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Some kids came out ultimate week. Priisek Dark FM21 Skin v2.9 (Updated 00: 01 22.11.20) trujillo2008, 20 minutes ago Dominate & Attack 3-4-3 / Ruben Amorim Tactics kareklas, 1 hour ago My Big Game Philosophy. Update 13th February 2020, on the Roadmap we have 3.4 instead of 4.0. Stata 11 free download https://osteo-clinic.ru/download/?file=1163. Stat and Premium transfers are still available for transfers from 360 to Xbox One, as well as PS3 to PS4. Stat/Transfer 11 (64-Bit) A way to uninstall Stat/Transfer 11 (64-Bit) from your computer Stat/Transfer 11 (64-Bit) is a Windows application.

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[OC] The Case for Renegades' lGL: Chris "Dexter" Nong

Hi GlobalOffensive! I recently covered how crosshair placement can improve your probability of eliminating enemies which was well received from you guys. I figured I would make another one since you guys enjoyed the first one. For today, we will be taking a look at dexter, who is currently the IGL for Renegades.


Over the past few years, the CS:GO landscape has seen teams shift from tactical in-game leaders (IGL) to players who can not only call but frag out too. We have seen the retirement of tactical geniuses, such as Ex6tenz and Zeus, and the rise of IGLs with high fragging capabilities, such as gla1ve, blameF, and arT. I can even name a handful more other fragging IGLs, but my fingers are getting tired. The increase in fragging IGLs is a testament to that CS:GO has shifted from having four F1 racecar peekers and one mad scientist to four F1 racecar peekers and one mad scientist who can racecar peek too.


Dexter is a mad scientist who is also a F1 racecar peeker. He is a jack of all trade and a team player who is willing to play any role for the team. Dexter has cemented himself as the best CS:GO player in the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) scene with his 1.25 rating in 2020. His stats are even more green than my bank account, just have a look!! Only ZyWoo, s1mple, and sh1ro rank higher above dexter in 2020 (Note: HLTV did not include Renegades for both world and regional ranking). One can remark that the level of CS in the ANZ scene is comparably worse than the level of CS in EU and NA. But being in the same company as ZyWoo and s1mple is a lofty achievement.
Let’s take a look to see where dexter ranks among all the top eight players in the ANZ scene for this year.
Team Rating 2.0 Impact Rating ADR (Average Damage/round) KPR (kills/round) DPR (Deaths/round) KAST
dexter Renegades 1.25 1.34 88.1 0.82 0.65 73.2%
sterling AVANT 1.24 1.25 81 0.8 0.59 74.3%
aliStair ORDER 1.22 1.31 80.3 0.78 0.6 72.2%
ekul Paradox 1.18 1.32 80.9 0.78 0.66 69.5%
INS Renegades 1.18 1.23 84.8 0.75 0.65 72.1%
Rickeh ORDER 1.18 1.14 80.4 0.72 0.59 73.8%
Sico Renegades 1.17 1.13 73.9 0.71 0.56 74%
USTILO ORDER 1.14 1.15 79.1 0.74 0.64 72.1%
Dexter is leading the pack, dominating six of the eight categories in the process. He leads in Rating 2.0, impact rating, ADR and KPR.
Perhaps dexter is having a career year? Maybe he’s just an onliner who is benefitting from the pandemic? Let’s take a look at the three-year (2017-2020) average for the same eight players, shall we?
Rating 2.0 Impact Rating ADR (Average Damage/round) KPR (kills/round) DPR (Deaths/round) KAST
Sico 1.23 1.22 80.5 0.77 0.57 74.6%
dexter 1.22 1.28 85.9 0.79 0.65 72.9%
sterling 1.21 1.18 78.6 0.78 0.59 73.7%
INS 1.19 1.23 84.8 0.75 0.65 72.9%
aliStair 1.15 1.21 76.5 0.73 0.62 71.3%
ekul 1.13 1.26 80.6 0.76 0.69 68.5%
Rickeh 1.13 1.13 78.1 0.70 0.63 72.3%
USTILO 1.08 1.12 77.0 0.70 0.68 70.8%
Liazz (last match on September 30, 2018 1.29 1.27 88.6 0.82 0.59 76.3%
erkaSt (last match on August 26, 2019). 1.19 1.22 83.9 0.78 0.66 72.7%
Smh, so it turns out that this dexter guy is a fraud since he’s not even first place. He’s lost to some guy who can’t even spell sicko right LMAO.
Wrong! Dexter came second in HLTV’s 2.0 rating with 1.22, which was only 0.01 behind Sico. Dexter still dominated the impact rating, ADR, and KPR categories. This establishes him as the most consistent and impactful ANZ player over the last three years. Keep in mind, this dude is doing this while IGLing.
While dexter’s been marinating in Australia for awhile, Liazz, Gratisfaction, and Rickeh were more of the fortunate ones to receive a golden ticket to NA. Let’s see how dexter stacks up against the players who ditched Australia. We will be comparing the ANZ stats of dexter’s and the import’s, at the time of their transfers.

Dexter vs Liazz (liazz was signed by Renegades on October 31, 2018)

Rating 2.0 Impact Rating ADR (Average Damage/round) KPR (kills/round) DPR (Deaths/round) KAST
dexter 1.11 1.22 83.6 0.76 0.66 72.1%
Liazz 1.19 1.23 86.2 0.79 0.60 75.1%
Liazz beats out dexter in all six categories, but dexter was not too far behind.


Dexter vs Gratisfaction (Gratisfaction was signed by Renegades on October 31, 2018)

Rating 2.0 Impact Rating ADR (Average Damage/round) KPR (kills/round) DPR (Deaths/round) KAST
dexter 1.11 1.22 83.6 0.76 0.66 72.1%
Gratisfaction 1.12 1.21 76.6 0.73 0.60 72.6%
Dexter ties Gratisfaction with three categories a piece. However, dexter gets the edge he leads in the important fragging categories.

Dexter vs Rickeh (Rickeh was signed by Renegades on July 12, 2016)

Rating 2.0 Impact Rating ADR (Average Damage/round) KPR (kills/round) DPR (Deaths/round) KAST
dexter 0.96 1.17 76.9 0.76 0.67 69.5%
Rickeh 1.10 1.24 78.4 0.73 0.64 70.4%
Dexter is 21 maps into his career. Not enough data here to make a comparison.

Dexter’s closest comparable would be Liazz as Gratisfaction is an AWPer. Liazz was ranked 1st in the time span that he played in ANZ, while dexter was ranked 7th. At the time of his pickup, Liazz was the best player in ANZ and had dominated every statistical category. (Sico, who was Liazz’ teammate, was ranked 2nd and Gratisfaction was ranked 6th for those who wanted to know)
So why was dexter not picked up?
  1. Gratisfaction was signed to replace Nifty as the AWPer
  2. Liazz, the #1 ANZ player at the time, was signed to replace USTILO
  3. AZR was Renegades’ IGL, thus every spot was filled
Lastly, let’s see how dexter stacks up against other IGLs during big events (+250k event). Dexter made his big event IGL debut at IEM Sydney 2018, so we will be looking at matches after that.
Team Maps Played Rating 2.0 Impact Rating ADR KPR DPR KAST
dexter Renegades 45 0.96 1.17 76.9 0.76 0.67 69.5%
blameF coL and Heroic 26 1.11 1.20 81.1 0.73 0.68 69.4%
gla1ve Astralis 269 1.09 1.10 76.1 0.68 0.63 71.4%
boombl4 NaVi/Winstrike 81 1.07 1.09 75.6 0.67 0.66 70.8%
FalleN MIBR 210 1.02 0.99 67.1 0.64 0.63 70.1%
nitr0 Liquid (Retired) 278 1.02 0.94 66.9 0.62 0.62 71.7%
Aleksib OG & ENCE 87 1.01 0.98 72.8 0.64 0.67 69.9%
ALEX C9 & Vitality 139 0.99 1.02 71.8 0.66 0.7 67%
cadiaN Heroic & North 55 0.99 0.97 64.2 0.59 0.61 67.1%
Snappi Heroic & OpTic 35 0.97 0.89 72.9 0.62 0.69 70.1%
stanislaw EG/NRG & coL 111 0.96 0.93 69.4 0.6 0.67 68%
AZR 100T/RNG 163 0.95 0.9 69 0.63 0.69 67.3%
karrigan Mouz & FaZe 201 0.94 0.92 69.2 0.59 0.69 67.4%
MSL North & OpTic 47 0.93 1.00 67.9 0.63 0.72 64.2%
Xizt Fnatic and FaZe 132 0.92 0.81 66.9 0.57 0.67 68%
Golden Fnatic & C9 138 0.91 0.91 67.5 0.59 0.70 65.3%
Daps NRG & C9 132 0.88 0.77 61.9 0.53 0.67 68.3%
Liazz 100T 132 1.01 0.92 69.7 0.61 0.64 71.8%
Disregarding the small sample of Dexter’s participation at big events, Dexter would be the 10th best rated IGL, above stanislaw. At IEM Sydney 2018, dexter eliminated MIBR posting a 60-54 scoreline with a 1.10 rating. Dexter has shown flashes of excellent fragging capabilities, achieving a 1.12 rating at IEM Sydney 2019 and going 28-16 / 1.53 rating against EG, fresh off their IEM New York 2019 win.


I personally believe dexter would make a great IGL if given the chance on a top team. Although his rating puts him in the same company as stanislaw and AZR, dexter is 2nd in ADR, 1st in KPR and has the 2nd highest impact rating. Dexter’s fragging capabilities puts him on par with gla1ve, blameF, and boombl4. These stats indicate that dexter is statistically a good fragger, even against the top teams of the world.
With dexter, I think you’re looking at a nitr0 type player. Dexter is a player who not only can IGL, but entry frag. He has an opening kill rating of 1.18, good enough for 1st on Renegades. In addition, dexter is a consistent fragger achieving a rating of 0.95 vs top 10 teams and 0.95 vs top 50 teams. But when it comes to the top 5 teams, dexter steps up his game with a 1.00 rating.
Dexter has history of being a loose IGL, but he can set up his team tactically well if needed to. He would be a great fit on Liquid, for instance. He has already shown flashes of being a great fragger even while IGLing. Any team looking for an IGL should be considering dexter.
tl;dr: dexter is an underrated IGL who has the potential to be a top 15 IGL.
submitted by 1vizioN to GlobalOffensive

Let's talk about: Auburn

When: 11/28/20
Where: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Coach: Gus Malzahn
2019 Final Ranking: 14th
2019 Record: 9-4 (5-3 SEC)
• Scoring Offense: 33.2 points/game (28)
• Total Offense: 406.5 yards/game (64)
• Passing - 207.5 yards/game (87)
Sophomore QB Bo Nix returns from a polarizing freshman season. On the surface, his stats seemed mediocre, even lackluster. 16 TD's to 6 picks, with 2,500 yards is nothing to brag about, especially considering his abysmal 57.6% completion percentage. However, as much as I hate to admit it, he had clutch ability. From the comeback against Oregon to matching Alabama's scoring in the Iron Bowl, Nix never gives up, and although he lacks the natural talent many other QB's possess, he should not be written off as a bad QB. Not much behind Nix, Auburn brought in a low ranked player whom I think will be a career reserve, add in grad transfer Grant Loy, but it's all Nix at the Barn.
• Rushing - 199.1 yards/game (33)
Auburn had a strange situation in the RB room last year, the starter was JaTarvious Whitlow with 763 yards, marking one of the first, if not the first time Gus has not had a 1,000-yard rusher in a season. After Whitlow was D.J Williams with 400 yards. One or two other backs got carries, none of them significant, for the most part, Auburn focused more on their passing game than previous years. There was perhaps the hardest play to watch all year for Bama fans when Shaun Shivers completely demolished McKinney in the Iron Bowl, you know you remember it. Shivers was a mostly 3rd and short back, I expect that to remain the same this year. Bo Nix accounted for a decent amount of rushes as well, with 97 attempts for 313 yards. With Whitlow moving on to an FCS program, look for the running game to consist of mainly freshman RB Tank Bigsby, who has played very well so far this year, with Shivers and Williams acting as 2nd and 3rd string. Nix will likely remain a dual-threat, as he had amazing ability to escape the pocket and get a few yards that should have been a sack.
• Receiving
Auburn returns their two top receivers from 2019 in Seth Williams and Anthony Swartz, who combined to bear the brunt of Auburn passing attempts. If Nix was throwing in 2019, it was most likely to Williams or Swartz, with total yards of 830 and 440 yards respectively, I expect similar years for both guys, with the WR3 looking to be Eli Stove. Looking ahead, Auburn did bring in 3 WR's in the 2020 class in Kobe Hudson, Ze'vian Capers, and J.J Evans. Eli Stove, Capers, and Hudson will most likely share catches behind the front 2. Seth Williams, like Nix, is a strange player. Some games he is unstoppable, going for over 100 yards with several TD's, other games though seem as if he didn't even dress for the game. Naturally he and Nix will probably have the best game of the year in the Iron Bowl, Alabama opponents have a knack for doing stuff like that, I'm looking at you Kellen Mond.
• Offensive Line
Auburn lost two starters on the O-line to the draft in Jack Driscol and Prince Tega Wanogho, who both went to the Eagles in the 4th and 6th rounds. With 1.38 sacks per game, they ended up 18th in the county for sacks allowed per game. As is typical for Auburn, the line was pretty good all things considered, no real stars, just reasonably reliable players at every position, expected to block well in the run game. I do believe Bo Nix helped this line look better, as the pass protection was mediocre most of the time, and awful at others. Nix's ability to scramble and get away from defenders accounted for a chunk of the O-line stats looking so good. And believe me, he scrambled a lot. Auburn brought in a handful of low ranked O-line guys along with some JUCO guys that will push for backup spots, with the starters being most likely Alec Jackson, Tashawn Manning, Nick Brahms, Brandon Council, and Brodarious Hamm. Overall, I don't see the O-line as a weakness or strength really, but for Auburn to do better in 2020, the passing game is going to need to improve, and that starts with better pass protection.
• Scoring Defense: 19.5 points/game (17)
Passing Defense: 213.8 yards/game (47)
• Rushing Defense: 123.2 yards/game (25)
• Total Defense: 337 yards/game (28)
The defense was without question the strength of the 2019 Auburn team, and with a better offense, this team could have pushed for a playoff spot. As is the case with most defenses in football right now, Auburn struggled to keep offenses from gaining yards, what they did do very well though was keep teams from scoring, sitting pretty at 8th in the country in red-zone defense. They also got off the field very well with opposing teams only getting a first down 29.9% of the time on 3rd down, ranking them again at 8th nationally. Also, Auburn had the singular honor of being the only team in the county to keep LSU to under 30 points, which was my personal favorite game last year excluding Alabama games of course.
However, Auburn's defense for all intents and purposes has been gutted going into 2020. Obviously losing 3 starters on the line hurts any team, with Derrick Brown going 7th overall, Marlon Davidson going in the early 2nd round, and Nick Coe forgoing his senior year, then going undrafted, sucks to suck. Brown was as crucial to this defense as Quinnen Williams was to Bama's defense a few years ago, and losing him will almost certainly sting as bad as any player's departure. Just as significant though was the loss of star corner Noah Igbinoghene, who went 30th overall, joining Tua in Miami. Also drafted was safety Daniel Thomas, who was a solid player in the secondary, going in the 5th round to the Jags. More departures were Javaris Davis, who was a starting CB, and Jeremiah Dinson, a safety who despite being AU's leading tacker, went undrafted, still not sure how that happened.
On paper, Auburn's defense lost almost as much as LSU's offense this past year, and will take a significant step backward in 2020. A few guys who stand out to be potential leaders are Owen Pappoe, K.J. Britt, and Zakoby McClain. Another player who could emerge is Jaren Handy, who saw limited action in 2019. One last player who could possibly step up is Zykeivous Walker. Auburn having a bad defense is like Oklahoma having a bad offense, it's happened before I guess, but take that yearly dominance at one aspect of the game away, and you don't really have a team worth talking about. I'm sure Auburn's defense will be decent of course, but I don't believe it will be elite.
Special Teams
Arryn Siposs was Auburn's starting punter, who punted 61 punts for an average of 43.8 yards, placing him 28th nationally. With Siposs leaving, Auburn will turn to either Aidan Marshall, or Oscar Chapman, neither of which have any stats on Auburn's website so no clue on their competency.
Kicking wise, Auburn returns Junior Anders Carlson, who went 18/25, with a completion percentage of 72%, and an extra point percentage of 98%. With a long of 52 yards, Carlson will most likely never be the reason Auburn wins or loses a game, but he should at least be as good as your average college kicker, which makes him 1000% better than what Bama has been forced to endure the last few years.
The punt returner will most likely remain Christian Tutt, who ranked 5th nationally last year with an average 13.6 yards/punt. As far as kick returner, it looks like it will be Bigsby, or senior Eli Stove.
All things considered, Auburn will likely take a step back in the national rankings this year. They return most of their offensive starters, with Nix again being the focal point in a system heavily dependent on his ability to make things happen after the play breaks down. They will play very well offensively some games, but other games the offense will completely disappear, as is normal with Auburn. Their defense will get better as the year goes on, most likely going from straight bad to middle of the pack, not Clemson or Georgia, but better than your average defense. As always though, I see Auburn's ceiling as being nothing more than a chaos bringer, a team that will do very little for themselves but could screw other teams over and ruin their seasons. They will miss the SEC Championship, then depending on what team they play in a bowl game, squeak through, or screw the pooch as the often do in bowl games and people will be calling for Gus's job by year's end, as is tradition in the plains.
Projected Record: 7-3 best case, 4-6 worst case, while finishing between 2nd and 5th in the SEC West.
Projected Alabama score: Writing this after the Tennessee game, Mac Jones has completely silenced the Bryce Young homers, and established himself as one of the premier QB's in the county, and the rest of the offense looks as unstoppable as any offense in the county, having top 3 stats in all categories with the most efficient QB in the country. Defensively, it's a work in progress, but is getting better. If the defense can continue to improve, and the offense figure out how to remain the best in the country despite the loss of Waddle, Auburn has no hope. Give me Alabama 48-21.
Roll Tide
submitted by navanluit to rolltide

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