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Die Maschine - Easter Egg Hunt & General Map Discussion

This post serves as an information hub for the latest Black Ops Cold War Zombies experience.
Updates will be made at the Moderators' convenience, please do not expect these to be instantaneous. You can contribute to this process by sharing missing information in the comments and tagging Moderators LackingAGoodName and VoidBowAintThatBad.


Join the Call of Duty Discord server for live discussion and coverage of all Zombies-related news.

Main Quest

The Main Quest is currently expected to become available on Friday, November 13th at 8:30AM PT. LIVE! Get searching and remember to keep the thread updated of your progress!
Disclaimer these steps are going to be quite vague until the easter egg is complete and will be re-worked soon after
  1. Turn on Power and Forge the Pack-A-Punch
  2. Create the Aether Scope
  3. Enter the Dark Aether and find 3 ghosts 3.1 Ghost in Medbay 3.2 Ghost in the trial room 3.3 Ghost in the PAP room
  4. Shoot the arms of the tube with the corresponding Wonder Weapon upgrades
  5. Go back to the Aether and go upstairs in de Medbay to talk to the ghost.
  6. Pick up the dark aether wrench
  7. Interact with the tank at spawn
  8. Kill the guy that spawns inside the tank
  9. Throw a semtex/frag grenade into the tank hole at spawn and it should shoot at a tree
  10. Make your way over to the tree just outside Stamin-up and pick up the Decontamination Agent and insert it into the box in the med-bay
  11. Kill a Megaton underneath the blue container and as they split they should get pulled into the container
  12. All players need to go into the observation room with the computer to activate it. A lockdown sequence will occur then a lot of Megatons will spawn in.
  13. Enter Dark Aether and interact with the ghost at Nacht and wait for spawning back into normal map
  15. Pick up the photograph of Orlav's family where the previous ghost cutscene at nacht finished and you will spawn into the boss fight.
  16. The boss fight primarily revolves around protecting Orlav whilst he destroys the Machine in three phases with constant spawning Megatons/Blasters/Hounds
  17. Once complete you will need to run through the map to the exfil zone, but you can not enter the beams of light of you will be instantly killed.


  • Navigate to Main Power and interact with the power button.


  • Turn on the Power.
  • Activate each of the two terminals in Particle Accelerator.
  • Interact with the Anomaly in Particle Accelerator to enter the Dark Aether.
  • Locate and interact with the Aether Tunnel as indicated by the on-screen waypoint.
  • Following the Aether Tunnel, the Machine Part can be found directly behind the player.
  • Return to Particle Accelerator and forge the Pack-a-Punch machine at the center platform.

D.I.E. Shockwave

  • Obtain the D.I.E. Shockwave from the Mystery Box.

Free D.I.E. Shockwave Easter Egg

(at this moment believed to be waiting for easter eggs to be unlocked and has only been achievable on local pre-patched games - if this information is incorrect please let us know)
  1. Kill a Megaton and pick up the golden keycard it drops.
  2. Take the keycard to the weapons lab and insert it into the computer opposite the mystery box and pick up the golden D.I.E. Remote Control artefact that comes out of the machine. - Image
  3. Go up to the Nacht Der Untoten area of the map to the "Living Room" section and look through the blue gap in the wall - Image - and interact with it. This will turn the area in front of the door into suction-like soul box. Let the D.I.E. Machine get 30 kills in front of the door and then interact with D.I.E. Machine through the gap to blow open the door.
  4. Pick up the D.I.E. Machine.

D.I.E. Thermophasic

  1. First obtain the free D.I.E. Machine.
  2. Make sure to have travelled through all 3 Aether tunnels around the map.
  3. Enter the Dark Aether from the Pond anomaly.
  4. Make your way over to the Crash Site area near the Aether Portal and melee the small box(image needed) in front of it. This will give you a fuse you need to pick up. You will now now need to run as quickly as possible before the Dark Aether period runs out to the weapons lab and make your way opposite the Deadshot Daquiri perk and interact with the Plasma Cutter machine.
  5. Make your way back to the pond area and interact with the box on the back of the truck - Image - to obtain the D.I.E. Thermophasic.

D.I.E. Nova 5

  1. First obtain the free D.I.E. Machine.
  2. Make your way over to Nacht 2nd floor, "Mezzanine," and make your way over to the area where it slides up to the roof. If you look directly ahead you will see a golden cannister, use the D.I.E. machine alternate suction mechanic to bring the cannister to you. Pick this up.
  3. Make your way to the Weapons Lab and down the stairs where Deadshot is and insert the cannister into the West walls "Clearing Unit" and then kill a Plaguehound in front of the machine. - Image
  4. Pick up the Infected Cannister from the clearing unit and take it to the small box outside Nacht at the facing south from the Crash Site plane wing. Interact with the box and then melee it. - Image Interact with the box again to obtain the D.I.E. Nova 5.

D.I.E. Electrobolt

  1. First obtain the free D.I.E. Machine.
  2. You must enter the Dark Aether using only the portal from underneath the Pack-A-Punch, hidden behind the stairs. Whilst in the Dark Aether you will need to find 3 energy crystals around the map and absorb them using the D.I.E. machines alternate charging attack. You will find a list of locations these crystals could spawn below. You will only be able to do it to 1 crystal at a time.
* [Image](image needed) - Crash Site - On the right going towards the tunnel * [Image](image needed) - Nacht, Bedroom - On the roof above Stamin-up * [Image](image needed) - Pond - near the mystery box, on the right going towards the tunnel 
  1. Once absorbed you will need to fire your charged D.I.E. Machine it at a small wooden box on the bottom floor of the particle accelerator in the south/south-west corner(image needed).
  2. Once all 3 electric-charged D.I.E. shots have been fired you will be able to pick up the D.I.E. Electrobolt


  1. First obtain the free D.I.E. Machine.
  2. Shoot the box off the top of the ledge from the roof of Nacht facing towards the pond. - Image
  3. Make your way down to the pond area and pick up the flask.
  4. Have a Megaton spit it's radioactive goop at the fungus on the tree next to where you picked up the flask. - Image
  5. Put the flask underneath the fungus and wait a certain period of time (unknown currently but it is time-based) and then pick up the flask.
  6. Take the flask to the Medical Bay area and interact with the box with the chains on it to melt the chains off. This box can be found next to the door between Medical Bay and the Particle Accelerator. Once complete you can pick up the D.I.E. Cryo-Emiter. - Image

Aether Scope

You must first activate pack-a-punch and then you need enter the Dark Aether in order to collect 3 parts scattered around the map to obtain the Aether Scope.
  1. Nacht Der Untoten - Antenna
    • Location 1 - In front of the Nacht Der Untoten Stairs at spawn
    • Location 2 -
    • Location 3 -
  2. Particle Accelerator
    • Location 1 - Behind the Aether Tunel on the bottom floor
    • Location 2 -
    • Location 3 -
  3. Crash Site
    • Location 1 - On the top of the plane
    • Location 2 -
    • Location 3 -

Dark Aether / Aether Scope Anomolies

Once you have built the Aether scope it will allow you to see more things inside the Dark Aether:
  • Enter the Medical Bay whilst in the Dark Aether and you will see a [portal]( * * * *

Music Easter Egg - Alone

Listen to Alone by Clark S. Nova and Kevin Sherwood.
  • Interact with each of the 3 tapes found in the following locations:

Dark Ops

  • Reach round 30 with 0 downs
  • Reach round 20 with only your starting loadout and no upgrades
  • Reach round 20 without being hit
  • Exfil a game after only using melee attacks
  • Kill 50 enemies with a single support equipment
  • Obtain every single weapon from the mystery box in a single game
  • Triple pack both weapons, with AAT, and have 6 perks

Potential Leads

  • Computer requiring a password in the Medical Bay area of The Facility - Image
  • Glowing blue orb that moves when shot - Image 1 - Image 2 - Image 3 - Image 4 - Image 5 this seems to trigger a spooky skeletons funeral meme Image which gives you some rewards
submitted by rCallofDutyBot to CODZombies

Soundless Conflicts - 6

Navigation Destinations
« Back 6 Forward »
« Beginning End »
Three Course Reals
Lieutenant Reals spent the next five hours on the bridge killing everyone in horrible ways.
It turns out the Kipper did indeed have simulation programs for manual navigation. They were quite recently loaded, in fact; something she was deeply suspicious about considering the extensive modifications the ship was operating with. Standard cruisers came with a bevy of instructional programs on every system from the recyclers on up to Weapons systems, but that was standard cruisers. Even then manual control of singularities didn't rate highly enough to be casually available from the digital library. That was a specialty.
But for the Kipper, with no less than three separate singularities? Not to mention wildly non-standard reactor reconfigurations and sensor upgrades? Not likely. Someone custom made these simulators.
Which was good.
But that also raised the specter of someone outside the current crew both knowing enough about the ship to create simulators while simultaneously never breathing a word of its existence. That implied a conspiracy of some sort, one with incredible funding but perfect secrecy at the same time.
Which was alarming.
Unfortunately while Jamet had the ability to fully simulate controlling ship movements what she didn't have was a setup to replicate doing so. For that it was either use the actual Bridge or do nothing at all. Which meant storming the Bridge directly after her meeting with Captain Siers, sinuses still on fire with whisky and a frantic resolve in her heart.
For as wildly customized as the CES Kipper was the control center ended up being, thankfully, mostly unmodified. A reinforced hatch dumped her directly into a half-moon command deck with individual workstations spread at regular intervals like spokes of a wheel. From left to right each ship system had individual seating, with custom local gravity and secondary harness supports to keep technicians in place. The controls themselves were console-style at waist level, but wrapped around with large, easily-punched indicators for maximum panic use. The captain's area sat slightly elevated, overseeing each section with a clear line of sight to their consoles.
Every bulkhead doubled as a work surface for the station in front of it, exterior views and overlays merging into a panoramic, two-hundred-seventy degree sweep of visible space. Which wasn't much to look at for the moment: All three singularities were currently directly in front of the bow, yanking the Kipper through space at speeds only possible by riding an event horizon. Any sensor pointed that way just stared straight into an abyss-- nothing came through. Likewise looking sideways or down showed nothing but bizarre light smears as the ship either outraced light from nearby stars or bent it into pretzels coming around the black holes' event horizons.
Jamet looked for the co-CEO workstation and found it, diagonally offset from the captain's and slightly below. Although she would have known it immediately even without looking-- someone had helpfully taken the time to program each console with a giant banner that said "IMPOSSIBLE". Someone else, and she didn't have to think hard about who, had lined through the original banner and printed "PRINCESS" beneath.
"Of all the irreverent, stupid, fiscally blind, insubordinate..." Jamet stomped to the workstation, unlocking and registering her ID while wiping the display at the same time. A minute later the manual navigation simulator was loaded and she got to work dredging up decade-old memories from the Academy. Jamet thought she remembered most of what was involved, honestly. Aside from the first month or so every single exam had come back with exemplary score. Even her instructors universally praised her near-intuitive grasp of the dynamic forces involved. "Shouldn't be hard, just brush up a little. Oil some rusty skills. Easy."
Her first dozen manual navigations ripped the ship apart in unique, bizarrely different ways. Kipper solemnly recommended against trying maneuvers without a certified expert present.
Which was when Jamet started to suspect two separate, but important truths. The first was that her instructors may not have been nearly as proficient as they let on. After all no one practiced manual navigation any more. The second truth was something she already knew, but hadn't seriously considered:
Manual Navigation classes were graded on a curve.
Jamet watched yet again as the simulated Kipper catastrophically lost most of its stern as she spun two singularities at once, tidal forces suddenly working at ninety degree angles to snap the hull like a twig. Abstract crew members and cargo spun wildly into the void, screaming death or vomiting bright gold coins (Corporate wasn't shy about letting you know how much money mistakes cost). "This," she flopped back into the work station's shock padding. "Is going to be awful."
She turned out to be something of a prophet.
Over the next two hours Jamet rediscovered the basics from the Academy introduction courses. There were really only two facets that governed controlling ship direction with artificial singularities, although both of them had disastrously bad consequences when misapplied.
The first was angle-- wherever she put the black hole was the direction it pulled the Kipper. With multiple singularities she could either group them together (to increase speed in one direction) or separate them slightly to pull the ship into a turn that exactly equaled the average distance between gravitonic forces. That was where warships shined: A hauler had only one singularity to work with, ponderously aiming itself in long, slow accelerations or gradual turns and stops. Kipper had three black holes, fully independent-- she could accelerate using only one or two while using the extras to pull through hard turns. Or, as it turned out, pull most of the ship through a turn, leaving a third behind.
More simulated coins blasted through space at a high percentage of lightspeed.
The other facet was distance. Kipper's monstrous Krepsfield Engine could project all three singularities at huge distances reaching up to a thousand miles from the ship itself. Or she could adjust them closer, although safety systems wouldn't let her put the singularities close enough to touch the event horizon itself-- a good thing, considering how often she cracked the ship in half. Distance made a huge difference in multiple ways, although primarily it was about how hard and fast the singularities would alter Kipper's course: At maximum distance the effect was significantly weaker, gradually applying change over time. Putting all three right at minimum safe distance made the ship skitter like mercury on a hot surface, jittering impossibly fast until the hull came apart.
Faceless, screaming crew flew across simulated space in flailing death throes.
Jamet facepalmed, groaning horribly. "I can't do this." Then, less than five seconds later: "I have to do this. Goddammit." There was nothing else: If this was the skillset that brought her aboard then this was what she'd master. The alternative was a lifetime of indebted worker status and she'd rather embrace vacuum.
She got back to murdering everyone aboard.
It took hours, but the motions and habits eventually came back. She rediscovered using her hands to control the singularities, palms hovering over an outline of the ship and fingers slide-tapping the black holes into position. Left hand for pitch, up and down. Right hand for yaw going left to right. Roll was a combination of both, spinning singularities around the ship to pull it in spirals around a midpoint. Adjusting distances magnified effects.
After thirty minutes of steering the ship through empty simulated space without annihilating the Skipper Jamet started to feel more confident. "Alright, I've got this. I can do it." The program was even giving her complimentary scores and an eighty percent chance at living through most maneuvers. The simulation began helpfully recommending beginner courses in hard-body navigation, moving the ship around stationary objects. Jamet jumped into the offerings, confidence high and enthusiastic.
The Kipper ran into and exploded a mock orbital launch station.
The system helpfully added a hundred billion credit's worth of damage to her already impressively negative score. Jamet pounded both hands on the console, raging. "Fuck me, you lousy, stupid, ancient piece of superstitious navigational bullshit!" She got up, angrily paced a circle around the bridge and sat back down. "Fine. Fine. Let's do that again."
Teeth gritted, she plowed through stationary object simulations. She lost forty or fifty pixelated Kipper substitutes along the way to an endlessly creative serious of explosions and soundless fragmentation. After the first few dozen she stopped counting; after the first hundred Jamet searched for and angrily disabled the running monetary total. "Thanks, no thanks. That isn't helping."
Three hours and two caf breaks later-- which involved hurriedly running back and forth to the dirty break room while praying not to encounter anyone-- Jamet thought she had it under control. Ship movement, stationary navigation, even a little relative maneuvering where both the Kipper and her target were independently navigating. She hadn't killed everyone in at least thirty minutes; the last two crashes hadn't even been a complete loss.
There was still the advanced course on navigating around multiple moving bodies at once but she was running on empty at this point and skipped it. Both eyes were sandbags of grit and she'd reached the point of tiredness where exposed skin was starting to tingle. It could wait: That wasn't likely to ever come up.
Closing her console, Jamet was very careful not to leave anything on screen to do with her all-night practice before leaning against the wall and stumbling to her quarters. There was barely enough time for a uniform change and shower before she had to be right back on the Bridge again. Grabbing the last of her clean uniforms she hauled it down to the refresher, dumping the despair- and rage-scented clothes in the recycler as she went.
A cold shower, some soap and vicious amounts of angry scrubbing banished the tingle out of her skin and brought her marginally back to life. Two mugs of caf, as strong as the machine could make it, brought her barely into the land of the living. Everything else would have to wait, although Jamet made it a point to clip her awards in place and pull her hair back into a severe bun. She couldn't do anything about bloodshot eyes, but hopefully enough confidence would cover over the cracks in her professionalism.
Which lasted all of five seconds after walking back into the Bridge.
Emilia Rounds took one look at her from the Communications workstation and burst into high pitched laughter. "You look more battered than fifty year old cargo decks! Rough night, Princess?"
Paul glanced over one thin shoulder (he was her height, even seated), eyed the dark sandbags weighing down Jamet's face and snorted. "Do you need a stimulant to get through transition, lieutenant? I can prescribe several." His console was already open and set up, Medical and Environmental subsystems arranged neatly.
Janson just waved from Engineering, beard molded around an easygoing grin. Two thick fingers gave her the barest salute. "Morning, ma'am."
Lieutenant Jamet addressed Janson first, chin lofted to haughty degrees. "Engineer. Good morning, always a pleasure." She transferred a low-wattage death glare towards Communications and Medical. "Technician. Doctor. I wish I could say the same for you."
Emilia opened her mouth, visor flashing and eyebrows slanted. Fortunately before she could say whatever was on her mind the hatch opened, admitting Captain Siers. He took one look at his first lieutenant squared off with an irate Comm technician and waved them both down. "Professionals, at ease."
It wasn't until he said it that Jamet realized she'd instinctively come to attention. Which was infuriating because absolutely no one else even acknowledged the captain taking the Bridge. At all. She took her seat at the same time he did, angrily bringing the console back to life and throwing status icons across her workspace. A moment later she was buckled in with redundant restraints and bringing up Corporate-standard procedures for transiting into inhabited systems.
Jamet was halfway through the fifty item checklist, passing concurrency checks to the other crew systems for validation when her tired brain registered the silence on the Bridge. She looked up.
Everyone was staring back at her with varying degrees of amusement (Janson, Siers) to outright hostility (Emilia and Paul). "What?"
"You can skip the checklist, lieutenant." Siers gave her a knowing smile. "Old habits, I'm guessing?"
"It's regulations, capt-" she growled, then took a deep breath and tried to ignore Emilia's snicker. "I would prefer following the checklist if it's all the same to you, sir."
Paul took a turn. "The checklist systems are automated, lieutenant. They are made for a crew that does not exist, and most of the list we can do through chip-linked systems."
"Eh, leave the LT alone. No 'arm in it, after all." Janson made for a good peacekeeper-- no one had the heart to attack him directly. "Anyways, dun we have somethin' else to do about now? Cap'n, we're 'bout five minutes out."
Siers nodded once, eyeing Jamet as she returned to the checklist, fingers tapping and ears burning. "We do. Alright crew, everyone's had the entire transit to take a look at our next stop. Who's going to share an interesting fact about Pilster-3?" He pointed at Janson. "Engineers first, go ahead."
"It's a double asteroid belt, got two of 'em in system. Small one 'bout four astronomical units from the primary, another one at seven AU out." He demonstrated using both big hands. "Only three planets, though, all gas giants playing hopscotch 'tween the rocky bands at two, five and eight AU out. No moons. Survey team thinks everything got crushed a coupla billion solar units back and the rubble made belts." He finished with a pleased sound and a couple taps on his workspace.
"Boo, too easy!" Emilia threw something-- literally threw an unsecured object on the bridge, Jamet had to resist an urge to order her to quarters immediately. "I got a better one: Pilster is named after a mistress. Big time Upper Management type trying to suck up to a Board member, came way out here on the edge of Corporate space. Sunk enough startup capital into the system to make it the Next Big Thing, named it after his sweetheart and then lost his shirt when interests went a different direction. Sucker."
Captain Siers laughed. "Did you make that up?"
"Would I ever do that?" She grinned. Lieutenant Jamet deliberately did not glare, keeping her attention on going down checklist items. It didn't matter that most of them were things like 'announce arrival to all crew members'; it was procedure that mattered, damn it.
"You absolutely would," Siers confirmed. "Especially if it made an Exec look bad." He waved towards the Medical station. "Paul, what do you have? Best fact gets extra allowance during layover."
"Hey, no fair! I would have tried harder if you told us that!"
"Hush, Emilia. Paul?"
The lanky Doctor rested an elbow comfortably on his console. "Pilster-3 is a rare earth mining system. Two habitation rings over gas giants with Corporate gravity siphons in the middle. Purpose-made singularity engines pull liquid gas out of the atmosphere, run it through processing and extract the expensive bits." He punched a button, throwing a schematic on-screen to demonstrate. It looked exactly like a metal donut built around a boxy processing facility, thick strands of colored atmo streaming through the middle. Paul aimed a triumphant look at Communications. "Beat that."
Captain Siers laughed. "Looks like you've got it, Paul. Remind me when we transit in to get you a line of cred-"
"Pilster-3 was founded seventy six years ago by Farrier Davis Mockler, for his then-fianceé Sarah Pilster, who he married two years later." Jamet realized how bitter she sounded about that; it was a bit of information that hit sour notes for her personally. "He's an Exec in Upper now. Star is main sequence, billions of years left on it. Population is around eight million, split between both facilities, mostly indentured or indebted contract labor. Proles." She ignored Emilia's hot glare. "Major exports are exotic compounds and some metallic extraction from asteroid mining, although most of that is repurposed for infrastructure in-system. Imports are heavy on foodstuffs and replacement workers."
Captain Siers was giving her full attention now, eyebrows raised and looking surprised. "They're not the final stop on the Corporate edge," she continued, ears hot and burning. "But they're only one away: Kstrop-2 is the end of the line going straight out from here. They trade each other for necessities: Metal and raw elements for force-grown food products. Most importantly, though: Pilster hasn't reported in to Corporate HQ for two full solar quarters."
Janson applauded, large hands clapping and laughing the whole way. "'Ey, she's got us all on this one! Good on you, LT!"
Even Paul seemed impressed, the corner of his mouth edging upward in approval. "It seems she does, indeed. Emilia?"
The short Comms technician turned around, sulking. "I could have done better."
"But not that quickly," Captain Siers corrected, adding a few appreciative claps of his own. "When did you have time for that rundown, lieutenant?"
"Between duties, sir. It was easy." It had actually been a ten minute rage break after ramming the Kipper into a planetoid. Five times, including one spectacular failure where the ship plowed straight through the planetoid, all three singularities eating into solid mass until the reactor gave out and they collapsed (crushing the Kipper like a beer can in the process). After that fiasco she'd stared at facts about their destination until her fists didn't want to pound through the simulation any more. "Knowing everything about a layover is part of my duties."
Looks were shared around the bridge. "Let's not rub that in too much, Reals. But you definitely won the layover stipend this time, I'll set you up when we get to their inbound station."
"Speakin' ah which: One minute out, cap'n." Janson waved a timer onto the display. There still wasn't anything to see straight ahead but absolute blackness-- all three singularities ate any light coming from dead ahead. "Have you ever transited before, LT?"
"Yes, once." She'd been eight at the time, but no need to elaborate. She checked her backup harness setup nervously. Everyone depended on local gravity fields to keep them in place at their workstations but Jamet was more nervous than she wanted to let on. "I've seen plenty of simulations, though."
"The real thing is a little different." Captain Siers assured her. "Everyone have their cups? Fill 'em up, let's toast to arrival."
Jamet's jaw dropped as cups were produced and filled. "You cannot be serious."
"Oh come on, Princess." Emilia threw her head back and to one side, exaggerating an unseen eye roll. "What's the worst that could happen? Here we go: Ten! Nine!"
An outraged Jamet abstained as the entire crew counted down the last few seconds, cups held aloft towards the singularity-blacked forward viewscreen. At 'zero' they cheered and toasted, heads back while automated systems smoothly rotated all three singularities to the stern of the Kipper to bring it to a halt.
Light did funny things when one was cheating physics to exceed reality's speed limit. On the forward screen utter blackness snapped into relief as the light of Pilster-3's distant sun finally made it through to the sensors. The dot rapidly expanded, screaming forward into relief as light-delayed visuals crashed into their rapidly approaching ship. Asteroid belts spun in fast-forward blurs, gas giants rocketing on elliptical orbits.
And there, dead center around the designated system arrival point, something glittered.
Jamet frowned. Opened her mouth, hesitated, closed it again. Was this normal? No one else seemed to be paying attention, Captain Siers was even poking fun at Doctor Noscome about some establishment they'd both been to a while back.
The glittering expanded as Kipper hurtled towards the system, singularities aft and braking momentum on a glide path that would put them at a dead stop.
"Captain?" Jamet started, then raised her voice over Janson's booming baritone laughter. "Pardon! Captain Siers?"
He looked over, noting her confusion. "Yes?"
They were coming up on it now, relative speed dipping under a hundred thousand miles per second. The glittering cloud was growing-- huge, immense, with black specks swirling through it everywhere. It was easily tens of thousands of miles wide, nearly edging off the forward display. "Captain!"
He looked from her to the forward viewscreen, then jumped in shock. "Holy shit!"
Then they were in it, still decelerating below four hundred miles per second as the soft, shiny cloud abruptly resolved into thousands of metallic pieces. Busted ship hulls and unidentifiable debris streaked by at incredible speeds as the Kipper aimed itself dead-center towards a huge, derelict freighter on a collision course.
Emilia screamed, hands thrown upwards in terror. Janson hollered something obscene in a baritone voice that practically vibrated the deck plates. Paul and Captain Siers both froze in horror, stiff-arming their respective console.
Lieutenant Jamet Reals, operating on nearly twenty seven hours without sleep, snarled. "Are you fucking serious!?"
Without pausing to think she slammed a toggle for manual control, palmed her custom controls and flicked all three singularities in a whirling, hellish circle counterclockwise around the ship. If she'd spent even a second trying to time the move it never would have worked, but in the heat of the moment reflexes and raw luck saved them all.
The Kipper's oversized singularities smashed sideways into the spinning derelict, each artificial black hole taking a huge bite from the hull before collapsing into itself. The first cut a quarter through, followed in a quick succession by the remaining two in a storm of screaming system alerts and overloaded reactor warnings.
In the blink of an eye the Kipper buzzsawed through, scattering an explosion of rent hull plates and flotsam in every direction as they went. A final twist of the derelict caught the ship as it went by, hammering their hull hard enough to overwhelm local gravity and send everyone on the bridge flying into the port side bulkhead in a ball of frantic screams.
Everyone, that is, except for Lieutenant Reals. Who was quite sensibly following procedure and wearing her redundant restraint belt. "HA! EAT CHECKLIST!"
As victory cries go, it wasn't much.
Bridge power died, then snapped back online with a beep of rebooting consoles. Jamet hammered hers, yanking up displays on every side and prioritizing navigation hazards. "Engineer Janson!"
"Ow, my damn leg. What! I mean yes, ma'am!"
"The reactors! Reboot, reboot, reboot! I need navigation right now!"
"Fuck navigation," A shrill voice complained. "I'm going to hail the nearest station and rip someone a new asshole. Where the hell was the alert beacon for an entire ship graveyard?!" Emilia made an appearance, crawling out of the pile with her visor flashing angry colors.
"Is anyone hurt? Triage, call out if you're injured." Paul was holding one arm about halfway up where he'd grown a new joint. "Other than me," he hissed.
Jamet ignored him, eyes frantically scanning displays. The Kipper was dead-stick, spinning at just under ten miles per second through a hail of metal fragments. Impacts pinged like metallic rain against the hull as damage reports accumulated. "Captain, we're going to breach along the port side! I need navigation! Janson!"
The big man lurched across the deck and fell into his workspace. "Aye, one moment! Rebootin' now!"
"Do it faster." Jamet was staring upwards now, squinting at something in-system towards the distant star.
Captain Siers staggered to his feet, then took his seat again. "Status! Breach check!" He hit several indicators in a series, then swiped viciously. "Locking all emergency bulkheads. Segmenting firebreaks."
Emilia took her seat back, then threw communications indicators across the display. "CES Kipper, hailing all Corporate vessels! We've run into your goddamn junkyard and if someone doesn't answer me in-"
"Engineer Janson?" Something in Jamet's voice cut through the wail of alarms and frantic motions.
Everyone shut up. "Ma'am?"
She was still staring upwards, eyes squinted and tracking across exterior displays. "Get the Krepsfield up, right now."
Captain Siers grabbed exterior sensors, zooming towards where Jamet was looking. "What is it, lieutenant?"
Out in the darkness, past the whirling pieces of who-knew-how-many busted derelicts, something moved. Even at a distance it eclipsed the star briefly, throwing the Kipper into shadow.
Emilia tagged it with a marker, distance numbers in the five hundred thousands and dropping. "What the hell is that?"
"I don't know," Jamet yelled. "But it's coming and captain," she waved an arm at the graveyard around them. "I don't think this was accidental."
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