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Screenshots from the Borderlands 3 Official Developer Trailer

I know this isn't organized well, and it's not the full video (had to stop at 3:08 because Imgur finally said "Bro, this one computer at this IP address has uploaded +100 screenshots non-stop. Block his ass") but here's a butt-load of screenshots from the trailer for anyone who might find them useful.

Things to note

The dimensions of these images aren't all the same (it differs by a few pixels). That's due to me using xfce4-screenshooter and selecting the area to capture myself by hand. Because I hate myself.
But these are all from the trailer on YouTube. No tampering, just raw screenshot uploads.
Again, sorry these all aren't just in 1 Imgur album. :/
Hopefully some might find this useful, I dunno.
EDIT: I did this in hope it'd be useful for people who might do analysis blogs/vlogs of the trailer, people who wanna make fan art, and for the sake of fueling that HYPE TRAIN.
I tried to only screenshot stuff that seemed useful for those purposes (though the last one of those would happen regardless of me doing this).
There probably was a better way to do this kinda thing, but for whatever reason I didn't really think about that...so yea.
Shot 1 (Some town): https://imgur.com/f33EpLg.png
Shot 2 (The Baddies 1): https://imgur.com/7k3yPav.png
Shot 3 (Lilith 1): https://imgur.com/IPl7vpb.png
Shot 4 (Our Guises 1): https://imgur.com/sPU5RE0.png
Shot 4 (Our Guises 2): https://imgur.com/5vJDGlg.png
Shot 4 (A Location 1): https://imgur.com/1SMXe6B.png
Shot 5 (A Location 2): https://imgur.com/YhiE1cw.png
Shot 6 (The Siren 1): https://imgur.com/ucyzLNu.png
Shot 7 (Some Old Fart 1): https://imgur.com/1YIbeSs.png
Shot 8 (Some Robot Dude 1): https://imgur.com/lQwzRTW.png
Shot 9 (Some Robot Dude 2): https://imgur.com/yAExOz9.png
Shot 10 (Tiny Army Chick w/ Mecha): https://imgur.com/0xMb0Z1.png
Shot 11 (A Location 3): https://imgur.com/ZiuzyD0.png
Shot 12 (Some Poor Asshole): https://imgur.com/CLLZQ9Q.png
Shot 13 (The Siren 2): https://imgur.com/bnIPJ7Y.png
Shot 14 (The Siren 3): https://imgur.com/giNsnQL.png
Shot 15 (The Siren 4): https://imgur.com/ZuncGUB.png
Shot 16 (The Siren 5): https://imgur.com/BI7Y9Ms.png
Shot 17 (A Location 3): https://imgur.com/EP2lnkm.png
Shot 18 (A Location 4): https://imgur.com/9oSqjwR.png
Shot 19 (Our Guises w/ Tannis 1): https://imgur.com/2PTAn6N.png
Shot 20 (Our Guiese w/ Tannis 2): https://imgur.com/DEhZ2du.png
Shot 21 (Shootin' Shit 1): https://imgur.com/bMA0Ohj.png
Shot 22 (Comin' to Fuck Your Shit Up): https://imgur.com/vSOOorZ.png
Shot 23 (Vehicle Skirmish 1): https://imgur.com/dm6YBVI.png
Shot 24 (Vehicle Skirmish 2): https://imgur.com/6pm75FC.png
Shot 25 (Vehicle Skirmish 3): https://imgur.com/YsBR5vy.png
Shot 26 (Vehicle Skirmish 4): https://imgur.com/bS5enr7.png
Shot 27 (The Baddie Chick): https://imgur.com/ylaRWHQ.png
Shot 28 (Fuckin' Fireballs): https://imgur.com/wNbrn8r.png
Shot 29 (WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE): https://imgur.com/ViaBhb3.png
Shot 30 (Psychos: Now with Titties): https://imgur.com/sHsYbli.png
Shot 31 (Vehicle Skirmish w/ Hovering Vehicle): https://imgur.com/fF7kOkO.png
Shot 32 (Psycho in the Swamp): https://imgur.com/mH30EUr.png
Shot 33 (The Siren 6): https://imgur.com/zagbTYW.png
Shot 34 (Some Psycho with Goggles and a Gun): https://imgur.com/qxmbIcq.png
Shot 35 (Shootin' Shit 2): https://imgur.com/a78A63Q.png
Shot 36 (Robot Guy with a Particular Skag 1): https://imgur.com/UxP711b.png
Shot 37 (Goliath in the Swamp): https://imgur.com/6tBh1ls.png
Shot 38 (Motherfuckin' Wheel Vehicle Thing and the Old Fart): https://imgur.com/030jikm.png
Shot 39 (An Enemy with a Flamethrower): https://imgur.com/hVxfcjF.png
Shot 40 (The Siren 7): https://imgur.com/bFpVXh6.png
Shot 41 (The Siren 8): https://imgur.com/ZSXdSWI.png
Shot 42 (Lilith 2): https://imgur.com/UXaU42W.png
Shot 43 (Fist Bump!): https://imgur.com/u1By8O3.png
Shot 44 (Maya and some young girl): https://imgur.com/VAS6dre.png
Shot 45 (Shootin' Shit 3): https://imgur.com/0l2eVF7.png
Shot 46 (Lilith and the Baddies 1): https://imgur.com/VHt5pTB.png
Shot 47 (Lilith and the Baddies 2): https://imgur.com/lI09oVd.png
Shot 48 (Vehicle Skirmish 5): https://imgur.com/7NMXmJV.png
Shot 49 (Vehicle Skirmish 6): https://imgur.com/9Gtym4u.png
Shot 50 (Vehicle Skirmish 7): https://imgur.com/mzeFjT6.png
Shot 51 (Robot Guy with a Particular Skag 2): https://imgur.com/pB1f7wP.png
Shot 52 (Some Old Fart 2): https://imgur.com/NenLYh2.png
Shot 53 (Some Old Fart w/ Army Chick in Wheel Vehicle Thing): https://imgur.com/dazOmvU.png
Shot 54 (Tiny Army Chick 1): https://imgur.com/zGXo3CX.png
Shot 55 (Tiny Army Chick 2): https://imgur.com/cBKl06R.png
Shot 56 (Vehicle Skirmish 8): https://imgur.com/z9mRFrc.png
Shot 57 (Vehicle Skirmish 9): https://imgur.com/b3qpG2K.png
Shot 58 (Vehicle Skirmish 10): https://imgur.com/kdPk3dB.png
Shot 59 (WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 2): https://imgur.com/lk4p5Lh.png
Shot 60 (WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 3): https://imgur.com/Pz8doz1.png
Shot 61 (WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 4): https://imgur.com/BQAnbCH.png
Shot 62 (WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 5): https://imgur.com/B1RaBPF.png
Shot 63 (In First Person 1): https://imgur.com/G3pOtXo.png
Shot 64 (In First Person 2): https://imgur.com/bvtDURg.png
Shot 65 (In First Person 3): https://imgur.com/j3Xqgyc.png
Shot 66 (In First Person 4): https://imgur.com/ZUJ9fjg.png
Shot 67 (Oh my god do we have a cover system?): https://imgur.com/V0RkgTP.png
Shot 68 (Runnin' Runnin'): https://imgur.com/6G9cYdC.png
Shot 69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (And Runnin' Runnin' 1): https://imgur.com/QCl1hzG.png
Shot 70 (And Runnin' Runnin' 2): https://imgur.com/DmZGZ6N.png
Shot 71 (A Location 5): https://imgur.com/C69DLEK.png
Shot 72 (A Location 6): https://imgur.com/Pj40D3r.png
Shot 73 (A Location 7): https://imgur.com/RcKPrHy.png
Shot 74 (A Location 8): https://imgur.com/3oVmXnZ.png
Shot 75 (A Location 9): https://imgur.com/xwoysgL.png
Shot 76 (A Location 10): https://imgur.com/VUJOPRe.png
Shot 77 (A Location 11): https://imgur.com/yIdc676.png
Shot 78 (A Location 12): https://imgur.com/W8W8HdC.png
Shot 79 (The Baddies 2): https://imgur.com/ygRmdsj.png
Shot 80 (Arena 1): https://imgur.com/2ozVnB8.png
Shot 81 (Jurassic Park? 1): https://imgur.com/At7xWsm.png
Shot 82 (Jurassic Park? 2): https://imgur.com/0SmODJV.png
Shot 83 (Jurassic Park? 3): https://imgur.com/JzIPqd0.png
Shot 84 (Midge-Mong 2.0): https://imgur.com/CXHWlQu.png
Shot 85 (Scary Fucking Beast 1):
Shot 86 (Scary Fucking Beast 2): https://imgur.com/WsAHvOq.png
Shot 87 (Scary Fucking Beast 3): https://imgur.com/FzptqyA.png
Shot 88 (Shootin' Shit 4): https://imgur.com/y5Sgmwf.png
Shot 89 (Shootin' Shit 5): https://imgur.com/AdACxYb.png
Shot 90 (Arena 2): https://imgur.com/cEhjS9K.png
Shot 91 (Sweet Ass Robots): https://imgur.com/RpDZXQE.png
Shot 92 (Duke Silver as Brick 1): https://imgur.com/bSCZuKu.png
Shot 93 (Duke Silver as Brick 2): https://imgur.com/bi0C2ba.png
Shot 94 (Duke Silver as Brick 3): https://imgur.com/NrSdCPw.png
Shot 95 (Duke Silver as Brick 4): https://imgur.com/L0KRHrd.png
Shot 96 (Duke Silver as Brick 5): https://imgur.com/ODxAsFj.png
Shot 97 (A Location 13): https://imgur.com/cKzTE3G.png
Shot 98 (An Ice Baddie): https://imgur.com/eXSwckT.png
Shot 99 (Duke Silver as Brick 6): https://imgur.com/c5c3uHK.png
Shot 100 (Duke Silver as Brick 7): https://imgur.com/0MkAChi.png
Shot 101 (Duke Silver as Brick 8): https://imgur.com/CQA6x61.png
Shot 102 (Duke Silver as Brick 9): https://imgur.com/Dd7907x.png
Shot 103 (Maya 1): https://imgur.com/bbqdClU.png
Shot 104 (Maya 2): https://imgur.com/aGsygJm.png
Shot 105 (Maya 3): https://imgur.com/Q1t9IPd.png
Shot 106 (Brick, Tiny Tina, Mordecai 1): https://imgur.com/VlZbCPB.png
Shot 107 (Brick, Tiny Tina, Mordecai 2): https://imgur.com/Zg5NQUP.png
Shot 108 (Brick, Tiny Tina, Mordecai 3): https://imgur.com/53ZFbIq.png
Shot 109 (Birkc, Tiny Tina, Mordecai 4): https://imgur.com/UlcFGj2.png
Shot 110 (Birkc, Tiny Tina, Mordecai 5): https://imgur.com/RY3pu17.png
Shot 111 (Ellie 1): https://imgur.com/R9SJWPz.png
Shot 112 (Ellie 2): https://imgur.com/C32DrBq.png
Shot 113 (Aristocrats): https://imgur.com/4uFMXIL.png
Shot 114 (Claptrap): https://imgur.com/YOGawiY.png
Shot 115 (Rhys, Zer0, and the Crimson Raiders 1): https://imgur.com/RTRxQqg.png
Shot 116 (Rhys Zer0, and the Crimson Raiders 2): https://imgur.com/sMAl0al.png
Shot 117 (Tannis, Marcus, and Moxxi's back): https://imgur.com/GRURWLX.png
Shot 118 (Tannis, Marcus, and Moxxi's back): https://imgur.com/GJcphql.png
Shot 119 (And Runnin' Runnin' 3): https://imgur.com/Hl7o1wW.png
Shot 120 (And Runnin' Runnin' 4): https://imgur.com/U3NJ1iT.png
Shot 121 (The Real Hero of This Trailer: The Gun with Legs 1): https://imgur.com/4csaKJo.png
Shot 122 (The Real Hero of This Trailer: The Gun with Legs 2): https://imgur.com/TmfbfS2.png
Shot 123 (The Real Hero of This Trailer: The Gun with Legs 3): https://imgur.com/Zo7B5hO.png
Shot 124 (Hmm...): https://imgur.com/MGS9yqf.png
Shot 125 (MECHS, BABY): https://imgur.com/DQlHg6n.png
Shot 126 (Shooty shooty 1): https://imgur.com/253i5c3.png
Shot 127 (Shooty shooty 2): https://imgur.com/ppdvIM0.png
Shot 128 (Shooty shooty 3): https://imgur.com/o0n5Sjs.png
Shot 129 (Shooty shooty 4): https://imgur.com/r70geMu.png
Shot 130 (Shooty shooty 5): https://imgur.com/xASV2A9.png
Shot 131 (Shooty shooty 6): https://imgur.com/lTdIdrp.png
Shot 132 (Shooty shooty 7): https://imgur.com/395Ixnv.png
Shot 133 (Phaselock?): https://imgur.com/HbDBYOe.png
Shot 134 (Shooty shooty 8): https://imgur.com/Q84HuTs.png
Shot 135 (Shooty shooty 9): https://imgur.com/MFAhH1l.png
Shot 136 (You missed, dumbass): https://imgur.com/lRtfX2h.png
Shot 137 (Shooty shooty 10): https://imgur.com/IeHlHUf.png
Shot 138 (Shooty shooty 11): https://imgur.com/7wUVdgh.png
Shot 139 (Shooty shooty 12): https://imgur.com/WDdSA1e.png
Shot 140 (Maliwan): https://imgur.com/sMue0mj.png
Shot 141 (Shooty shooty 13): https://imgur.com/flb8f4K.png
Shot 142 (Shooty shooty 14): https://imgur.com/OFbf25N.png
Shot 143 (Shooty shooty 15): https://imgur.com/aDLuHvT.png
Shot 144 (Shooty shooty 16): https://imgur.com/YqeLxAO.png
Shot 145 (Shooty shooty 17): https://imgur.com/1gCLBVv.png
Shot 146 (Shooty shooty 18): https://imgur.com/dDA5AN5.png
Shot 147 (Shooty shooty 19): https://imgur.com/ELCfJIk.png
Shot 148 (Missed again, dumbass): https://imgur.com/WzJbHlu.png
Shot 150 (Shooty shooty 20): https://imgur.com/mSJelJG.png
Shot 151 (Shooty shooty 21): https://imgur.com/aBeRBpd.png
Shot 152 (Shooty shooty 22): https://imgur.com/b6hIyxd.png
Shot 153 (Shooty shooty 23): https://imgur.com/8HzJ4d7.png
Shot 154 (Shooty shooty 24): https://imgur.com/Omfuc84.png
Shot 155 (Shooty shooty 25): https://imgur.com/IAWVoFO.png
Shot 156 (Shooty shooty 26): https://imgur.com/gKNb4Zz.png
Shot 157 (Shooty shooty 27): https://imgur.com/1yTHgHP.png
Shot 158 (Holy fuck there's so many guns): https://imgur.com/lsjSgd7.png
Shot 159 (SLIDING??): https://imgur.com/UCFRSJ3.png
Shot 160 (Shooty shooty 28): https://imgur.com/ICD6W2z.png
Shot 161 (Shooty shooty 29): https://imgur.com/oLDqbEY.png
Shot 162 (Shooty shooty 30): https://imgur.com/gCUOrkd.png
Shot 163 (Shooty shooty 31): https://imgur.com/gCUOrkd.png
Shot 164 (Shooty shooty 32): https://imgur.com/0XucKvj.png
Shot 165 (Shooty shooty 33): https://imgur.com/4tJuCVx.png
Shot 166 (Holy shit there's sliding!): https://imgur.com/ubod7lH.png
Shot 167 (Shooty shooty 34): https://imgur.com/ESMDMRS.png
Shot 168 (Shooty shooty 35): https://imgur.com/Hcfmvlc.png
Shot 169 (Shooty shooty 36): https://imgur.com/HQ9Qf9w.png
Shot 170 (Shooty shooty 37): https://imgur.com/cuzwW8N.png
Shot 171 (Shooty shooty 38): https://imgur.com/th34LCz.png
Shot 172 (Shooty shooty 39): https://imgur.com/H6NwNmB.png
Shot 173 (Shooty shooty 40): https://imgur.com/ZIfxGXn.png
Shot 174 (Shooty shooty 41): https://imgur.com/zfyfmOZ.png
Shot 175 (Shooty shooty 42): https://imgur.com/9LwR3qR.png
Shot 176 (Shooty shooty 43): https://imgur.com/wQ5LV6k.png
Shot 177 (I'm only at 3:07 after like 6 guns in the video, please help): https://imgur.com/SVDa5Ot.png
Shot 178 (Shooty shooty 44): https://imgur.com/jL6rDo9.png
Shot 179 (Oh thank god I'm at 3:08): https://imgur.com/5d8Pu0R.png
submitted by ProfessorSexyTime to Borderlands

[SELL][US/INTERNATIONAL] Nars, MAC, Natasha Denona, Sunday Riley, Laura Mercier, Becca, ABH, Benefit, Cover FX, Bite Beauty, Urban Decay, Smashbox, Verb, Clinique, Bare Minerals, Living Proof, MoroccanOil, Luxie, Laura Geller, MUFE, Korres, Mamonde, Briogeo, and more!

Hey ya'll. Welcome to my post. I'm seriously trying to curb my habit of hoarding pretty stuff that I mostly just enjoy looking at. Hoping to find these lovely things a new home where they'll be happily used.
My full list can be found here.
Please feel free to ask questions. Thanks for your interest!
Now, on to the deets:
  1. SHIPPING: US/International. Shipping from California via USPS. Shipping cost will be calculated based on weight, starting at $4.00 for US, $11.00 for Canada, and $14.00 for other destinations. Orders will ship within three business days. A tracking number will be provided upon shipment.
  2. PAYMENT: PayPal G&S, with fee covered at my expense.
  3. ITEM REQUESTS AND HOLDS: First come, first served. Items will be held for up to two hours unless more time is requested in advance. If you decide to pass, please let me know. A strikethrough indicates the item has sold.
  4. CONDITION AND USAGE: Items are new and unused unless otherwise noted. Items have been stored in a cool, dry, pet- and smoke-free environment.


ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Banana Stick Contour - DS, swatched 1x - $4
BARE MINERALS Bare Skin Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer in Bare Glow - DS, new, unused - $2
BECCA First Light Priming Filter - 0.5oz, new, unused - (Retail Price: $21) - $5
MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder - DS, new, unused - $4
NARS Laguna Bronzer - DS x 2 x 1 - one new in box, unused; one swatched 1x -$7/$6


REAL HER Be Fearless, Be Limitless Blush Trio - FS, swatched 1x - (Retail: $32) - $10


BENEFIT COSMETICS Watts Up Soft Focus Highlighter - DS, new, unused - $5
COVER FX Enhance Click Highlighter in Bubbly - DS, new, unused - $5
LARITZY Highlighter Stick in Halo - FS, new, unused - (Retail: $24) - $5


CLINIQUE Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes in 09 Lavish Lilac - DS, swatched 2x - $4
LAURA GELLER INKcredible Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Brown Eyed Girl - FS, new, unused(Retail Price: $22) - $6
MALLY Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra in Burnished Bronze - FS, swatched 1x - (Retail Price: $25) - $5
MODEL CO. Eyelites Metallic Shadow in St. Barts - FS, new, unused - (Retail Price: $12) - $2
MODEL CO. Metallic Eyeshadow Trio in Mykonos - 0.10oz, new, unused - $2
NATASHA DENONA Eyeshadow Single in 124k Bronzage - FS, swatched 1x - (Retail Price: $27) - $10
URBAN DECAY Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original - DS, new, unused - $3
URBAN DECAY Perversion Mascara - DS, new, unused - $3


ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood - FS, new, unused - (Retail Price: $20) - $6
BARE MINERALS Liquid Lipstick in Om - 0.13oz/4mL/FS, new, unused - (Retail Price: $20) - $6
BITE BEAUTY Agave Lip Mask in Champagne - DS, new, unused - one is sealed, the other is unsealed - $6/each
BITE BEAUTY Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Sake - DS, used 1x - $4
BITE BEAUTY Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Glace - DS, new, unused - $4
DOUCCE Matte Lip Crayon in 405 Winterberry - FS, new, unused - (Retail Price: $22) - $2
LARITZY Lip Gloss in Vibe - FS, new, unused - (Retail Price: $16) - $2
LARITZY Lip Pencil in Bare - FS, new, unused - (Retail Price: $18) - $2
LAURA MERCIER Velour Lovers Lip Colour in Devotion - DS, very light usage as shown - $4
LAURA MERCIER Velour Lovers Lip Colour in Sensual - DS, very light usage as shown - $4
MAC Matte Lipstick in D for Danger, DS, used 1x - $4
NARS Lipstick in Orgasm - DS, used 1x - $4
PRETTY VULGAR Liquid Lipstick in My Lips are Sealed in Particularly Sophisticated - FS, swatched 1x (Retail Price: $24) - $5
TRESTIQUE Mini Lip Glaze in Paris Pink - DS, swatched 2x - $2
SMASHBOX Always On Liquid Lipstick in Stepping Out - DS, new, unused - $2


KORRES Greek Yoghurt 3-in-1 Cleansing Emulsion - 0.68oz, DS, new, unused - $2
L'OCCITANE Almond Milk Concentrate - 0.7oz, DS, new, unused - $2
MAMONDE Petal Spa Oil To Foam Face Cleanser - DS, new, unused - $3
SUNDAY RILEY CEO Glow Face Oil - .5oz, new, unused - $18
VOLITION Detoxifying Silt Gelee Mask - DS, new, unused - $5


BRIOGEO Farewell Frizz - DS, new, unused - $3
LIVING PROOF Night Cap Overnight Perfector - 1oz/30mL/DS, new, unused - $3
MOROCCANOIL Protect & Prevent Spray - 0.67oz/20mL - DS, new, unused - $3
RAHUA Omega 9 Hair Mask - 0.74oz/DS, new, unused - $3
VERB Sea Spray - 2.4oz - new, unused, spray bottle is missing cap - $5


LAURA GELLER Retractable Powder Brush - new, unused - (Retail Price: $15) - $4
LUXIE 514 Blush Brush - new, unused - (Retail Price: $18) - $5
LUXIE 660 Precision Foundation Brush - new, unused - (Retail Price: $18) - $5
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