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Anti-Cheat software, you and your trust

I'll preface this with that I'm not affiliated with any AC software nor am I working for gaming industry, though I do know some ordinary game devs.
With the recent outrage over Riot's Vanguard and Denuvo's Anti-Cheat (which many people mistake for the Anti-Tamper software) I thought to look more into AC software.
If there's anything good coming out of this whole issue - it's that some people are getting more aware about computer security. As with everything there is a lot of false information, whether intentionally spread or not.

What is the issue with the Vanguard and Denuvo AC?

People do not trust Riot and Denuvo. Now don't get me wrong - every piece of software that is essentially a rootkit is a potential security risk. It is. No way around it. That said, a skilled attacker can fuck up your PC without a kernel level rootkit.
However these are not the only things that run at kernel level. Many of your hardware drivers are likely running on kernel level. To explain: drivers can run in kernel mode (ring 0) or user mode (ring 3). Kernel mode drivers introduce lower latency as there is way less overhead. At the same time when it fucks up it's more likely to produce a BSOD. User mode drivers should be more stable and less likely to produce BSOD on fail, but there's the overhead of running it in user mode.
And what may be the issue here? Well, maybe we could take a look at how many people are still running a Spectre or a Meltdown vulnerability. You may remember them as the big security issue two years ago. You may also have noticed Foreshadow and Spoiler around the same time, though they gathered less notice.
My question here for those with vulnerable hardware is: are you equally concerned about Meltdown attack as you're with the anti-cheat software? If you're - good on you! If you're not - why?

Why do people not trust Riot and Denuvo?


For Riot the most common answer would be "they are owned by Tencent who is in bed with Chinese Government and I don't want China to spy on me". From my point of view there is a few things to unpack here. First yes, Tencent absolutely owns Riot. However there is no evidence that the Chinese government is using Tencent to spy on you. Again, don't get me wrong - Tencent is a Chinese conglomerate. When the Party asks them for help they understand it's not really a request. But they're way more likely to spy on their own citizens. In fact, attempting to spy on let's say EU or US citizens via this very high profile route would be a road to diplomatic hell.
Another argument is that it's always running - which is fair and you should ask why that's the way.


But what about Denuvo? Denuvo started with their Anti-Tamper software that almost immediately had some hoaxes surrounding it. Remember the "Denuvo kills SSDs" fiasco? Never proven, in fact trying to locate source leads to disbanded Russian warez site as far as I am aware, which is not the most trustworthy source in the first place. IIRC the issue itself was in the specific game (Dragon Age: Inquisition) and didn't have anything to do with Denuvo.
However Denuvo is based in Austria and owned by Irdeto a fairly old company (50+ years) actually specializing in security. And again, it's based in Austria so their stuff needs to be EU compliant, including GDPR. Originally Denuvo was formed from part of Sony DADC who also came up with SecuROM way back.
So why exactly people do not trust Denuvo? Personally I don't think it's about trust. It's about the bad image the Anti-Tamper has in gaming communities - after all it's some overhead that does reduce performance. That said, their Anti-Tamper has a very friendly implementation as removing it is a very simple process and that's why we see many games having it removed after they get cracked.

What am I missing here?

Other anti-cheat software is doing the same thing. And has been doing the same thing for quite a while now.

nProtect GameGuard

I'm starting slowly, with something you might not particularly know unless you're into a certain genre. GameGuard is a Korean anti-cheat software and therefore mainly popular among Korean MMORPGs.
Still you'll probably recognize couple of them... Like Lineage 2, MU Online or Metin2.


This may be mostly a blast from the past, but yes, PunkBuster is also using a rootkit.
Only still somewhate relevant game I can think of would be Battlefield 4, but it used to cover some high profile games back in the day.


BatllEye describes itself as "Fully proactive kernel-based protection system". Sound similar? Yeah.
What games are protected by it? Take your pick:
  • Bohemia Interactive games like Arma 3 and DayZ
  • Planetside 2
  • Rainbow Six: Siege
  • PUBG
  • Fortnite
  • Ghost Recon: Breakpoint
  • Escape from Tarkov
  • and many more...

Easy Anti-Cheat

Easy Anti-Cheat is owned by Epic Games (hey, Tencent right?).
Games you can see EAC in... Apex Legends, Squad, Gears 5, Rust, War Thunder, Fornite (yes, it uses two ACs though IIRC only one is active at a time), Division 2, ...

What about other Anti-Cheat software

You may be noticing some software is missing...


FF works on server-side with stats. It reacts to abnormalities in stats like super high accuracy or headshot ratio. It's not intrusive, but also will generally catch only the stupid cheaters.

Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC)

VAC is notoriously not kernel level and still had several controversies regarding privacy - for example when people thought it checked your browser history. What it did in reality was checking DNS cache for partial match for when cheat software "calls home" to verify the cheater has paid for it (turns out cheaters are not stellar examples of morality, who could've guessed). And yes, cheat software has DRM. That particular measure was active for about 13 days when cheat makers figured it out and basically scrambled the DNS cache... with their typically kernel level access.


What I don't want you to take away from this is that these pieces of software are not a potential issue.
But you need to take into account what is already an industry standard in many ways. If you're complaining about Vanguard spying on your for China, then turn around and "back to Apex Legends!" it makes you look like someone who only reads headlines and gets outraged based on them.
If this made you more conscious about cyber security? Great. Look more into it. You'll probably be terrified how many potential attack vectors there are. Hell, cheating on current consoles is a thing even though Sony and Microsoft did a pretty good job keeping the consoles a closed environment - someone just realized they can use the controllers as attack vector and there we go, you have cheaters on consoles using mouse and keyboard while tricking the console into thinking they're using a controller, therefore giving them aim assist.
As far as future goes... Ideally you'd have no trust on clients. You just send the server inputs and server tells you what happens. The problem is that network would probably blew up and it still doesn't cover issues like wallhack where you can possibly intercept data packets to see what it says about other players.
So be vigilant and think hard about what you're installing. Chances are you have BattlEye and EAC already on your PC, but you never cared until you read a headline.
submitted by ThePointForward to pcgaming

[REQUEST][Battle.net]World of Warcraft subscription(any from 1, 3 or 6 months)

Hello GoG ! This is actually the first time I've found this sub and I'm already posting here because it fits my needs. I'll begin with the classic "sorry for my bad englando" cos I'm Italian so english isn't my first language.
So, I'm a diehard fan of World of Warcraft, the first time I've heard of it was by a close childhood friend of mine (our parents know each others since even before we were born, 22+ years later here I am playing this game). At the start I wasn't really interested in WoW, because back then the most played MMORPG (here in Italy) was Metin2, and of course to the eyes of a 10+ years older, the concept of a "game where you can see other people online" was fucking black magic fused with unicorns and rainbows. Metin2 was the absolute masterpiece. (always played with my PS1 and PS2, and online PS2 gaming wasn't really a thing to be honest, so it was a totally new thing).
So me and this friend of mine were playing Metin2 (he was a Warrior, I was a ninja and basically my job was to pull packs of mobs to him so he could kill them and we could share the XP gained), at some point he went AFK and came back like 2 hours later telling me "ok I have something to tell you".
That something was basically "I've found this game, a friend of a friend of my neighbour's dog's friend(classic) told me of this game, World of Warcraft. I (absolute hater of anything different from "normal", hater of either bad or good news) went full "EEWWWWWWWW METIN2 IS THE BEST BRO LOL". He downloaded it (it was a private server iirc, one of those lvl 255 super modded tbc servers) and didn't come online on metin2 till the next saturday (when our parents meet eachother and one of us can go to the other's home to play). At the start we played some Metin2 (it was all about gaining experience now that I think of it, and it was REALLY p2w) and then he went like "Now I'll show you THE TRUTH", my eyes began to shine.
I entered this super chaotic world (of warcraft xddd le funny memes), chaotic because on those types of private servers GMs spawn every kind of mobs and NPCs everywhere, and to be honest even now (10+ years later) I can't really understand what's going on since it's all chaotic.
Somehow tho the idea of having talents, different pieces of gear which gave different passives/actives that could change your rotation was like too much for me, (it was my first game ever in which there was a talent system, having played crash bandicoot, ratchet and clank and some other PS game till that moment) plus the fact that (of course) it's really hard to get some confidence whenever switching from an MMO to another (it's still hard for me now at 21, almost 22) made me choose to stay on Metin2.
My online friends began to slowly quit the game, it was really hard for me since being a noob at the game + being the hardest class to level up was really taking a toll on my character progression, I started to investigate. I suddenly remembered I have an MSN (rip) account in which I added some of those online friends, I decided to log in and ask them directly.
They all went to play World of Warcraft retail.
It was kind of... a bad take for me. WoW was a sub-based game, and no way in this world I could tell my father to pay a sub to allow me to play a videogame ("WHAT IS THIS ??? PAYING A SUB TO PLAY A VIDEOGAME ?? THIS IS BLACK NAZI MAGICKS MADE IN ORDER TO TURN YOU INTO A VEGAN I'M NOT ALLOWING YOU TO DO THAT MY SON" was what I thought my father would say if I even dared ask him about such a thing).
Anyways I had made up my mind, and decided to try the game, thinking that if everyone played that game there should be some good reason for it, no ?So me and my friend started lurking google for a solution, thinking that maybe there was a way not to pay for the game (we were internet noobs back then, all we could do was download and play Metin2, and maybe download some illegal pokèmon hack rom and a GBA emulator from Emule lol) and we discovered "normal" private servers, which offered the most "retail-like" experience, we instantly followed 2737642 guides on how to play a WoW private server and we did it. The first time I logged in that private server (which is now dead, along my characters and progression) was during my birthday, 29th of July (i don't remember the year tho, but going with logic it should have been kind of 10 or 9 years ago not any less).
Not It's been 5 years I've been playing with this friend (and many others which used to play with me on private servers) play on retail, which requires a subscription. I have always payed for expansions and subscriptions with in-game currency because I used to farm a lot of gold, but now that I'm having many problems with University (I HATE STUDYIIIIIING) I can't really play THAT much in order to pay for it. Unfortunately my last subscription ended yesterday and I can't renew it with real money until the end of summer, it's a bit bad for me since the newest patch dropped like 1 week ago and missing out the initial rush kinda puts me behind (we'll be able to FLY over the new continents when we are done doing a reputation farm).
So, this is my story, sorry again for my english (WoW taught me all the english I know, unfortunately schools aren't really good at teaching you english here... but at least I've always been the best in my classes and even at university some professors give us english-written texts and it really helps my social skills as everyone (somehow) seems to know I'm good enough to study from and english text book.
Cheers and good summer friends, my bnet user is Oblider#2311, now I know that I wrote any gametime would be good but if I were to choose I'd pick the 6-months subscription since there's a deal in which they also gift you a fantastic mount, of course everything's up to you.

https://eu.shop.battle.net/en-gb/product/world-of-warcraft-game-time here you can see the 3 deals, pm me here on reddit or add me to battle.net if there's anything you need to know. Of course I'm from EU, I don't know if you can help me from America.
Cheers again <3
EDIT: I linked the wrong page, it was for the SUBSCRIPTION page which also gives you the dragon mount if you buy 6 months of sub, I edited it to be the page in which you buy either 1, 3 or 6 months gametime (which is different) and it seems they don't give you the mount for that.
submitted by Oblider to GiftofGames

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