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All 16 hour Pre-Review articles I've found so far

If you're interested, here's all the articles I've found discussing their experience with the game. I will include if there are spoilers and the main take-aways. But don't rely on my opinion, please read it yourself.
IF YOU FIND ANOTHER ARTICLE, please comment it below so I can expand the list :) This includes other languages.
EDIT: Redirect that praise to u/Empole. He's effectively written half this post too. Thank you to the community effort!
(English) IGN, Tom Marks: https://www.ign.com/articles/cyberpunk-2077-the-final-preview
  • - Completely non-spoiler
  • - Focuses mainly on mechanics, such as UI and gameplay loop
Main Take-aways:
  • - Driving around Night City was a highlight of their experience.
  • - UI is not as polished as they'd like (Quest log specifically)
  • - Do not expect a combat loop like Witcher or Fallout 4. It is slow and very much an RPG
  • -- Combat is not a highlight, but a filler. Do not go in expecting top tier combat

(English) Gamespot, Phil Hornshaw: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/we-played-16-hours-of-cyberpunk-2077-and-the-best-part-was-the-people/1100-6484603/- Spoiler-y (Hand wavy)- Focuses on missions he experienced and the character's they met
Main Take-aways:
  • - Felt characters were humanized.
  • - Choices played a big role in their experienced.
  • -- Really, the entire article highlights this with fantastic detail, check it out.
  • - Overall, very impressed.
(The article below is really entertaining tbh lol)
(English) Gamespot, Phil Hornshaw: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/dear-cd-projekt-red-sorry-i-made-you-watch-a-cyberpunk-2077-sex-scene-with-me/1100-6484602/
  • Pretty spoiler free, is essentially a fluff piece to talk about in-game sex
Courtesy of u/Empole*. Thank you again!*
Main Take-aways:
  • Sex scenes are in the game.
  • There are sex workers marked on the map, and you can solicit their services
  • Sex scenes are enough to get the idea, but don't delve into full pornography.
  • The story and quests can also thrust you into intimate situations with other characters.

(English) Gamesradar, Sam Loveridge: https://www.gamesradar.com/au/16-hours-with-cyberpunk-2077-and-i-never-want-to-leave-night-city/
  • - Intentionally vague, semi-non-spoiler
  • - Focuses on the 'feel' of the game
Main Take-aways:
  • - Choices matter
  • - RPG as in no "Press X to Interact", you're actions are the interactions
  • -- Humanized, not just NPCs
  • - Extreme attention to detail (delayed credits story)
  • - Overall very impressed
  • - Demo was very buggy. Is counting on CDPR to fix them with the delay

(German) Gamestar, Michael Graf: https://www.gamestar.de/artikel/cyberpunk-2077-gameplay-preview-hands-on,3364176.html
WARNING: This article is only available for the next 20 hours as of posting this. Then it will be paywalled.
  • - non-spoiler for main and important side missions
  • -- explains some experiences but hides the twists
  • - Discusses changes from the other demo they got to play (such as new transition)
  • - 8 Pages long. Took a lot of time with this one.
Main Take-aways: Check out u/Techxxnine 's take from the article too: https://www.reddit.com/cyberpunkgame/comments/jx7k30/new_general_information_i_got_from_a_preview/
  • - Impressed by the story, as well as animation quality
  • - Little cynical, as far as I can tell, worried about repeating other Open World mistakes
  • - Wonderful German cast- Vocabulary can be confusing (cyberware vs cyberdeck)
  • - Soft level gating (too tough enemies have red skulls over their head, no levels)
  • - World feels alive (gives an example with a monk)
  • - Doll houses explained (which is honestly really creepy)
  • - The game makes everyone human, even the psychos
  • - Don't expect all choices to be a dialogue option. They can be the actions you take too (such as the way you traversed a mission)
  • - Tutorial isn't that great, there is a lot of information to give
  • -- Extensive systems with deep exploration with each
  • - Found melee combat impressive
  • -- Not just click and swing. Charge, swing, lung, parry are mechanics tied to stamina
  • - Weapons can be modded (add fire damage for example)
  • - NOT a shooter
  • - Good AI in combat
  • - Crafting system 'unspectacular - at least visually'
  • -- warns that they weren't that far in to get the full depth
  • - "My look was based on values rather than style" (fixed armor values on items)
  • - Yeah, this keeps going. I'm on the 6th page. Please check it out yourself if you have time.

(English) PC Gamer, Ander Kelly: https://www.pcgamer.com/i-love-being-a-cyber-samurai-and-other-revelations-from-playing-15-hours-of-cyberpunk-2077/
Courtesy of u/RusoDLR for providing the article and u/Empole for giving his take-aways and the article! Thank you!!
  • Mainly avoids story spoilers
  • Mainly uses a particular quest as a vehicle to explore how good melee combat is, along with how CDPR has refined elements of the RPG format
Main Take-aways:
  • There's atleast one sword that pays homage to the Witcher
  • Melee (specifically katana-based) combat is not only viable, but can be a very satisfying way to approach combat
  • Emphasis placed on the choice available to you as a player -> Discusses an infiltration mission that seemed to present a litany of different ways to approach.
  • Discusses how life path choice provide dialogue options in contextually relevant locations/situations
  • Thinks the Badlands provide a nice change of pace
  • Criticisms: Wasn't a fan of some on-rails shooting sections. The map can feel overwhelming, given the number of indicators. Stresses that they feel that these feel somewhat minor 16 hours in.
  • Night City feels alive.

(Russian) DTF, Vladimir Semykin: https://dtf.ru/games/260006-chpok-strit-uluchshennaya-fizika-mashin-i-drugie-radosti-zhizni-vpechatleniya-ot-16-chasov-v-cyberpunk-2077
Courtesy of u/o4er Thank you!
  • Story setup spoiler (avoidable)
  • 5000 words long
  • a little comparison with summer version
Main Take-aways:
  • Main issues (driving and melee combat) were fixed. Everything else is fine.
  • Dialogues are enjoyable. There are a lot of colorful characters with whom it is just interesting to have a conversation.
  • The game is based on simple and clear RPG mechanics. If you have played other action RPGs, you are unlikely to have any problems with leveling, inventory, and characteristics.
  • Shooting mechanics are not inferior to many shooters in terms of quality of implementation.
  • The game still needs polishing. There are some bugs, but they're not critical.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 has a lot of content, and the storyline is really long. These 16 hours are feeling like it's just the beginning.
  • Some sidequests are not inferior to the main quests in terms of development.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 has a high replayability due to variability and different lifepaths. For example, the "Corpo" prologue influenced the game throughout the entire playthrough, and not just at the beginning.
  • You will always find something to do in the game - the world map is full of different activities. The only problem is that most often the purpose of contracts and street stories is to kill someone, steal something, or find something.
  • Some things in the character menu are too unobvious, so the stage of familiarization and getting used to the interface will be painful for many.
  • Ray tracing definitely improves the overall image, making the world look even more complex and detailed. But even without raytracing, the game looks great.

(French) JeuxVideo.com, [87]: https://www.jeuxvideo.com/videos/1326131/cyberpunk-2077-nos-dernieres-impressions-apres-15-heures-de-jeu.htm
Credited to u/Empole
  • There's essentially no spoilers here
Main Take-aways:
  • They think the game is super immersive
    • The emphasize the the relationship between the player and Johnny Silverhand
  • They feel that gunplay has been improved since the last preview in June
  • They think that the stealth A.I still needs some work
  • The build they played was buggy
(French) JeuxVideo.com, [87]: https://www.jeuxvideo.com/preview/1326031/cyberpunk-2077-nos-impressions-apres-les-15-premieres-heures-de-jeu-en-exclu.htm
Credited to u/Empole
  • Mainly avoids spoilers
Main Take-aways:
  • They feel like the first person perspective really adds to the game, and that the same game in third person would not have been as good.
  • RPG elements feel more natural: your actions, rather than prompts, often propel the story forward.
  • The dynamic between V and Johnny is enjoyable, and does not limit itself to the main game
  • The quality of side content is on par with the Witcher 3.
  • Reiterates that V will master different weapons through increased usage
  • They weren't particularly enthused by Stealth AI
submitted by GoGoGadgetRed to cyberpunkgame

Horizon character guide

I wanted to make a guide for horizon because I feel like she's pretty under estimated right now in how good she actually is and I've not had so much or a blast with any character since s2 pf. She has a lot more passive power than people realise and people aren't utilising her correctly in ranked or pubs.
She's an amazing fragger with abilities to support the team. But due to that role being super competitive (wraith) she's at an odd position where you have to consider removing wraith for the composition to work which is a hard sell. But credit to respawn they are able to have some creative work arounds to this issue through trident so she's very viable in being able to replace wraith on that map imo (hot take). This won't be a real part of the guide but more a discussion piece at the end.
So let me go into horizon and how to use her to maximum effectiveness before going into synergies:
  1. She's amazing at rotating your team on highground. So always abuse this. Obvious tip but needs to be said.
  2. She has a very low cd on her tactical. Don't save it! There aren't many instances where you should have saved her tactical imo, it's a low risk ability (animation is fast) which provides initiative as long as you don't stand there like an idiot on the top the whole time.
  3. Scout with your tactical. One of the most underrated aspect of the tactical is that you can actually stand on top of it to get a very good high ground for scouting, I use this a lot prior to initiating the fight. Dont just use it and not expect people to see you though and if you start getting shot, just jump off straight away. You can also mitigate the damage you may take by strafing left and right.
  4. Utilise nades after scouting to engage. Her tactical is one of the best abilities to pair with grenades, you end up getting the best view and angle to throw grenades insanely far away with great accuracy. This makes arc stars very strong on her in particular.
  5. Throw the tactical close to enemies to break line of sight and jump over their heads to go behind them. Different to pathfinder grapple, her tactical is a form of cover and sound suppressor which makes her harder to get tells when she is flanking over the top. Your flanks and deep dives are VERY effective. Plus you don't lose momentum when hitting the floor so this is one of the best ways to play her. Aggressive positioning is rewarded with horizon more than any other character imo.
  6. You have a potential 360 directional when using tactical so don't be predictable.
  7. Short hops for burst of speed, medium hops speed plus distance, tall hops for distance in one shot. You should get familiar with using her tactical with all 3 ways. Small hops are best in CQC, medium hop for moving around the map, tall hops for reaching highground or jumping over stuff. But creativity is the most important thing so these are not hard an fast rules.
  8. Best not to shoot while on the hop, it's tempting, but your accuracy will be lower than someone on the floor, regardless of how you have that perfect accuracy until you jump off. The compensation to make sure your aim is on target as well as recoil makes this too hard. It's best to wait til you land and due to your passive you land without the thud penalty.
  9. Use her tactical to cover door ways. Like a jumppad but instructable and more cover provided (sound included which is good for healing). It lasts for a long enough time for a battery at least.
  10. Get good with air strafing, wall jumping all that jazz, she has incredible basic movement buff for this. She's like a mini Bangalore in that she can momentum shift really oddly which makes her deceptively hard to hit.
  11. Her ulti can be used through walls so you can place it next to rooms and still slow the enemies down on the other side.
  12. Her ult has synergy with grenades and some ultimates (duh).
  13. Her ult can be thrown pretty far. Farther with tactical.
  14. Her ulti is best used when thrown at a corner if running away. This is because they don't Los on the ultimate until too late and they get stuck against the wall plus any nades you may want to throw there.
  15. You can place an ulti and throw your tactical on top of it and get a good view of everyone while arcing them in CQC.
  16. Her tactical can be used multiple times in a fight and with her air strafe is a lot less clunky than for her enemies. Shes a fragger due to this quality where she can initiate hop in fights if required and use her tactical to be a pain in the ass to hit like Bangalore.
She's best used as fragger position in team comps. In ranked she can replace pf for high ground and you can get crypto or bh for beacons. She can soft replace wraith which I explain below:
This is more of an opinion piece and theory crafting than anything so read it with a grain of salt. I think a really viable combo right now in Olympus is gibralter to replace wraith when you have a car. Not a revolutionary ideas and people have already picked up on this, but one of the possibilities that comes out is that horizon replaces wraith:
I assumed that wraith would still be viable due to her short range ultimate to get teams out of situation. But I realised that now her rotations aren't as important, there are plenty of micro rotation abilities and teamfighting capabilities than can be insanely viable. Especially when 3p is a shit show that portal may not even save you anymore. So why not soft replace her with other abilities that add up to the same thing?
That's why I think a combination of Bangalore, horizon, gibralter could be a good combination. They are all very strong in 1 v 1s, they all have abilities that have soft rotation value which could cover the value of portal (gibby bubble, Bangalore smoke, horizon hop). They have teamfight synergy through their ultimates and can counter enemy gibralters through layering them in unique ways. They can all counter 3ps effectively.
Plus ratting is not as viable when the map is so open reducing the necessity for wraiths. Plus the 3 characters I stated can chill out in the storm and burst out of choke situations with their abilities by healing out the storm if required which makes wraiths must have portals not as necessary like it was before.
Just a hot take and no evidence to back it up but if you guys do try the combo let me know how it goes.
Edit: If you want to see some of my horizon gameplay I got 2 that were pretty neat. One where I lost in a pretty funny manner and one where I clutched/potatoed hardest I ever did. Not really part of the guide but just 2 relevant videos which I found difficult to edit (ended up accidentally deleting parts on my ps4 so gave up on it) and add to showcase all the points I talk about here.
submitted by Kaiser1a2b to apexuniversity

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