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The Epic Launcher vs Steam debate.

This is primarily a response to this video, but in this thread id also like to spark some serious unbiased debate around the spawn of a new launcher possibly competing with steam.
First, id like to start this post by saying that I personally am a steam user. I’ve been using the client for over 10 years, and as almost everyone else using it I am perfectly happy with the tools I’ve been dealt. This client does what its supposed to, and that’s about it. What I’m missing from steam is the technological progress we see everywhere else in the tech industry. In the last years, companies have introduced innovative and reliable technology like Face and Touch unlocking for your cell phones, even having it integrated with banking applications, watches that call 911 if you trip and become unconscious, augmented and virtual reality has become a thing, we have real-time language translation today and the list goes on. Steam on the other hand has simply halted, due to there being no realistic competition to their monopoly.
Don’t get me wrong, steam is amazing. It has covered all our needs for so many years. But could it be better?
The answer is yes, it could ALLWAYS be better. If there is competition, something that steam fear might take their long standing throne, there will be technological innovation in the launcher market as well. This is not a good thing, this is a GREAT thing, and its exactly what we need. Just because you find it hard to imagine what else you would like in your PC launcher or your gaming experience, does not mean there is nothing to improve. Even if you’re a hardcore steam user and you’ll take that to the grave, this is still in your benefit. Not only will steam soon start to realize they need to bring better experiences to your desktop, they will also make Epic Games do the same, and they will forever try to out-do eachother. If we play our cards right, and make this a real arms-race between the two, we could have some pretty hefty game launchers in our hands soon.
The fact that steam is up for competition from another company is NOT a bad thing for you, the consumer! This might be a bad thing for steam, the company, but why the hell would you care? Steam has your DEDICATED loyalty to a launcher they barely touch. Make them prove to you that they are worthy of your game library and their 5-10% cut of all market transactions.
If Epic here gets a good grip on their small market share, and makes a launcher smoother, better looking, with better deals, markets and profile options, Steam will soon come up with better technology. Steam has a lot of money after their 15 years as a monopoly. Both steam and epic are pretty much shitting cash these days. There is no feeling bad for a company with more money than their entire userbase together ever will have. Steam should be protecting their users from other launchers, it shouldn’t be the other way.
Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most.
-Fyodor Dostovesky
To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often
-Winston Churchill
Lets start looking at some of the statements and arguments this guy has:
«Epic games are doing their best to become a monopoly on PC-games distribution»
Epic games are FAR from being a monopoly, which steam already is. The fundamental principles of capitalism are so that more competition = better technology being developed for consumers like you and me, because each company always tries being on top of the other. Call me out if I’m wrong, but has steam even released any significant updates since the Livestream update of 2015? This is 4 years ago, and the previous updates has years in between. (This are amongst others the “review your own games” or the “we will let you take screenshots” updates) This is simply because steam never needed to improve, since there has never been a real challenger to this monopoly. The consumer would always stay loyal to steam, as there was never any alternative.
«The epic games store is a half assed marketplace, rushed out to the market”
I’ll agree the Epic Games launcher is not at its peak, this is called a work in progress. (Which is very common in the PC industry, you guys know about all the betas, alphas and patches being released) You can’t expect a new player in the industry to come up with a perfect, 100% done launcher just like that. Steam has had over 15 years to develop their software, and being the only player for so long has not really given them a hard time. Epic games are releasing this software so it can get the proper feedback from a big player base. (They probably have a big crew of programmers currently adressing all your reddit complaints.) Steam and others are already doing this, with steam handing out up to 2 patches a month fixing the software they didn’t complete. This is just how the industry works. And to put things into perspective, the Epic games launcher is ¼ of a year old, steam is 15 and a half. (Its actually a relief that someone finally took a step up to challenge this effortless cash-grab)
I gotta quote this guy here;
“The store was missing key features like a F*****\* search bar, when it released an overall(?) was complete garbage compared to literally every other PC launcher in 2019, i mean you just can’t make this shit up, no search bar in 2019 on a digital distribution platform, i mean it just makes absolutely no sense
We must be able to laugh at this guy. He actually sounds alot like Donald Trump when hes doing his big speeches. Anyways, this is obviously not yet needed granted the client do not hold many games. This will of course change once the client is updated a bit. A relatively (relative to a search bar) big company would of course implement this once it sees the necessity. Watching the video I’m thinking this should pop in his head soon, but he manages to impress and keeps this rant up for a while.
“It becomes even worse when you see just how many features the epic game store is missing compared to steam
*Proceeds to post long list of completely unnecessary, steam trademarked addons, as well as random stuff like “paid for exclusives”; coloured in orange, to make the launcher look like it’s in a worse position than it really is, and seemingly promote your own biased opinion*
The epic games store is still missing some crucial functions for it to act as a superior challenger to steam, I believe these are all in the making, and will start blossoming once they get a bigger player base. I do have to call this guy out on trying to make this list look bigger than it should be. How is “Paid for exclusives” a necessary feature here, which epic games have? VR support is not needed if there are no VR games to buy? And Trading cards? I don’t think those will be added, sorry. They never were a great hit and most people only use them to level up their profile. I would not expect a 3-month-old client to support Linux just yet, and the fact that they support mac (Which porbably dosent even represent a tiny part of their player base) says a lot about their dedication to satisfy everyone. And to the 0.0005% of the Linux players out there, it’s gonna come available to you too, hopefully not in too long. Stay strong! But my point here: This seems like a bad attempt to throw more gasoline at the bonfire. In my eyes this guy is only a sheep following the crowd.
“Epic had no intention of ever competing, instead of actually competing with steam and providing a better service, they decided they were going to use a bunch of third-party timed exclusivity agreements to force people to use their platform”
First off, I just want to mention that if you’re really this much against their platform, you can just wait for the third-party timed exclusivity agreement to pass by and buy it on steam.
And welcome to capitalism! This is how it works. Steam could have definitely overbid epic games any day, im actually surprised they didn’t! I mean come on, even Netflix does this. This is common practice in the distrubution industry. Secure titles, secure users.
“Apparently steam is in desperate need of competition, no one can seem to tell me exactly why that’s the case or what with steam is actually wrong”
(I tried to put this at my best wording, but I find this article did a much better job at this than me, even if its not about the epic launchers, but discord. All credits where its due)
When it comes to the PC gaming market, it’s a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand, we have had an increasingly large number of launchers and systems become popular as every developer that makes a game for the PC feels it needs some sort of system. While this can be beyond frustrating dealing with so many launchers, it does come with a benefit of increased competition. With many of them (as they are developer-specific) have no hopes of toppling Steam (or want to), they do still perform an extremely useful function, they create competition.
Steam as a platform has never been one to be at the forefront of development. In fact, when Steam first launched, it was seen largely as a huge burden and just as an excuse to implement DRM on Valve games. Eventually, the platform would improve and evolve into a form not too far off from what we see today, an all-encompassing PC gaming platform that allows buying and playing games digitally. Thankfully, Valve isn’t in the market to become the sole monopoly in the market, rather, Valve seems entirely content with setting up a system such as Steam and just continually (albeit slowly) updating it to stay competitive. After all, at this point, most own their games for PC on Steam, and once you are in the system it is a lot harder to leave.
Because Valve is poised to simply maintain rather than take over or grow, many in the PC gaming realm have not come to see Valve as a monolithic entity that is controlling the PC gaming market, rather Steam simply being the best means to an end at this time. But this is also the main issue with Valve and Steam, there is no push, no need to improve because they are simply at the top and have no signs of being moved from the top due to their long-standing dominance. It is what makes Steam such an intimidating company for competition and why there is no right time to compete with them, being better isn’t good enough to compete with Steam, it’s the starting line and need be able to build from there.
It is why we have seen companies as of late who are opting to start a new platform to sell PC games, be a platform that already exists in some capacity. Take Twitch for example, when it was bought from Amazon (who already sells digital games) one of the earlier features added to the platform was the ability to buy, purchase, and play games from the Twitch client. This has become especially most notable with Amazon’s monthly Twitch offers for existing Prime users for free in-game items and free games as well. If Twitch didn’t already have a large following, it would have never been able to compete with Steam on any meaningful level. If you as a consumer have everything already on Steam, with no ability to move them, and little reason to, why would you? You wouldn’t. But now, a competitor has come along, one that you are already invested in, and now starts offering games? Now that no turns at least into, a maybe.
Even if you had no intention of leaving Steam or are completely fine with the way it operates, having more companies enter into the market can only benefit the market greater. Either a company will provide much-needed pressure on Valve, or will become the next big platform that all of us will use. In both scenarios, we as consumers largely come out to be the victor. We should want more companies to give Steam some pressure, because Steam, and at large, the PC gaming market needs it to stay competitive.
“Epic games does scans on your computer, and sells your data to the Chinese government”
Im not going to support spyware, ever. As a big community, it is our job to have an extra set of eyes, watching out for privacy violations. But keep in mind that there is no evidence of any spyware, this is simply accusations as a result of a witch hunt. Also keep in mind the snowden incident. If china is spying on you through Epic games, without any actuall proof, whats your current thougth on US government doing the exact same thing (not only in the US, but the entire world is being monitored here), only that there is tons of evidence because of the whistleblower Edward Snowden?
Heres an article from Eurogamer where Daniel Vogel has come with a response.
According to the post, the data obtained was found to be sent to Epic, and the Epic Games store app was found to store hardware information in the registry.
With a bit of research, you will find that this is common practice within the PC gaming industry. And in general, In the computer industry, tracking your every move is also very common these days. Google knows every disease you’ve ever had, Facebook knows all your friends, locations, phone habits and all your daily routines. Epic games want your steam friends list and game library. The reason why is self-explanatory. Epic games are not gathering anything that is not related to gaming, computer performance and statistics. This is just good programming, which steam never had to use. And to be fair, if any other game launcher were in this position (receiving incredible amounts of hate for what is common practice today) they would find shit like this with them, too.
If you live in the US you are probably in the middle of the whole “Donald trump accuses every Chinese company of being slaves to the government” situation, and I can understand that you may feel mistrust to everything that origins to China. Keep in mind that Donald Trumps statement is a complete lie and only an assertion without any evidence, but for the sake of safety, im glad he brought it up. This means that people are on these companies 24/7, digging for more shit. Actually, finding a link between the companies and the Chinese government would be heaven for these people, and also the end of epic games, Huawei, and other Chinese corporations. They would ultimately be risking their entire career, everything they have worked for, all the cash flow they are generating, for what? So the Chinese can have some weirdly specific and not even relevant data on your gaming habits? Welp, the war is lost.
Jokes aside, this is just not a possibility in my eyes. If they scanned for anything non-gaming related, we would know about it just hours from the statement about buying up exclusives, which is what originally caused all this anger and insanity.
He’s also talking about how a Chinese company possibly can collect your user information, aswell as the Chinese government “do all the time”. Did everyone just forget the snowden incident? It sure seems like it. There was some hard on evidence that the US is actually keylogging and tracking your every move, by going directly to the ISP’s and monitoring your every step through an automated software.
China spying on us:
Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
The US spying on us:
Article 1
Article 2
And it goes on.
Lets be fair here; Epic Games have had some fuck-ups since they first started using their own launcher, but they are firmly aware of these mistakes, and are set to improve. Mass surveliance is no newsflash, the fact is that US allready is doing this across the entire world. China is only accused of doing this.
Im getting pretty tired of all the typing, so il leave it at this. If this blows up, i might come back with some edits.
submitted by Epic-Steam to pcgaming

Those guys who hack accounts are really something else with their facebook ads! For everyone who doesnt know! DONT click on this kind of stuff. They probably will keylog you and get your items/gold!! Be warned!!

Those guys who hack accounts are really something else with their facebook ads! For everyone who doesnt know! DONT click on this kind of stuff. They probably will keylog you and get your items/gold!! Be warned!! submitted by dwldeb to 2007scape

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