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PC Gameplay: Euro Truck Simulator 2 PC Game is full fun and amazing simulation video game. Gameplay- With regards to the gameplay, the map for Kingdom Rush Hacked is quite large as the plot set allows the epic battles to take place between the monsters and humans. Careful, it's addictive - Free Bubbles game might take all of your free time! PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, beginning in North America on. PS4 PES 2020 SOCCER EVOLUTION PRO Gameplay Tactic tricks hints guides reviews promo codes easter eggs and more for android application.

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It is an action role-playing game presented in an open world environment, gameplay is similar to that of Fallout 3 and its previous versions as well. Age Of Empires 3 Full Version free download - Age of Empires III, Age of Empires Update, Age of Empires II HD, and many more programs. Then you do pretty much the final level and boss in the first area. MegaMan Unlimited is a 2D platformer starring the popular Capcom icon, but that is not affiliated in any way with the Japanese company. Famitsu Sales: 2/24/20 – 3/1/20.

Serial number rayman Adventures v 3.9.2 Hack mod apk (Coins) - APK PRO

Map Size Select a size of the map: Small (75x75), Small Broad (100x75), Normal (100x100), Normal Broad (150x100), Big (200x200), Big Broad (300x200), Huge (300x300). Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Full Version Free Download for PC - presents some new characters. I have not played or spent any cash since around the time I left feedback, nearly a couple of months back and to be honest have not missed the game as it is currently. Manual Rainmeter displays customizable skins, like memory and battery charge, RSS feeds and weather forecasts, right on your desktop.

Snagit [2020.1.4 Build 6413] Crack + License key Download

Java Edition released on August 1, 2020, 1 which added trading, adventure mode, new generated structures (jungle and desert pyramids) and new blocks/items including emeralds, book and quills, written books, tripwire. New Adventure Map Create a blank new adventure map. Amnesia Rebirth Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Review and Story Mission 1 of the Single Player Story Campaign for PS4 Pro and PC. This 2020 Amnesia Rebirth Story Campaign Walkthrough will be the Full Game including a Review, Prologue, All Story Chapters, Scary Moments, OST, Cut Scenes, Cinematics, Missions, Chapters and All Story. The Signifier Review (PC) https://osteo-clinic.ru/download/?file=681. Chopping stump turns 2 planks into 8 firewood.

Game Hacker 3.1 for Android

2020 Driver Market - Austria **New Gameplay** - RC's Bets article. The price of a driver will depend on the points he scores, a share will be worth the (average points for the last four races)x10. Capcom hacked in latest cyber-attack on game-makers. Full Version Crack Software - Page 2 of 62 - Download Full https://osteo-clinic.ru/download/?file=666. Buy Madden NFL 21: Deluxe Edition Xbox One & Xbox Series X.

Free Download Age Of Empires 3 PC Game Full Version ISO

This game will give you the opportunity to test their strength in the management of civil aviation aircraft. U Deluxe guide, developed and edited exclusively by Nintendo on the Switch, will show you all the star coins to recover, as well as secret and bonus levels. Gta 5 Pc Serial Key Free Full. It adds some new scenes, a map, scene changes, potions, custom outfits. I could also spend so much time talking about Commodore 64/128 1541 5 1/4 floppy disk was the media.

Xbox Series X review

Many skins are even functional: they can record your notes and to-do lists, launch your favorite applications, and control your media player - all in a clean, unobtrusive interface that you can rearrange and. SAS: Zombie Assault 3, often referred to as SAS 3 or ZA3, is the third full game developed and published by Ninja Kiwi released as part of the SAS series. Note: Following patch 1.27 (b), the game updates itself automatically to the latest version, so the patches available here are for those who wish to update the game to an older version. It also generously provides resources for its players; whether you win or lose, you will be able to collect your Suns in full. Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual for Android - APK Download.

Steam Workshop:: RK Editor's Choice 1.3.1

Free Full Android Games https://osteo-clinic.ru/download/?file=676. Unfortunately, there will be no web version available for Kingdom. Doom 4 Serial Key Free Nero 11 Platinum Serial Key Pdf Pro 10 Serial Key List Crack Slender The Arrival Serial Key Non Steam Blog Iobit Driver Booster Pro 5.5 Serial Key Serial Key Iphone Backup Unlocker Professional Keygen Final Fantasy 7 Remaster Serial Key Battlefield Bc2 Multiplayer Serial Key Nch Express Burn 7.06 Serial Key Iobit Driver Booster 4. Clash Royale MOD APK 3.4.2 (Unlimited Gold/Gems) Download more info. Game Hacker is an app that gets you awesome cheats in tons of video games.

New Demon's Souls Gameplay and info! News

As well as the dynamic weather will give realism to the gameplay. New gameplay patch 3.1 full. Released: 3rd November 2020 Warden's Keep is a downloadable content that is available for purchase on the Xbox Live Marketplace, the Playstation Store, and BioWare's site. This manual aims to describe the Courseplay hud, the changeable settings, and the different drive modes. Enabling the mod's Enable Tails Grab Feature makes the game almost unplayable since tails usually in his flying state when he respawns on camera which can ruin anything you're trying to do if it happens since he'll almost always grab you if he comes up close to you, and if you use the Super Sonic Mod and you transform into Super Sonic and Tails Grabs Sonic, Sonic goes into some wierd state.

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Running a Bulletin Boards and download 0-3 day old wares 300/1200 baud modems Commodore Amiga 500 3 1/2 hard disk games. Plenty of new atmospheric sounds to make your surroundings creepier, and new animations for performing a lot of actions like: bandaging yourself, injecting stimpacks, wearing gas masks, tripping on the ground due to severe wounds, coughing, checking your ammo, new sounds for simulating the player's reaction to different types of wounds, tiredness, etc. As well as this, I am looking to fully support all users to develop their own gameplay mods by supplying Tutorials, Documentation & User interfaces. There is exactly one gameplay loop in any souls game, just with a different pattern, so not. Fallout: New California is a fan-made modification and is an unofficial prequel to the action role-playing video game Fallout: New Vegas, made by Brandan Lee and Radian-Helix Media.

Serial key new Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Guide & Walkthrough

FIXED - Operator shields will flip in first person POV after swapping out the shield and performing a melee attack. Map Name Enter the name of the map. New game: Sir Ababol: August 28, 2020 (sepp) Another update, another game, this time an Amiga conversion of an 8-bit game: Sir Ababol. The Guide is usually the first NPC a player encounters. Why not join the fun and play Unblocked Games here!

Game Manual Part 2 – Remote Events

Pausing won't deactive it. The game is an open world FPS. He provides tips mainly aimed at new players and displays all crafting recipes (including the crafting station required) an item shown to him is used in. Grab this awesome bubble shooter game from the play store and. Please note that the link to this post can be found in the sidebar.

Minecraft - download free full version game for PC

Game not loading when selecting a female character - have a moment to check my modwatch list and troubleshoot?

Using Live Another Life, I can create a male and sleep in the bed and wake up in the world no problem. But if I choose a female character, it won't load into the world after choosing an option and sleeping in the bed. I know it's not LAL mod that's the issue, and I'm using UNP and tried to look through for anything that could be messing with the female body, but I'm at a loss here. I'm fine playing a male, but my 12yo daughter plays as well, and I'd really like to fix this with her as it's an overall fun modlist. Thank you for ANY help! https://modwat.chairbornesold/modlist
+DynDOLOD_Output_For_Working_Big_List_With_More 5.+Bow_Set_SE 6.+Unarmed_Set_SE 7.+Valkyrie Armor 8.+Unique Flowers and Plants for Skryim SE DLC Compatible 15.+Interesting NPC's SE - Unplayable Faction Armors Patch 18.+Dynamic Combat Module 19.+Dynamic Animation Replacer 20.+Blades Samurai Armour and Kimonos 21.+Blackened Steel Weapon and Armour 22.+Apachii_Divine_Elegance_SSE 25.+Interesting NPCs and WACCF Outfits Patch 26.+Interesting NPC's Imperious Patch 27.+Better Spell Learning - Wildcat Patch 7 28.+Better Spell Learning - Lost Grimoire Patch 29.+Better Spell Learning - Interesting NPCs Patch 31.+Interesting NPC's SE - Alt Locations 32.+Interesting NPC's SE - Winterhold Mods Compatibility Patch 33.+RS Children Patch Compendium 34.+ALT START PATCH 3DNPC 35.+Use the Force Skyrim 36.+Skyrim 3D Plants 84.+Ordinator Beyond Skyrim Patch 85.+Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods JK's Skyrim Patch 86.+Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods Immersive Citizen Patch 88.+VioLens - A Killmove Mod SE 89.+Liliths Tools 92.+enemy bats (sse) 1.4 93.+classic ghost v2.2 (sse) 96.+pahmar mercenaries v2 sse 97.+Scythe Of The Crow Mother 99.+Wildcat 100.+Salt and Wind - KS Hairdo's Retexture 101.+HORNY SE 1.1 102.+KS Hairdo's SSE - Male 103.+HPP MM Patch - Main 104.+Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods 105.+The Elder Scrolls - Veydosebrom 107.+Skyrim Textures Redone Enhanced Night Sky 108.+The Shadow Scale Set 2.0 for SSE 109.+Aedric Armor 110.+DCR_KingCrusaderMegaPack_SSE 111.+Gloomy Kynreeve Armor 112.+Kynreeve Armor SSE 113.+Dwemer Goggles and Scouter 116.+Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation Compatibility Patch SSE 117.+mindbody Aetherium Armor texture enhancements SSEv1 118.+AetheriumArmornWeaponsSSEv1.0-Loosefiles 119.+Beyond Skyrim DLC Integration Patch 120.+Beyond Skyrim Bruma SE 1.3.3 121.+Carved Brink (EN) 122.+The Tools of Kagrenac V1.52Final SSE 123.+Sabretooth 3.0 124.+Hallowed Jack 126.+arachas 1.3 127.+SSE Treasure Hunter's Garb 1.3 128.+Savage Wolves and Feral Foxes 129.+Savage Bear SE 130.+Looming Lurkers 132.+Immersive Dragons SE 133.+Grave Gargoyles SE 134.+Grandiose Giants 135.+Callous Dwemer Centurions 136.+WATCHERS (SSE) 3.1 137.+silt striders sse 138.+will o the wisp and voriplasms (sse) 1.1 139.+Sea of Spirits 1.2v Bsa 140.+wraiths v2 (sse) 141.+minotaurs sse 143.+guardian spectres sse 144.+gravelors v1.1 sse 145.+draugr patrols 1.1 (sse) 146.+draugr cavalry (sse) 1.1 147.+dementors sse 1.1 150.+beholders sse 151.+Tyrannical Trolls (Vanilla Size) 152.+Diverse Werewolves Collection 155.+Ruins_Clutter_Improved SE 156.+HD Photorealistic Ivy 158.+toxin doctor outfit se 159.+Skyrim 3D Rocks 160.+Skyrim 3D StoneWalls 161.+Rallys Water Foam HQ - 4K 162.+ETHEREAL CLOUDS - Special Edition - 2K 163.+powerofthree's Papyrus Extender for SSE 167.+Equipment HUD SE 170.+Honed Metal 173.+Way of the Monk Animated Armoury Patch 174.+Unarmed Warfare - New Animations For Hand To Hand Combat - SSE Port 175.+Way of the Monk 1.83 180.+Animated Armoury - Scripted Levled List Version 181.+Project New Reign - Nemesis PCEA 183.+Dual Wield Parrying animations 184.+Engarde Main Files 186.+Mortal Enemies SE 189.+Combat Gameplay Overhaul 190.+TK Recoil SE 191.+TK Hitstop SE 201.+old gods of the hunt (sse) 1.1 202.+ogres (sse) 2.3 203.+mimics (sse) 204.+Lost 205.+Lorica 206.+imps sse 207.+goblins sse 208.+giant mantis sse 209.+giant centipedes (sse) 1.3 210.+Cyrodilic Minotaurs (SSE) 1.1 211.+cyclops sse 213.+basilisk sse 216.+Plague 217.+Pandorable's NPCs 221.+Blended Roads 227.+Twinkle RAR 228.+Superior Lore-Friendly Hair HD 2K - Rough Hair 229.+Skysunder Evasion 231.+RAO - ELE patch SSE 233.+Maybe Not That Useless Patches Collection 239.+Interesting NPCs 3DNPC - 4.3.6 to 4.3.8Beta Hotfix 240.+Interesting NPCs 3DNPC SE - BSAs 246.+BILLBOARDS for Vanilla Trees 247.+DynDOLOD Resources SE 248.+Simply Bigger Trees SE 250.+Astra Wisp 251.+Add Light to Unlit Light Sources 254.+WhiterunHoldForest 258.+The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold - Relic Hunter 259.+The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold - Little Library of Whiterun 260.+The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold - Jk's Skyrim AIO 261.+Supreme Fog for Mythical Ages 264.+Mythical Ages - 1.10 265.+Morning Fogs SSE - Thick Fog 266.+Little Library of Whiterun 267.+Interiors 269.+Exteriors 271.+Zim's Immersive Artifacts - Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes Patch 273.+Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes 274.+Warmonger Armory - Unofficial Fixed SSE Port 1.1 275.+Warmonger Armory - Unofficial Fixed SSE Port - NecroWarlock Robes 1.1 276.+WAACF and Summermyst Enchantments Patch 283.+Teach Followers Spells 284.+Strange Runes SSE 2.5 287.+Skyrim SE Expanded Skyrim Weaponry - NPC (OLD UPLOADER) 288.+RUSTIC SPRIGGAN EFFECTS 289.+RUSTIC SPRIGGAN - Special Edition - 2K 290.+RUSTIC FROSTBITE SPIDER SSE - 2K 291.+RUSTIC DAEDRA SSE - 2K 292.+RUSTIC CLOTHING - Special Edition - 2K 293.+Rupert the TeddyBear 294.+RAW SSE - 2K 297.+Opt. 2 - Even Wider Rescaled MCM Menu for SkyUI 298.+Mushroom Follower 306.+kryptopyr's Automated Patches 307.+Kagrenac's Wisps 1.06 - Casting shadows 308.+Kagrenac's Wisps 1.06 314.+Immersive Weapons 315.+Immersive Music 316.+Immersive Armors 8.1 SSE Test 317.+HQ Tree Bark 321.+Fossil Mining 322.+Fixes for Armor and Clothing Extension 324.+ELE-ELFX Patch AIO.7z 326.+Dark Forest of Skyrim SE - Main plus Billboards 328.+Common Clothes and Armors 330.+Artifacts of Skyrim 331.+Armor and Clothing Extension 332.+A Sword Accursed SE 335.+RS Children Overhaul 342.+Wintersun Witchhunter Patch 343.+Wintersun - Zim's Immersive Artifacts Patch 344.+Wintersun - Skyrim Immersive Creatures (Official Patch) Patch 346.+Winterhold Restored - JK's Skyrim Patch 349.+Vampire Coffin v1.1 Main 350.+Unplayable Faction Armors - USSEP Patch 351.+Unplayable Faction Armor - Standard Edition 352.+Underwater Palace 355.+The Mystic Order 357.+The Sinister Seven SSE 1.1 359.+HD Lods Textures SE 1K V9.3 - DynDOLOD ONLY VERSION 360.+Talkative Dragons 361.+Sweetshare's Candy Shoppe 362.+SMIM - Noble Skyrim Patch 1.0 363.+Majestic Mountains - Lod 365.+Majestic Mountains 366.+High Poly Project 367.+NSM - SMIM Patch 368.+Spell Research 2.2.2 SSE 370.+A. Noble Skyrim - FULL PACK 2K 371.+Skyrim Realistic Overhaul 372.+Static Mesh Improvement Mod 375.+SIC SSE Patch 376.+Reverent Grotto v2.1 377.+RemoteChest 380.+Reach Magic 383.+QUASIPC - Qwinn's Unified Automated Self Installing Patch Compendium 384.+Nightwielder Spire 385.+Nightbringer 1.5 386.+My Own Prison - Player Home with custom music 387.+moreHUD Inventory Edition 388.+More Colorful Critters SE 391.+JK's Skyrim all in one 392.+JK's Skyrim - Thunderchild Patch 393.+JK's Skyrim - Realistic Water Two Patch 394.+JK's Arcadia's Cauldron 395.+Jebbalon's Room 405.+Flower House 412.+Bandolier Bags and Pouches Classic SE 414.+Apachii SkyHair Wigs 418.+Wards Functionalities Extended V1.1.2 420.+UIExtensions 421.+Stay At System Page 428.+Orc Overhaul Extreme - Imperious Patch 429.+Orc Overhaul Extreme 430.+JContainers SE 431.+All in one 437.+Quick Light SE 439.+More Khajiit Hair 441.+Fairies 443.+Embers HD 444.+ELFX Fixes 445.+ELFX - Exteriors Fixes for ENB users 446.+Dwemer Fairies SSE 447.+coverkhajiits male version 448.+coverkhajiits female version 449.+Winterhold Restored (BSA Version) 450.+Wintersun 3.1.6 453.+Spell Research - Patch Compendium 454.+Smooth Sky Mesh 455.+Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB 458.+PapyrusUtil SE - Scripting Utility Functions 460.+Obsidian Mountain Fogs 1.01.zip 461.+Mysticism - A Magic Overhaul Patch 462.+Forgotten Magic Redone SE BSL Patch 463.+ENB Light 464.+ELE - SE v1.2.2 466.+Better Spell Learning - Synthesis Redux Patch 467.+Better Spell Learning - Skyrim Immersive Creatures SE Patch 469.+Better Spell Learning - Heritage Patch 471.+More Informative Console for SKSE 2.10 472.+Bug Fixes SSE 473.+Spell Research - Lost Grimoire Patch 480.+Vanity Mirror SE (ESPL) 481.+UNP Female Body Renewal 484.+SRCEO - SIC Patch 486.+SkySight Skins - Ultra HD Male Textures and Real Feet Meshes (2K1K VANILLA) 487.+Skyrim Revamped - Complete Enemy Overhaul 490.+RUSTIC ANIMATED POTIONS and POISONS 1K 492.+Mirele Bismath 494.+Mage Backpack SSE 495.+Levelers Tower v4 4 SSE 497.+Horns Are Forever SE 501.+Enhanced Lights and FX - Alternate Start Patch 508.+Better Claws And Gauntlets SSE.7z 509.+Animated Dwarven back pack 511.+Abandoned Prison Tweaks 512.+2K Vanilla Argonian Textures 513.+Skyrim Reputation v2.4 English 514.+Cosmic Spells 1.0.1 516.+Unlimited Bookshelves 518.+The Hoarder's Chest 519.+Terra Umbra SSE 520.+Staff of Shalidor Enhancement Patch - Optional Version 524.+moreHUD SE 526.+Kagrenac's Refuge 527.+FCKagrenacsInstantFortress SSE 529.+Bardis 532.+TimeAndSpaceV2.1 534.+Skysunder Metamagics 537.+KS Hairdos SSE 538.+KS Hairdo's SSE - Female 539.+Immersive College NPCs 541.+ENB Helper SE 547.+ApachiiSkyHair v 1 6 Full optimized 549.+3PCO - 3rd Person Camera Overhaul 550.+Zebsirious - Mirage Fix 551.+Zebsirious 552.+Useful Alteration SSE 553.+Underwater Visibility Fix - RW2 554.+Underwater Treasures SSE SoG- Rivers and Lakes 1 558.+SkyUI Config Tweak - Equipped Items On Top 559.+Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul 560.+RAO - ELFX patch 561.+RAO - Alternate Start patch 562.+RaceMenu Special Edition 563.+RaceCompatibility with fixes for SSE 564.+Race Compatibility Dialogue SSE 565.+Realistic Water Two 567.+NetScriptFramework SkyrimSE 568.+Lore Friendly Custom Races - New Install Version 569.+Immersive Speechcraft SE 570.+Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul 571.+Heritage Diverse Skyrim Compatibility 572.+Heritage - Mysticism Reflexivity Patch 573.+Heritage 574.+Haem Projects - Shalidor SE EN.rar 576.+Epic Restoration SSE 2.1 577.+Enhanced Lights and FX 578.+Draugr Shout Fix 579.+Depths of Skyrim 581.+Blink Spell 582.+Better Jumping SE Stable 583.+Better Dialogue Controls 586.+AMatterOfTime v3 0 0 alpha 590.+Zim's Immersive Artifacts V1.5 591.+Thunderchild 592.+Thief Skills Rebalance for Ordinator 594.+The Eloquent Reader - True Scholar SE Edition 595.+The Elder Scrolls - Tomebound 601.+Mysticism - Ordinator Patch 602.+Mysticism - A Magic Overhaul 603.+Imperious 604.+Harold The Goat 607.+Unread Books Glow SSE 2.2.1 608.+Skyrim Unlimited Rings and Amulets SSE 609.+Better Spell Learning 613.+Opulent Outfits - All-in-One - Circlets and Masks with all Robes and Hoods 614.+Pets Kingdom SE 4.0 615.+Slow and Freeze Time Spells 617.+Diverse Dragons Collection SE 618.+DIVERSE SKYRIM SSE 619.+Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition 620.+Better Spell Learning - Apocalypse Patch 621.+Caranthir Tower Reborn 3.2 SE 622.+Consistent Older People 623.+Dwarven Luggage 624.+FMR - ORD Comp Patch v1.31 625.+Forgotten Magic Redone SE 633.+Tribunal Robes for SSE Version 4.1 634.+Wizard Hats 1.3 636.+Apocalypse - Ordinator Compatibility Patch WHY DO I HAVE TO CHANGE THE NAME 637.+Apocalypse 638.+Magical College of Winterhold 639.+Magical Staves and Staffs 642.+Ordinator 9.28.1 643.+Summermyst 644.+Synthesis Redux 649.+Witchhunter Spells and Prayers Pack v1.3.1 650.+Equippable Tomes - Belt-Worn Books 651.+Alternate Start -- New Beginnings 652.+Alternate Start - Live Another Life 654.+SkyUI 5 2 SE 655.+No Warpaint tweak 656.+Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch 658.*DLC: Dragonborn 659.*DLC: HearthFires 660.*DLC: Dawnguard 

submitted by Apposl to skyrimmods

ASUS TUF FX505DT 15.6" FHD IPS, 120Hz, Ryzen 5 3550H, 8GB DDR4, 512GB NVMe, 4GB GTX 1650 Laptop - £639 @ Currys eBay (+3 yrs guarantee)

£639 - eBay
Good spec Asus laptop with stunning IPS screen and fast nvme ssd
Use code PANORAMA at checkout for discounted price (y)
  • Comes with 3 years guarantee
  • Free delivery
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**Durable military grade design
ASUS TUF Gaming FX505 will change the way you look at gaming laptops. It exceeds expectations, boasting impressive hardware and a compact, aggressively-designed chassis that's exceptionally tough. FX505 has a gaming desktop-inspired keyboard with RGB-backlit keys, a highlighted WASD key group, and Overstroke technology for fast and precise control. With a cutting-edge IPS-level NanoEdge display, and a MIL-STD-810G test certified durability, FX505 delivers an immersive gaming experience without breaking the bank!
The new NanoEdge design has an even thinner 6.5mm bezel for extreme immersion in a much more compact package. FX505 features an IPS-level panel with up to an ultrafast 144Hz refresh rate for supersmooth gameplay with minimal motion blur. A 100% sRGB color gamut and wide-view angles ensure vivid and consistent colors, even when you're viewing it from extreme positions.
*Bezel width is the width between the screen and the laptop's frame.
Infused with the spirit of The Ultimate Force (TUF), FX505 passes a series of rigorous MIL-STD-810G tests, successfully surviving varying conditions including solar radiation exposure, high altitude, and temperature extremes. It's certified to endure day-to-day use, from accidental knocks to sudden drops on a desk. Durable and stable, FX505 has been pushed to the limit to ensure only the very best for gamers.
*These tests are held in strict environmental conditions and under the supervision of quality test engineers. Product testing without proper controls or guidance may damage the product, and in some instances, create situations where there is significant risk of injury, disability, or death.
FX505 has three stand-out designs that exude toughness and power. Its aluminum Gunmetal Grey or black plastic cover features the distinctive Radiating-X design with a complementary sand-blasted or brushed finish. The hexagonal design on the underside of the laptop provides additional structural rigidity, completing the laptop's modern and aggressive lines.
*Red Fusion design has a premium plastic cover with a unique X design that glows red when in a dark environment.
FX505 has a keyboard that's optimized for gaming, featuring RGB-backlighting* across all zones that can be controlled via the TUF Aura Core panel so you can express your own unique style. Exclusive HyperStrike technology ensures more accurate typing and improved ergonomics thanks to a desktop-inspired layout with a highlighted WASD key group, broader space bar, isolated arrow keys, and recognizable gaps between the function keys. In addition, Overstroke technology registers keystrokes faster for precise and effortless control.
*RGB-backlit keyboard may not be available on some models.
Despite its compact size, FX505 packs the punch of a full-fledged gaming desktop. It's powered by up to an 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-8750H hexa-core processor for speeds of up to 3.9GHz. With six cores and up to 23% more powerful than the previous generation, this latest processor allows for faster, more efficient multitasking, including simultaneous gaming, recording, and live-streaming. FX505 can also be specified with up to NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 graphics for vivid visuals and super smooth gameplay.
ASUS-exclusive HyperCool technology comprises of the Anti-Dust Cooling (ADC) system and Fan Overboost technology to ensure exceptional cooling during gaming marathons. Furthermore, cooling is also improved by the patented trapezoid-cut lid and intelligent parallel fan placement.
*Specifications and features vary by models.
DTS Headphone: X™ technology delivers immersive, high-fidelity 7.1-channel virtual surround sound for theater-quality audio, even when you're using a headset. It features optimized settings for games, sports, and movies, and has a built-in equalizer for additional fine-tuning.
FX505 features one of the fastest Wi-Fi standards available — the latest Intel 802.11ac Wave 2 boasts data transfer rates of up to an incredible 1.7Gbps — 12X faster than baseline 802.11b/g/n! Additionally, the 2x2 MIMO configuration provides up to 30% wider coverage than a 1x1 setup. Stream your favorite movies in high-resolution or play online with fewer connection drops, even if FX505 is farther away from your router.
*Unless otherwise stated, claimed Wi-Fi speeds are based on theoretical performance. Actual performance may vary in real-world situations.
Get ready for some serious multitasking — FX505 pairs its hexa-core processor with up to 32GB of dual-channel DDR4 2666MHz memory for improved performance and energy efficiency.
FX505 features a host of I/O ports including a single USB 2.0 and two USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A ports for your gaming peripherals, as well as HDMI 2.0 to connect to an external display. All ports are situated on the left side of the laptop so there's nothing to interfere with right-handed mousing.
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submitted by ProjectVRD to HotUKGamingDeals

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