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Dofus hack tool 1.0.3

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_ex-68/XP Antivirus problem, possibly others

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CURRENT Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 50th. Dofus Kamas 2 Hack. Then extract the archive to your PC and open Dofus Hack executable file. Bluesoleil activation code keygen Dofus Kamas Hack Generator Dofus is a Flash-based MMORPG (MMORPG). There are many free tools available which you can install on your computer using simple clicks. You can use it to create, read, updated, and delete your Google Finance.

Would you play a round based MMORPG?

Let's assume we had a MMORPG that doesn't go the classic route with tab-targeting or action-combat like WoW and Tera but makes use of the Round-based battle system like in Final Fantasy Tactics. Would you be interested? Give it a chance?
There actually is a game like that, namely Dofus. I played this game back then when it released and it was a gem. But nowadays the game is kinda dated and did a lot wrong in my opinion like ruining their diverse class system by giving every class the same tools and removing the individual skill paths.
Anyway, this post isn't about Dofus. It was just an example if some of you can't imagine round-based combat in an MMORPG and want to look it up.
Using such a combat system would give a game a lot of options to make unique systems.
Some of them would be:
- multiple Characters playable at the same time (this would enable even more systems)
- Unique spells/skills since you can work with grids and get a lot of diversity thus getting a lot of options for more classes
- Maps can add a lot to a battle
- outside the combat you would have the same benefits of a classic MMORPG like open world, professions
- a lot more.
Especially the multiple characters would be interesting imo. You can use synergies between classes better and bring back the holy trinity which a lot of MMORPGS get rid off. Since this isn't supposed to be a single player game, there would be some restrictions obviously. But the details aren't that important. I'm just trying to show some possibilities.

Anyway, let me ask this again: Would you play such a game or are you set for the "classic" MMORPGs?
Some additional Questions:
- What would such a game need for you to play/try it?
- Do you think Developers will change the MMORPG market anytime soon with new concepts?
- Do you have some cool ideas which such a combat system could enable besides what I listed already?
submitted by YahariChain to MMORPG

Dofus Retro Megathread : All Infos here / Ask Anything

Hello !
I'm creating this in order to centralize all information related to Dofus Retro and to try to answer to every question related to Dofus 1.29 !
If you have any question that isn't answered here, if you want more precision and also every question related to the game (set, team, char recommendation, quest help...), go ahead in the comments.

  • What is it ?
Dofus retro is the release of 5 brand new 1.29 servers that'll later on fuse to form only one.

  • What is new ?
Apart from some modifications (UI changes and enhancement) and some in game fix, nothing much.
Check all the changes here

  • Why join these servers instead of the old ones, Eratz and Henual ?
As far as I know, there was a huge flaw on the 1.29 version that allowed people to duplicate items, which affected the economy a lot. It was discovered but not totally solved as it existed for a while. So if you want a stable economy, join us.
Old servers will probably end up being less populated than the new ones.
The hype of a fresh start on a fresh server is something we like a lot.

  • Why would I even want to play 1.29 instead of 2.53 ?
Nostalgia mostly.
If you never played it, well it's quite an entire different game, things were simpler and just different (graphics, gameplay, classes, items, monsters...). Check this great (french, sorry) post which explain the difference between 1.29 and 2.X.
It was also a less casual game than it is nowadays as the grind was real.

  • When will it be available ?
24th of September, during the afternoon (CEST timezone, check here).

  • Which one of the 5 servers should I join ?
As discussed recently on the Astrub International Explorers Discord server, we agreed to go on the ALGATHE server for now as we will also be joined by the members of Under The Edge ! Keep in mind that all the new servers will be merged at some point.

  • Will it be mono account ?
No, I think this is mostly due to the fact that they don't know how to it properly on a 1.29 server and as it is probably less profitable for them.
However !! Don't leave yet, according to this survey made by a popular french youtuber, 53% out of 2956 people will play with only one character, so you'll find mates !

  • Any event planned here ?
I asked for an event and got a positive answer, but I have no further information...

  • Where do I download it ?
The 1.29 version is already available (as you can already play on the old servers) on the Ankama Launcher.
You can also download the installer directly from the official Dofus website by clicking here (how to have the 1.29 version to show up)

  • Will there be a Reddit guild ?
Not for now, sorry.

  • Is the subscription required ?
Yes :/ It's the same subscription as Dofus 2.52 and it'll affect both version/

Other important informations :

Again, if you have any question or something that you think should be mentioned/added to this post, go ahead in the comments !
And if you're impatient as I am, listen to some old 1.29 music !


  • The server choice may vary on SUNDAY, I'll update it to be sure to follow the choice of UTE to regroup as much English speaking people as possible. for now the server will be ALGATHE
  • It's ON ! if you want to PM me, I'm called Fallen ! Have fun !
submitted by FallenTheDoge to Dofus

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