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Laran Class Space Battleship

Laran Class Space Battleship
After a bout two months of building and tweaking, I'm calling this project complete for now. My first spaceship, the Mars class had been nice, but I wanted something even bigger. My style has been to name spacecraft after gods, so I went with Laran, the Etruscan god of war (thanks Wikipedia).
workshop link:
Photo albums:
https://imgur.com/a/fac7JQ4 - exterior
https://imgur.com/a/QRWpI64 - interior
https://imgur.com/a/R1B6GmL - weapon stats

Firstly, here is the obligatory (floating) marauder for scale. Though it's hard to do it justice, since the ship is large in all 3 dimensions.
The ship was designed without cost in mind, it's 6,941,528 RP, a lot of that tied up in battery costs. I wanted something that was different from the more traditional, long and thin spacecraft that often come up, and I wound up with a cross between a Terran battlecruiser and an aircraft. There are hundreds of Ion thrusters on this thing to keep it mobile, the AI is set up for 6 axis "point at target" mode, but it often overshoots by several km once it gets to speed. As a result, the main weapons are focused on the forward arc, but I eventually moved the main laser to a 360 degree turret (thanks laser update!) so it is quite potent from any angle. The ship operates around 1600m, but the PID allows for a lot of oveundershoot, so it will oscillate between 1400 and 1800 ish meters in combat.

thrusters on thrusters
The weapon systems are focused on different sizes and altitudes of target. The "Main" weapons are the PACs, large rail gun, the laser, 4 16in. rail guns, and 6 gigantic large missiles. The rail gun is fixed in a 3M mantlet in between the front "prongs," and can only really engage space targets. This rail gun is awesome, but impractical. The gun fires 500mm, 13.8m long solid/HE shells at 4033 m/s, close to mach 12. They have a 12m pendpeth fuse, 14k explosive damage, and over 1 million kinetic damage. Naturally, they are direct feed, which only left room for two ammo inputs - with a 206 second reload... So it does not fire frequently, which is good, as it uses 28% of the battery, with an overclock of 2, which comes out to 8,531,479 battery per shot. The recharge time is just under 70 seconds, which will allow for two "quick" shots until a long reload, assuming the batteries can handle it at the time. I threw a yellow tracer in the shell just to track when it fires. The recoil is a massive 42,657,000+ but it is fully damped with lots of 8m absorber spam. The gun uses the full 1400 component limit.
The PACs are also massive, each one has a total arm length of 4,705m, didn't go for the full 5K just because the turrets were getting a little too massive. They are set to impact damage, with a high amount of focus. They can reach out to a little over 9km, but I have them LWC limited to 4500m, as the damage drop starts to not justify the energy per shot at longer ranges. Each one uses 3,764,000 energy per shot, so they are major battery drainers as well. They are mounted on multi-piece turrets for a large arc of fire, but I have severely limited the angles to limit collisions, as I can't stand that aesthetically. At ranges of 2km or less the pair can do 200k-300k+ impact damage with a good hit. In testing, glancing blows can rip out long sections of the outer skin of targets.
Target is the \"Eclipse class star frigate\" by Palladium
The main laser does a lot of the damage, as it can aim in the entire lower sphere, and can aim upwards pretty far before it hits the ship. It is a continuous beam with a lot of pumps and frequency doublers behind it. It can output 53,400 damage damage at 58.3 AP. The cavities are spread across three different compartments and connected by transducers. The firing piece has a very long set of optics, and can still do 88% damage at 4000m, and 72% damage through 500m of water. It's very capable of engaging subs. The long range allows it to do damage to targets at up to 10km.
The heavy missiles are two 3 rail armored pods on the insides of the lift thruster pods at the ends of the "wings." The missiles are 28m long, and have radar guidance, and several turning thrusters, and after the missile update are surprisingly maneuverable. They pack 60,000 HE damage, and 420 fragments at 4751 damage. They can blow large holes in targets, and are effective out to at least 4km.
The 16in. rail guns are mounted in two twin turrets on the undersides of the "wings." They fire sabot rounds with dark blue tracers at 1,744 m/s. They can hit most targets below the ship, but they are set up with 3m mantlets, so they are somewhat limited. The rounds have very high AP, and they quite frequently pass clean through the target before all the damage can be transferred.
PAC, 1800mm CRAM, 16in. rail gun turret, and 14in. gun.
The "medium" weapons are 4 x 14in. APS, 4 x 250mm APS, 2 x 1800mm CRAMs, and 28 med EMP missiles. The 14in. (356mm) guns are in foward facing ball mounts, two in the wings and two in the front of the "gondola" at the below the center of the ship. They fire AP/frag pendepth rounds at 557m/s. The 250mm guns are below the bridge on the second deck level, and are in 4 more forward ball mountings with a high angle of fire. They fire HESH rounds at 491m/s. The CRAMs are 1800mm AP/HE/frag with no extra fusing. They fire at 187m/s and are limited to only firing at slow targets. They are there mainly for lobbing shells at space stations or similar. The EMP missiles are located in two angled racks in the middle of the ship. They upwards/outwards at a 40° angle. They also have a radaturning thruster setup. They have a good range, and can hit surface targets over a km or two (horizontally) away.
250mm guns, LAMS and missile interceptors
The "small" weapons consist of 10 x 25mm hypervelocity rail gun turrets, 3 x similar twin 60mm versions, a twin double barreled 155mm frag/flak turret in the upper rear, a quad barrel 155mm in the rear ventral position, 4 x twin barreled 8in. (203mm) APS in the tail, and 64 small missiles in the nose firing downwards. The rail guns are intended to intercept small targets like fighters or nuclear missiles. The 25mm guns fire at 3049 m/s, and the 60mm at 3503 m/s, that's mach 8.88 and mach 10.21 for reference. They fire solid AP rounds with gravity compensators to help with firing at targets in air. The idea was to fire rounds so fast they have a very low chance of missing, as opposed to saturating the target with a lot of fire. The smaller guns have .002° innacuracy, and can fire just under once per second. The larger ones have a .027° inaccuracy and take 4.7 seconds to recharge. Both have AA mantet setups, and they can collectively cover all angles of the ship. With the velocity and accuracy, they can reach out for many km. I threw in purple tracers to track where they hit.
Rear 155mm turret and 60mm turret on top.
There are 155mm guns on the rear arcs, mainly for defensive purposes, or for anything that slips behind it. There are two twin barreled guns in a turret in the top rear, and a quad barreled unit in the underside behind the gondola. They both fire frag/flak rounds at 454 m/s. In the tail there are 4 twin barreled 8in guns, which fire tandem heat shells at 330 m/s. The rear weapons don't see a lot of use, as the ship is fairly good at maintaining its facing at the main target. The small missile launchers are a pair of 32 tube units that fire straight down from just behind the nose. They are designed to target small fighters and small craft, and use turning thrusters to turn up to 122 deg/sec. They use active radar and APN guidance.

For defense, I have several LAMS systems, 5 30mm gatling CIWS turrets, shields, lots of smoke, and some missile interceptors. There are 12 LAMS power supplies, and nodes all around the ship, with a concentration on the front of the ship. The 5 CIWS guns fire flak at 1900 RPM. I added those to help take some of the load off the LAMS during large missile swarms. Two are on either side of the bridge, one below the main rail gun, and two on the bottoms of the engine pods. There are shields all around the ship, with a bias towards the front side. They are set to reflect, most are around 2.5-3 power, but some are up to 8 in more critical areas. Most of the thrusters are covered as well. The mode will switch to laser absorb when the laser detectors activate. I have also added large clusters of smoke dischargers around the nose, the wing areas, and the middle section around the 250mm guns. Testing showed where lasers were hitting most frequently. The continuous strafing movement during combat complicates things, but they do provide some protection. I was having some issues with large missiles getting through in testing, so I added in some missile interceptors. There are 12 in 4 three-shot pods, mounted in the nose, and under the bridge. They fire forwards rapidly, and use turning thrusters. I put radar decoys and flares on them to try to help attract enemy missiles to them.
To power al this, the ship uses a massive amount of batteries, with steam turbines and RTGs for power. There are also several backup generators that provide up to 107,200 power that kick in when the batteries are below 30%. The battery power is 36,774,000. The PACs and all the rail guns can quickly drain this though. There are 614 small boiler and turbine units that combined, can producer over 1,000,000 energy per second when fully spooled up. There is a LUA control that provides proportional control based on the battery charge level. There are also 39 3x3 RTGs in the "reactor room" that help keep things going, and can sustain the ship for movement.
My last spaceship can't do a water start, and I wanted this one to have the capability. To get this to move skyward, I added a large amount of big custom jet engines, 20 in total. There are 12 near the center of the ship, which have armored shutters on spinblocks that open when the engines should be firing. There are also two sets of 4 at the front and rear of the ship. Each engine produces 536,800 thrust. The ship can accelerate upward at up to 58m/s at higher air density, but slows down as it goes to help stop any massive overshoot. There is 2,952,000 fuel on board, primarily to get the ship into space, a large chuck is burned off during a low altitude start.

So far in testing, this ship has preformed well, so far the biggest issues have been overshooting the target, and the batteries getting dangerously low at times, but I have been able to partially correct those. I have yet to see it get close to being taken down, and it often comes out of battle with minor damage. I've downloaded a lot of other spacecraft from the workshop, but I find there's not a ton that is designed to operate at these altitudes, so the battles are often unfair. I'd love to see a real epic battle with something that can match it.


submitted by mcs175 to FromTheDepths

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