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COVID, A Study Of The Numbers

To help, maybe, bridge the gap between the tribal camps, I wanted to present some of my own research and analysis of COVID numbers. I'm a numbers guy, looking to see what the data is telling me. From there, I am drawing my conclusions. We all have our biases, but I will try to reserve my opinions to the very end.


The makeup of deaths by age is strikingly similar when examining multiple countries and appears to be indifferent of policy, lockdown, or region. When examining the demographic data, we can see the under 45 to 50 category consistently has less than a 3% makeup of deaths. By extrapolating that to the United States, I show between 16k and 66k person from ages 0 to 50 will parish from COVID-19, which puts it on par with other significant causes of death in the same age group. My proposal is to implement lockdowns from a demographic basis such that herd immunity can be achieved by the lowest risk group.

A study of 4 countries

One of the first interesting trends I saw was when examining several different countries who had different impacts and policies. The % of deaths by age was amazingly similar. I will preset the tables without the country as an exercise to see if one can identify which country is which. The first three countries include one of the largest number of cases in the world, one under full lockdown and one that is mostly not under lockdown.
0-9 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
10-19 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
20-29 0.2% 0.0% 0.1%
30-39 0.4% 0.0% 0.3%
40-49 1.1% 1.0% 1.1%
50-59 3.4% 3.1% 3.1%
60-69 7.9% 6.7% 8.8%
70-79 23.1% 22.8% 25.4%
80-89 39.8% 37.3% 41.8%
90+ 24.0% 29.0% 19.3%
The 4th country, a North American country, did not present their data in groups of 10, rather 20s. When we summarize these three with to groups of 20, we see:
0-19 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
20-39 0.6% 0.0% 0.5% 0.8%
40-59 4.5% 4.1% 4.2% 4.4%
60-79 31.0% 29.5% 34.1% 28.4%
80+ 63.9% 66.3% 61.1% 66.5%
The countries: Sweden, Norway, Spain, Canada
What strikes me as odd is that, regardless of severity, policy, and region, the makeup of deaths is very, very similar. Yet, when we look at their distribution of cases, we see a far more normal distribution around age distributions with 2 exceptions.
Country D provided groups by 10 except 0-19 and 80+
0-9 0.5% 1.3% 0.3%
10-19 1.2% 4.8% 0.6% 4.7%
20-29 7.5% 15.5% 5.4% 11.9%
30-39 10.0% 16.1% 9.2% 13.6%
40-49 13.1% 18.1% 14.5% 15.7%
50-59 17.5% 19.3% 17.8% 16.7%
60-69 13.3% 11.2% 14.8% 12.7%
70-79 13.0% 7.5% 14.4% 8.7%
80-89 15.6% 4.6% 15.7% 16.1%
90+ 8.3% 1.5% 7.2%
We can clearly see Norway, under full lockdown has a different distribution than Sweden and Spain. While Canada has an odd gap in the 70-79 group. Death are clearly a lagging indicator to current case distribution and changes implemented over time can possibly account for these variances. One note is the very low rates in children.
The US have a slightly different distribution, yet also provides a very handy % of population.
Age Group % of Deaths % of Population
<1 0 1.18%
1-4 0.008% 4.88%
5-14 0.004% 12.55%
15-24 0.090% 13.13%
25-34 0.790% 13.97%
35-44 1.951% 12.62%
45-54 5.359% 12.72%
55-64 12.722% 12.92%
65-74 21.894% 9.32%
75-84 27.583% 4.71%
85+ 29.599% 2.00%
We can graph them by taking the mid point between the brackets.
We see the 3 countries that provide groupings by 10 have very similar profiles while the US is considerably higher from 40 to 70. I only have theories as to why there is such a significant difference between the US and other countries.


Can we project these death distributions upon the larger population? We know how many people are in each age bracket. We have seen the % of deaths is amazingly similar between multiple countries. Can we estimate these numbers?
Consider a worst case or high water mark. At 70% Herd Immunity with varying Death Rates from 5% to 0.1%. This is based upon the CDC COVID Statistics by age, which is the yellow line in the previous graph.
Age Group % of Deaths % of Population Pop Adj. 5% Death Rate Population 70% Herd Imunity 5% Death Rate 1% Death Rate 0.5% Death Rate 0.1% Death Rate
0-4 0.008% 5.94% 0.007% 19,676,332 13,773,432 944 189 94 19
5-14 0.004% 12.43% 0.002% 41,134,639 28,794,247 472 94 47 9
15-24 0.090% 13.14% 0.034% 43,501,653 30,451,157 10,380 2,076 1,038 208
25-34 0.790% 14.17% 0.279% 46,887,809 32,821,466 91,530 18,306 9,153 1,831
35-44 1.951% 12.66% 0.770% 41,910,390 29,337,273 225,993 45,199 22,599 4,520
45-54 5.359% 12.28% 2.183% 40,631,605 28,442,124 620,891 124,178 62,089 12,418
55-64 12.722% 12.75% 4.988% 42,211,413 29,547,989 1,473,909 294,782 147,391 29,478
65-74 21.894% 9.72% 11.262% 32,173,890 22,521,723 2,536,406 507,281 253,641 50,728
75-84 27.583% 4.89% 28.198% 16,188,936 11,332,255 3,195,513 639,103 319,551 63,910
85+ 29.599% 2.02% 73.268% 6,685,980 4,680,186 3,429,055 685,811 342,906 68,581
331,002,647 231,701,853 11,585,093 2,317,019 1,158,509 231,702
If we check each column, we can see they line up with the % of Deaths in the second column. Thus we have been able to project % of Death to the entire population stopping at a Herd Immunity of 70%.
How about a low water mark. At 60% Herd Immunity using the Spain distribution. We transpose the US population using a Population Pyramid.
Age Group % of Deaths % of Population Pop Adj. 5% Death Rate Population 60% Herd Immunity 5% Death Rate 1% Death Rate 0.5% Death Rate 0.1% Death Rate
0-9 0.013% 12.00% 0.005% 39,721,484 23,832,890 1,260 252 126 25
10-19 0.025% 12.79% 0.010% 42,332,395 25,399,437 2,520 504 252 50
20-29 0.140% 13.93% 0.050% 46,094,075 27,656,445 13,858 2,772 1,386 277
30-39 0.343% 13.49% 0.127% 44,668,270 26,800,962 34,016 6,803 3,402 680
40-49 1.078% 12.19% 0.442% 40,348,397 24,209,038 107,087 21,417 10,709 2,142
50-59 3.140% 12.72% 1.234% 42,120,077 25,272,046 311,811 62,362 31,181 6,236
60-69 8.754% 11.63% 3.764% 38,488,170 23,092,902 869,291 173,858 86,929 17,386
70-79 25.393% 7.28% 17.451% 24,082,597 14,449,558 2,521,575 504,315 252,157 50,431
80-89 41.766% 3.13% 66.642% 10,372,306 6,223,384 4,147,402 829,480 414,740 82,948
90+ 19.348% 0.84% 115.396% 2,774,876 1,664,926 1,921,260 384,252 192,126 38,425
331,002,647 198,601,588 9,930,079 1,986,016 993,008 198,602
Of first note is the Adjusted Population for a 5% Death Rate is above 100%. From this we know the death rate is below 5% as we cannot have more deaths than persons alive.
Secondly, the overall numbers are lower due to the reduction in Herd Immunity. However, the makeup is considerably different due to using one of the international % of Death profiles.

Under 45 - 50 Risk

Let us take two samplings. From the high water mark let us choose the 1% death rate and from the low water mark the 0.5% death rate. This allows us to establish reasonable extremes.
Mark Selection Population
Low Under 50, 60% HI, 0.5% DR 15,874
High Under 45, 70% HI, 1% DR 65,864
These numbers represent the expected deaths given a Herd Immunity rate and Death Rate. This means between 15.9k and 65.9k persons under 45 - 50 are expected to die from COVID.
To put those numbers in perspective, let us examine the latest CDC Mortality Data from 2017. I include the most significant causes along with easily convertible data for COVID projections.
<1 1-4 5-14 15-24 25-34 35-44
All causes 203,822 22,335 3,880 5,571 32,025 60,215 79,796
Malignant Neoplasms 17,127 57 325 855 1,374 3,616 10,900
Major Cardiovasular Disease 19,805 421 195 288 1,126 4,596 13,179
Accidents 66,100 1,317 1,267 1,578 13,441 25,669 22,828
Suicide 22,057 - - 522 6,252 7,948 7,335
Assault 14,681 302 303 332 4,905 5,488 3,351
Influenza and pneumonia 1,751 157 104 113 190 405 782
COVID High Water Mark 65,864 189 94 2,076 18,306 45,199
COVID Low Water Mark 15,874
We see on the high mark it being on par with Accidents and higher than Cancer, Heart Disease, Suicide and assaults. It is also about 37.6 times more deadly than the flu with 2017 having a fairly rough flu season (55.7k deaths in total that year). When we look at the low water mark we see COVID on par with Assault and Cancer, yet below Heart Disease and Suicides. It is also about 9 times more deadly than the flu.
NOTE: The low water mark includes 45 through 49, which is when Cancer, Heart Disease, and the flu deaths increase dramatically (between 3 and 4 fold). Thus the low water mark is actually quite a bit better than this relation suggests.

Analysis and Additional Considerations

First and foremost, COVID is a very, very deadly disease overall. Although the under 45 - 50 risk appears to be small, the over is immense. If under 45 - 50 represents under 3% of all deaths, than above 45 - 50 represents 97% of all deaths. By the numbers, if 65,864 deaths are the high water mark, then we can expect 2.3 million over 45 deaths. From the low water mark of 15,871, we would have 977k over 50 deaths. This would put COVID nearly double all causes of death on the high water mark and be about 26% (993k / (993k + 2814k)) of all deaths on the low water mark, assuming all 993k were in addition for 2017. This should scare the shit out of anyone.
On the world stage of 7.7B we are looking at between 13.9 million and 32.3 million deaths. However, the UN just recently announced an addition 130 million deaths due to economic impact. Per the report:
Beasley pointed to the economic crisis in Lebanon, wars in Syria and Yemen, and the swarms of desert locusts destroying crops for much of East Africa as pre-existing factors that were already setting 2020 up to be a dangerous year for hunger.
As a result of the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent economic ramifications, the food agency found an additional 130 million people could be on the brink of starvation by the end of the year. The working poor would be hit the hardest as a result of the decline in tourism and exports, collapse of oil prices and any declines to foreign aid.
This would suggest the economic impact will cause considerably higher deaths than COVID itself. Between 4 and 9 times as many deaths. This is not an advocation for no response, rather to put some context upon numbers. In many ways we are stuck between something that will kill and actions that will kill.
A vaccine is 12 to 18 months away. If a vaccine is the target, then we have a long way to go, especially considering a vaccine is not guaranteed and also not 100% effective.
Under 45 represents about 60% of the US population. The projected deaths from high to low projections put it on par with many causes of death that do not warrant nearly the same level of control as being leveraged. It also represents a size of the population that is at or near the needed percentage for Herd Immunity.
Is there a response that would protect those most vulnerable while allowing those with the lowest risk to lessen the economic impact?


If the goal is to get to Herd Immunity and a vaccine is 12 to 18 months away, then we need infections plain and simple. We do this with our lowest risk.
I would propose to do the following:

Hard Truths

In many ways this represents a Trolley Problem. We have a decision to make that will kill a lot of people either way. Under full lockdown, we are now projected to kill 130 million due to hunger, and likely more if food supply chains continue to be impacted. If we do nothing, we could kill nearly 40 million with who knows what further impact. I would suggest we look to a hybrid solution that minimizes risk to both.
My argument is ignoring the financial impact and solely focusing on potential and extrapolated deaths. There is not any doubt there will be significant financial impact from full lockdowns as unemployment skyrockets. However, to eliminate the "how much is a human life worth" arguments, I am basing this entire discussion upon the cost of lives and leaving the financial impact to a noteworthy, but otherwise not studied concern.
This work represents my own analysis given public data and have tried to source as much throughout this post as possible. If you see any errors or have any additional insight, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. It is admittedly incomplete.
I am looking for a healthy discussion with those for and against current lockdowns. I believe the total numbers should scare the open-up persons, while relieving some concerns for those scared by showing the impact to 60% of the US population to be on par to known causes of death. I want to break the tribal positions using data, not affiliation. Both lockdown extremes will result in massive death. I'm hoping to foster a conversation around what is an acceptable, more targeted approach to lockdowns.
submitted by fatbabythompkins to moderatepolitics

Trying to find the truth, and it gets wild

I made a post a few days ago basically just questioning the reality of the current narrative. Since then, I’ve been doing a deep dive into trying to figure out what is really going on.
I have no agenda, and I am not trying to prove any specific point, but rather looking at all the data and using it to understand that things may very well not be as they seem.
I watched the young pharaoh video where he talks about the deep state involvement in the George Floyd murder and how it goes way back to lots of freemason stuff. Some things I learned from this video were that the Republican party was founded by mostly black men. I also learned that George Floyd was a freemason, and that there are a lot of fishy details in the George Floyd video. There was a lot of info about freemasons and how Trump actually isn’t part of the deep state and he is the only one on the inside who is blocking us from NWO. I’m not sure how I feel about that, and I would need to look at a lot more evidence to know whether or not that claim is true.
That said, I then began reading lots of posts from normal redditors such as myself. I sympathized deeply with a post where someone talked about how their bother died and could barely have a funeral, and the Floyd funeral was a big slap in the face, and how OP was done being used as a puppet.
The way things look to me, is that TPTB are trying to incite a race war, by blasting our differences, and pitting people against each other, at a bizarre time when so much of the working class has been screwed over together.
So, I started to think about other times throughout history in which race has been used to pit people against each other, and how that has worked out. What I would argue to be the biggest incident (or at least most discussed within the mainstream narrative, which includes textbooks all around the world) is the holocaust.
So then I really wanted to understand why did Hitler and the Nazi party hated Jewish people so much, and how did so many people just go along with that? What exactly was happening?
SO I looked it up and I found this which said "It said one of the reasons why hitler hated jews is because he thinks that jews and communists had betrayed the country and brought a left-wing government to power. And when the army hitler was in lost the first world war, he blamed his loss on the jews and made a goal to exterminate all of the jews."
Then I watched the video connected on youtube so I could see the comments. There were lots of people mentioning how the video doesn’t mention the Rothschilds at all.
Personally, if I could do anything important with my life it would be to seduce the Rothschilds and take down the Federal Reserve. I have been talking about this for years.
That said, although I know the Rothschilds are technically Jewish, and I have heard people mention how Hollywood is run by zionists, I never really thought too much about what that could mean in the grand scheme of things.
I was curious too about how much wealth is disproportionately within the Jewish community. According to this website website, 165 of the worlds richest Jews collectively own about 812 billion dollars. Mind you, this is just info I was able to find with a quick google search, I’m sure the true numbers show even more disparage.
So I did a bit of math. Apparently there is roughly US 37 trillion in circulation in the world. So 812 billion dollars is about 2% of that. However 165 people out of 7 billion is about 0.000000002% of the population.
Since this was just data from what appeared to be people that were notable yet out of the spotlight, I started researching lists of famous Jewish celebrities, and was very surprised that many of the top celebrities are Jewish. Many people that work in Hollywood are Jewish, and many people that own the platforms which basically control our world today are as well. Mark Zuckerberg is Jewish. George Soros is Jewish. (Jeffrey Epstein is Jewish.) I looked up who owned youtube, it said google, so I looked up who owns google, it is a company called alphabet inc. The current CEO is Sundar Pichai, but before that is was Larry Page, who is Jewish. The president is Sergey Brin who is also Jewish. You know who else is Jewish, Michael Baden…, the person who not only did George Floyd autopsy but also MLK’s, Michael Brown’s, and EPSTEIN’s.
I have always been a bit confused by the term Jewish, since it seems to be very encompassing, and somewhat vague, so I started looking at what exactly it means and how the various branches of it are split up. What I did learn is the Ashkenazi Jews, which are white jews, which is the category that almost everyone I mentioned above is in have evidence to show that they are are one of the one of the most homogenous genetic groups in the world which has been the reason for studies such as this.
Now that I had all this information, I decided to see what reddit had to say about it. I found this post this comment with lots of informative resources. Which I will copy and paste below.
This commenter says:
“a professor of law and director of Harvard Law School’s child advocacy legal clinic, claims homeschooling is a threat to children’s rights, a method of promoting white supremacy
Maybe I can help. My college professor recently explained to me how this works.
He also taught me that "white Privilege" is real. But the idea of "Jewish Privilege" is just a crazy conspiracy theory.
All my college professors taught me that anyone who talks about "Jewish privilege" is an evil Nazis who wants to bring about another Holocaust.
Of course, 90% of my professors were Jewish. But they hid this fact from me as much as possible, so I'm sure it must be irrelevant to the point they were making.
There can't be any such thing as Jewish privilege/supremacy because Jews are white people.
So any data showing massive over-representation of Jews in positions of power is really just data showing that we live in a society of white privilege or white supremacy.
Sure maybe you might have heard that Jews are a racial group.
You might even be aware that scientists studying the genetic basis for mental illnesses like to study Jews because "Ashkenazi Jews are considered to be an especially homogeneous group, in terms of genetics."
And the courts have repeatedly decided that, for purpose of getting special legal benefits, Jews are a race
But don't let that fool you. As my Jewish professors taught me, any source of information showing Jews are a genetically separate group from whites must be ignored or censored because it's all evil Nazis hate speech.
For example, a Jewish American named Ron Unz must secretly be a Nazi, because he wrote an article showing how Jews are massively over-represented in elite colleges.
His data also shows that non-Jewish whites are massively under-represented.
You might think this means that our elite university system is dominated by Jewish supremacy.
In addition, you might also imagine that this data shows that the Jewish supremacists who dominate the university system are using their power to severely discriminate against non-Jewish whites.
This data might even cause you to develop sympathy for the victimized non-jewish whites and resentment toward the Jewish supremacists.
Luckily all that is avoided if you simple combine the "white" Jews and non-Jewish whites together into one combined category of "whites".
Doing that shows the truth that, in reality, we live in a society of "white supremacy".
Now we can go back to hating the poor and working class whites who are the true evil racial supremacists destroying our country.
While we are at it, a person might even be forgiven for thinking that it's morally righteous to see a non-Jewish person fired, physically attacked, thrown in jail, and even murdered if they dare to question the official narrative of the holocaust.
Jews are a racial group. https://www.haaretz.com/jewish/dna-links-prove-jews-are-a-race-says-genetics-expert-1.5220113
"Ashkenazi Jews are considered to be an especially homogeneous group, in terms of genetics." https://www.haaretz.com/.premium-ashkenazi-gene-increases-schizophrenia-1.5294333
Jews are massively over-represented in elite colleges and Non-Jewish Whites are severely discriminated against. https://www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-racial-discrimination-at-harvard/
89-year-old grandma sentenced to 14 months in prison for Holocaust "denial". https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-42164853
Black school principal fired for refusing to say the Holocaust was a “factual, historical event" https://www.miamiherald.com/news/state/florida/article232400962.html
People questioning the holocaust can be censored, fired, physically attacked, thrown in jail, and even murdered. https://www.bitchute.com/video/BgEJ5VI1TQXq/
OK, so now things are starting to look a bit strange. Here is a graph representing enrollment at elite University’s in which Jewish people are put under a separate category then white people. It sure makes the data look different https://archive.fo/1CaHX"

Another commenter listed these sources for more info:
Major News Outlets are Zionists Organizations
The Times of Israel: Jews DO control the media
AIPAC admits that it dominates the U.S. Government
Zionists run Hollywood
Zionist Domination of Banking/Wall Street
7 of top 10 political donors are Zionists
Jewish Supremacists control the Porn industry

Here is another interesting comment:
"you simple combine the "white" Jews and non-Jewish whites together into one combined category of "whites".
Doing that shows the truth that, in reality, we live in a society of "white supremacy".
Here's another example of how this works.
33% of the Supreme Court are Jewish (3 out of 9).
Elena Kagen
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Stephen Breyer
Since less than 2% of American society are Jewish, Jews are over-represented by 1,650% on the Supreme Court.
There's a similar over-representation on the lower courts.
Even more revealing is the case of the appointment of Elena Kagen to the Supreme Court.
While Elena Kagen was Dean of Harvard Law School, she hired 32 tenure-track professors.
During her confirmation to the supreme court, objections were raised regarding the lack of “diversity” in her recruitment of professors while she was the Dean.
Four law professors from less prestigious schools noted that of the 32 tenure-track professors hired by Kagen, all but one were "White".
So it seems that she was hiring in a way that supports "white privilege" or "white supremacy" right?
Wrong. Most of the "whites" she hired were really Jewish.
In reality, she was hiring in a way that supports the system of Jewish supremacy
But as is the standard practice, the concept of "white supremacy" was used as a masquerade to cover up the fact that we live in a SJS (System of Jewish Supremacy)."

Then I got on the conspiracy subreddit today and saw this post
which was interesting considering all of this research I had already been doing.
Then I found this post
and this comment with lots of sources listed
"The 7 Phases of Learning about the Holocaust:
Phase 1:
You see referenced to the Holocaust everywhere - movies, books, TV shows, documentaries.
Maybe you live in a state with "holocaust education" laws that forces school children to be indoctrinated into the official Holocaust narrative.
You think, OMG! the Jews are the most oppressed people in all of history.
I'm going to look the other way when they "do whatever they need to do" in the middle east in order to make a safe space for themselves.
Phase 2:
The Holocaust was terrible, but OMG!
Israel is systematically poisoning one million Palestinian children
Israeli snipers target Gaza protesters in the eyes.
Really though enough is enough!
Israel bans Arab parties, okays Jewish racist candidate
Israeli rabbi educators say that Hitler’s Nazi racist ideology is “100% correct, only criticizing it for not being applied to the right people – that is, the Jews should be the master-race
Israel Set to Pass “Nation State” Bill which Legalizes Race Segregation, Justifies Land Theft
You think...Israel has to stop using the "But Muh Holocaust" trick, as if it somehow excuses their ethnic cleaning and mass murder of Palestinians.
Also, the corporate media needs to stop apologizing for Israeli atrocities due to sympathy created over the Holocaust.
Phase 3:
So the media isn't just making excuses due to Holocaust sympathy?
You mean the corporate media is completely dominated by Zionists whose first loyalty is to Israel, and not America?
Well if the media are willing to lie to cover up Israeli crimes, what else will they lie about?
And why don't we hear the truth of Israeli Zionists crimes through TV shows or movies? Oh crap.
Zionists run Hollywood
Maybe we will see a wide spread movement arise on college campuses to bring attention to Israeli crimes? Oh Crap.
Zionists/Jewish Supremacists Dominate Universities
Phase 4:
I can't believe literally thousands of people are willing to lie in order to make millions in profit off of the suffering of the real Holocaust victims!
From "The Forward" - America's most prestigious Jewish Magazine: 5,000 Fraudulent Holocaust claims made at Holocaust Claims Conference - $57 million fraud
"In My Mind It Was Real" - "Holocaust Survivor" Fools Oprah
Marie-Sophie Hingst: historian stripped of award for inventing family’s Holocaust past
Man who lectured to pupils about Auschwitz admits he was never a prisoner there
“New Pages” of Anne Frank Diary Prove that Her Father Wrote Most of the Book
Holocaust Survivor writes best selling book claiming that Nazis killed Jews with Masturbation Machines and that Jewish Children were protected by Wolves
Holocaust Hoaxer: ‘Lied to Enhance the Truth’
Elie Wiesel: Hoaxer and Zio-Racist
Holocaust survivor insist she saw Germans make soap and lampshades from Jews. Why is she lying?
Anne Frank's step-sister confirms Auschwitz liberation photos are FAKE
Phase 5:
All this exploitation and profiting off of the Holocaust is terrible.
But one thing is for sure, the Holocaust did happen!
In fact, I'm going to verify this for myself.
It shouldn't take very long because, as I've heard from the world's most famous Holocaust historian (Deborah Lipstadt), The Holocaust is the best-documented genocide in the world.
Wait! Where's all the documentation that I was told about?
How did they know the number would be six million BEFORE WW2 even started?
3 hours later....OMFG!
... Are you fucking kidding me???
You finally see the forest for the trees
My life has been a lie...
Phase 6:
You learn that the ancient story of Jews being persecuted as slaves in Egypt is fake.
You see that the story of Jews being tortured by the thousands during the Spanish inquisition is also fake.
You realize that there's long historical pattern of fabricating Jewish victimhood myths.
Phase 7:
You watch in horror as an American Rabbi preaches that God has given Jews a mission to "fix the world" and to exterminate anyone who resists.
You see multiple Israelis openly state that When Israel has the Power...all Christians will be killed because they are idolators
You watch a Rabbis say that white genocide of Europe is fulfillment of Jewish prophecy
Rabbis saying that Jews are causing mass immigration of Muslims to Europe in order to destroy Europe
Jewish Professor Urging White Genocide
Jewish woman calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies
Jewish Nobel Prize winnner Paul Krugman is please to see white genocide
CDC Doctor uses the vaccine agenda as an excuse to advocate for "just get rid of all whites", and continue flooding the country with non-white immigrants, because non-whites are more compliant (meaning they will do what the Jewish Supremacist ruling class tells them to do.)
You realize that Jewish victimhood myths are created in order to flip reality inside out."

Here is a very long and informative post about 911 put into historical context with the Lavon Affair (1954), the USS liberty attack (1967), the JFK assassination (1963), and the RFK assassination (1968).

Then I thought, well it is true that there are some gnarly power dynamics that white people have in the world that stem from major conquering of other places. One of the main places I could think of, that although is so small, has a pretty bloody history, is the Netherlands. So I looked up Jewish Dutch just to see if I would find anything, and it turns out there is a large history of Jewish settlement there beginning in the 16th century.
Now, here is a much more far fetched part of this theory, but it all connects and is quite interesting.
After hours of researching this, I decided to take a break and read some of my favorite, more removed, lighter conspiracy’s on Nick Hinton’s twitter. I found myself reading the thread about Tartary which can be found here.
This thread is all about the nation of Tartary and why most of us have never heard of it even though it was massive and had lots of control over many parts of the world.
So then I looked up Tartary to get some more info about it and found this website
I read some comments on this site and saw that people were mentioning Tartary to have been also/previously called Scythia, and related to the Scythians. It has been suggested that the Ashkenaz of the Bible is equivalent to Scythia. Now, this is far fetched, and there isn’t a lot of evidence to support it (at least that I have found), but as you can see the whole big picture is getting pretty crazy.
After watching Young Pharoah’s video, I was especially curious about the origins of the freemasons and what do you know there is major Jewish freemason connection. I recently saw a post on here about the north pole which I found absolutely fascinating.
Funny enough, Nick Hinton who I mentioned above also has a thread all about weird stuff that may or may not be going on at the north pole. Both of these posts talk a lot about some secret land mass which is essentially some type of paradise at the north pole with a huge mountain in the middle. I have been considering the idea of a secret continent that only elites know about for years, so this theory especially intrigues me. Why this connects to freemason stuff is because the number 33 is in the middle right where the north pole would be, which is a number highly revered amongst freemasons. When I first learned about that number correlated with freemasonry, I learned it was connected to the 33 vertebrate we have, and it very well could be, and could very well be correlated with other things too. The only Jewish correlation to the number 33 I could find was with LagBaOmer and it didn't seem very relevant.
Something else that makes this all the more interesting is that magnetic north has been moving a LOT in the past 50 years. Currently, it is almost exactly located where the north pole is. Pretty interesting that right at the point when we are basically about to shift into a NWO which may or may not be run by freemasons and zionist elite, magnetic north and the north pole (a place that you are hardly allowed to explore at all and that has many, many, many interesting correlations with folklore and religions across the world) are about to synchronize.
Pretty interesting that although genocides of POC in various countries have happened throughout history, the only one that we are really forced to learn about is the holocaust. Pretty interesting that the Jewish narrative prefers to be viewed as homogeneously white so as not to blatantly note the disproportionate power and money that they have in the world, but prefer the Jewish as a race narrative in order to gain sympathy from past atrocities, and also as a very useful scapegoat for anyone questioning why the statistics look the way they do.
Pretty interesting that it looks like America is headed for a race war, with lots of other countries on board, while the global elite which as I said before may or many not be largely comprised of freemasons and/or zionistsis is literally continuing to profit off of us, and has been for the past few months while the working class has gotten massively screwed over.
Pretty interesting that it is totally ok for the mainstream narrative which is supported by the masses, as well as celebrities, politicians, and corporations, to be "white people are terrible and they need to own up to their atrocities, and they should all feel bad, and give away their money (when most of us don't have any money because we all lost our jobs while billionaires kept making more billions!)," but if the same thing was said, but about Jewish people, it would be perceived as extremely racist, anti-semitist, nazi hate speech. It makes me worried about what's to come.
You can’t talk about any of this because it is perceived as antisemitism, even though the Zionists Jewish people at the top are pushing for the narrative that Jewish people are white people, and the current mainstream narrative right now is that white people are the reason everything is so shitty today. It is a very clever way to be within the narrative and also outside of it since they can always reference the holocaust and insinuating anything negative about Jewish supremacy could be a slippery slope to another holocaust while it is totally ok for people to be posting and complaining day and night about how ambiguously white people have ruined everything (I even agree with some of that, but for this post that is not the point).
Disclaimer* As I said before, I am not trying to push any agenda and I am not trying to promote anti-semitism. I actually think it's very possible that a lot of innocent Jewish people were horribly sacrificed in this age old plan of creating the anti-semitism narrative, in order to block a lot of pushback on the path to total domination. I am just doing my own research and allowing it to lead me to whatever the truth is. I think there are a lot of good jewish people out there, I think there are a lot of good black people out there, a lot of good brown people out there, a lot of good white people out there. Basically there is just a lot of good people out there, and maybe it just so happens that the majority of the people with the most control just so happen to have something in common aka Zionism, but that DOES NOT MEAN that Jewish people are bad in any way. Most people are on the bottom, just like me, and just like probably most of you reading this.
The only way to beat any of this is not to play into these sick mind games, and stay united however possible. Like I said, I'm just a random person on the internet doing my own research with no agenda, just trying to figure out the facts and it has led me down some pretty crazy paths that I did not expect. A lot of the information I found was thanks to other redditors and Nick Hinton who I mentioned above, and lots of informative articles. The information (at least a lot of it), is there guys, you just have to dig deep and get prepared for things to look even crazier the more you learn.
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