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Aqua Kharacter Koncept

Bio: Bizzare- Originating from the realm of Pondicallion, Aqua was born as the heir to his father's throne. After Podicallion was invaded however, Aqua was sent away in order to seek refuge else where while chaos ensued. Growing up on what the land provided him, Aqua became very involved with his inner essence, strengthening and mastering his abilities. Now that opportunity has become available, Aqua is ready to strike down those who destroyed his realm, family and honor. Shao Kahn and Outworld will pay!
Gear: Beak, Trident, Flippers
Gear Select Animations:
Beak- Aqua braces himself and suddenly let's out a booming Quack as his Beak is zoomed in on
Trident- Aqua flips his Trident around before tossing it into the air catching it only to then shove it towards the screen
Flippers- Aqua submerges into a pool of water only to suddenly appear from one closer to the screen, flying forward in a kicking position
Appearance: Aqua appears as a 6'2 Male with light brown skin. He has glowing blue and white eyes along with a beak that replaces his nose and mouth and flippers that replace his feet. Aqua is bald and has no hair but instead has a line of fish-like spines across his back and top of his head aswell as gills on both sides of his neck. He uses a Trident that stays sheathed on his back
Skins: Default Skins(based off my redesign), Down Deep Skins(shirtless, Aqua's head is uncovered revealing his spines and gills, his arms are wrapped in sea weed and he wears pants that are comprised of long flowing garments), Pondicallion Strong Skins(Royality inspired armor, Aqua wears a crown-like head peice and his arms and waste are wrapped in octopus tentacles, Aqua wears armored shoulder pads and knee pads and a shirt/pants that are baggy with scaled textures) and Klassic Skins(Klassic looking skin, Aqua wears an outfit resembling that of an MK1 ninja, his default color is black with white outlining, Aqua also has a hood and gloves with this skin)
Gameplay: While having water abilities, Aqua's powers revolve more around controlling water's nature, such as sea life. Aqua is a very strong Rushdown fighter who uses some keep away mechanics to zone his opponent when needed. His speed is quick which allows him to get close fast and he is capable if getting more personal once zoning no longer works
Special Moves:
Kraken Slam- Aqua slams his trident onto the ground, summoning an octopus tentacle that grabs the opponent and slams them onto the ground. Amplifying makes the tentical pull the opponent down into the water portal from which it rose, and the opponent is thrown out of a portal that appears closer to Aqua allowing him to kombo
Crashing Waves- Aqua summons 2 waves(one on each side) and makes them sandwich the opponent. Amplifying makes the waves splash up, launching the opponent
Quack Quake- Aqua let's out a booming squawk from his beak, sending forth a string of sound waves. No amplify but this move can be held in order to charge it(crushung blow if this counters while fully charged)
Tournament Variations:
V1: Ship Reck- Adds Eel Parry- Aqua's arms become wrapped in electric eels and he blocks away his chest. If hit while in this position, the opponent is electrocuted and stunned. No amplify
Great White- Aqua summons a Great White Shark from a portal and the beast catches the opponent in its mouth, biting down(crushing blow if this counters a projectile) and jumping up only to dive back down into its portal, leaving the opponent behind. Amplifying makes the Shark maul the opponent after it lands before letting them go and slipping back into its portal
Deadly Column- Aqua summons a school of Piranha's that fly up in a column, surrounding the opponent and biting them before all falling down. Amplifying makes some of the Piranha's stay with the opponent after the others fall, nibbling on them and dealing damage over time
V2: Deep Blue- Adds Pool-Port- Aqua sinks down into a whirlpool only to reappear from another one behind the opponent. No amplify
Flipper Glide- Aqua jumps into the air and spins around causing himself to propel towards the opponent. Amplifying makes Aqua carry them off screen on impact, coming in from the other side and slamming them onto the ground
V3: Aquatic Royality- Adds Forked- Aqua lunges into the air and comes down Trident first, slamming it through the opponent and pinning them on impact(they stay standing). Amplifying makes Aqua summon a few sharp coral spikes to rise from behind the opponent, impaling them while they are pinned(crushing blow if Forked was performed 3 times prior)
Brain Wash- Aqua shoves his Trident underneath the opponents chin and sends a blast of water through it(crushing blow if this counters a roll). Amplifying makes Aqua stab the opponent under the chin, then in the gut and finally send a shot of water from his Trident that launches them into the air
Water Flow- Aqua slams his Trident blades first onto the ground sending a wave from it that flies towards the opponent. Amplifying sends water spikes instead that impale the opponent on impact(crushing blow if this missed the prior try)
Forward Throw- Aqua grabs the opponent and impales them with his Trident(crushing blow If Fatal Blow is on cool down), following up by slamming them onto the ground, launching them into the air in which a Killer Whale jumps out from a water portal and catches them in their mouth, carrying them in the air until the whale falls back into a portal, leaving the opponent behind
Back Throw- Aqua grabs the opponent and pecks them in the eye with his beak before tossing them over his shoulder in which an octopus tentical grabs them, slamming the opponent onto the ground twice before tossing them away
End Of Round Taunts:
Petting Zoo- Aqua summons a Dolphin that hovers above a water portal allowing him to pet it before diving back in
Up Next- Aqua points his Trident towards the opponent as water drips from its blade tips
Sea Breeze- Aqua stomps on the ground summoning a small field of sea weed that sways around before vanishing
Personal Pond- Aqua summons a water bubble that contains small guppies that swim around in it
Pondicallion Honor- Aqua gets on one knee and slams his Trident down while facing the floor
Rehydration- Aqua's hands engulf in water bubbles and he thrusts his arms out, bursting the bubbles
Aquariam Cleanser- Aqua summons a large sea snail and begins stroking it while walking away
Washed Out- Aqua summons a wave that engulfs him and he disappears only to reappear from a water portal that is a few steps away
Suctioned Escortsmenship- Aqau raises his arms out as a pair of tentacles wrap around his torso and carry him back a few steps
Tidal Wave- Aqua back flips and lands with his Trident in hand, slamming it onto the ground and sending out two waves that flow from each side of Aqua on impact
End Of Round Taunt Dialogue: "Pondicallion will be remembered!", "Death to Shao Kahn!", "Fear Me", "Do not let my appearance deceive you", "QUACK"
Grand Entrance- A ginormous Humpback Whale is seen beached in the arena, water spraying from its whole. The beast then opens up his mouth and Aqua appears, walking from the Whale's mouth and to his fighting position
With The Current- A whirl pool is seen formed on the ground and Aqua's Trident flies up from it, sticking into the ground on impact. Suddenly, Aqua's forms from water and appears next to his Trident in which he grabs it
Storm-Sequences- A wrecked ship is seen broken and drenched, with bodies seen draped over and next to the ship. Suddenly, Aqua breaks through the ship and lands onto his fighting position
Podicallion Council- An octopus tentacle is seen holding Aqua's trident. He grabs the Trident and gently pulls it from the tentacle as it sinks back into its water portal
Intro Dialogue Examples:
Joker- "You remind me of someone"
Aqua- "I am Aqua, rightful Heir to Pondicallion's Throne!"
Joker- "Not who I had in mind"
Aqua- "Me and you are nothing alike"
Rain- "Prince not recognize prince?"
Aqua- "In contrast to you, I'm actually entitled to my throne"
Aqua- "You side with the man who conquered your realm?"
Sindel- "I see no reason not too"
Aqua- "You shame the title of Royalty
Shang Tsung- "I don't recall you attending the tournaments"
Aqua- "I'd die before I participate in your games!"
Shang Tsung- "(chuckles) So be it"
Aqua- "You'll pay for what you did to my people!"
Shao Kahn- "Your miserable realm wasn't even worth conquering!"
Aqua- "You will choke on your words scoundrel!"
Sea Lurker's- Aqua jams the blades of his Trident into the ground and drags them up, sending a wave of water towards the screen as Piranha's pop out of the wave(still shot)
Cause And Efffect- Aqua begins spinning around very quickly and drops down into a water portal, causing water to spray out on impact(still shot)
Royal Cry- Aqua summons two flowing columns of water that shoot up near his sides and he braces himself, suddenly lunging forward and Quacking at the screen(still shot as Quack fades)
Pondicallion's Ark- Aqua swings his Trident around skillfully and lifts it up aggressively, yelling out as a ginormous shark jumps into the air accompanied by smaller fish(still shot)
Fatal Blow: Bloatatious Torture- The Fatal Blow is triggered when Aqua slams his Trident over the opponents head, launching them into the air. The Fatal Blow begins with Aqua swiping his Trident across the opponents chest, then shoving the blades into the opponents face(slow mo). Aqua then slams the opponent to the ground and a pair of Tentacles wrap around the opponents face, pinning them. Aqua then stabs the opponent in the gut with his Trident and drags down(slow mo). This launches the opponent up in which Aqua then summons a Shark that jumps up, biting the opponents torso mid air(slow mo). Total Hits: 10
Fatalities: Sea Food(mid)- Aqua summons a water portal behind the opponent and tackles them into it. The two are transported into the sea in which the opponent is tossed down by Aqua into a bed of sharp coral. They are impaled and scream causing water to begin drowning them. Two ginormous crabs clamp down onto the opponents arms and tear them away. This causes the opponent to be lifted up from the coral and they begin floating away until they are suddenly interrupted by a giant eel that slithers from a cavern and bites down onto the opponent, spraying bloody water and bubbles(still shot)
Water Fountain(close)- Aqua equips his Trident and lunges upward only to come back down, impaling the opponent by shoving his Trident down their throat. Aqua then begins tampering with the Trident, filling the opponents lower half with water. The opponents lower half becomes inflated and bursts, leaving them on the ground while still being impaled by the Trident which keeps them posted up. Aqua then kicks their body away causing his Trident to detach itself from them in which Aqua then shoves it forward, causing the Trident's blades to go through the opponents face, popping out their eyes(still shot)
The Klassic(final hit must come from Uppercut)-Aqua uppercuts the opponents head off
Through Your Head(final hit must come from Forward Throw, must press down down down)- Aqua grabs the opponent and impales them with his Trident following up with slamming them onto the ground while impaled in which he removes the Trident, only to then shove it down into their face
Crater Face(final hit must come from Back Throw)- Aqua grabs the opponent and pecks them in the eye once, and he then begins rapidly repeating to peck their face until a huge bloody hole is gouged into it
Head-Ache(final hit must come from Kraken Slam, must press y and x)- Aqua summons an octopus tentical that grabs the opponent and slams them onto the ground head first, causing it to burst on impact
Ear Burster(final hit must come from Quack Quake, must have 40% health or more)- Aqua braces himself and suddenly let's out a Booming Quack that's sound waves burst the opponents ear drums on impact, causing them to fall and squirm in pain as blood seeps from their ears until they end up dying
Stir Fried(final hit must come from Eel Parry, must have Fatal Blow available)- Aqua's arms become wrapped in Electric eels and he blocks off his chest. When hit, the opponent is electrocuted until they are fried to a crisp
Fish Bait(final hit must come from Deadly Column, must press up up up)- Aqua summons a school of Piranha's that fly up in a column, engulfing the opponent, leaving them as a devoured corpse once the fish fall back down
Slip N Slide(final hit must come from Flipper Glide, must press forward forward forward)- Aqua jumps into the air and begins spinning around causing him to fly towards the opponent, his speed causing him to fly right through the opponents chest
Posted(final hit must come from amplified Forked, must have performed a Mercy)- Aqua lunges up Trident in hand and comes back down, impaling the opponent by shoving the Trident down their throat. Aqua then summons a bed of sharp coral that rise behind the opponent l, impaling and killing them with coral going through the opponents face, eyes, chest and mouth
Deadly Inflation(final hit must come from amplified Brain Wash, must have 30% health or less)- Aqua shoves his Trident underneath the opponents chin and takes it out only to then shove it into their gut in which he transfers water through it, inflating the opponent until they burst
Brutality End Poses:
Cast Away- Aqua flips around his Trident skillfully before being lifted up by an octopus tentacle
Tide Rider- Aqua balances one foot as a still placed wave flows beneath him
Trust Fall- Aqua falls back into a pool of water, vanishing
Rightful Heir- A ginormous Crab Claw bursts from the ground, serving as a throne that Aqua takes a seat in
Whirlpool- Aqua spins his Trident around and suddenly slams it down, creating a whirlpool that floats beneath it
Brutality End Dialogue: "Sail Away", "Long Live Pondicallion", "Shao Kahn is next!", "Let the current take you", "You shall drift away!"
Friendship: Cheap Refreshment- Aqua turns around to grab something as a Lemonade stand is rolled into frame by a Sea Lion. The Stand reads Aqua's Lemonade(with Lemonade being wrote twice with the first writing of it being crossed out and mispelled). Aqua then turns back around and we see he now has a pint of lemonade and a glass to which he fills with lemonade, holding it out offeringly until you press continue
Tower Ending: For centuries I lived in the shadow's, surviving on only what my resources provided. The reasoning? Shao Kahn. He and his army invaded by realm when I was only a child. He took EVERYTHING from me. My family...my home......my Royalty. After Kronika had appeared before me, it seemed as though she was my last hope of redeeming Pondicallion. But after learning that Shao Kahn had also joined her, the Titan quickly became another enemy. After making work of Kronika, I sought out to finally redeem my realm. With Shao Kahn weak and afraid, I thought it best not to kill this so called Emperor. After I had rebuilt Pondicallion, we would soon find use for him and his "subjects".
submitted by videomadnezzyt to MKcharacterConcepts

Why I do I keep getting crashes around that intersection to the east of Whiterun (Skyrim Legendary Edition)?

This is a recurring problem I have. Most of the time, I can walk past the area without issue. Sometimes though, I get an automatic ctd when I walk somewhere near that area that keeps happening no matter how many times I restart the game! I don't have any 'dangerous' mods installed that I'm aware of. This has also persisted through several load order changes, so I have no clue what could be causing this. Its nigh impossible to test, since it comes and goes for no apparent reason. The only work around I've found is to just avoid the area when this is happening, but right now I'm coming from the pale, so I'd have to walk all the way around the back of Whiterun to avoid this area.
Here's my load order from my mod organizer profile:
+Bashed Patch
-Forsworn Armor Redux v4 2K
+Level Up Message Removed v1.0
+No Spinning Death Animation v1_3 MERGED
+No heavy muscular idle
+Landscape Fixes Patch for Moon and Star
+Landscape Fixes Patch for Helgen Reborn
+Landscape Fixes JK's Skyrim - Towns
+Landscape Fixes Alternate start- LAL Locations
+Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods- 32bit Skyrim(LE) version
+Birds of Skyrim 065_BSA archive
+Sleep to Level Up LE Version
+Main Menu Spinning Skyrim Emblem Average Speed
+VividWeathers TrueStorms PaTch
+True Storms - Thunder and Rain Redone v1.5
-Wizard Hats Clothing & Clutter patch
+DAR - Dynamic Swimming
+EVG Conditional Idles
+DynamicAnimationReplacer v1.1.1
+AOS Vivid Weathers Patch
-A Quality World Map and Solstheim Map - With Roads
+Visible Favorited Gear 1.0
+Underwater Visibility Fix - RW2 (Legendary Version)
+Vokrii-Dawnguard Arsenal Patch
+Lucien - Moon and Star Patch
+Lucien - Moonpath to Elsweyr Patch (LotD)
+Inigo Marriage Commentary Patch for M'rissi
+Sofia Follower v.2.51 (BSA)
+M'rissi's Tails of Troubles
+Optional Mod Patches for Legacy
+Tools of Kagrenac Immersive College of Winterhold Compatibility Patch
+Tools of Kagrenac Legacy of the Dragonborn Compatibility Patch
+Legacy of the Dragonborn Patch Collection
+Airship and Archaeology Patches
+Maelstrom - Fully Voiced Follower and Quest Mod
-Agent of Righteous Might
+Helgen Reborn
+Artifacts - The Tournament of the Ten Bloods [Oldrim]
+Wheels of Lull Lullian Harquesubs CTD Fix
+Wheel of Lull 3.01 UPDATE
+Wheels of Lull 3.0
+The Tools of Kagrenac V1.54
+Immersive College of Winterhold
+It Beats For Her
+Konahriks Accoutrements - HOTFIX
+Konahrik's Accoutrements - Dragon Priest Armory
+Moon and Star
+Bruma Signs SMIM Patch
+Blackthorn V1.6
+Zim's Immersive Artifacts V1.5
+D13 Faster Get up Stand up animation
+Combat behavior improved
+Immersive World Encounters
+Immersive Patrols
-Obis - remove message bandits seem more common now
-OBIS - FaceGenData
-OBIS_AltStartLiveAnotherLife-DG-Faction Patch
+Wet and Cold
+Belt-Fastened Quivers 1.3 Release
+Frostfall 3.4 Release
-Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes
-Better Vampire NPCs Subtle Vampires Patch
+Subtle Vampires
+Better Vampires 8.4
-Better Vampire NPCs 1.9 NAC
+Werewolves Drop Werewolf Pelts Legendary Edition
+Moonlight Tales SE MCM
+Moonlight Tales SE for Skyrim
+Bandolier - Bags and Pouches v1dot2
+WIC Cloaks NMM
-Artifacts - The Breton Paladin [Oldrim]
-Volkihar Knight CE 1.0.0
-Lustmord Armor
+Dragon Carved Armor Recolor - Addon 1.01 - 2 Sets
+Dragon Carved Armor Set 1.41 - Main File
+Barbarian Steel Armor - Leveled List
-Black Sacrament Armor
+Vokrii 3.0.3
+Unique Uniques WAFR 5.2 Patch
+Heavy Armory V3.3
+Dawnguard Arsenal
+Immersive Armors
+Immersive Weapons
+Unique Uniques
+Royal Armory V2.2
+Morningstar 1.4.0
+Hunters Not Bandits for RDO
+Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO v2.0i
+Craftable Horse Barding
+SkyTEST Immersive Horses
+Immersive Horses
+Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks
+Depths of Skyrim
-Hunterborn SkyTEST (.esp) Patch v1.5
-Blood Horker
+Skytest Patches
-SkyTEST Animallica ESP
-Animallica Lore Edition - Redux
-Animallica 1.3
-SkyTEST Beasts of Tamriel
+boars of skyrim
+SkyTEST Quieter Spiders FootSteps
+SkyTEST's gooses replaced with the Mihail's gray farm version
+SkyTEST - Mihail's chicks replacer and better idle sound
+SkyTEST - Better sheeps
+SkyTEST - Bellyaches HD collection
+SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators
-Beasts of Tamriel v5.2.1
+Cannibal Draugr on Solstheim
+Grahl - The Ice Troll
+watchers 6.1
+Castle Volkihar Rebuilt
+Palaces and Castles Enhanced Community Patches
+Palaces and Castles Enhanced Compatibility Patches
+Palaces and Castles Enhanced
+Inconsequential NPCs 1 dot 9e
+No Snow Under the Roof - JK's Towns Patch - English
+JKs Skaal village
+JK's Skyrim Towns only
+Dawn of Skyrim Fishmonger Texture Quick Fix
+Dawn of Skyrim Upgrade to 1.3
+Dawn of Skyrim Collection 1.2
+SKY CITY Exterior vers
+No Snow Under The Roof
+Pumping Iron - Dynamic Muscle Growth
+Timing is Everything
+Lore-Based Loading Screens 1.2
+Alternate Start - Live Another Life
+No magic ninja dodge - No DLC
+Night Eye Toggle
+Better Dialogue Controls
+Run For Your Lives
+Better Bikini White
+Immersive HUD - iHUD
+Expressive Facial Animation - Female Edition
+Expressive Facial Animation - Male Edition
+Black and Grey Leather Armor
+Subtle Stendarr's Aura
+Transparent and refracting Icicle and Frost Atronach
+LeanWolf's Better-Shaped and Armed Talos
+JS Barenziah - 2K Textures
+Superior Lore-Friendly Hair - HD textures
+Consistent Older People 31b All USLEEP
+Total Character Makeover
+Aesthetic Elves
+LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons - All in One Installer
+Epic Gate of Whiterun 2K
+Diverse Werewolves Collection
+Durnehviir Resurrected
+Immersive Dragons
+Violent Alduin Retexture
+Bellyache HD Dragon Replacer Final
+Better Performance Textures_AnimalsCreatures_ALLDLCS
+Northern Grass
+Skyrim Flora Overhaul NO Grass v2.6
+Wonders of Weather
+Realistic Water Two
+Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2
+Vivid Weathers
+Legacy of the Dragonborn LE V19.3.01
+Clothing and Clutter Fixes 2K
+Clothing and Clutter Fixes
+Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade
+Better Performance Textures_ALL
+Static Mesh Improvement Mod
+Ruins_Clutter_Improved Linen Normal Map Fix
+Ruins_Clutter_Improved_Falmer Temple Chandelier
+Ruins Clutter Improved
+Ultimate HD Fire Effects -Medium Resolution-
+Crash Fixes v12 - Beta
+Bug Fixes
*DLC: HighResTexturePack03
*DLC: HighResTexturePack02
*DLC: HighResTexturePack01
+Arissa - The Wandering Rogue 2.2.2 Release
+Campfire 1.11
+Beyond Skyrim DLC Integration Patch
+Beyond Skyrim - Bruma 1.3.30
+Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch
*DLC: Dragonborn
*DLC: HearthFires
*DLC: Dawnguard
edit: And keep in mind, I posted this from my profile's text folder, so its upside down. I am NOT playing with my main masters at the bottom of my load order in reverse order, or with my bash patch loading first.
edit2: Decided to see if my save was corrupt. Loading from another save does NOT fix the problem. I also decided to do something different and wait an hour to see if there was an npc in the area causing the issue. Issue persisted; I crash at the same spot. I suspect it may have something to do with the meadery, but I'm not sure. The crashes always seem to happen in front of that place. Keep in mind, they come and go and are in fact rarely there, so it can't be a permanent static object causing this. Restarting my computer also doesn't fix the issue. Also, I literally ran past the area just the day prior for a quest. This only happened on the return. What could've changed in that time frame? And no, no specific quest seems to be causing the issue.
edit3: Did some more tests. Since the issue comes and goes, it can't be a missing mesh from a static object that's always there. Just to make sure, I lowered my render distance all the way to see if that let me move further forward. It made no difference at all. This leads me to believe that its highly unlikely that this is being caused by a missing mesh of any sort. I also decided to walk down the road further to the right, to see if that guard talking to me at I passed caused the issue. It made no difference. I guess I could dodge the issue by just fast traveling to Whiterun, but the next quest I have to do requires me to run past that area again, so it'll only be a temporary solution unless the issue mysteriously fixes itself in the time it takes for me to get to that point.
edit4: I managed to walk past the area. I was forced to after I found I wasn't allowed to fast travel (probably because of the quest I was on). After fuming over that for a bit, I came up with another test. I turned off the AI, and walked forward. I had no issue doing this. Even when I turned the AI back on while in the area, everything was normal. This leads me to believe its either a scripting error or maybe an animation. The only animation mods I have installed are EVG and Dynamic Swimming. I would assume the latter can't be the issue, given that there's no water in the area deep enough to swim in. Besides, I never have the issue when I go for a swim, anywhere. I suspect it MAY have something to do with Vivid Weathers, since that's the only non-static mod I know of that could affecting that area, but why is it unique to the area in front the Honningbrew Meadery?
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