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An Old Dog with New Tricks: D5 to Legend with Non-Odd Dude Paladin

Hey there, I'm Old Uncle Skeeter, owner of the DMH Warrior Discord (+1000 members and growing, small flex) and today I'd like to share a homebrew I've been cooking for quite a while.
Legend Proof and Stats
This season I piloted my Dude Paladin list to legend with a 65% win rate (33 - 18). Yes, a non-odd Dude Paladin deck. Let's dive straight in.
EDIT: I hit top 500!!! (68% win rate)


2x (1) Lost in the Jungle
2x (1) Oh My Yogg!
2x (1) Righteous Cause
2x (1) Righteous Protector
2x (2) Air Raid
2x (2) Shielded Minibot
2x (3) Carnival Barker
2x (3) Day at the Faire
2x (3) Divine Favor
2x (3) Muster for Battle
2x (4) Balloon Merchant
2x (4) Lightforged Zealot
1x (5) Lothraxion the Redeemed
2x (5) Quartermaster
2x (6) Crystal Lion
1x (6) Sunkeeper Tarim

Deck code: AAEBAaToAgK5wQKH3gMOpwXqD+wP7Q+4xwLjywKJ5gKMrQOcrgOWtgOC3gOD3gOE3gOi3gMA


The idea for a non-odd Dude Paladin deck started back a few seasons ago when I was experimenting with meta decks from the past. I came across this list and wondered if it was possible to bring back the Pre-Witchwood tyrant that was Dude Paladin. My first list ended up looking like this and I peaked at 670 Legend starting from the 1000s in September. It was fun but very inconsistent compared to its big brother Odd Paladin and it still had many ways to go before being considered playable. And well, Darkmoon Faire came around and gave the deck everything it needed and a little extra.


Why not Odd?
  • The advantage that this deck holds over Odd Paladin is that it has more pay-off cards. Comparing the two, Odd Paladin is much stronger at creating boards due to its infinite resource of dudes, while Dude Paladin is much stronger at buffing them. By having the options of Balloon Merchant, Sunkeeper Tarim, Lightfused Stegodon, Level Up, etc., the deck can have bigger pay-offs with the boards it creates. This of course could be furthered with future even-costed synergy prints, which gives the deck room to grow as well. You also have the option of going with a variety of packages available to Paladin (Librams, Pure, etc.), which is something Odd Paladin cannot do due to the inclusion of Baku in the deck and the restriction of odd-costed cards.

Is Dude Paladin Better than Odd Paladin?
  • No, but yes. In my opinion, Dude Paladin has the potential to carve a niche and be equal in power to Odd Paladin. Maybe not right now, but sooner than you think. There are things Dude Paladin can do that Odd Paladin simply can't. Imagine if they revert Equality, and what that would mean for the deck. The more we see of even-costed synergy prints, the more the deck will be able to compete with Odd Paladin. This deck also has a much higher learning curve and skill expression than most aggressive decks, which I enjoy in the decks I play. While Aggro Druid looks to close the game by turn 5 and Odd Paladin infinitely refills its board effortlessly, Dude Paladin finds a nice balance between being an autopilot curve deck, but a game of resource management and thinking ahead. So, sure Dude Paladin isn't breaking any tier lists right now. But it could one day, just wait and see.

What about Even Paladin?
  • Unless Call to Arms is reverted, Even Paladin struggles with an identity crisis. Is it a dude deck? Not really, as you miss out on odd-costed dude cards like Muster for Battle or Lost in the Jungle, and buff cards like Quartermaster. Unless more even-costed synergy cards are printed, Even Paladin will remain a fun, yet terrible option compared to its better counterparts.

The Core, Flexibility, and Card Discussion

Core: This is what I'd argue to be the core of the deck and shouldn't be adjusted. If I were to reduce it, I would say Crystal Lion could be the next card.

Oh My Yogg! vs. Never Surrender!:
Oh My Yogg is probably the best secret printed for Paladin ever. I go into its usage later on, but it can do everything from neutering late-game board clears to stopping an Ancestor's Call highroll. This is why it's better on average compared to Never Surrender. Where Never Surrender could only stop 2 damage maximum, Oh My Yogg can protect your board from virtually anything. It is both proactive and reactive, and it is tilting as hell for your opponent. A core card indeed.

Carnival Barker vs. Steward of Darkshire:
With all of the new divine shield tools we now have in the deck, Steward's role compared to Barker is only better on curve, as in the later turns Barker shines more. Lothraxion on turn 5 followed by a Barker and corrupted Day at the Faire is insanity, therefore Barker offers more value while Steward offers a better curve play. Take Steward if you're seeing a lot of aggro.

Day at the Faire:
Finally, a much-needed dude generator for the deck. It has the flexibility of being a worse Muster for Battle on curve, or an easy to combo Stand Against Darkness turn 4 onwards. A great card and very flexible.

Balloon Merchant vs. Lightfused Stegodon:
Before Balloon Merchant the deck played Stegodon, which had an RNG effect and 1 less health point; it's clear to see why Stegodon has been phased out. What is important to note however is that while Balloon Merchant is better on curve, Stegodon offers game-ending highrolls in the form of windfury or +3 attack. This is up to chance however, and the lower consistency of Stegodon leaves it in the dust compared to the crazy power of Balloon Merchant.

Lothraxion the Redeemed:
This card is insane. It gives Dude Paladin a chance against long drawn out games against slow matchups, and can even win aggro matchups. I've won many Discard warlock games by coining this out and following the next turn with a double Air Raid. It gives the deck what is desperately needed, a way to stick dudes on the board so you can buff them the next turn. I don't need to say anything else about the card, it's great, it's worth it.

Crystal Lion:
You will rarely get this card out for 0 mana, but that's not the point of it. The power of this card is being able to curve out a 3 mana 5/5 divine shield in the slow matchups, and being able to combo it with dude generators in the later turns as a pile of stats. It doesn't get to see much use in the aggro matchups unless it's turn 5 combined with Day at the Faire, but the card is amazing at providing a beefy threat that is also a great trading tool for a cheap cost. A solid card, but it could be replaced in the future if something else takes its role.

Sunkeeper Tarim:
It's Sunkeeper Tarim. It's great. Why would I have to convince you otherwise?

These are the 5 cards I ended up running for the flexible spots:

Shielded Minibot:
In a deck that needs a solid turn 2, Shielded Minibot is amazing on curve and is a great trading tool early on. It also provides a good sticky body for the slow matchups, but its main role in the deck is as a strong curve minion for the aggro matchup. Could easily be replaced by another 2 drop in the near future.

Double Divine Favor:
The deck needs all the draw it can get, and by running double Divine Favor you are guaranteeing to have it in the control matchup where it is most valuable. The first one is core, but the second one is optional due to being an absolute dead draw in the aggro matchup. If I had faced more aggro I would've most likely swapped it out for something like a Consecration.

Lightforged Zealot:
A lot of people talk bad about my boy Zealot just because of his statline. Yes, his statline could be better if it was a 3/3, but by going pure and using Lightforged Zealot, you have an invaluable tool at dealing with tall threats while using your dudes to trade off smaller minions. The tempo he gives alone is amazing in all matchups and gives the 4 drop slot much-needed love which paladin is historically bad in. It also corrupts your Day at the Faire for a great follow up on turn 5.
Versus Control: Tech Examples: Loatheb, Double Divine Favor, Keeper of Uldaman, Equality, Lightfused Stegodon, Drygulch Jailor, Level Up!, Never Surrender!, Vinecleaver, Justicar Trueheart, etc.

I originally ran him in my list, but as the only neutral card in my deck, I cut him for the pure package and I haven't turned back. I found that the tempo of a turn 4 Lightforged Zealot was very powerful in the control matchup as added pressure and I still won games without Loatheb due to the sheer power of Oh My Yogg. Of course, Loatheb is very powerful in matchups like Big Priest, so it will always be relevant as an option for the deck.

Drygulch Jailor:
I used to play the card in my first few lists, but now I find barely a reason to play the card. Even in the control matchup, the deck feels like it has enough gas that it doesn't need it. And of course, it is horrendous in the aggro matchup. However, it's still a dude generator, and it can round off turns with its 1 mana dudes, so it's always considerable.

Please revert this card and Hall of Fame it. If that were to happen, this could be an absolute beast in the Big matchups.
Versus Aggro: Tech Examples: Lightforged Zealot, Consecration, Shielded Minibot, Spikeridged Steed, High Exarch Yrel, Steward of Darkshire, etc.

As a single card, it could be effective as a counter to wide decks such as Odd Paladin and Aggro Druid. However, a better way to counter those decks is to go wide yourself, but the option is considerable.

High Exarch Yrel:
Since we could already go pure, this card could be interesting as a closer for aggro matchups. The only issue is, you've either won or lost by turn 8 on average, but it could find a spot one day who knows.

Piloting Tips

General Mulligan:
Always keep and look for your dude generators, curve plays, and key matchup cards. You rarely keep buff cards as you need to establish board presence early, and you're likely to draw them later. Only keep them if you're guaranteed to have a good curve.
Examples: Muster for Battle, Air Raid, Lost in the Jungle, Righteous Cause, Lightforged Zealot, Oh My Yogg, Lothraxion, etc.

  • Unlike Odd Paladin, the deck's dude generation resources are limited, therefore you have to learn how to hold back while maintaining board presence to create pressure. By vomiting dudes every turn, you are putting yourself in jeopardy of running out of gas before you can even get to your buff cards. On the other hand, being greedy will not create enough pressure to pull out board clears and put you in a position to close the game. Keeping an average-sized board will give you plenty of success in a lot of your games, too many minions are you're overcommitting, too little and there's no pressure.

Yogg is our savior:
  • In many matchups, a key board clear can separate you from winning. Oh My Yogg is our way of interrupting those turns to buy us extra time to buff our dudes. Keeping in mind key turns such as turn 7 for Psychic Scream or turn 5 for Brawl will keep your boards full and your enemies salty. You can also use Oh My Yogg in matchups like Secret Mage, Aggro Druid, or even Discard Warlock to disable key secrets or buffs. If you are using Never Surrender instead, the same logic applies but you won't be able to interrupt clears like Psychic Scream, so keep that in mind.

Know your outs:
  • This will be explored in the matchups section, but your game plan and mulligan will change depending on your matchup. Is it Odd Warrior? You better keep that Lothraxion in your opening mulligan. Aggro? Hard mulligan for those early dude generators to establish board presence fast. Thinking ahead is step one to winning games.

Don't be afraid to hero power in slow matchups:
  • Yes, I know it's not as efficient as Odd Paladin's hero power, but this ties into being patient and cautious with going wide. In the control matchup, while it may be tempting to do a turn 1 Lost in the Jungle followed by a turn 2 Air Raid, what I have found is that hero powering on turn 2 in cases like those is frequently the better play. In that case, you are only giving up the potential of having a fourth dude on the board, but you are keeping card advantage in the case that they clear this first board, which is typically what happens. Sometimes it's worth using the hero power so you can keep the wide board generators for after their clears.

Maximizing Righteous Cause value:
  • Righteous Cause is a card that has a ton of skill expression and setup potential due to being able to activate past its 5 minion requirement, and learning how to abuse its power can create massive threatening boards. Playing it on turn 1 can set you up for a good curve, but you can try to set it up so that you have 4/5 minions, and playing Sunkeeper Tarim to finish it and getting a board of 4/4's. The card is the best we have for a Mark of the Lotus in the deck, but its condition can work to your benefit easily if you know how to work around it.

Brief Matchup Advice

Big or Normal Sized Priests:
  • Priest is an absolute drag, and even though 30% of my matches played were against them, I still managed a 50% win rate versus their shenanigans. Oh My Yogg is a key card for this matchup, as to disable Psychic Screams and Mass Hysterias, which typically kills any momentum you might have. In the Big Priest matchup, being able to delay a Shadow Essence turn or even a Diamond Spellstone turn is huge for the matchup, so stay aware of what turn it is and plan accordingly, you only have 2 of these. Tarim and Keeper of Uldaman are also powerful for the Big Priest Matchup as a counter to resurrection turns.

Control Warrior:
  • Lothraxion carries the deck in what used to be an unfavored matchup. Once you drop him, your boards become insanely sticky and less vulnerable to cheap whirlwind effects Warrior plays, and with Oh My Yogg you can protect your boards from Brawls. What was once a totally unfavored matchup, is now leaning towards a skill-based matchup.

Warlocks, Voidlords, Defile, and you:
  • Defile is your main enemy here, so don't play into it. Simple. Voidlords can win games on the spot, but with Tarim, Keeper of Uldaman, or even Equality, you might be able to edge out a win before turn 10 if you're lucky. Typically unfavored due to the wall Voidlord imposes early on and the turn 10 finisher.

Odd Paladin:
  • Sadly, unless the Odd Paladin makes terrible misplays or they brick their hand, you rarely win. Due to their constant board flooding at zero cost, and their massive turn 1 with a Tour Guide, Dude Paladin can't keep up in the matchup. Try to go wide as much as possible and get a Balloon Merchant on turn 4 to win trades, but you will most likely not win. Consecration on turn 4 could be a game-changer, but I didn't face enough Odd Paladins to try it.

Big Bad Shaman:
  • If you get highrolled, you get highrolled, simple as that. In cases where you can actually play the game, Oh My Yogg is your counter to previously crippling cards like Devolve or Maelstrom Portal. Always make sure to clear the big minions so they don't stick around for long, and make sure you keep your pressure up to close the game fast.

What Works, What Doesn't, and the Future of Dude Paladin

What Works

Crystology: In my first few lists I experimented with a Crystology focused package of Tour Guide, Righteous Protector, and a single Dryjulch Jailor, and it actually worked! Since we're not running Tour Guide or Jailor anymore, Crystology doesn't fit right now, but in the future with more 1 attack minions that fit in the deck, I see the card fitting right in.

Pure: This surprised me! I didn't expect it to be so good but it is. I've gone on about how good Lightforged Zealot is as a much-needed turn 4 for the deck, but I originally thought it wouldn't contribute to the gameplan of the deck. Who knew playing good minions is what a deck wants to do?
What Doesn't

Call to Arms: Originally a staple in Pre-Witchwood Dude Paladin lists, I cut it because of the little synergy it has with the current build. It tries to squeeze into an already crowded 5 drop slot and you have to run seven 1 to 2 drops to make it be consistent. The card is undeniably amazing, but its lack of synergy in an already tight deck leaves it in an unfavorable state.

Nerfed Cards: Light a candle for the fallen. Level Up!, Equality, Call to Arms, you will all be sorely missed. But maybe there's hope?
The Future

Buffs, Reverts, and Hope, Oh My!: Dude Paladin has a bright future ahead of it. We could see the return of Call to Arms builds or Crystology introduced as a draw tool, maybe packages like Librams or expanding on Pure could even be optimal. In an alternate timeline or the near future, maybe we could see the unnerfing of old staples, and the printing of new powerful inclusions that fills the deck's weaknesses, putting it in an even more powerful state.

Here are my suggestions:

2 Mana 1/2 Deathrattle: Summon 2 1/1 Silver Hand Recruits.
Buff Level Up to 4 mana or rework it a 2 mana spell: Give your Silver Hand Recruits +1/+1 and Taunt.
Revert Equality nerf and Hall of Fame it.
Revert Call to Arms nerf.

Closing Thoughts

You could say I got lucky on this climb, but I think there's a case to be made about the potential of Dude Paladin. With its variety of brand new toys, it could one day be a competitive list in the meta. Only time will tell.
Let me know if I've forgotten anything or if you have any questions. Thanks for reading!
submitted by OldUncleSkeeter to wildhearthstone

The NINE agencies Trump is using to corrupt the election

Over the past six months, Trump has been making increasingly false, absurd, and dangerous claims - from saying the “only way” he’ll lose in November is in a rigged election to claiming his opponents illegally “spied” on his campaign.
However, not only is he making these claims, the president and his cronies are corrupting the power of government to inflate his lies to the level of truth and oppress any evidence to the contrary. With the help of loyalists atop every federal agency, Trump has perverted the government to serve his own re-election desires.
This list is nowhere near comprehensive. There are many more examples that could be given, but I tried to keep it short enough that it is still readable.

ODNI and Intelligence Community

Limit disclosure of knowledge of Russian sabotage.
The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, led by Trump loyalist John Ratcliffe, canceled future in-person briefings on election security issues to the congressional intelligence committees. Instead, the ODNI will provide written briefings only.
The change came after a classified briefing in which top counterintelligence official Bill Evanina told House members that Russia is again trying to boost President Donald Trump’s reelection and denigrate his opponent, Joe Biden. Trump was enraged after details of the briefing leaked to the public, revealing that his own administration’s intelligence officers contradict his repeated assertions that Russia is not interfering on his behalf.
Reminder: Trump fired the previous DNI, Joseph Maguire, after learning that one of Maguire’s staff members gave a 2020 election security briefing to the House Intelligence Committee. In the briefing, Maguire aide Shelby Pierson alerted committee members that Russia was interfering in the 2020 campaign in an effort to tip the election in Trump’s favor. In firing Maguire, Trump sent a warning to the entire intelligence community: Trump’s opinion and electoral prospects must be prioritized over facts.

Department of Homeland Security

Twist intelligence to support campaign and personal motives.
Election interference
Former acting Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Intelligence and Analysis Brian Murphy filed a whistleblower complaint alleging that Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf interfered with intelligence assessments in order to benefit Trump politically.
In May 2020, Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf told Murphy to “cease providing intelligence assessments on the threat of Russian interference in the United States, and instead start reporting on interference activities by China and Iran.” Wolf told Murphy those instructions came directly from the White House.
In July 2020, DHS chief of staff John Gountanis intervened to stop publication of an intelligence bulletin warning about a Russian disinformation plot to “denigrate” the mental health of Joe Biden. On July 8, Murphy said, he met with Wolf, who told him that the intelligence notification should be “held” because it “made the President look bad.”
Trump not only attempts to hide intelligence that contradicts the false narrative he continues to push about China actively interfering to boost Biden, according to Murphy Trump’s officials directed him to prioritize intelligence on China and Iran.
It’s disturbing enough for a president and his allies to distort intelligence assessments for political gain, but Murphy’s account suggests something more nefarious—that intelligence authorities and positions of public trust might have been used to engineer the narrative from the outset.
Campaign agitprop
Murphy’s complaint also details that Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli ordered him to modify intelligence assessments to make the threat of white supremacy “appear less severe” and include information on violent “left-wing” groups and Antifa. The reason given was “to ensure they matched up with the public comments by President Trump on the subject of ANTIFA and ‘anarchist’ groups.”
Trump has spent months fear-mongering about imagined mobs of far-left activists coming to attack the suburbs. On Saturday, the Trump campaign sent out an “ANTIFA ALERT” text message to supporters, saying “they’ll attack your homes if Joe’s elected. Pres Trump needs you to become a Diamond Club Member.”

Customs and Border Patrol

Cause unrest in Democratic-cities to assist in fear campaign.
Border Patrol agents were among the federal forces sent to Portland to confront and arrest protestors over the summer.
Gil Kerlikowske, former commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection under President Barack Obama, said BORTAC, the unit dispatched to the city, is chiefly trained to pursue fugitives and criminals. "They're clearly the wrong group to be doing this.”
The violence they provoked was featured in Trump’s campaign ads and RNC nomination acceptance speech.
“Trump has ratcheted up political ties to border patrol to another level,” Todd Miller, the author of Empire of Borders, said. “He based his whole 2016 campaign around this, and it is now at the core of his 2020 re-election bid. These are his people.”
Most recently, the Border Patrol produced and published a dramatized video showing a Spanish-speaking attacker stabbing and killing a man in a dark alley after escaping from U.S. agents - “a clip apparently created to dramatize President Trump’s depiction of migrants as fearsome criminals.”

Justice Department

Weaponize the law to harm opponents and save himself.
Investigate Trump’s rivals
Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr are reportedly pressuring U.S. Attorney John Durham and his team to release the results of their probe before the November election. Durham was appointed by Barr to investigate the origins of the Mueller investigation and the FBI’s Russia probe. Last week, a highly respected and experienced prosecutor, Nora R. Dannehy, resigned as a senior aide to Durham due to concern over this improper political pressure.
Trump has publicly expressed impatience with the Durham investigation, saying there should be more prosecutions and disclosures of information that would damage his political rivals. Last month, Barr indicated the DOJ would not respect an informal policy against taking investigative steps 60 days before Election Day.
In a speech on Wednesday, Barr essentially rebuked the Mueller investigation and the cases it spawned: “Smart, ambitious lawyers have sought to amass glory by prosecuting prominent public figures since the Roman Republic. It is utterly unsurprising that prosecutors continue to do so today to the extent the Justice Department’s leaders will permit it. As long as I am Attorney General, we will not.”
Assist Trump’s allies
Attorney General Barr has explicitly interfered in at least two criminal cases against Trump’s allies, helping the president promote the narrative that the Obama administration (in which Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden served) acted inappropriately. In February, Barr overruled career federal prosecutors in order to recommend the former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone receive a lesser prison sentence. The entire team of prosecutors resigned from the criminal case due to the Justice Department’s interference. Trump ultimately commuted Stone’s 40-month sentence, much less than the original recommendation of seven to nine years in prison.
Then, in May, the Justice Department filed a request to drop the criminal case against Trump's first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, despite the fact that Flynn twice - before two separate judges - admitted to lying to the FBI. In response, nearly 2,000 former DOJ employees called for Barr’s resignation, saying he had “assaulted the rule of law.”
Politically-motivated actions
Barr reportedly told prosecutors to explore aggressive charges against people arrested at recent demonstrations across the US, even suggesting bringing a rarely used sedition charge, reserved for those who have plotted a threat that posed imminent danger to government authority.
The AG asked prosecutors in the Justice Department’s civil rights division to explore whether they could bring criminal charges against Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle for not acting immediately to disrupt the police-free zone created by protestors over the summer. According to the Associated Press, charges were also explored against city officials in Portland, Oregon, for the continued protests in the area.
The Justice Department is targeting Democratic governors for coronavirus outbreaks in state-owned nursing homes. The four governors - PA’s Tom Wolf, MI’s Whitmer, NJ’s Murphy, and NY’s Cuomo - are frequent targets of Trump for not lifting pandemic restrictions as fast as he’d like. Republican-run states have very similar rules about nursing home admissions yet are not under DOJ investigation.
Just yesterday, Barr publicly bashed states that still have restrictions in place, saying that “stay at home orders” are “like house arrest.” Incredibly, Barr added: “Other than slavery, which was a different kind of restraint, this is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history."
  • More: In April, Barr issued a memorandum directing the nation’s U.S. attorneys to be on the lookout for public health rules that might, among other things, constitute “undue interference with the national economy.”


Rush coronavirus treatments to save his election chances.
At the end of March, the FDA issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to allow hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for coronavirus COVID-19 treatment after weeks of pressure from Trump. For instance, eight days before the EUA, Trump tweeted that hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin could be "one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine" and should "be put in use immediately."
Ultimately, the FDA revoked its EUA in June after more evidence revealed hydroxychloroquine can cause “serious cardiac adverse events.”
Experts say the FDA again caved to political pressure when it approved an expanded use of convalescent plasma to treat covid patients, the night before the Republican National Convention. Despite concerns over plasma’s effectiveness, Trump called Dr. Francis S. Collins, the director of the N.I.H., to tell him: “Get it done by Friday.” When it wasn’t, Trump took to Twitter to accuse those at the FDA of being part of the “deep state” withholding an approval “to delay the answer until after November 3.” The next day, the FDA announced its approval.
Finally, and most obviously, Trump has pressured the FDA to approve of a coronavirus vaccine before the November election. Experts across the board have said there is no way our government and existing infrastructure will be ready to distribute, administer, and track doses by November.
Trump, Sept. 2: "[It's] going to be done in a very short period of time -- could even have it during the month of October… We’re going to have a vaccine very soon, maybe even before a very special date. You know what date I’m talking about” (clip 1 and clip 2.
Just yesterday, Trump contradicted CDC chief Robert Redfield’s timetable for the vaccine, saying the doctor was “confused” in his congressional testimony.
"If you're asking me when is it going to be generally available to the American public, so we can begin to take advantage of vaccine to get back to our regular life, I think we're probably looking at third, late second quarter, third quarter 2021," Redfield told a Senate appropriations subcommittee.
"I think he made a mistake when he said that. It's just incorrect information," Trump said about Redfield's vaccine timeline. Following Trump’s repudiation, a CDC spokesman walked back Redfield’s statements to be in line with the president’s. "He was not referring to the time period when Covid-19 vaccine doses would be made available to all Americans," the spokesman said.

Department of Health and Human Services

Convince the public that the pandemic is gone.
DHS is bidding out a more than $250 million contract to a communications firm as it seeks to “defeat despair and inspire hope” about the coronavirus pandemic. Among the goals of the contract: “sharing best practices for businesses to operate in the new normal and instill confidence to return to work and restart the economy.” In other words: exactly what Trump has tried to project onto the nation despite his failure to effectively contain the spread of the coronavirus.
As the House Oversight Committee has expressed, “rather than focus on planning and executing a national strategy to contain the coronavirus, the Trump Administration is using a quarter of a billion dollars in taxpayer money to fund what appears to be a political propaganda campaign just two months before a presidential election.”
Remember, the pandemic crisis still gripping America is Trump’s own creation. Olivia Troye, Pence’s top aide on the White House coronavirus task force, went public yesterday with her firsthand experiences. She relays that throughout the pandemic, Trump was consumed by himself and his prospects in November. “For him, it was all about the election,” Troye said.
Instead of trying to help Americans and slow the spread, Trump is spending 250 million taxpayer dollars to try to convince us not to believe our own eyes and ears.

US Postal Service

Discredit vote-by-mail and suppress the vote.
President Trump on Thursday continued his months long campaign against mail-in voting this November by tweeting that “MAYHEM” will occur in states that send ballots to all registered voters. In another tweet, Trump falsely asserted that “the Nov 3rd Election result may NEVER BE ACCURATELY DETERMINED” due to nine states running universal mail-in voting.
By casting doubt on mail ballots and the election results, Trump is trying to accomplish two things: (1) persuade voters not to participate in the election, and (2) claim victory prematurely, or even after a decisive loss.
To this end, Postmaster DeJoy - a big donor to Trump’s campaign - has sent confusing misinformation to voters in these states that automatically send registered voters ballots by mail.
DeJoy has also implemented changes at USPS that significantly slowed the delivery of mail, making it harder for people to vote by mail with confidence and, likely, scaring some people away from voting at all in the middle of the pandemic. Trump is betting on these changes having a bigger impact on Democrats than Republicans, especially considering the fact that he has spent nearly the entire year downplaying the threat of the coronavirus to his base.
  • Note: Barr is also cranking out false public statements to discredit vote-by-mail, whether it’s falsely claiming it’s vulnerable to a massive foreign-engineered conspiracy or blatantly misrepresenting actual domestic cases of fraud.

National Park Service

Assist in taxpayer funded staging of campaign events.
Yes, even the National Park Service has been corrupted by Trump, via former oil industry lobbyist and Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt. Most recently, the NPS produced what appears to be a campaign ad, with no other purpose than promoting Trump. In fact, the words “PRESIDENT TRUMP” in all caps are the first words to appear on screen. The video likely breaks the law:
The federal Anti-Deficiency Act prohibits the use of federal funds for purposes other than those Congress has authorized… if Congress has not authorized the Interior Department to use our money to create campaign ads (and it hasn’t), then the Interior Department cannot legally create campaign ads. In addition to this general prohibition against using funds for unauthorized purposes, there is an express prohibition against propaganda.
Additionally the NPS allowed Trump to take over Mount Rushmore National Memorial for an air and fireworks show ostensibly to celebrate Independence day. In reality, Trump used the event to rail against Democrats, promote his statute-protecting executive order, and warn of a "left-wing cultural revolution." Put differently, it was a campaign event in the middle of a national park.
In June, U.S. Park Police (officers of the NPS) took part in forcibly removing peaceful protestors with tear gas and rubber bullets from the area in and around Lafayette Park, a national historic landmark and public place, for the president's photo-op with a bible. And in 2019, the Park Service used $2.5 million in fees paid by national park visitors to fund President Trump's "Salute to America" celebration in the National Mall.
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