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Husbando Gacha Tier List

LAST UPDATE: October 19, 2020
Hello, I made this list last year of husbando gacha games and people seemed to like it so I'm updating it since a couple of the games on there shut down but I'm structuring this one more like a tier list for fun. I'll be basing it on the games' waifu:husbando ratio, quality and viability of the husbandos, and the game's overall quality and my own personal taste and enjoyment so this is not an objective tier list. I will also be adding a mini review and some notes. There are ones I have definitely played more than others so expect more text on the ones that I have played. It's all based on my opinion so don't take the rankings too seriously. Also I'm writing this as a "gaymer" in America so keep that in mind too.
I will not be putting in games like Brave Frontier or AFK Arena or Mario Kart Tour because their art style is too pixel-y or not "husbando-y" enough. The "Featured Husbandos" will be my personal favorites and/or the main ones they give you for free. If an anime has multiple gacha games, I'll probably only be putting the one I'm most familiar with on the list. Also there are some I haven't played(mainly the Marvel and anime ones because I'd rather watch the anime or I'm not interested in it), but I have at least tried most of them. Note that there's a ton of gacha games out there that I probably missed, but I think I got the most prominent and important ones.
EDIT: Forgot to mention, I ripped some of the descriptions from the sub's Gacha Game List so thank you to whoever compiled it. It's very helpful and how I discovered some of these games! (EDIT 2: Never mind. I think they stopped updating it, but the Gacha Gamer website is a good resource)

S+ Tier - mostly or all husbandos

Name Orientation Notes Featured Husbandos
Tokyo Afterschool Summoners (aka Housamo) Mostly single player RPG. You can borrow your friend's units, but that's about as far as the social aspect goes. There's no actual guilds even though they have them in the story. The cast is mostly skimpy bara men with some bara furries thrown in there. The men are very big and a couple of them are plus size. It's nice to see body diversity. There are some women but it's like 90% men. It's not fully translated but it's still playable. You might need to go to the wiki later for skill translations though. The story is pretty good which is unexpected. Combat is fun and turn based. It says it's an LGBT game, but I don't know of any trans characters in it. Also no login feature so your save data is deleted if you uninstall the app and don't transfer it to another device. Horkeu Kamui, Ryota
Uta no Prince-sama (UtaPri for short) Rhythm otome game. Story isn't that great. There's only about 10-ish boys so most of the units are just them in different costumes. Basically Bandori but with all dudes instead. (EDIT: Actually, the real all-male version of Bandori is called Argonavis. More info in the Misc. section) Shinomiya Natsuki
Bungo Stray Dogs: TotL Pinball style game that's based off the anime. It's mostly twinks. Kunikida Doppo
Obey Me! Shall we date? More of an otome than a gacha game. There's battles but they're dance battles lol. The twist is that all the boys are demons that represent the 7 deadly sins. Lucifer
A3! Another "more of an otome" game. Visual novel too. It's about running an acting company. Like UtaPri there's only about 20 boys so you pull for them in different costumes. The plays they put on are pretty interesting since there's only actors and no actresses. For example, instead of Romeo and Juliet they had Romeo and Julius lol Sakuya
Mr Love: Queen's Choice Again, a "more of an otome" type of game. This one is also more of a visual novel as well. There's 4 guys to romance, but you can pull cards of women characters that help during "battles". I put battles in quotes because they're the same type of "battles" that Love Nikki has where they're basically just stat checks. I wasn't sure whether or not to put these three games because they're more otome/visual novel type games, but here they are. Victor
Ayakashi: Romance Reborn Supernatural otome game with gameplay similar to A3! (Thanks u/arcanine04) Ginnojo
Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team Real Time soccer game based off the manga. Not really a fan of soccer or sports anime/manga but it seems to be all guys. All the guys look too similar and the art is kinda ugly imo but that's just me. I'd rather play Venus Eleven even if they only have waifus. However, it is made by KLAB who also made Bleach Brave Souls, Love Live, and UtaPri which are all good games so this one is probably good too. Genzo
Saint Seiya Awakening Turn-based and based on the anime. There's another Saint Seiya gacha but it's ugly and I don't want to touch it lol Andromeda Shun
One Piece Treasure Cruise Anime. Turn-based. Pretty old. The art style isn't very husbando-y but the cast is mostly male and it's worth putting on here just for Zoro. Zoro, Sanji, Shanks, Ace, Smoker, Usopp
Dragon Ball Legends Real Time. I grew up watching Dragon Ball, but I've actually never really been that attracted to any of the characters. It is one of the OG bara animes though and it's got English voice acting. Trunks, Vegeta, Piccolo. Krillin
Bleach Brave Souls Old Hack n Slash. Very generous from what I remember. Most of these shounen anime gachas don't really have husbando-y art styles but there are some good looking male characters. Sado, Ichigo, Isshin
AFTER L!FE Otome. Another one where the combat is a joke and it's basically a glorified visual novel. Lots of husbandos to choose from with their own routes too. It has an interesting story. Every character, including the MC, is a soul reaper that guides souls to the afterlife so they can get their wish granted, but they all have sad backstories lol Ell, Youssef, Noah, Day
GYEE A gay-themed RPG. I'm gay and all for representation, but it seems weirdly specific to base a game around queerness. I'm starved for husbandos, so I'm not complaining lol. The game is a pretty standard gacha, but I'm putting it in S+ purely for the quantity of husbandos, just like a lot of the other ones in this tier. The MC, Priapus, Gaar

S Tier - This is also where I put most of the popular gachas with good waifu:husbando ratios

Name Orientation Notes Featured Husbandos
Fate Grand Order (FGO) Pretty even husbando/waifu split. STILL no autobattle or Facebook link/login function for global. That being said, the story is pretty good and you can pretty much use whoever you want and they give you husbandos for free from the story. There's a couple you'll get eventually from the friendship point summon. However the gacha husbandos are always hotter and have better art. (I retract this statement. u/Strawberuka has provided evidence to the contrary lol There's actually a couple more good 3 star husbandos than I thought) They do give out tickets like once a year that let you choose a servant. That's how I got Gilgamesh. Hijikata(my only 5 star sadly lol), Hans Christian Andersan(discount Merlin boy), Asterios, Ozymanidas, Gilgamesh, Cú Chulainn(not the ugly caster version tho), Emiya, Tawara Touta, David, Iskandar, Astolfo, Arjuna
Granblue Fantasy (GBF) Browser game. Another even waifu/husbando split. Pretty big in Japan. It even got its own anime and fighting console game which is interesting because usually the anime or the console games come before the mobile game. It's just that popular. Notoriously grindy. I played for a couple of months but got burnt out. You can whale for a good grid to avoid the grind but it's expensive. Lots of husbandos though. The diversity is second only to Housamo. They have a race of bara men called Draphs, and a race of short people called Harvins, and a race of furries called Erunes, so there's bound to be someone you like lol. They sell surprise tickets sometimes so you can buy whoever you want. Even the lowest rarity characters can be used for pendant farming. If you don't pull a meta husbando, the male main character is a meta husbando himself so you can always use him. Plus he's the best and most versatile character. A lot of your power comes from your grid, so the game lets you be a lot more flexible with your party members. SSR characters will pretty much always be better, but there are a couple of good SR's. I don't think team comp really matters till endgame and you will be leeching raids a lot in the beginning, so just use who you want until things start getting difficult. Also the angels and the dragon knights are gay and you can't change my mind. Gran(the MC), Rackam, Noa, Lancelot and Vane, Barawa, Cain, Jamil, Aglovale, Drang, Lobelia uh actually maybe not, Eustace, Tsubasa, Belial :(
Epic 7 Similar to Summoner's War but newer, shinier and more anime. Pretty even waifu/husbando split but I've heard they've been releasing more waifus lately. The MC Ras is a husbando. He's not very good and needs the gear to shine, but you can use him. However, it's probably better to invest in someone else unless you really like him. They give you like 30 free rerolls so you can try to get someone you like or a good healer. I kinda got overwhelmed by the RNG gear grind so I quit. Vildred, Tywin, Basar
The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Turn-based. Based on the anime. Pretty grindy like GBF but not as much. You could grind all day if you wanted to since stamina potions are abundant. They give you Meliodas the baby MC for free as well as shirtless Ban with a beard. He even cooks for you! Netmarble made it so I'd be wary. It also seems to be FG3000's new favorite game lol Ban(short for husbando. jk lol), Hendrickson
Onmyoji ▭ (Also available on Steam) Turn-based Japanese art style game. I quit because I didn't pull any SSR husbandos or an SSR in general(even though you don't need any SSR's), but the MC Seimei, while not a unit, is a husbando himself and you also get Hiromasa from the story. Some of the units are monsters and are very ugly lol. Like, I thought Kamikui was a pretty femboy but he has a scary mouth in the back of his hair. Shuten Doji, Kamikui, Ootengu, Inugami,
Sdorica Story-driven puzzle RPG with a pretty storybook-like art style. Everyone is viable. There's guilds and stuff, but I only paid attention to events and the main story and got by just fine. Also if I remembered correctly, there's a love triangle between 3 of the husbandos lol Pang(free tiger daddy you get at the beginning), Ned, Nigel, Charle, Morris
King's Raid Old but gold. Real time. Gacha is only for weapons so you can just straight up buy whoever you want with gems which you can get for free. They even have summer skins ;) Nyx, Kaulah, Baudoin
Dissida Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia (DFFOO) Chibi and turn-based. Based off the console Final Fantasy game by Square Enix. Gacha is for weapons. Warrior of Light
Another Eden Turn-based. Very story-driven. Made by some of the same people who created Chrono Trigger. It's single player only, but still needs wifi. Aldo
Dragalia Lost Hack n Slash. Everyone is viable for the most part but characters that have the same weapon type play identical to each other pretty much. Cygames developed it and Nintendo published it so the quality is high of course. It's mostly twinks and bishounen but there is surprisingly a lot of boys with the occasional bara in there. There's only like 3 darker skin characters but that's every gacha game unfortunately. Ranzal, Joe(he's canonically gay!), Victor, Rex, Curran, Heinwald, Hawk, Jakob, Gauld(thanks u/mastanmastan)
Fire Emblem Heroes(FEH) Strategy. Another good game published by Nintendo. You can build whoever you want. Most of the units are from the popular and modern Fire Emblem games like Awakening and Fates and they added some of the new Three Houses characters, so if your favorite is from an older game, you're kinda out of luck. Ike, Alfonse, Xander, Claude
Pokemon Masters Real Time. More Nintendo (I'd put in the Mario Kart gacha but it's Mario lol). It's Pokemon so I'm biased. It focuses a bit more on the human characters like the gym leaders and Elite 4 which is interesting. They even characterized the main series' playable characters like Red and Silver. No Ash Ketchum though. There's co-op but no PvP or guilds. Lt. Surge, Crasher Wake, Marshal, Guzma, Brycen, the swimmer NPCs, Red, Blue
Genshin Impact ▭ (Also available on console and Windows) Huge open world gacha similar to Zelda Breath of the Wild. However, the gacha isn't really a big part of it because everyone is viable for the most part. It feels more like an open world adventure console game than a gacha. The MC, Kaeya

A Tier - decent games with a healthy amount of husbando

Name Orientation Notes Featured Husbandos
Food Fantasy Chibi RTS and restaurant management hybrid game featuring characters based off of food aka husbentos and waifoods! Both the restaurant management and the combat parts of the gameplay are pretty shallow unfortunately. The restaurant management part is more enjoyable though IMO. It has a shard system which usually entails pulling duplicates sadly, so even if you do pull an elusive UR, you'll need to pull multiples of them to max them out. It caters too much to whales for my liking. However there are good f2p units whose shards you can farm. You'll be using Milk, Black Tea, and Tom Yum which you get for free at the beginning for the first 90% of the game. Not everyone is viable for combat, but everyone is useful for helping around the restaurant because you need a lot of food souls to run the restaurant. Plus you can put your favorite food soul on the home screen so you can see them frequently and they say cute things. All of the husbandos are bishounen. Tom Yum, Bamboo Rice, Sandwich, Steak, Tempura
Grand Chase Hack N Slash based off an old MMORPG with the same name that got shut down. You pretty much need SR heroes so there's very little variety in team composition. Fortunately they give them out for free in login rewards. There's also a gacha for pets. Lass, Ronan, Grandiel
Langrisser ▭ (Also has a PC Client) Based off of the old console games with the same name. Similar strategy gameplay to Fire Emblem Heroes but it's in landscape mode. Some of the husbandos are older. Hooray for age diversity and daddies! Grenier, Leon, Gizarof
Brave Nine (used to be called Brown Dust) Unique strategy game. It's kinda hard to describe the gameplay and you sorta have to see it for yourself, but basically there's a grid and you put your units on there, set the order, then watch them attack automatically. It seems to be pretty hit or miss for most people. Lots of waifus and husbandos. Even the upgrade units are waifu slime girls. Also the MC has the hentai protagonist hairdo lol Carlson, Martius, Acha
DanMachi - MEMORIA FREESE Very similar gameplay to Another Eden but it actually has multiplayer features. Based off the anime "Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?" Bell
Blustone II Interesting game I don't see being talked about a lot. The combat is kinda like a clicker game but you have to time when to swap out your units. The MC, Hermes, Bear
Elchronicle Hack n Slash. Everyone is viable because the gacha is for gear. Not very popular though. Jaegal Woon and Dean
Crash Fever Puzzle RPG. It's got some good lore but I never really got that into it. It is also not talked about a lot but the discord is pretty active. Tons of characters, but you can barely see them cause they're surrounded by too many flashy things in their art. New World Disorder Columbus (Every unit has a super long name like this lol)
Soccer Spirits Old and powercrept turn-based game based off of the sport. It's a Com2Us game and they don't exactly have the best reputation. I'm surprised it's not dead yet. Sam
Heir of Light Real Time and Dark Fantasy. Another game similar to Summoner's War and they even have a collab with them. Heide, John Wick
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius(FFBE) Another FF game. It's turn-based. Might be a little too pixelated, but it's got some good husbandos. Sieghard, Ariana Grande
The Alchemist Code Turn-Based Strategy with similar gameplay to Fire Emblem Heroes. Made by Gumi which is another company that has a reputation for being greedy Logi
King of Fighters ALLSTAR Based off the fighting video game series. A Netmarble game. Terry Bogard
MARVEL gachas They're all ▭ I like MARVEL and superheroes as much as the next guy, but I just don't have any interest in playing a MARVEL mobile game. Plus, they're western gachas and western gachas usually aren't as good. There are three of them if you're interested Wolverine, Cyclops, Black Panther, Spiderman
Exos Heroes Turn-based. Nice art. Fully voiced with an English voices option. MC, Rudley
Romancing Saga Re;univerSe Turn-based. Based on the old console RPG series. Very grindy, but f2p friendly. Noel
Idola Phantasy Star Saga Unique turn-based combat where you switch between your two teams of eight. Reiner, Killion
Tales of Crestoria Turn-based gacha from the "Tales of" series Veigue, Luke

B Tier - few husbandos and/or the game is inadequate(imo) in too many other aspects

Name Orientation Notes Featured Husbandos
Arknights(AK or Ark for short) Chibi Tower defense gacha. Made by the same people who made Girls Frontline so the quality is high and it's f2p friendly. It's mostly female characters but there are a couple of males. It's got a lot of furries/characters with animal attributes. Also this is important if you care about the story: the infection in the story does NOT cause people to become furries. The infection and the furries are two separate things! I just downloaded it but I saw that one of the villains is a cute boy so that's cool. There's 12 slots in a party so you're bound to fit at least one husbando in there haha Castle, Ansel(a lovely femboy), Matterhorn, SilverAsh, Spot, Ace :(
Lord of Dice I don't remember much of it other than: art good, game bad. Roger
Fist of the North Star Based off an old manga with the same name. The cast is mostly muscular men, but they're uh not very conventionally attractive. It also has a questionably high number of servers. Kenshiro
Sword Art Online gachas N/A There's like 3 SAO gachas. I never tried them because I didn't like the anime. There's some husbandos from what I've seen Kirito I guess?
Soul Ark It's been rebooted like 4 different times. Still kinda sucks. It used to have an overworld like an MMORPG for some reason. Its old translation was horrendous but they fixed it up a bit and it's playable now. Too little, too late though. But I do like the art and it's very generous. 30 free rerolls at the beginning. Nezha
Astral Chronicles Chibi Hack n Slash. Mostly waifus. Someone called it a poor man's Another Eden, but their only similarities is their overworlds and the fact that they're both gachas imo. Another Eden is turn-based, not a hack n slash. The skills are so flashy that it becomes an inconvenience, but combat is fun. I like drawing symbols to attack. The male MC is a husbando and is in every battle if you can't pull a gacha one. Ryuni Meikami, Ryudo
Harbringers VIP system. P2W and shard system but it has 30 free tutorial rerolls. Has a cool comic book art style similar to Persona and idle gameplay similar to AFK Arena. Zhao Yun
Dragon Blaze Real Time. Old but still alive somehow. Christopher Avery
Chain Strike Turn-based Com2Us game that's sorta like chess Lucian
Seven Knights Pretty old turn-based game. I'm surprised it's not dead. It's got some nice husbandos though. Made by Netmarble Karma
Knights Chronicle Sorta chibi. Turn-Based. Everyone dropped it as soon as costumegate happened where they released p2w costumes, but I don't think it's that bad. It has a good number of husbandos. Also made by Netmarble. I don't really like them if you couldn't tell. Idk why they decided to put the word "Knights" in multiple games but none of them are that good lol. Theo, Amon, Ian, Hercus, Ashley
Crossing Void Anime crossover game featuring characters from tons of animes such as Durarara, Sword Art Online, and The Devil is a Part-Timer. Kinda died down after the devs did some shady things. Shizuo
Mobile Legends: Adventure Idle RPG based on characters from the mobile MOBA. Went under fire for its lack of polish and for adding P2W costumes like Knights Chronicle did Zilong, Clint, Alucard
Iron Saga Mecha game with 20% male pilots you can get for free over time. Gacha is for the giant mecha they pilot. (paraphrased from u/gloveonthefloor) Save data is stored through Twitter, oddly enough. Becas
Last Cloudia Real Time. Very grindy with bad rates. There's some controversy surrounding it because of things like the paid step up banner. Plus the name of the company behind it looks questionable(AIDIS). Not a lot of characters, but most of the ones they do have, including the husbandos, are viable. (Thanks u/z0kuuu) Kyle, Zekus, Robin, Prince Gorm, Shin
Hero Cantare Korean webtoon crossover gacha Muzaka
Aurora Legend Idle RPG Lancelot
Grand Alliance Action RPG. Gacha is for heroes and skills. Another game with good character art, but uses chibi models for combat. Leon
FFBE: War of the Visions (WoTV) Very P2W Strategy game. Another gacha based off the Final Fantasy series. Rain
Goddess of Genesis S Turn-based. Has some husbandos, despite the name. Currently in closed beta testing, but will be officially released soon. Has the same team that worked on Langrissier. Apollo
Hero Ball Z Idle game. Another gacha with nice character art, but most of the gameplay is chibi combat :/ Kai, Dr. X
Lord of Heroes Turn-Based equipment gacha where characters have different elemntal versions and some are hidden behind a pay wall. It blocks emulation, so you have to play it on your phone. Story was interesting though. Fram, Aslan, Walher

F Tier - (This is a joke tier. Don't play these games for the husbandos lol)

Name Orientation Notes Featured "Husbandos"
Valkyrie Connect ▭ (Also available on Steam) Real Time. Majority waifus. Still alive somehow. Still very P2W from what I heard, but it just came out on Steam which is nice. I just downloaded it and there's unlimited tutorial rerolls, but you only pull 3 at a time, at least on the Steam version. Thor
Age of Ishtaria Old turn-based gacha. You probably wouldn't be able to tell by looking, but there are some husbandos hidden in here lol. There's even a page on male units in the wiki. It's still overwhelmingly waifu-centered though. In the beginning, they had more banners with male units, but I guess they stopped. Money talks, I guess. :( Aristotle
Destiny Child Hardly any boys. Unless you have really good luck(or bad luck depending on who you are lol), you might not even see any of the husbandos. I got pretty lucky and pulled a nat 5 dude, but it was Thanatos sadly. (Thanatos is pretty good and I love him, but like... look at him and read his dialogue) Only about 6 guys are meta. It also has 2 femboy characters. The game is still pretty fun and generous. Hard to play in public though. I know about silhouette mode, but I like a challenge!(EDIT: started playing this game again recently and there's more husbandos than I thought. I think it belongs more in between B and F tier so maybe C or D tier?) Also, I'm not sure why it almost has the same name as that 90s girl band. It makes Googling resources on the game harder lol Frej, Red Cross, Jupiter, Firo, Mayahuel
Girls Frontline (GFL) Literally no boys(which is to be expected), but some of the girls are androgynous and there was a skin event called "Princes Frontline" where they looked more masculine. Plus, there's also some male NPCs that show up occasionally lol. (I'm still waiting for Boys Frontline) MP-446
Azur Lane (AL) No boys here either, but there's like 2 characters that kinda look boyish and have some boyish skins. Cleveland, Hiryuu
Raid: Shadow Legends I mean there's some husbandos, but like, it's Raid: Shadow Legends. The game is just a meme at this point. At least they sponsor YouTubers I like. Galek
SINoALICE Dark fairytale. Similar gameplay to Unison League where you only control one character and can just jump in and out of co-op. It seems to be like 99% waifus. I only saw 3 husbandos, and one of them was 9S from the Nier collab lol Pinnochio, 9S, Aladdin
Guardian Tales Ok so 80% of this game is pixelated and most of the units are waifus, but I'm putting it on here because I enjoyed it so much. It's a Hack n Slash, but story mode has some exploration gameplay that reminds me of those old 2D Zelda game. The story and dialogue is really funny and the combat is fun and simple. You can use who you want in story mode, but PvP has more of a meta of course. Not really a husbando game, but very enjoyable. The Knight, Fei, Marvin, Dolf

Misc. (Not in English/No American or western release/I'm not really sure if these can be called gachas)

JP/KCN Only (for now...?)
  • Ensemble Stars, Idolmaster SideM, Stand My Heroes, Akasasu Sekai de Kimi to Utau, 100 Sleeping Princes, Take of Food, Mukan Shu, Journey Within Half the World - none of these are in English unfortunately
  • Touken Ranbu - sword boys but only in Japanese. It's still playable apparently with some help of the wiki
  • World Flipper - pinball gacha by Cygames. JP only for now. (Thanks u/finiteWitch)
  • Argonavis - the actual male version of Bandori which is a rhythm waifu game! The global release is coming out sometime in the middle of this year. (Suggested by multiple comments)
  • Twisted Wonderland - not in English, but it's an otome rhythm gacha starring husbandos based off of villains from Disney! Even they have one lol. It's doing pretty well in Japan, plus Disney(and Aniplex) made it so it's probably going to get a global release eventually (Thanks u/monesup and u/arcanine04) EDIT: Technically not really an otome because there’s no romance and the MC is likely also a guy because it’s at an all boys school but, like, it definitely looks and feels like one lol

NOTE: Basically, there's a ton of untranslated and foreign otome/husbando gacha games with no western releases and better gameplay but it's too many to list. I only put a few of the ones I know because I wanted this list to focus on English gachas. See other people's comments for more

Miscellaneous ENG Husbando Gacha Games

  • Ulala: Idle Adventure - There's only one husbando and it's the MC. Gacha is for skills. It's an interesting idle game that puts extra emphasis on co-op.
  • Otogi: Spirit Agents - Real Time spiritual successor to Ayakashi Ghost Guild. It's still up but they stopped updating it and only do reruns of old events. Mostly waifus.
  • Gaydorado - it's marketed as a social RPG for the LGBT community, but like Tokyo Afterschool Summoners and GYEE, it's pretty much only gay men. There's 2 gachas for the 2 different gameplay modes. One is where you play dress up like in Love Nikki and the other is combat based. However you can pretty much go through the game without touching the gacha. The gacha is in the bar btw. However, I didn't touch the gacha that much and got by just fine.
  • Yokai Kitchen - Again, the English version is only for SEA, but I'm so mad. I've been waiting for a North American server for over a year and I was excited because I heard it's basically a more polished version of Food Fantasy.
  • Love Nikki - it's a dress up game where you mainly dress up girls, but you can dress up guys. Also it was published under the same company as Food Fantasy so they're kinda similar.
  • Dream Boyfriend and Animal Boyfriend - another dress up game where you dress up a character, but the character is your boyfriend. They're both made by Ambition who also made Dream Girlfriend. They're not really traditional gachas and I'm not really sure if they're gachas at all really, but I had fun with them. Gacha is for customization options like in Love Nikki


  • husbando - an attractive male character that's usually in anime style. It comes from the word husband and it's actually not the Japanese word for "husband".
  • waifu - the female counterpart to husbando. It's also not the Japanese word for "wife" lol
  • old - "Old" for a gacha game is usually around 4+ years old. Old games aren't always bad, but I usually try not to get too invested in them because they might shut down soon unless they're super popular.
  • MC - main character. It's usually the first playable character you get for free and is the protagonist of the story. Depending on the game, they can be viable. It's sort of an unwritten rule, but if a gacha game's MC is viable, the game itself is usually pretty good. If not, it's probably super pay2win.
  • bara - a genre of manga usually made by gay men for gay men. It usually features romance between muscular men and it's also used as an adjective to describe them. There's a similar genre called yaoi but it's made for straight women and the guys are usually bishounen.
  • bishounen - a Japanese word used to describe pretty anime boys that are usually somewhat androgynous/a little feminine, while shounen is a genre of manga targeted at boys like Naruto or My Hero Academia.
  • twink - gay slang used to describe skinny young hairless gay men. It's kinda like the gay English version of bishounen but it's mainly used to describe irl gay guys. However, can also be used to describe just any skinny guy.
  • trap - an anime character that looks female but is actually male. The most famous example in gachas would probably be Astolfo from FGO. EDIT: "trap" is actually a transphobic term. I did not know and did not mean it that way. Sorry. I have replaced its usage in this post with "femboy"
  • furry - an anthropomorphic animal character and the fanbase surrounding them. They usually get a lot of hate because their fandom is problematic but I think some designs can be interesting
  • otome - a type of game for women that usually involves the main character romancing one(or multiple) attractive anime men. They always have some sort of visual novel element or are just straight up visual novels. Basically dating simulators for straight girls.

Ending Notes

If you like gacha games with husbandos, you might also like MMORPGs w/good character customization, otome games, visual novels, and dating sims that let you romance hot dudes. Also check out MMORPG, otomegames, gaymers, and visualnovels
One more thing: I noticed that husbando gacha games like A3!, Obey Me, and Mr Love have super shallow gameplay, while waifu gacha games like AL and GFL have deeper gameplay and don't focus as much on the romance aspect. I want more husbando gacha games to have deeper gameplay!
Wow I have too much free time lol. Anyways that's all from me. Hope you guys found this list helpful and maybe even enjoyable. Let me know your thoughts and if I missed any games!
EDIT: I fixed some things, removed shut down games, and added new releases. Thanks for the gold and suggestions, everyone!
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