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Anyone know the title of the song at the outro of the video

submitted by joshwa0709 to Sidemen

Tuesday February 2 Trivia Results - Groundhog

Tuesday February 2 Trivia Results - Groundhog
I hope you enjoyed my silly little theme to celebrate 15 continuous weeks of Dueling! Sorry for the delay in posting the results!

Here are the results from the Tuesday February 2 Trivia Game, Topic: Groundhog

0 Players this week [21 LIVE, 82 AT HOME]
There was 1 multiple choice question this week.

Q01 DEFINITION OF TERMS (worth 2 points): SPELLING COUNTS! What is the Black Family's Motto?

A01: Toujours Pur
Full Credit Partial Credit Zero Credit
58 75 29
Needed the untranslated motto. READ MORE HERE
Best Answer In Chat
You asked this one a few weeks ago, and yet I still have never remembered a single word of Latin I've ever read; all I can tell you is that it translates to something like "Always Pure"- Trejdbu Pur...? by WoodsWanderer
Best Answer at Home
e pluribus anus by bangendedscoots

Q02 EXPLAINING SITUATIONS (worth 2 points): BE DETAILED! Where did Lupin find the boggart that he used for Harry's first Dementor Training session?

A02: Filch's filing cabinet
Full Credit Partial Credit Zero Credit
38 46 58
Best Answer In Chat
The closet in the teacher's lounge? No...yes...no....yes....crap. Was that the one for the class? Where did the one for dementor lesson's come from?! I DON'T KNOW! SHET. I don't know, so closet. He took the dementor out of the closet which consequently is probably some people's greatest fear: being forced out of the closet. by waygookin_sar
Best Answer at Home
Making out with Moaning Myrtle by BoogTKE

Q03 SPELLS AND INCANTATIONS (worth 2 points): What spell did Hermione use to help Dumbledore's Army, that made her classmates question why she wasn't in Ravenclaw?

A03: Protean Charm
Full Credit Partial Credit Zero Credit
50 74 30
Best Answer In Chat
A Protein (pro-tee-an) Charm that she used to enchant the coins to send messages by Feminist_Cat
Best Answer at Home
The Snitches get Stitches Spell by cp1051

Q04 GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (worth 2 points): Finish this superstition: "May-born witches will..."

A04: Marry Muggles
Full Credit Partial Credit Zero Credit
70 72 32
Best Answer In Chat
oh i have no idea. will get stitches? by whitbeyondmeasure
Best Answer at Home
May-born witches will prefer to have been sure-born witches by vonunov

Q05 COMPLEX LEVEL 3 (worth 3 points): Name the 3 adults Harry tried to get to sign his Hogsmeade permission slip (not who actually signed it).

A05: Uncle Vernon, Cornelius Fudge, Professor McGonagall
Full Credit Partial Credit Zero Credit
74 103 1
Best Answer In Chat
Cornelius Fudgebottom, Vernon Awesomestache Dursley, and Minerva BOSSWITCH Mcgonagall. by isquash
Best Answer at Home
Vernon Dursley Professor McGonagall Minister of Magic Fudge I think I got one! by BoogTKE

Q06 FOOD AND DRINKS (worth 2 points): Stubby Boardman retired from his singing career after being hit in the ear with WHAT at a concert?

A06: a turnip
Full Credit Partial Credit Zero Credit
49 62 42
Any sort of veggie got you 1 point. READ MORE HERE
Best Answer In Chat
I still don't know the answer to this, but it was a food and a weird one, so I'm going to guess a turnip. Cause a turnip would hurt like hell if it hit you in the head. by TeacherTish
Best Answer at Home
A chastity belt. Ladies go wild around Stubby Boardman but he can only take so many heavy metal objects flying at him at a time... by rightypants

Q07 NUMBERS AND DIGITS (worth 2 points): How much did the Apparition Lessons from the Ministry of Magic Apparition instructor cost?

A07: 12 galleons
Full Credit Partial Credit Zero Credit
46 64 40
If you guessed 11 to 13 galleons you got 2 points. If you guessed 7 to 17 you got 1 point. READ MORE HERE)
Best Answer In Chat
More expensive than a wand or less expensive than a wand? Less expensive. Like I was way off when I first guessed this. Um...sickles or galleons sickles or galleons....let's say....why do I want to say six? That's too much. Eh, whatever, I'm already failing, 6 galleons by waygookin_sar
Best Answer at Home
many doubloons by ThePossimpible_

Q08 GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (worth 2 points): What Wizarding Publication did Rita Skeeter publish her article ‘HARRY POTTER’S SECRET HEARTACHE’ in?

A08: Witch Weekly
Full Credit Partial Credit Zero Credit
88 89 15
Best Answer In Chat
Is this a trick question? The Daily Prophet? by whitbeyondmeasure
Best Answer at Home
I will NOT miss this question ever again like last time: WITCH FREAKING WEEKLY! by midnightdragon
"#Q09 NAMES AND FACES (worth 1 point): Who was the weatherman on the news, the night Harry was left on the Dursley's doorstep? A) Adam Storm B) Eric Munch C) Jim McGuffin D) Mark Gudgeon "
A09: Jim McGuffin
Full Credit Partial Credit Zero Credit
57 66 38
Best Answer In Chat
Scruff McGruff by east0n14
Best Answer at Home
Really hope it was Jim McGuffin, since it's sort of a plot device to leave a baby on a doorstep where someone can trod on them, or they could freeze to death, or be sat upon by a neighborhood cat. by ScribeVallincourt

Q10 IDENTIFYING QUOTES (worth 2 points): IDENTIFY THE SPEAKER AND BOOK THIS QUOTE IS FROM! "I think we can agree that you are not dead - though of course I do not minimize your sufferings, which I am sure were severe."

A10: Dumbledore, DH (in Harry's mind)
Full Credit Partial Credit Zero Credit
89 97 7
Best Answer In Chat
Dumblewhore and the Deathly Hallows of Whore-or. by isquash
Best Answer at Home
Aww man, you asked this a couple weeks ago and I got it wrong, I thought it was Pomfrey to Draco in 3, but that's not it. I deserve to have someone disappointed in me right now. Snape, Book 6. by rackik

Q11 COLORS AND SHADES (worth 2 points): What color is the Age Line that prevents those under 17 from entering into the Triwizard Tournament?

A11: Gold
Full Credit Partial Credit Zero Credit
66 68 36
Best Answer In Chat
no no okay this was like last week or something right? and i said red because the movie was blue and the movie is always wrong. but no, it's actually gold, because the movie was SO WRONG it couldn't even do the exact fucking opposite like how the fuck do you mess that up GOLD =/= BLUE PEOPLE by Khajiit-ify
Best Answer at Home
Wasn't this a question last week? I just had this argument with myself recently. I still don't know the answer, so im going with green by hermiones_teaspoon

Q12 GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (worth 2 points): Aurors are working to bring down the Ministry of Magic from within using a combination of Dark Magic and gum disease with WHAT Conspiracy?

A12: Rotfang Conspiracy
Full Credit Partial Credit Zero Credit
56 64 40
Best Answer In Chat
the gingivitis conspiracy? by whitbeyondmeasure
Best Answer at Home
Arsonists? Or those fire demon things. I'm probably wrong. But I think I'm correct in thinking all the questions this week are from previous trivia quizzes and I remember answering this one with the fire thingys and maybe getting it right. by midnightdragon

Q13 TIME AND DATE (worth 2 points): When must fluxweed be picked if it is to be used in Polyjuice Potion?

A13: At the full moon
Full Credit Partial Credit Zero Credit
84 89 15
Referencing the moon got you 1 point. READ MORE HERE
Best Answer In Chat
Whenever Peyton Manning sexually harasses a training staff. Get it? Because full moon. by snoiprocs
Best Answer at Home
This question still stings when I remember the grief I went through answering it last time. 3 weeks! It's NOT a month like I adamantly insisted last time. 3 effing weeks. by midnightdragon

Q14 GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (worth 2 points): What breed is Hagrid's dog, Fang?

A14: Boarhound.
Full Credit Partial Credit Zero Credit
72 82 22
hound got you 1 point. READ MORE HERE)
Best Answer In Chat
He Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog by snoiprocs
Best Answer at Home
Wow! Such breed! Very doge! by BasilFronsac

Q15 COMPLEX LEVEL 4 (worth 4 points): Identify 4 uses of the Permanent Sticking Charm in the Harry Potter series.

A15: Mrs's Black portrait, The Black Family Tree, Sirius's posters and photos (they all count as once use), The Ministry Portrait
Full Credit Partial Credit Zero Credit
25 95 9
Best Answer In Chat
MOTHERFUCKER THIS QUESTION I HATED THIS QUESTION LAST TIME. okay, the MOTHERFUCKIN TAPSTRY because i didn't know that last time, sirius's mother's portrait, sirius's posters and shit in his room, and the portrait in the muggle minster's office SO THERE GINA I GOT IT THIS TIME BUT THIS QUESTION IS. STILL. EVIL. i don't care if it was only 3 weeks ago THIS QUESTION IS EVIL BECAUSE MOST OF THE ANSWERS FROM VAGUE POSSIBILITIES by Khajiit-ify
Best Answer at Home
Wait..... I get the theme of the quiz now! OMG I'm such an idiot! Here I am like "K9, you do so much all the time but a lot of these questions, we've had before....I hope everything is ok....oh and I'll have to ask her how any of these questions relate to Groundshog Day...." BUT WAIT! IT'S LIKE THE MOVIE! WHERE SHIT JUST REPEATS, REPEATS REPEATS! I GET IT NOW!!!! REALLY GOOD JOB! I WAS AS CONFUSED AS BILL MURRAY!!!! WHOO! Answer: Mrs's Black portrait, Black Family Tree, Sirius's magazine posters/pin-ups & the ministry portait in the muggle PM's office. by CanadianSalmon

Q16 BONUS (worth 5 points): List all the Trivia Topics I've done in /Dueling so far (not including today).

The Themes I've done these last 15 weeks include:
  • Love [when I got engaged]
  • Creepy [for halloween]
  • Wisdom [for my birthday]
  • Secrets [just because]
  • Pets [I love my dogs!]
  • Travel [for Thanksgiving]
  • Red Tape [waiting for points approval from the mods]
  • Hobby [who needs them?]
  • Mundane [booooring]
  • Family [for Christmas]
  • Depression [for Christmas pt 2]
  • New [NEW YEARS]
  • Sniffles [I had a cold]
  • Snape [RIP]
  • Ambition [Win Win Slytherin]
I gave everyone at least 1 bonus point for putting up with my silliness :)
I really enjoyed seeing all the new faces and hope to see you each week at my games!


0-5 6-15 16-25 26+
  • Those that got a score of 6 or higher earned 1 House Point
  • Those that got a score of 26 or higher earned 3 House Points
  • Those that got Blue Ribbons in either the Live Game or the Home Quiz earned an extra 5 House Points
  • A grade of T means one of your answers was selected as 'Best Of'
TROLL(S) OF THE WEEK: midnightdragon of Hufflepuff, whitbeyondmeasure of Ravenclaw,
BLUE RIBBONS OF THE WEEK: starflashfairy of Hufflepuff, so_last_summer of Ravenclaw, Khajiit-ify of Hufflepuff, Handbagofrainbows of Ravenclaw, CanadianSalmon of Slytherin,
Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Slytherin
Total Students 25 28 35 13
Passing Grades 25 28 35 13
Outstanding Grades 9 12 17 7
Points 43 50 69 27
Blue Ribbons 0 2 2 1
Total Points 43 60 79 32
Trolls 3 8 6 3


1st starflashfairy [H] 38 O
1st so_last_summer [R] 38 O
1st Khajiit-ify [H] 38 T
1st Handbagofrainbows [R] 38 O
5th SecretSquirrel_ [R] 37 O
5th bsolomonster [H] 37 O
7th susire [H] 36 O
CanadianSalmon [S] 36 T
dep61 [R] 35 O
alexi_lupin [G] 35 O
8th isquash [R] 34 T
korsola [S] 33 O
TheSilverSoap [R] 32 O
queen-minerva [G] 32 O
Undividable410 [S] 31 O
oomps62 [R] 31 O
lurker628 [R] 31 O
duhbell [H] 31 O
bangendedscoots [R] 31 T
zeushase [G] 30 O
9th srslywtfdood [R] 30 O
kiwias [G] 30 O
EdElLee [S] 30 O
Dsnake1 [G] 30 O
den789 [R] 30 O
cRavenx [R] 30 O
10th WoodsWanderer [H] 29 T
Quirinius_Faust [H] 29 O
10th Feminist_Cat [H] 29 T
10th east0n14 [G] 29 T
10th deathbatcrash [H] 29 O
14th waygookin_sar [S] 28 T
TexansDefense [R] 28 O
14th TeacherTish [H] 28 T
j2112n [R] 28 O
dyslexic_nijna [H] 28 O
atripodi24 [G] 28 O
Raelynn86 [G] 27 O
elangomatt [R] 27 O
annatar1 [R] 27 O
redsycamore [S] 26 O
Redkiteflying [G] 26 O
HyperWackoDragon [H] 26 O
elbowsss [S] 26 O
Blam92 [R] 26 O
weatherninja [R] 25 E
svipy [R] 25 E
16th snoiprocs [X] 25 T
DumbledoresArmy42 [R] 25 E
Brightblueskie [X] 25 E
Kira_x_ [H] 24 E
FightingUrukHai [R] 24 E
hermiones_teaspoon [R] 23 T
ETIwilsaveusall [H] 23 E
DarthWayne86 [R] 23 E
seminaryharry [G] 22 E
ScribeVallincourt [H] 22 T
managed_mischief_ [S] 22 E
m0stly_ [R] 22 E
Klaviatur [G] 22 E
erabel [H] 22 E
BasilFronsac [R] 22 T
midnightdragon [H] 21 T
18th iceandlies [R] 21 E
domusdecus [R] 21 E
Coupestar [G] 21 E
clomjompsonjim [S] 21 E
Yellow_Elephant_10 [H] 20 E
socke42 [H] 20 E
l-ily [G] 20 E
Griff-0 [H] 20 E
parselmouth03 [S] 19 E
wmthebloody [S] 18 E
rightypants [S] 18 T
drhenrykillingerr [G] 18 E
19th whitbeyondmeasure [R] 17 T
seekaterun [G] 17 E
MiguelOliv [G] 17 E
heatm26 [G] 17 E
Ginsoakedgirl [R] 17 E
vonunov [H] 16 T
rackik [G] 16 T
magmol [G] 16 E
cp1051 [R] 16 T
Ryder10 [G] 15 A
nytheatreaddict [R] 15 A
loadsofjustice [R] 15 A
IRipShirts [G] 15 A
SimonaBee [R] 14 A
ThePossimpible_ [H] 13 T
pinkducktape8 [G] 13 A
20th machsn10 [G] 13 A
lilobot [X] 13 A
kharm22 [G] 13 A
Mitchine [X] 12 A
Mathy16 [R] 12 A
jennebell [H] 12 A
SushiBushi [R] 11 A
Missbubbly17 [G] 11 A
BoogTKE [G] 9 T
BeSeXe [H] 9 A
Asteroria [S] 9 A
allaboutthatcake [H] 9 A
submitted by k9centipede to Dueling

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