hack https://osteo-clinic.ru/download/?file=1102. Let's Play: Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire 47 New Spell, Yay. Wizard101 Cheats and Cheat Codes, PC. How Do You Hack Wizard 101 Accounts? his comment is here. Hobbies such as training pets, fishing, and gardening require energy; crafting.

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You can find the answers on one of our following Help pages. Also you can make new Wizards and as you get up to level 7 put the piggles into your shared bank and go into your main wizard and get all the piggles in your shared bank and put them in your backpack and sell all the piggles. How to Hack Wizard101 (with Pictures) - wikiHow Fun. When I "power-leveled" my first character, I got to probably right near the end of wizard city, found a couple of high level people (max level at the time was 60) and I asked them to go to dragonspire, or asked them if they were in dragonspire, if they were, I would port to them, get all the quests that were available, and run around completing everything that didn't involve killing stuff.

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Originally Posted by Dylan Windwalker. An example is when a level 16 is doing the Chancel Quest, instead of receiving the 7, 390 experience suggested, they will only receive 3, 925 experience. Wizard101: How To Level Up Fast (No Membership) – Wizard. Get the inside scoop on Wizard101 hacks, cheats, tricks, tips, and walkthroughs! Wizard101 is a 2020 massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Wizard101 - Best Class

PHB Ranger vs. Ranger/Rogue, or how multiclassing exposes badly made classes

TL;DR: Comparing the Ranger 5/Rogue X multiclass to just Ranger shows just how lacking Ranger’s lategame abilities are, and therefore the lack of incentive to actually play a pure Ranger. The XGE and UA ‘fixes’ for Ranger don’t do anything to the lategame, emphasizing the idea that T3 and T4 are mostly ignored
Part 1: “5 copper to throw sponges at the Ranger!”
It is known that PHB Ranger is indisputably the worst class of all, outstripping Sorcerer and Monk in just how lackluster and non-functioning it is. And if you somehow disagree with that last sentence, remember that the second half of Feral Senses (Ranger 18th) literally does nothing, Vanish (Ranger 14th) is objectively worse than Cunning Action (Rogue Level 2), and that Beastmaster was published in its current form. This indicates to me that Ranger had troubled development with little playtesting, either being rushed at the very end or done first and then forgotten about.
But fret not, if you want to play these foresty friends and not be super janky there are options! First, XGE provided 3 subclasses which were so powerful that they compensated for PHB Ranger’s weirdness. Second, you could play the UA Ranger, a re-balance of the first 10-or-so levels plus making Beastmaster actually goddamn function (though it was never published so DM discretion applies). Third, the Alternate Class Features UA provided some cool stuff for Ranger from 1st to 10th level (but again DM discretion). All helpful things that improve Ranger, especially at lower levels.
One thing you may notice is that all these fixes focus on the lower levels instead of the late-game. This seems odd to me – looking at PHB Ranger the late-game is when the class features utterly collapse into nothingness. This unresolved problem has inspired a secret fourth fix: PHB Ranger 5/Rogue X multiclass, i.e. taking first 5 levels of Ranger before heading into Rogue. This keeps Ranger’s earlygame, before transitioning into Rogue for a power boost. However, the inherent limitations of multiclassing keep this from just being purely better than a single class build... right?
I want to go through the multiclass (referred to as R from now on) compared to just Ranger (referred to as Pure from now on) as it REALLY highlights the problems of Pure. But to truly explore the tragedy of the situation, we must first explore why we even consider multiclassing.
Part 2: Viable Multiclassing 101
(This section is more of a vanity thing, feel free to skip. I just want to hammer home how messed up Pure is) Multiclassing is a fun way to spice up a character, giving them a considerably different flavour to a single class. However even if you’re not interested in fully optimising you don’t your character to fall into uselessness, so when planning a build you should keep several ideas into consideration.
  • "It gets better later, I swear!": The most important thing is that your build WORKS at all levels. There’s no point in having a FighteCleric/Barbarian that comes online at 11th level if you die to an ogre at 5th. You need to consider how the build works level by level, not how good it could be at the very end (similarly, being good now is usually better than POTENTIALLY being good later – I might make a whole post on this in the future). The only exception to this is if you start at high-level and so don’t have to struggle through mediocrity to get everything working.
  • Gotta hit those peaks: Classes are designed to have power spikes which give your character a big boost. For every class (except maybe Rogue) the first big one is at 5th level – martials get extra attack, casters get 3rd level spells – though other power spikes exist such as Moon Druid 2 or Hexblade Warlock 1. So, when planning out your build, you don’t want to miss out these power spikes – Paladin 4/Bard X misses extra attack and suffers for it
  • No, 1 Level in every class is a bad idea: Tying into the above, delaying power spikes long after the point they are designed for is almost as bad. To use the above point, Moon Druid’s Circle Forms at 2nd level is utterly fantastic, the same feature is mediocre when picked up at 7th level. This is why alternating levels between two classes (Class A 1/Class B 1/Class A 1/Class B 1/…) is very bad, as you delay the power spikes of each class for way too late. Therefore when planning you’re build you also have to think about WHEN you are hitting your power spikes, and which ones you want to prioritise (e.g. Extra Attack is almost required to keep up early on, but Cunning Action can wait a while)
  • By our powers combined: The classes you pick for a multiclass should have features that synergise, and certainly shouldn’t clash. This is why the Wizard/Barbarian Muscle Mage doesn’t work – you can’t cast spells or concentrate on them whilst raging, so you’re either a barbarian with less hp and fewer features, or a mage with more hp and far fewer spells, inferior to an equivalent Pure Barbarian or Wizard.
  • Better SAD than MAD: You want to minimise the number of ability scores you need, as otherwise to make the build work you need to rely on a lucky stat roll (or suffer with Point Buy). This is called being SAD over MAD (single/multiple attribute dependent). This makes cleric/druid decent as you can focus on Wisdom and Constitution, with a supplement of Strength or Dex.
(A common pitfall I see is the idea that missing out of capstone abilities is a mark against multiclass builds. Sure, if the capstone is strong enough it might make the Pure class better than the multiclass at 20th level, but a whole 19 other levels of play exist! If the multiclass has been dominating the past 14 levels, you're going to be far better for far more play time)
The method of how you multiclass is important as well, and defines the build:
  • Minor Dip to Main Class: taking a small number of levels in a class to gain proficiencies/early features, and then sticking in the second class for the rest of the game. This stunts your growth in the second class, but the initial proficiencies can be worth it. Fighter 2/Wizard X is a classic example – your spellcasting is held back by 2 levels however Heavy Armour Proficiency, Action Surge and Constitution saving throws are enticing enough to make this viable.
  • Big Power Spike to Second Class: This involves getting to the major bump around the 5th level feature before transitioning into the second class. This is good for when you only want the first few features and find the others underwhelming/better suited by a different class. As we will see, R is a perfect example of this
  • Main Class to Alternate Capstone: This involves taking the first class to T3, then taking a few levels in another class (either for a quick dip or until 20th level). The core identity is still determined by the original class, with the multiclass just adding some extra oomph. A classic example is Barbarian X/Champion Fighter 3/Barbarian Y – you miss out on a good capstone but pick up Action Surge and Improved Critical to greatly buff your DPS earlier on.
(Multiclassing with 3+ classes doesn’t fit nicely into this structure, and are much harder to pull off as all the issues compound. The notable exception is, of course, Sorhexadin)
One key idea that is comes up again and again is tradeoff – you miss out on goodies to get your multiclass benefits. This helps keep multiclassing in check as you can’t go for an objectively better upgrade. This also makes the individual classes viable – even in the case of Sorcerer (as someone who thinks the class is underpowered) you would choose it over Sorhexadin if you want to be a blaster. As for R… well, I’m making this post for a reason!
Part 3: The Actual Goddamn Point of the Post
Using the above criteria, R seems straightforward – a dexterity-stacking build, picks up some neat Ranger features ending at 5th level extra attack, before going into Rogue to get its proficiencies and power spikes. This is offset by Pure’s better DPS… I mean utility…. I mean survivability? Wait, what? OK, by the basic principles of multiclassing, there MUST be some significant tradeoff to make Pure viable at later levels. We can test this by comparing the builds level by level from 6th to 20th.
And that’s what I did.
Below is a table showing the features of R and Pure, considering several subclasses (both Rogue and Ranger). Note that the both Pure and R pick up the 3rd level Ranger subclass features – the Ranger subclasses are listed as R misses their later features and so are of interest for this comparison (with similar ideas for the Rogue subclasses and Pure). Not all subclasses are covered here as even I have my limits, however the only notable one I missed was Arcane Trickster (it gives R more spellcasting stuff, but I couldn’t be arsed to work out the spell slots/spells known).
Note that R works for both Strength and Dexterity builds! You only need a ranged/finesse weapon for sneak attack, and Strength builds can easily use shortswords and dual wielding to get this done. In addition, R requires 13 dexterity and 13 wisdom for multiclassing, both of which are doable for Strength or Dexterity (as Strength normally wants 14 dex for AC anyway)
Level R Core Thief (R) Scout (R) Pure Core Hunter (Pure) Gloomstalker (Pure)
6 (r1) Expertise (x2 prof in 2 skills), Thieves tools prof, Extra rogue skill, Thieves’ Cant, Sneak Attack (SA) 1d6 +1 Favoured enemy, language, terrain
7 (r2) Cunning Action (Dash, Disengage, Hide as BA) Ranger Archetype (RA) feature, +1 2nd level spell, +1 spell known Defensive Tactics (opp attacks made with disadvantage, if hit w/attack gain +4 AC vs all attacks from that creature, adv. On saving throws vs fear) Iron Mind (prof in wisdom saving throws
8 (r3) Roguish Archetype (RA), RA Feature, SA 2d6 Fast Hands (cunning action to make Sleight of Hand check, use thieves’ tools, or Use an Object action), Second Story Work (climb speed = move speed, extra jump distance) Skirmisher (move up to half speed as reaction when enemy ends turn next to you, no AoO provoked), Survivalist (proficiency + expertise in nature, survival) Land’s stride (ignore non-magical difficult terrain (and some damage), bonuses vs magical plant spells), ASI
9 (r4) ASI +1 3rd level spell, +1 spell known
10 (r5) Uncanny Dodge (halve attack damage as reaction), SA 3d6 Hide in plain sight (1 min, with supplies, get +10 to stealth checks unless move), +1 favoured terrain
11 (r6) Expertise (in 2 more skills) RA feature, +1 3rd level spell, +1 spell known Multiattack (ranged attacks in 10ft range of point, melee attack vs creatures within 5ft) Stalker’s flurry (one per round, when you miss, make another attack)
12 (r7) Evasion (half or no damage vs dex stuff), SA 4d6 ASI
13 (r8) ASI +1 4th level spell, +1 spell known
14 (r9) RA feature, SA 5d6 Supreme Sneak (adv on stealth checks when moving half speed) Superior Mobility (+10ft walking speed) +1 favoured enemy, language, Vanish (hide as bonus action)
15 (r10) ASI RA feature, +1 4th level spell, +1 spell known Superior Hunter’s Defense (Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, when enemy misses you w/ melee attack you use reaction to repeat attack vs other creature) Shadowy Dodge (when creature attacks you w/o advantage, use reaction to force disadvantage)
16 (r11) Reliable talent (min roll 10 on skill checks prof in) SA 6d6 ASI
17 (r12) ASI +1 4th level spell, +1 5th level spell, +1 spell known
18 (r13) RA feature, SA 7d6 Use magic device (what are restrictions on magic items?) Ambush master (advantage on initiative rolls, targets hit have advantage to hit for allies) Feral Senses (ignore hidden penalty to attacks, actually useless invis thing)
19 (r14) Blindsense (aware of hidden/invis creatures within 10ft) ASI, +1 5th level spell, +1 spell known
20 (r15) Slippery mind (Prof. in wis. saving throws), SA 8d6 Foe Slayer (+ wis to one attack or damage roll vs. favoured enemy, and cry yourself to sleep WoTC pls)
Having done all that, let's see the advantages of the Pure build:
  • Spells: Pure gets some spells over R, a total of 1 2nd level spell, 3 3rd, 3 4th, 2 5th level spells plus 7 more known. While it is important to note that the Ranger spell list isn’t super strong or varied (it’s not like R is missing out on wizard or cleric spells), the extra utility and damage options is a real and tangible advantage. Do be wary though that, as a half-caster, you'll get the non-Ranger-exxlusive utility spells far later than your caster comrades.
  • ASI distribution: Both builds get the same number of ASIs, with Pure getting the second and third ones earlier (8th and 12th compared to 9th and 13th) and R getting fourth and fifth ones later (15th and 17th instead of 16th and 19th). However, as stated before, benefit now is better than potential later, so this is a mark in favour of Pure
  • Favoured Terrain and Enemy: The two extra options for each give some minor benefits to Pure in the given circumstances, including extra languages
  • Subclasses: Ranger subclass features are generally better than Rogue's.
  • Hit Dice: a d10 is better than a d8 for recovering HP on a short rest, and you get a marginally higher max HP (+15 at level 20)
And that's it. Really. As for R:
  • Sneak Attack! Y’know how Pure’s damage output doesn’t actually improve past level 5, outside of (mostly bad) spells and Hunter’s Multiattack in specific circumstances? Well, R gets a bunch of extra d6s every single round, for free. You even get 2 (3 with dual wielding) chances to activate this extra damage! So yeah, lots of extra damage, which stacks with the early Ranger damage subclass features (i.e. the good ones)
  • Skills: R gets an extra skill proficiency, Expertise in 4 skills, AND Reliable Talent, which not only eclipses the Favoured Terrain bonuses but also works in any terrain or against any creature
  • Actual Class Features: Cunning Action utterly clowns on Vanish (seriously, is anything vaguely dangerous tracking you non-magically at 14th goddamn level?) and comes 7 levels earlier. Also, Land’s Stride can be made up for via bonus action dash, and Hide in Plain Sight is replicated by Pass Without Trace (which R can learn!). Blindsense is comparable to Feral Senses (kinda bad but still technically usable), and free proficiency in wisdom saving throws is legit better than Foe Slayer as a capstone
  • Better Survivability: Pure gets a pittance of extra HP, however R gets both Evasion AND Uncanny Dodge for free, so in all real-world cases R has more effective health
In summary, R gets far superior single target damage, skill proficiencies, survivability, mobility, and even capstone. Pure gets some options for AoE if you choose a certain subclass or specific spells (but only in very specific situations), some minor utility in terrain and favoured enemy, slightly better subclass features and mid-level spells (and to be frank, only the last one is enticing). This paints a picture of R supremacy over Pure from 6th to 20th level, very rare for multiclassing (only matched by hexblade charisma stacking bullshit).
The only niche Pure has is with a Strength Ranger using feats to get Polearm master and Heavy Armour (and at that point, why not just go Fighter or Paladin?)
Part 4: The Not-very-spicy takes:
In general, multiclassing is about giving up power in certain areas to excel in others, providing interesting build options. In R’s case, it eclipses Pure in every area that matters unless you’re really into those exclusive spells (and the Bard stole all the good ones 7 levels ago). And here’s the kicker – UA ranger doesn’t even fix this! It makes early game Ranger significantly better sure, but there’s still very little incentive to go above level 5!
You may ask the question “Why does this matter anyway? You can do R if you really want to squeeze out more power, and leave everyone else to the core class.” And the problem is that the current iteration of the class lets down the idea of the Ranger. A warrior prowling on the edge of civilisation, an Elf tracking down monsters in the wilderness armed with a bow and their wits, a Half-Orc bursting out of cover to strike with dual handaxes: these are all kickass character ideas, and they deserve to be good without having to go “well let’s switch into rogue now I guess”. There should never be the case where you pick a class based on its conceptual space to later find that, if you keep going down your path, you will be significantly worse compared to your friends (an awful feeling for a team-based game)
If there is a 5.5e, the main takeaway for ranger shouldn’t be to re-re-refix the earlygame – lots of work has already been done on that - but instead to look at the truly abysmal lategame (the reason WHY people drop the class). Even if we go straight to 6e, a key lesson has been learned from Ranger – a class should be viable and enticing at ALL levels of play, not just to fall flat on its face and be totally eclipsed by a multiclass by 10th level.
Thank you very much for reading all this to the very end! I had toyed around with this for ages, but the 'Worst Class Features' post a few days ago spurred me on to actually finish this. Next time on my assorted series of rants, I'll do a spicy take on caster's power levels or some moaning about Aarakockra
(EDIT: There's some formatting issues, shall try and fix ASAP)
submitted by greydorothy to dndnext

New method

This is my updated To do list that is both Skilling Prodigy friendly and non-Skilling Prodigy friendly! You guys gave me a lot of good pointers last time so I thought I would share again and let you guys yell at me for my mistakes. Shoutout to Zulu(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuj8UiOtzpvR08jZcVbClxA) who gave me a lot of good ideas to mix in with what I already had. I think this is a pretty efficient route. I will still be updating this one as I am currently working on the Fossil Island Museum Camp section. Cheers!
Also Skilling Prodigy related things are in brackets.
Birdhouse Rush
  1. Thieve men till 100ish GP which also gives us an Easy Diary Task. [Skilling Prodigy should pickpocket Man once and do the rest at Farmers near the Chicken Pen mentioned later].
  2. Run to the second floor of Lumbridge Castle and start Rune Mysteries and pick up your free Anti-Dragonfire Shield from Duke Horacio.
  3. On the top floor of Lumbridge Castle bank everything except 5 GP, Runes, Bucket, Pot, and Dramen Staff.
  4. Exit castle and right click ask age Hans in the Courtyard for an Easy Diary Task. Fill your Bucket with water in the fountain.
  5. Grab Ironman Armor from the Ironman Tutor.
  6. Drop Mind and Air Runes and recollect from the Mage Tutor.
  7. Purchase a Hammer, a Chisel, a Pot, and a Bucket from the General Store. Sell your Bronze Dagger, Bronze Shortsword, and Wooden Shield here as well.
  8. Continue North and start Sheep Shearer at Fred the Farmer and he will give you Shears. Before leaving try and shear as much Wool as possible(this could be a mess). Start casting Wind Strike on NPCs and get NO MORE THAN 13 Magic.
  9. Head north west into the Chicken Pen and pick up an Egg. [There is a Farmer here. Let’s pickpocket him until at least 100 GP. We can stay longer in order to buy more supplies for later if desired].
  10. West of the Chicken Pen is a Wheat Field where we will want to pick up two Grain. Let’s run into the Mill and head up to the top floor to place the Grain in the hopper and then pull the lever. Back on the first floor use your Pot on the bin to collect your Pots of Flour. Add your Bucket of Water to ONE of the Pots of Flour to make Bread Dough.
  11. North of the Mill is a Dairy Cow Icon. Let’s use our Buckets on the Dairy Cow in order to get 2 Buckets of Milk.
  12. Karamja Teleport to Brimhaven. Purchase Glassblowing Pipe, 1 Seaweed, 1 Soda Ash, and 1 Bucket of Sand from Tradecharter Crewmember at the docks. Leave at least 10 GP. Drop and pickup the Seaweed 5 times for a Diary Task. [The next few steps are for Skilling Prodigy only! Skip to Step 15]
  13. [Take Hajedy’s cart to Shilo Village. Do not right click pay fare, click through the dialogue. Buy 1 Fishing Rod and 10 Fishing Bait for around 35 GP at the Shilo Village Fishing Hut. Also pick up an Unlit Torch from the General Store for 6 GP].
  14. Teleport back to Misthalin and turn in Cook’s Assistant. Cook the Bread Dough on the range in the kitchen for an Easy Task. Bank everything except Cash Stack, Fishing Rod, Fishing Bait, Air Talisman, and Runes. Now run to Lumbridge Swamp and complete Misthalin Mystery. (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Misthalin_Mystery) This will get you 3000 Crafting Exp for level 16 Crafting.
  15. [After the quest, IF YOU ARE SKILLING PRODIGY fish at least one Sardine and a couple Herring for some early food in Lumbridge Swamp. One Raw Sardine will be required for Gertrude’s Cat later on].
  16. On the way to Draynor Village stop by the Wizard’s Tower and talk to Sedridor to receive a Research Package. Let’s also pick the lock into the H.A.M. Hideout for a Diary Task and pickpocket a Female H.A.M. member until we get a Steel Pickaxe.
  17. Run to Draynor Village and buy as many Wines as possible from Fortunato. Also pick up 40 Hops seeds[Slayer Prodigy should also try and get some Jute Seeds] from Olivia if they are available(if not either check back later or we are going to need to thieve master farmers for seeds at some point). Before leaving, complete a lap of the Draynor Village Agility Course to complete a Diary Task and also pick up 3-5 Ropes from Ned(money permitting). Speak to Morgan just north of Ned's house. Go upstairs of Morgan's building and open and search the cupboard to receive Garlic. Bank everything except Cash Stack, Mind/Air Runes, Food, Hammer, Research Package, and Axe. If there are no wines, shrimp and bread/[herring] should be good enough.
  18. Run to Barbarian Village [and cook your Sardines and Herring at the fire nearby the Stronghold of Security Entrance. Make sure to leave 1 Raw Sardine ]. Complete the first 3 floors of Stronghold for your 10K. We can complete the 4th floor to unlock the emotes. Perform all 4 emotes before leaving for a Diary Task.
  19. Once you have your 10K, exit and run to Varrock. On the way you can start working on 9 Logs in the inventory.
  20. [Start Gertrude’s Cat and grab Doogle Leaves behind her house. Combine the Doogle Leaves with the Raw Sardine to make a Seasoned Sardine.] Bank everything except [Seasoned Sardine], Bucket of Milk, Hammer, Research Package, Axe, Logs, and Cash Stack. Browse Thesalia’s Shop for a Diary Task. We can also buy a fashionable cape here :). We can also buy some range supplies from Lowe’s Range Shop in order to keep Combat Level down for Tree Spirits if desired.
  21. [On the way to start Daddy’s Home talk to the two boys Shilop and Willough in Varrock Square. Pay them 100 GP and they will tell you of the “Cat’s Secret Hideout”]. Buy a newspaper for 50 GP for an Easy Task. Kill anything to get Bones and give them to the Stray Dog for a Diary Task. Head to The Blue Moon Inn located south of Varrock Square. Talk to Dr Harlow. He will want you to buy him a Beer. Find the Bartender, buy a Beer, and then talk to Dr Harlow. He will give you a Stake. Head to the Real Estate Agent’s house to start the quest and receive a Saw from the Real Estate Agent. (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Daddy%27s_Home).
  22. Leave the building and across the road complete Varrock Museum for 20 SlayeHunter (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Natural_history_quiz).
  23. Clean Uncleaned Finds in the Varrock Museum until you find a Clean Necklace which is a 1/51 chance. We can bank everything here to make this process easier. You can also get other antiques which can be turned in to one of the archaeologists and either be placed in an exhibit(Pottery, Old Symbol, Ancient Symbol, Old Coin, Ancient Coin) or a storage crate(Arrowheads, Old Chipped Vase, Jewelry) for rewards. (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Uncleaned_find) This is not a necessary step, but will save time in the long run. The Exp Lamps and Digsite Pendant will go a long way for us. Just skip to Step 28 if this does not interest you.
  24. You must be wearing Leather Boots and Leather Gloves and must also be holding a Trowel, Rock Pick and Specimen Brush. All of these items are available from the tool rack on the south wall of the museum. Uncleaned Finds can be taken from the Digsite Specimen Rocks Pile. They can then be cleaned by using them on an Empty Specimen Table while wearing the Leather Boots and Gloves and having the three tools from the tool rack in your inventory. Before leaving speak to Haig Helen for a Diary Task.
  25. Once the Clean Necklace is obtained, talk to one of the archaeologists to learn how to enchant Ruby Necklaces into a Digsite Necklace. Speaking to the Information Clerk: 51+ Kudos: 1,000 Experience in Mining bringing us to 20 Mining. 101+ Kudos: 2,500 Experience in Crafting and 3,500 Experience in Mining. 151+ Kudos: 4,000 Experience in Crafting, Hunter, Prayer, Slayer and Smithing. These numbers can be multiplied by whatever multiplier threshold you are at in Trailblazer.
  26. Run south to Old Man Yarlo’s House (next to the rune shop). Speak to him twice until you can skip the cutscene. Destroy all the furniture and search the crate in the kitchen to get 3 Waxwood Logs.
  27. While leaving the house purchase 300 Mind Runes and 600 Air Runes from Aubry in the rune shop for roughly 3500 GP. We can also turn in the Research Package to Aubry now. Head south east through the gate and pick up a Wizard’s Hat from the shop. On the way out to the sawmill, steal from the Tea Stall along the eastern wall for a Diary Task.
  28. At the Sawmill purchase 5 Bolts of Cloth for 3250 GP and 30-50 Nails of any type(the better the quality the less likely to bend). Grab your 10th Log from a Dead Tree in the Sawmill for a Diary Task and turn your Logs into Planks which will cost 1000 GP. [Before leaving make sure to progress through Gertrude’s Cat (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Gertrude%27s_Cat)].
  29. Finish building the furniture at Old Man Yarlo’s and return to Marlo the Real Estate Agent to complete the Quest.
  30. Sell back the Bolts of Cloth to the Sawmill for around 2000 GP. We will use the others at Fossil Island. Now bank everything except Steel Pickaxe.
  31. Go to East Mine and obtain 6 Copper, 2 Tin, and 1 Iron. Avoiding Dark Wizards, head to the West Mine and obtain 9 Clay and fill the rest of your inventory with Iron. [Grind Iron until 28 Mining for Karamja Easy Diary]. Non Skilling Prodigy players will have to grind to 40.
  32. At this point bank everything except Cash Stack, Food, Dramen Staff, Axe, and Runes. Make sure you hit level 13 Magic for Fire Strike (you can safespot the guards in Varrock if you slacked off) and on the way to the Edgeville Fairy Ring buy a Staff of Fire from Zaff. Take the Edgeville Fairy Ring to BKQ to the Enchanted Valley (you will need an axe to spawn the tree spirits).
  33. At the Enchanted Valley kill Tree Spirits until you get a Rune Axe. Pick up everything. If Rune Axe does not drop, sell anything expendable and pick up more runes until you get the drop.
  34. After obtaining the Rune Axe and hopefully some extra cash(at least 11.5k for our POH + Oak Planks), head back to Varrock via Fairy Ring and bank everything in your inventory except for Magic Gear, Runes(to kill a lvl 7 Cave Bug and a lvl 13 Zombie), Rope, Unlit Torch, Tinderbox, Cash Stack, a Knife, and a USABLE Axe. Let’s grind out some woodcutting and collect 10 Oak Logs to turn into Planks at the Sawmill(this is for Fossil Island Camp later)[Skilling Prodigy may only need 6 Oak Planks if they can save some when training Construction]. If you don’t have enough cash to obtain the Oak Planks we are going to need to fletch and sell to shops for some GP or sell expendables for runes for a second Tree Spirit trip.
  35. If none of the moneymakers above interest you we can just buy our Oak Planks at the Sawmill and continue. If you have everything completed let’s head to the Fairy Ring west of the GE and use code DIR to teleport to Wizard’s Tower for a Diary Task. Having Sedridor teleport you to the Essence Mine is another Diary Task. Now that we don’t care about keeping our combat level low, kill a Zombie in the sewers dungeon entrance near the Jail in Draynor Village for a Diary Task. Now is a good time to go into Lumbridge Swamp Cave and kill a Cave Bug for a Diary Task. Remember to use a Rope on the entrance and keep your Torch lit. Grab a Swamp Tar for Plague City(Kandarin). Remember to make sure we have Hop Seeds at this point[and Jute Seeds for Slayer Prodigy]. We can grind Thieving till Master Farmers(38) or Seed Stalls(27) to get them if shops are still fucked. Steal wines from Wine Stall or buy wines to heal from thieving damage. [Make sure we have 4 Willow Logs in the bank. 29 Woodcutting also lets us use the Rune Axe]. Chopping Willow Trees in Draynor is a Diary Task. If we have extra cash lets buy a Chronicle and some Teleport Cards since this is our fastest teleport to Varrock without using Law Runes.
  36. If you already have the money skip to next step. Train Woodcutting and Fletching in Lumbridge/Draynor until you are back to at least a 10K cash stack after purchasing the 10 Oak Planks (The Workshop POH Room cost 10K). Don’t forget to upgrade your axe at Bob’s Axe Shop when your level increases if you didn’t get all the axes from tree spirits. Also make sure you have at least 4 Oak Logs[Willow Logs for Skilling Prodigy] banked for the first birdhouse run. [Chop Oaks to 18 Woodcutting and Willows till 29 Woodcutting so we can now use the Rune Axe.] If 30 minutes has passed, we can claim more free Air and Mind runes from the Magic Tutor. Non Skilling Prodigy Method: ((47 Logs into Arrow Shafts. 66 Longbow (u). 41 Oak Shortbow (u). 117 Oak Longbow (u). 89 Willow Shortbow (u). Maximum of 224 Willow Longbow (u) for 11.5k cash stack))
  37. Lets chop and burn an Oak Log in Lumbridge for a Diary Task. We can try to complete Sheep Shearer if not already finished after spinning the wool into balls of wool on the 2nd floor of Lumbridge Castle. This quest may still be packed and wool sparse to come by. The crafting exp is not really required because we already have our level for the first birdhouse run so this is just personal preference(we can actually finish shearing sheep in Zanaris if desired thanks dat_weird_kid !)
  38. Let’s go bank everything except 1 Soda Ash, 1 Bucket of Sand, Copper Ore, Tin Ore, and Iron Ore. Smelt the Copper and Tin Ore in order to get the smithing for Iron. We need at least 2 Iron Bars. Now let’s make the Molten Glass.
  39. Bank everything except Cash Stack, Hammer, Saw, Nails, 8 Planks, 10 Oak Planks, 4 Steel Bars, 1 Molten Glass and a POH Teleport. Teleport to your POH and get at least 25 Construction. Try to save at least 5 Planks and at least 10 Oak Planks for Museum Camp. (Make sure to build a Crafting Table 1 with 4 Oak Planks at Level 16 during construction training[even Skilling Prodigy players need this level as it cannot be boosted] This will require you to buy the workshop room for 10K). Upgrade to the Crafting Table 2 with your 1 Molten Glass. Now build 4 Clockworks with 4 Steel Bars.
  40. Grab a Chisel, Hammer, Iron Bar, 2 Oak Planks, 5 Planks, 10 Nails, Hop Seeds, 4 Clockworks, and 4 Oak/Willow Logs while banking everything else. Before heading there make sure we have the following banked: 10 Oak Planks, 2 Iron Bars, 25 Nails, 1 Tinderbox, 2 Logs, 3 Clay, 1 Bucket, 2 Ropes, and 5 Planks. These supplies will give us everything we need to build the Museum Camp on Fossil Island. Take the boat north of the Digsite to Fossil Island.
Museum Camp
  1. After arriving on Fossil Island, the Museum Camp will be to your west. Building the utilities requires a Hammer. We will need 10 Oak Planks, 2 Iron Bars, 25 Nails, 1 Tinderbox, 2 Logs, 3 Soft Clay, 1 Bucket, 2 Ropes, and 5 Planks. After completing everything we can receive 5 Unidentified Small Fossils by speaking to Peter. Once we construct the Bank Chest we can grab out our other materials for the other utilities. Once we construct the Well we can use our Clay on it to receive Soft Clay and be able to finish the Cooking Pot.
  2. Construct the Bank Chest. 21 Construction. Hammer, 2 Oak Planks, an Iron Bar, 5 Nails.
  3. Construct the Archaeologists' Cleaning Bench. 5 Construction. Hammer, 5 Planks, 5 Nails.
  4. Construct the Well. 22 Construction. Hammer, 2 Oak Planks, Bucket, Rope, 5 Nails.
  5. Construct the Cooking Pot. 24 Construction. Hammer, 2 Logs, Tinderbox, Iron Bar, 3 Soft Clay.
  6. Construct the Spinning Wheel. 28 Construction. Hammer, 4 Oak Planks, 5 Nails.
  7. Construct the Loom. 29 Construction. Hammer, 2 Oak Planks, Rope, 5 Nails.
With birdhouses out of the way now you are free to complete tasks or follow steps below until you unlock Kandarin. Make sure you work on crafting to complement your birdhouse tiers! Buy Chronicle and Teleport Cards from Diango in Draynor Village for easy teleports to Varrock for your birdhouse runs if you are not rushing a Digsite Pendant.
Digsite Pendant
  1. We need to get Level 49 Magic and a Cosmic Rune in order to enchant a Ruby Necklace. Our best bet to get a Cosmic Rune is to kill Big Frogs in the Lumbridge Swamp.
  2. Safespot the Big Frogs until you get a Cosmic Rune (1/21 drop rate) . If runes permit we can grind here for some more Cosmic Rune drops as this is our best method until other regions are unlocked.
  3. If you are in need of some more Ruby Necklaces, we're going to need 34 Crafting to cut Rubies as well as 40 Crafting(28 Skilling Prodigy) to actually make the necklace. It looks like a good method to obtain early rubies will be to do the Karamja Easy Diary for Karamja Gloves 1 because it has the same requirements for the gem mine so we can knock out two birds with one stone. Once we have 40 Mining(28 Skilling Prodigy) we can mine gem rocks for a 1/25 chance(and let’s bank the other gems for some crafting exp!)
Karamja Easy Diary
  1. The skill requirements for this Diary are going to be 40 Mining(28 Skilling Prodigy) and 15 agility(N/A Skilling Prodigy) and the two requirements of traveling to Port Sarim and Ardougne are auto completed.
  2. For non Skilling Prodigy, Agility will be easy and will only take one or two laps around the Draynor Village Agility Course.
  3. To knock out the 40 Mining requirement we can mine 28 coppetin ore to get us to 15 Mining. Then we need to mine 200 Iron Ore putting us right at 40 Mining. The spots that seem to be the most efficient are going to be one of the two spots south of Varrock which both have tin and iron deposits. [For Skilling Prodigy if we use lamps from the Varrock Museum to boost our Mining we can quickly get close to the 28 Mining requirement].
  4. Now that the skilling requirements are out of the way we need to grab our Cash Stack, a Pickaxe, a Small Fishing Net, and our Magic Equipment to kill a Level 53 Jogre. Also it should be noted that food might be necessary here because of the many aggressive monsters around the island. Banking at Shilo Village(talk to the cart man near the POH portal) to go on a suicide mission when you mine the gold ore due to poisonous scorpions and the lack of antipoisons early might also be a strat.
  5. Now complete the Diary shoutout to Slayermusiq1: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbLRTs0ZJak&list=LL07RAbSDogMnNwVIQPtnEeQ&index=289). Skip the parts where he travels to Port Sarim and Ardougne obviously.
Once the Easy Diary is completed we should try to always sell items to the general store on Karamja instead of back in Misthalin since we get perks with our Karamja Gloves 1. Also lowkey these gloves are our BiS for the time being(lol).
Count Draynor
  1. Arguably worth waiting for until we unlock the x8 Multiplier.
  2. Now that you have the required items, you must now fight the vampyre. Make sure you have a Weapon, Armour, Food, Garlic, a Hammer, and the Stake.
  3. Go to Draynor Manor. Once inside, go down the large stairs on the east side of the building. There will be a coffin in the centre of the room. Open it and the vampyre, Count Draynor, will pop up and attack you. If you have Garlic, the Count will be weakened, though he will still pose a huge threat to players with a low combat level.
  4. When you defeat the Count, you will automatically stab him with the Hammer and the Stake. Congratulations! Quest complete!
Possible changes:
Start farming in Hops Patch early
Stop by Father Urhney’s shack and claim a free ghostspeak amulet
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