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Harry Potter's Hogwarts Recreated In Tony Hawk's Pro

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The Official 2019 Thread of all NVIDIA exclusive Tech

This is a thread created to encompass all the games which have their image quality enhanced by any NVIDIA **EXCLUSIVE** effect, it's for documentation purposes, I copied it from multiple sources, please feel free to correct or add any entries.

RTX (ray tracing):

1-Battlefield V
2-Quake 2
3-Metro Exodus

(Official) GPU PhysX games:

01- Alice: Madness Returns
02- Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
03- Batman: Arkham Asylum
04- Batman: Arkham City
05- Batman: Arkham Origins
06- Batman: Arkham Knight
07- Borderlands 2
08- Borderlands Pre-Sequel
09- Call of Duty: Ghosts
10- Metro 2033
11- Metro: Last Light
12- Metro 2033 Redux
13- Metro: Last Light Redux
14- Mirror's Edge
15- Lords of the Fallen
16- The Bureau : XCOM Declassified
17- Dark Void
18- Darkest of Days
19- DayLight
20- CryoStasis
21- Crazy Machines II
22- Star Trek: D-A-C
23- Mafia 2
24- Unreal Tournament 3
25- Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
26- Sacred 2: Ice & Blood
27- Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
28- Warmonger Operation Downtown Destruction
29- Fallout 4
30- BombShell
31- Dangerous Golf
32- Killing Floor 2
33- Final Fantasy 15
34- Metro Exodus


(Unofficial) GPU PhysX Games: Activated Through Console Commands

1- Rise of the Triad
2- XCOM 2

Server Side PhysX Games:

1- Age Of Conan
2- The Secret World


Announced PhysX Games yet to be released:

-King of Wushu
-Monster Hunter Online

(Chinese Titles) GPU PhysX games:

1- Hot Dance Party (热舞派对)
2- QQ Dance 2 (QQ炫舞)
3- Passion Leads Army (光荣使命 / Glorious Mission)
4- Mercenary Online ( 全球使命 / QQSM / Global Mission)


HairWorks Games:

1- Call Of Duty Ghosts
2- Far Cry 4
3- The Witcher 3
4- Monster Hunter Online
5- King of Wushu
6- Final Fantasy 15

WaveWorks Games:

1-War Thunder
2-Just Cause 3

TurfWorks Games

1-Ghost Recon Wildlands
2-Final Fantasy 15


PostWorks (TXAA) Games:

01- GTA 5
02- Assassin's Creed 3
03- Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag
04- Assassin's Creed Unity
05- Assassin's Creed Syndicate
06- Watch_Dogs
07- Watch_Dogs 2
08- The Crew
09- Far Cry 4
10- Call Of Duty Ghosts
11- Call Of Duty Black Ops 2
12- Titanfall
13- Batman Arkham Origins
14- Splinter Cell Black List
15- The Secret World
16- NeverWinter
17- Crysis 3
18- Evolve
19- Rainbow Six Siege
20- Dishonored 2
21- Dishonored Death Of The Outsider
22- Agents Of Mayhem
23- Vampyr


ShadowWorks (HFTS/VXAO) Games :

1-The Division
2-Watch_Dogs 2
3-Agents Of Mayhem
4-Rise Of The Tomb Raider
5-StarWars Battlefront 2
6-Final Fantasy 15

CUDA Games:

1- Just Cause 2 (CUDA Wate CUDA DoF)
2- NASCAR 14 (CUDA Smoke)
3- Rage (CUDA Texture)
4- Wolfenstein Old Blood (CUDA Texture)


Ansel Games:

1- Watch_Dogs 2
2- The Witcher 3
3- Shadow of War
4- Tekken 7
5- Mass Effect: Andromeda
6- Ghost Recon Wildlands
7- BulletStorm Full Clip
8- Mirrors Edge Catalyst
9- Agents Of Mayhem
10- Pro Evolution 2018
11- Paragon
12 -Dishonored 2
13- For Honor
14- Conan Exiles
15- Ark Survival Evolved
16- War Thunder
17- Oduction
18- The Witness
19- Raiders of the Broken Planet
20- HellBlade Senua's Sacrifice
21- Kona
22- Snake Pass
23- Black Desert
24- Final Fantasy 15
25- Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II
26- Kingdom Come: Deliverance
27- Q.U.B.E. 2
28- Pure Farming 2018
29- Nioh: Complete Edition
30- Aven Colony
31- ClayBook
32-CAT Interstellar
33- CHKN
34- Formula Fusion
35- Dark and Light
36- Fade to Silence
37- Space Engineers
38- WRC 7 FIA World Ralley Championship
39- Battlefield V
40- Shadow Of The Tomb Raider
41- Hitman 2
42- GRIP
43- Jurassic World Evolution
44- Metro: Exodus
47- Frostpunk


VRWorks Games:

1- Batman VR
2- EVE Valkerie VR
3- Raw Data VR
4- Everest VR
5- Sports Bar VR
6- Pool Nation VR
Elite Dangerous VR (announced but didn't make the cut)

Patched Out/Online PhysX Games: At risk of being closed/closed already

-Hawken (Patched Out)
-Planet Side 2 (Patched Out)
-Warframe (Patched Out)
-Landmark: EverQuest Next Beta (CLOSED)
-Strife (CLOSED)
-Metal Knight Zero Online (CLOSED)
-Shattered Horizon (CLOSED, Removed from Steam)
-Warhammer: Eternal Crusade

Announced PhysX Games, but failed to make the cut:

- Deep Black: Reloaded (renamed from U-Wars)
- Terminator Salvation
- Depth Hunter
- Project Cars

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Wayback Wednesday - Hockey in Africa

Hockey has thrived most in areas with long, cold winters; places where people needed to do... something outside to avoid frostbite.
When most hockey fans think of the game internationally, they think of the Olympics, or maybe the World Juniors or the World Championships. There, a similar group of teams from a similar group of countries play each other year after year. It's easy to think that hockey's only played in a few places.
Wrong. Hockey is growing globally, and it's growing fast.
One of the places where hockey is growing fastest is Africa. When you think of the stereotypes surrounding hockey – cold weather and rinks, expensive equipment, rich players and families - you don't think of Africa. That's fair.
Truth is, hockey's been played in Africa, in some way or another, since the 1930's. There have been professional leagues, games played in front of thousands of spectators, and even a few NHL players and prospects born on the continent.
Four NHL players were born in Africa – Chris Nielsen was born in Tanzania, Olaf Kolzig in South Africa, and both Rumun Ndur and Akim Aliu hail from Nigeria.
Players with roots in Congo-Brazzaville (the Impose brothers, Auguste and Aurelien), Eritrea (Oliver Kylington), Liberia (Clarence Kparghai), and Swaziland (Adrian Savelo Alvarstein) all play in Europe or in North America.
Today, I'm gonna try to take you through each country in Africa that currently plays, or may start playing soon. There aren't a lot, obviously, but there are more than you might think. We'll start with the first.


South Africa, as far as African hockey goes, is the motherland. The first hockey game on the continent was played in Johannesburg in 1935, on a temporary rink. A year later, the South African Ice Hockey Association was founded, and the first permanent ice rink in the country, the Wembley Ice Rink, was opened. South Africa joined the IIHF in 1937, and formed a national team, which played a senior team from Canada later that year.
The country's first star was Heinz Ball, a German-born player who moved to the country after WWII broke out. Heinz came to Jo-burg in 1936, and he was joined by his brother Rudi in 1948. If you're wondering, yes, these are the same Ball brothers who we wrote an article on back in the fall.
It took until 1961 for South Africa to play its first international game, played at the World Championships in Switzerland. South Africa played Yugoslavia, and... they got their butts kicked, 12-3. South Africa finished 19th out of 20, winning only one game in the tournament. Not a great start.
Meanwhile, back home, a semi-professional league was starting at the Wembley Ice Rink. The rink's owner, Hymie Sofer, started a small league that would play, every Tuesday night, at his arena. He teamed up with the SAIHA's head, Otto Hertz, a wealthy businessman related to the same Hertz family that people rent cars from today. Hertz was flush with money, and bankrolled the league.
With this new money, Sofer hired scouts and coaches, and set out to attract players from top European leagues. South Africa is south of the equator, and as such, has opposite seasons to the ones seen further north. Sofer and his group scheduled the season during the European off-season, and promised players decent pay, summer work, and a chance to stay in shape over the summer. Many players took up the offer.
The teams were named after the countries where most players came from; Canadians played on the Maple Leafs, the Swiss Bears were full of Swiss players, and players from the Austrian league suited up for Edelweiss. Other teams, like the Holiday Inns and the Hush Puppies, were named after sponsors.
Things went well for the league, until the world discovered the nasty side of South Africa – apartheid. Other countries stopped playing the South African national team, and many countries boycotted South Africa altogether. The country's currency, the rand, plummeted. Players previously attracted by quick money in the off-season went home. The league died on its feet.
Today, South Africa has the most advanced hockey infrastructure in Africa by a mile. They have a women's national team, founded in 1999, which is the highest ranked on the continent. The men's side now features players like Ashley and Gary Bock, a pair of goaltending brothers who are known for their titanic size, and players like Uthman Samaai, Wesley Krotz, Xander Botha, and Reelan Malgas, all of whom spent their winters playing in North America.
In South Africa now, there are three amateur hockey leagues, centered in Cape Town, Gauteng, and Durban. More than 20 teams take part, and there is a national championship set up where the winners of the three leagues face off for a national title.

NAMIBIA (1995)

Namibia is an odd case. You see, Namibia doesn't play ice hockey; the country doesn't have a rink. However, they have a very advanced inline hockey program.
Namibia has a domestic inline league set up, with teams like the Swakopmund Coastal Pirates, the Windhoek Lions, and the Otjiwarongo Scorpions. The Scorpions actually hold the world record for the longest inline hockey game ever played, going for 27 hours to raise money for the national program.
Final score: 316 to 291.
The Namibian national team plays tournaments around the world, and will attend the FIRS World Inline Championship in Italy this June.
However, despite their inline infrastructure, Namibia has no ice rinks. One may possibly open up on the site of a new shopping mall in the capital of Windhoek, but for now, there's nothing. However, some top team players, like Vincent Van Biljon and Riyaan Ely, have taken their game on ice in other countries, like South Africa or Australia.
They also know how to dress up, too. Which is nice.

ALGERIA (2006)

We're now taking a hike up north, to Algeria. The Algerian national team was started by players of Algerian descent playing in Europe. They were first formed in '06, and played their first organized international games in the IIHF's 2008 Arab Cup. The Arab Cup was intended to be an annual competition between Arab nations with teams; after 2008, the idea was abandoned.
The team played their first game against Kuwait, and got their first goal; scored by French-born Hakim Boukhaloua. They lost all five games they played, but the team's top scorer, Harond Litim, won tournament MVP.
Since the Arab Cup, the Algerian team has been in a sort of stasis. The national team has played a few exhibition games, including one against a lower-level French team which ended 8-8. The Algerians were paced by Francky Sadani, who scored five points, and Yassine Fahas, who had three assists.
Now, only two Algerian national players still play in France – Gael Benbekhti and Harond Litim. The team's main supporter, player and manager Karim Kerbouche, follows the team and it's players wherever they go, snapping photos and chronicling the team's story along the way.
They can't join the IIHF officially, since for many years, there were no ice rinks and no current domestic league. However, a rink has been built in Algiers, and another rink may be erected elsewhere soon. A league is set to start for next season, and some Algerian hockey players have received equipment donations from the NHLPA.
It doesn't seem too far-fetched to say that Algeria may soon be the IIHF's newest member.
And their jerseys are pretty damn sweet, too.

MOROCCO (2008)

Much like Algeria, Morocco's team was started around the time of the 2008 Arab Cup. The Moroccans finished in third place, in their international debut.
In Morocco, there are existing ice rinks, one in Rabat and another in Casablanca. The team featured some notable names, like Omar Ennaffati, a former Canadian pro player who would later play for Hungary internationally, and a few former major junior players, like Youseff Kabbaj.
The three people who helped start the team are a set of Canadian brothers, the Harrochs; Patrick, Eric, and Marc. All three were born in Quebec, and played some level of junior hockey. Marc even played in a training camp with the Rimouski Oceanic, where he played against Sidney Crosby. The team's leading scorer, Samir Bouchaoui, was born in Sweden and played several years in Sweden's second and third division leagues.
Junior teams still play in Morocco, even though there's not much news on the men's front. A national youth team has played tournaments against teams from Spain and France, and has a close relationship with FC Barcelona (yes, that FC Barcelona. They field a hockey team, too.)

TUNISIA (2009)

Another North African country with a fledgling program, Tunisia's team only played their first game in June 2014. The team was put together by Ihad Ayed, a French-born player who fell in love with the game at a young age.
Ayed spent five years scouting players from around the world, looking for players with Tunisian ancestry. After recruiting 25 players from several countries, the team met in Paris in 2014 for it's first game, against the second-tier Courbevoie Coqs.
The Tunisian team lost 6-5 in an entertaining debut, which featured Tunisian dancers on ice, a line brawl, and a ton of merch for the fans.
Most of the team's players were born and raised in France, but players on the team come from around the world. Mikael Lockner comes from Sweden; Vincent Elbaze, Nathan Bernier, and Adrien Sebag all play in France's second highest league; Scander Menasri, who scored the team's first goal, is German, and the team's coach, Vesa Surenkin, hails from Finland. The players have different backgrounds, but there's one common thread; all the players have Tunisian ancestry.

SOMALIA (2013)

Another weird case. Somalia doesn't play hockey; there's no rinks in Mogadishu. Somalia does, however, have a national bandy team.
Bandy, for those who don't know, is a mix between soccer and hockey, played on a soccer-pitch-sized rink, with 11 players per side and a ball instead of a puck.
Somalia's team began in 2013, when a Swedish bandy club in the town of Borlange formed a team for young Somalian immigrants. Formed by the head of the club as an “integration project”, one of his friends suggested creating a full-blown national team. The idea took off, and in 2013, the Somali Olympic Committee and the International Bandy Federation gave it the green light.
Before suiting up for their first game, the Swedish-led squad enlisted the help of Anwar Hared, a Canadian hockey player of Somali descent. Before receiving an invitation, he'd never played bandy before; now, he's the team's all-time leading scorer.
Somalia's team has taken place in three Bandy World Cups, and honestly, haven't done that well. They've gone 0-13, giving up 164 goals along the way. However, the players still love the game, and will be heading back next year for another tournament.


The world of Kenyan hockey is a very small one. The country only has one rink, at the Panari Hotel near Nairobi. The rink is only open for hockey for an hour a week, and it costs $7 US to play; not easy when the average Kenyan's monthly wage amounts to $75 US.
The players include both ex-pats and native Kenyans, and despite having shabby equipment, old nets, and no goalies – games are played using plastic penguin statues in net – the players keep turning out.
Kenyan hockey has gotten a little bit more exposure since a video showing the weekly game, produced by UK-based Hockey Tutorial, went viral last year. Since the video's release, equipment donations have begun, and the players even have new jerseys.
There's no discussion of a potential national team on the horizon, but if things someday change, there's already people interested in playing.


We'll finish things off with another country with no national team, Nigeria. Nigeria has produced more NHLers than any other African country, with both Akim Aliu and Rumun Ndur suiting up. Jarome Iginla's family immigrated to Canada from Nigeria not long before his birth, too.
Despite that, organized hockey hasn't ever become a big thing in Nigeria, mostly due to a lack of ice. Now, though, there is a permanent rink in Nigeria, in a shopping mall in Ikeja City, not far from the largest city, Lagos.
There have also been portable rinks set up around the country in the past, usually as a short-term gimmick.
I'll leave you with an image of one of those rinks, set up at the British Buckswood School north of Lagos. Check out the smiling guy over our buddy's shoulder.
Nigeria has a large ex-pat community, and an abundance of oil money. If there's one country where a team could begin soon, I'd bet on Nigeria.
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