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(Advice needed) Can I speed up my project using ML ?

Hello, I'm new to this community and new to ML as well. I need some advice on whether I can use ML for following project I'm being part of.
The project is basically, when a user input a scanned copy of a book (Sinhala language) it automatically identifies paragramsmwords,letters and stuff and save them as text files (basically an online library). I'm creating the OCR correction for it.
So, I'm thinking about checking each word with a dataset (number of books) and if the word is not available, that word is recognized as misidentified word through OCR process. At the moment I'm doing this using for loop for checking each word with the dataset. But as this is regarding books, this takes so much time to compare. So, I'm wondering if there is anyway I can achieve this using a ML algorithm ? Can I train the dataset with ML and speedup the process ? If so, how can I do this ? Can anyone recommend me a resource to look into ?
Thank you in advance.
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Open challenge to all Nehru bashers - name three founding fathers, in past century, who did a better job for their country than what JLN did for India. I tried to do this exercise as a joke but was astonished when I utterly failed

Since the advent of fb/twitter I have always witnessed Nehru being lynched left right and center, never thought much about it. Few months back Zimbabwe underwent a coup and it got me thinking why no coup in India, not even an attempt to coup? Are there any other countries like us? Upon a bit of googling I came up with a map(link in the comments) Boy oh boy! India seems like an oasis of tranquility in middle of a huge shitstorm called Asia!
The problem with debating Nehru is that the neither side will ever get convinced of the other guy's argument on points like economics, defence, Kashmir, Patel, Netaji, Edwina etc. So rather than being stuck in the same loop why not try to find few guys who did better than JLN.
In order to give a tough fight to Nehru the contender should
  • Remain alive and serve for at least 5yrs
  • Not be a dictator (hold fair elections)
  • Keep the country in one piece without civil wars
  • Belong to a country at least as big as Bangalore City (1 crore population)
  • Do some good things
Funny as they seem, first 3 factors eliminate 90% of the candidates. Lets start!
Our immediate neighbours
  • Jinnah(Pak), wasn't even alive for 17 months let alone 17yrs of service. Liaquat Ali, his deputy, failed to finalize constitution, imposed one language one religion formula all over nation etc. We all know the rest of clusterf*** saga
  • Mujib (Bdesh), ruled 4yrs, famine in 1974, heavy nepotism, failed nationalization, failed to hold elections at local level, Jatiya bahini to kill opponents, and finally declared emergency in 74, banned all opposition parties, frustrated army takes a tank to his doorstep and kills his entire clan
  • Sennayake (SL) died within 4 yrs, volatility of 5 PMs in next 8 yrs , Tamils were not happy with his citizenship laws, which disenfranchised all Tamils, later PM Bandarnaike passed Sinhala only act which planted the seed of LTTE
  • ??? (Nepal) A decade long civil war led to democracy which had 8 PMs since 2008
  • Aung San (Myanmar), he was their only chance of uniting the numerous ethnic minorities and disparate political groups, but was killed before gaining power and so began the usual civil war
East Asia
  • Mao (China) his activities made hitler look like a cute teddy bear. In his first five years, he killed about 4 to 6 million by indiscriminately sentencing them to death. His policies also starved about 20 million citizens
  • Papa Kim ( N Korea) they have a nuke button now!!
  • Syngman Rhee ( S Korea ) Ruled for 12yrs as dictator. enacted laws that severely curtailed political dissent, assassinated opponents, ordered massacres, entire Rhee regime was notorious for its corruption and caused death of thousands in scams, rigged elections and eventually driven out of country by protestors
  • Chiang Kai-shek ( Taiwan ) Ruled for 20yrs as dictator, enacted "temporary provision" to nullify constitution and impose martial law, these provisions lasted for 4 decades. his party KMT was so notorious that public thought of the then past Japanese oppressors as 'benevolent rulers'.
South Asia
  • Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) conceived the brilliant idea of violating international ceasefire and started the biggest clusterf*** war of post WW2 era, died fighting it
  • Sukarno (Indonesia) could not bring together Islamists, communists and secularists. Millitary refused to accept his orders and 1st VP resigned in protest of his policy, forced to declare martial law, caused 600% inflation and communist massacre in 1965, finally got impeached and died in house arrest
  • Tunku ( Malaysia) not dictator, elected twice, no civil wars, seems like a winner!! Anyhow expelled Singapore in 1965, race riots in kuala lampur 1969 led to his resignation. He was the first guy who I thought was eligible to be a contender to JLN, but not many big achievements. Overall a nice guy who emphasized on secularism and democracy.
  • ??? (Philippines) none of the guys ruled for more than 4yrs till Marcos who imposed martial law, ruled for 20 yrs and when shit hit the fan, fled to Hawaii
  • ??? (Cambodia) took them 40 years after independence to elect first PM.
USSR and her daughters
  • Lenin (Soviet I) ruled 5yrs as dictator, 5yrs of civil war, killed thousands in concentration camps, 1-2 million died in famine.
  • Stalin (Soviet II) ruled 30yrs as dictator, dude was worse than Hitler but better than Mao.
  • Belarus, same guy ruling since independence. 24 yrs
  • Kazakhstan, Same dictator ruling since independence. gets 90-97% votes every term
  • Uzbekistan, Same guy ruled as president for 25 years till the day he died in office
  • Tajikstan, same story as above, Prez for 24 yrs, bonus prequel: one civil war and 2 coup attempts
  • Azerbaijan, 25 years of father son pair as president, bonus prequel: 6 yr long ethnic cleansing + war with 30k deaths and half a million displaced and yeah 2 military coups
All five of the above countries are not recognized as democracies in the Global Democracy Index.
Other examples
  • Tito (Yugoslavia) ruled 36yrs as dictator, persecuted oppo leaders/poets, debt increased at 17% for two decades. He was more liberal than other communist dictators. His eventual failure - legacy not strong enough to keep the nation in one piece.
  • Ataturk (Turkey) ruled for 15yrs this guy established a solid democracy, the only one in the world with a better record of regular elections than India! Many good policies like- voting rights for women in 1930!, made primary education free, had the courage to express regret for Armenian genocide. Can be considered a very solid contender vs Nehru.
  • Mandela (South Africa), ruled 5 yrs officially but effectively it was 2-3 years. In 1997 he said "defacto ruler of RSA is Mbeki my VP"
  • Ayatollah (Iran) , less said the better
  • Saddam (Iraq), why don't we ask him, oh wait...
  • Entire Continent of South America was disastrous 'khichdi' of coups and military dictatorships in 1960s-70s with uncle Sam dipping his dirty fingers everywhere.
  • Entire Continent of Africa (30+ countries), I skipped them as any of them didn't seem remarkable enough. Maybe I am unaware of some special cases.
  • Lee Kuan Yew (Singapore) was perhaps the only guy I found to be beating Nehru comprehensively in a democratic way but he did so with a country smaller than city of Ahmedabad and for the sake of fairness to Nehru I am only considering nations with at least 1crore population. Ataturk comes very near but still can't match up, please mention reasons if you disagree.
  • Many of made me aware that Lee Kuan Yew was not democratic in strict sense. He was anyway not qualifying 1 crore criteria, but I have edited the previous line.
  • We have a winner!! - Bostwana founding father Seretse Khama was mentioned and I agree. Ruled for 14 yrs managed to make sane country lacking militia groups and corruption. Two more to go!! When somebody commented I checked the wiki and misread population of 2 million as 2 crore. Bostwana seems to be smaller than South Delhi! We are back to zero :-(


IITs IIMs ISRO and India's nuclear program are the most minuscule components of Nehru's legacy. As seen in this global carnage it is not a mere coincidence that we survived with
  • ZERO civil wars ( China, Mexico, SL)
  • ZERO famines (we had 12 under Brits)
  • ZERO secession ( Singapore, Taiwan, Bdesh)
  • ZERO coups ( 95% of countries )
  • ZERO state sponsored GENOCIDE
  • NO disintegration of territory ( Yugoslavia, USSR and Gran Colombia)
I am in no way a big fan, his deep distrust/contempt of Army was perhaps the biggest reason we lost 1962. And yet it is the same distrust which led him to abolish post of commander in chief and split up the unified armed forces hierarchy into three separate commands. A bigger achievement than ZERO COUPS is zero attempts to coup, we take such an unshakable foundation for granted. Every damn political observer had predicted India to collapse spectacularly, none of them could foresee that we would adopt universal voting rights on the very 1st day, none could foresee that we would establish Non Aligned Movement rather than selling allegiance to a super power, none could foresee that we would adapt linguistic pluralism with elegant state reorganization. And that's why despite being the GUY WHO SINGLE-HANDEDLY LOST HIS NATION A WAR Nehru was among the best leaders of the century!
BIG EDIT Some chaps have completely misunderstood my assertion, if given a choice to be born in a country India will without doubt be in bottom 10% of my list, almost all countries are better than us in terms of HDI and prosperity. The assertion here is in context of "FOUNDING FATHERS" of nations with comparable population i.e. at least 1 crore. I am not hailing Nehru as the ultimate best, I am simply saying that he would be in top 5% and we should acknowledge that truth.
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